Mar 26

Good Friday Turns Into Great Friday

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Good Friday Turns Into Great FridayI was to be off on Good Friday but made the discussion to go into the office to finish up a few thing on my desk. I knew it would be quiet there as everyone was off. I got in around 5:30 AM and got right on work. Around 7:30 AM my wife called to check on me and all was fine. About 8:00 AM the weekend cleaning crew came in to clean so they did not have to work over the weekend. The head cleaning lady came into my office to make sure it was ok to clean while I was there. I assured her it was and told her to do what ever she needed to do. As she turned to walk out of my office I noticed how nice her ass looked to me, nice and round and firm. She stopped at my door and turned to speak to me I am 100% sure she saw me checking out her ass. She then asked if I wanted my door closed and I said that it was ok to leave it open. She smiled and walked away. In a few minutes there was a knock at my door, it was the head cleaning lady coming to tell me that her and her crew would come back later to clean my office seeing how I was still there. It was just about lunch time and my cell phone rang it was my wife. She was here at the front door. She had brought me some lunch.As I let her in she asked if anyone was here. I told her the cleaning crew had been here but left and will return later on to clean my office. With a shit eating grin she said “GOOD”. We walked to my office and I noticed as my wife walked in front me that her skirt was very short and the she had some sexy ass fishnet hoses on. She made her way to the office and placed her bag on the desk. She asked where would you like to eat your lunch as I cleaned off my small meeting table. We sat down and ate our lunch, she had brought some wine and we had a few glasses of wine.After eating lunch and allowing the wine to hit us we sat on my sofa in the office talking and then we started kissing. My wife is someone who can kiss you once and you will get turned on, she is a passionate and skillful kisser. After a few passionate kisses I was rock hard and I was grabbing at my wife’s 36 DD breast. Damn I wanted to free them so I could lick and suck on them and she knew it. She reached down and unbutton her top and then removed it and then her bra. As soon as her breast were free I had my mouth on them.As I sucked and licked on her breast she worked my shirt off me and then reached down to undo my pants. She then reached into my shorts and took out my cock and was stroking on it while I worked on her breast. She then pushed me back away from her only to get up and turn facing the wall, as she bent over. I then noticed her panties where ataşehir escort soaking wet. She turned looking over her shoulder and said “Do just stand there take them off and eat my pussy baby” I wasted no time removing her panties nor did I waste time going down and eating her pussy. After a few minutes of this I heard her say “DAMN BABY I NEED YOUR DICK IN MY PUSSY FUCK ME BABY FUCK ME DEEP AND HARD” I stood up and eased my cock deep in her and then went to pounding away at it. She was moaning and sighing “OHHHHH YEA BABY FUCK ME BABY FUCK ME HARD AND DEEP” I did as she asked.She then stopped me and said “BABY I WANT TO SUCK YOUD DICK I WANT TO TASTE MY PUSSY ON YOUR DICK” I stood there as she turned and faced me. She lowered her mouth to my pussy wet cock. I watched as she took it in her hands and then in her mouth. She started sucking and licking it and taking as much as she could into her throat. It was not long and I was ready to shoot my load and she knew it. She stopped and looked at me and said “WATCH ME BABY” as she leaned back on the sofa and started playing with her pussy and in just a few minutes she told me to bring her bag. I sat it next to her, she reached in and brought out a massive dildo. “BABY YOU WANT TO WATCH ME FUCK MY PUSSY WITH THIS DILDO WOULD YOU LIKE TO WATCH THAT BABY” All I could do was to stair at her and the dildo and shack my head yes.I watched her ease the head of it her pussy and then pull it out and then back in. Each time taking it deeper as it spread her pussy walls apart to the maximum. I watched her fucking herself with that massive toy. Listening to her moan and the sound of her wet pussy suction to the toy. I sat there watching her not able to move fixed on her fucking her pussy, she was so wrapped up in pleasuring herself neither on of us had noticed that the cleaning lady was at my office door.I then heard the cleaning lady let out a sigh and I turned to see her standing there. My wife jumped up with the toy still deep in her pussy just standing there in shock. I grabbed my pants and started to put them on. But before I could the cleaning lady had stepped in and stopped me. She got on her knees and while looking up at me grabbed my cock in her hands. She then looked at my wife as to ask for permission. I glanced at my wife and noticed her nodded her head yes. Before I could turn and look down at the cleaning lady she had already engulfed my hard cock. Taking ever inch of me into her throat and mouth. 9 1/2″ of hard throbbing cock was in her mouth and throat. I could feel her tongue swirling around my shaft massaging it. I had never felt this before.I looked pendik escort over to see that my wife had sat down and was watching her suck my cock and working the toy in and out. A few minutes went by and the cleaning lady stopped and pulled my cock from her mouth and stood up and dropped her cloths. She then walked over to the sofa and as she d****d her self over the arm of the sofa. she then reached out with one hand and started playing with her breast and then with the other hand she took hold of the toy. She started working the toy in and out of my wife’s pussy for her. I stood there and watched for a few minutes before my wife spoke “YOU JUST GOING TO STAND THERE OR ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE CARE OF HER” I moved behind the cleaning lady and knelt down and then I leaned in and started licking and sucking on her wet pussy. As soon as my tongue touched her pussy she let out a loud moan and then said “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM DAMN EAT IT DAMN EAT MY PUSSY” I went nuts trying to get my tongue deeper into her pussy. She was pushing back into my face trying to get it deeper as well. I heard my wife bark out commands “EAT HER PUSSY BABY EAT THAT WET FUCKING PUSSY” Then a pause and again a command “FUCK MY PUSSY WITH THE DILDO YOU FUCKING BITCH FUCK IT WHILE MY HUSBAND EATS YOUR PUSSY FUCK ME PLEASE FUCK ME”After a few minutes of all this I heard the cleaning lady say “OK NOW MY TURN TO TELL YOU TWO WHAT TO DO” She stood up and told my wife to bend over the table in my office and for me to get behind her. We did as she asked and as I got in behind my wife she then barked out a command “FUCK YOUR WIFE IN THE ASS FUCK HER IN THE ASS LIKE YOU WANT TO FUCK MY ASS I SAW YOU SCOPPING MY ASS OUT” I looked at my wife she had a scared look on her face “FUCK HER ASS NOW” the cleaning lady said. I had never fucked my wife’s but I wanted to for a long time. I heard my wife mummer “OH GOD I DO NOT THINK I CAN DO THIS” The cleaning lady barked “SHUT UP AND TAKE HIS COCK IN YOUR ASS BITCH AND LOVE IT” she then looked at me and commanded me “FUCK YOUR WIFE”S ASS NOW” I leaned into my wife and as I grabbed my cock the cleaning lady stopped me and leaned over and licked and sucked on my cock and then licked and sucked on my wife’s asshole. She then looked and me and said “FUCK HER ASS” I placed the head of my cock against my wife’s asshole and then started pressing against it I felt the head ease in and then popped in. My wife let out a yelp as I popped it in and she let out a deep breath “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” I held it there for a few seconds before I started working it in and out with each stroke tuzla escort into my wife’s ass I could feel her loosening up and hear