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Golf At It’s Finest

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Golf At It’s FinestBuckle in folks, this one is going to take a while. But I promise you, it’s worth the read.A vendor in my industry sponsors a golf tournament every year at a private country club. I happen to be quite an accomplished golfer, so the owners want me on their team every year. I drive it long down the middle most of the time, and my iron game rivals most of the guys that get to play on tv. Putting, well, not my strong suit. But that has little to do with the story.So the tournament ends, our team wins yet again. Actually, for the third year running. The other three guys on the team are as happy as toddlers with a happy meal. However, I’m just looking for another drink. Thankfully, they’ve seen to my needs while we were playing and offered to buy me a beer every time the cart girl made her rounds. No, this isn’t a story about a cute cart girl, although she was a beauty.No, this is a story of what happens when you least expect it. And what do you least expect when you are the ace of the foursome in a tournament? Well, actually, you don’t expect much except a decent meal and a few drinks from your fellow players. So I sit back in my chair during the awards presentation and sip on my beer. After the awards are done, my teammates continue to order rounds of drinks. And who am I to turn them down? We worked hard. We played hard. We brought home the hardware! Our celebration continues as the rest of the players filter out. Soon it’s just us, and a few folks working hard to get their drink on. I’m kicked back in my chair in the bar having a great time. I look around the clubhouse, and there are only about a dozen or so of us left. I’m sipping on my beer and a gorgeous blonde woman walks up to our table and asks where the after party is. Now I’m not the smoothest guy around, but my arm seemed to have a mind of its own as it extended out and wrapped around her legs and gave a slight squeeze.I expected to get slapped or the very least, a verbal admonishment. But she just smiled down at me stood her ground. I learned her name was Sarah, and she was a rep for a national company and lived 500 miles away. I kept rubbing her calf up to her thigh as I sat in my chair. And she kept asking where everyone else was headed.I happen to be sitting with a friend of mine who has a house about a block away, so I tell her we are heading to Brad’s place. We pay our tabs and head over to Brads. Brad and his wife are great friends. A little older than me, but they are exceptional hosts. I waited for her to pull up in her Yukon, and as we walked inside together, we make some small talk. My mind raced. What was this beautiful woman doing here with me?Now, I’m not the smartest guy who ever lived, but I’m not stupid. Sarah is a beautiful woman, and I used this opportunity to follow her up the walk and view all the goods. She was wearing a golf polo shirt that showed just enough cleavage to pique your interest, but not enough to attract too much unwanted attention. Dont get get me wrong, Sarah was not a supermodel. She was beautiful, yes. Shapely, very much so. A bit overweight, but then who of us in our 40s isn’t. She had legs that were reminiscent of a cheerleader or athletic career. Her ass, oh my, that ass wiggled in all the right directions with every step. We walk into Brad’s house, and he offers us a beer. He shows us around the house. Brad and his wife purchased it not long ago, and took every opportunity to show it off. After taking a quick tour, güvenilir bahis we make it back to the kitchen just in time to grab another beverage. We made a bit more small talk, and Sarah remarked about how late it was getting and how she had better get back to her hotel. I thought my chances had slipped away into the night. Then she asked if I’d walk her out. As we were walking down the sidewalk, we made some more small talk. The whole time I’m thinking I’m way out of my league. This woman is gorgeous. Her conversation at the bar and at brads had proven that she’s as smart as she is beautiful. What in the hell is she doing with me?Sarah turns to me and asks if I’m heading home. I said it’s pretty late, and it’s probably best to call it a night. Then she does something that still blows my mind to this day. She looked into my eyes, grabbed me around my waist, and planted a kiss on my lips that would melt an iceberg. Holy shit!After that first kiss she looks at me again and said she had a great time. She said she felt like we were a couple as we had drinks and toured brads house. My mind was swimming! I knew what I wanted. I just couldn’t believe that she wanted it too.Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a bad looking guy, but you won’t ever see me in a Calvin Klein ad. I like to think I’m a nice enough looking guy, but I sincerely feel my best attributes are a sharp wit and a great sense of humor. You know the type. I’m the guy that can tell a story and keep everyone captivated. And then make them laugh until they wet themselves. But a supermodel I am not.She suggested that we head back to her hotel. And at this point I knew exactly what was going to happen. She wanted to have her way with me. And that’s exactly what I wanted too. Damn she was gorgeous. But more than that, she was intelligent. She was professional. And she had an air about her that would make most men swoon.She had “it”. Whatever that was. And she made me want her more than anything in the world. It wouldn’t have mattered what she asked me to do at that point. The answer was yes. The answer would always be yes.We walked up to the front desk together to check in. When she presented her identification and credit card, her phone rang. As she answered, she put a finger to her lips. The same motion everyone has done at some point in their life to tell somebody to be quiet. I listened for a bit, but I couldn’t quite hear the other end. It sounded like she was talking to a c***d. After a while she told them that she loved them and they better get some sleep.I’m assuming the phone passed to the c***d’s father, and she said she’s just checking in. It’s been a long day and she just wants to get some rest. In that moment, I wanted to leave. We are standing in a hotel lobby, I know what’s about to happen. What could happen. What I want to happen. But she says her good nights and hangs up the phone.Sarah looks at me. And she says she’s the breadwinner of the family. She’s always taking care of the family. She works hard to support them, but tonight she needs some support of her own. I’m torn. Here’s a woman who could have almost any man she wanted. I knew almost nothing about her other than her career. Yet I could feel a desire within her. She wanted this. She needed this. She needed me.I’ll admit. I’m weak. This beautiful woman wanted me. I knew she had a family. Probably a husband. But I couldn’t say no. So I grabbed her hand in mine, and we walked to her room. Once the door closed türkçe bahis behind us, she grabbed me and kissed me feverishly. She didn’t shove her tongue down my throat. Somehow she kissed me like we’d been together forever. Her lips met mine in a perfect meld that was both sensual and loving. She looked into my eyes and without saying a word, convinced me that this was our destiny.Sarah pushed me back onto the bed. And while I was flailing away trying to break my fall, she somehow peeled off her golf shirt and stood before me in her bra and golf skirt. My god did she look beautiful! Medium sized breasts in a shiny white bra. Nothing about her attire was overly sexy, yet she was somehow the sexiest woman I’d ever seen.She climbed alongside me up the bed and found my lips again. Kissing me with a passion that cannot be described. She pulled at my belt. Releasing its tension from my golf shorts. Sarah looked into my eyes once more and she said how badly she wanted me. By now, my cock was rock hard. How could it not be? A beautiful woman was throwing herself at me, and all I could do was hang on for the ride. As my shorts and underwear slid down my legs, Sarah grabbed my cock in her hand. And I will never forget the moan she let out. It was lust. Pure lust. She had me in her hand, and she knew she could do anything that she wanted. She kissed my head. Softly at first. Then she wrapped her lips around my head and took me inside her mouth. My god, her mouth was hot! It felt so good. Sucking on me. Rubbing her tongue up and down the bottom of my shaft. Thankfully I’d had quite a few drinks or I’d have blown my load right there. I felt her shift to one side, and I was able to reach under her skirt and put my hand between her legs. She was hot, and she was sopping wet. As I slid a finger inside her, she moved away much to my dismay. But what Sarah did next will adorn my dreams for a lifetime.She still had my cock in her mouth. And she reached back and pulled her panties to the side. Her pussy fully exposed. I could feel the heat as she knelt on my legs. Without taking her mouth from my cock, she inched back, grabbed my right foot with her hand, and lowered her pussy onto my big toe.She let out a guttural moan as my toe penetrated her wetness. Is this really happening? Is part of my foot really inside this gorgeous woman? I nearly came right there. I had to pick her mouth off me. So she sat up and started riding my big toe buried inside her.I felt her clamp down on my toe, and I assumed she has an orgasm. I felt her juice running down my foot. And the only thing I could think about was putting my cock in that hot wet pussy of hers. After her spasms finally let go of my toe, I rolled her over onto her back. I planted a kiss on her lips as I worked my cock closer to her pussy. I didn’t have a condom, and I sure as hell wasn’t running out to buy one now! My hands hands were holding the sides of her breasts, and I’ll never forget how soft and smooth they felt. I pushed them together and kissed each nipple. Then worked my way back up to her face and kissed her sweet soft lips again.I broke the kiss to turn some more attention to her nipples. Her areola were small, but the nipples were long and firm. God they felt good in my mouth as I flicked my tongue back and forth. She let out another long moan and I was I heaven.My cock was now resting on her hip, and I could feel the fire between her legs. My cock was still rock hard, and I knew where güvenilir bahis siteleri I wanted it to go. I slid over and parted her legs with my knees. My cock poised at her entrance. I slowly slid inside her. As I did, my lips found hers again in a passionate kiss. My cock now buried inside her, I told her how hot and tight she felt around me. Our bodies worked in unison, slowly at first then gradually picking up pace. She was meeting every thrust. Grinding her pubic bone against mine. Sarah started fucking me even though she was under me. Thrusting her hips at me. Banging into me. It actually hurt a little. Her passion getting the better of her. Not that I was one to complain. Her pussy felt so wet and soft. I never wanted that feeling to end. It was perfect.But I knew it couldn’t last. I knew I couldn’t last. My cock was rock hard. She was fucking me for all she was worth. I felt her pussy gripping all the way to the base of my cock, and I couldn’t take it anymore. I unloaded jet after jet after jet of cum inside her.I collapsed on top of her after I came. I wanted to stay inside her forever, but I was worried about crushing her with my weight. So I lifted myself up and started to ease myself off her. Then she wrapped her arms around my waist and said something that still gets me hard every time I think about it.Sarah looked me in the eyes, and said, please leave it inside me! So I tried to get comfortable even though my arms were burning from holding myself up. And that one phrase made my cock stir while still inside her. I moved out, then back in. It got a little harder. Back out and in again.Soon I was as hard as I ever was. We started fucking again. Sarah meeting my every thrust. Actually, meeting more than every thrust. She was banging against me with abandon. Her pubic bone digging into me just above my cock. I could feel pain and so much pleasure.It didn’t take long and I was ready to come again. She was fucking me recklessly. I hope she found at least her second, and maybe third orgasm. And with one final push, I buried myself inside her and shot my second load of the night. My cock pulsing inside her. Delivering what she so badly needed.I looked up into her eyes, and she smiled just a little. And in that moment, I knew I had brought her the pleasure she so desperately wanted. A beautiful blonde haired goddess with a smile that could light up rooms. A body that made men drool. And passion that no straight man could resist. In that moment, she was mine. I was hers. And we had brought pleasure to each other in a way that neither would ever forget.As I eased myself off her this time, she let out a gasp as my cock slid out. But she made no effort to keep me inside her. I collapsed next to her, I was out of breath and utterly exhausted. Neither of us spoke. We didn’t have to. We had just shared the most intimate thing possible.I got off the bed and found my clothes. As I dressed, I looked over, and she had already curled up under the covers. I wondered if she was content? Or maybe she was ashamed of what we had done?After I dressed, I bent over her. I took her face in my hands as I looked in her eyes. I told her how amazing she was. How much joy she had brought to me. And how beautiful she is. I gave her one last kiss. And I turned around walked out the door.I was exhausted. I was completely satisfied. I was happy. I can only hope I brought her as much pleasure as she brought me. Unfortunately, I never got to taste her pussy. Somehow it wasn’t in the cards. I could smell her all over me, but I never got to put my tongue inside her. That was my only regret of our rendezvous. Maybe the stars would align again, and I would get another chance?Only time will tell.

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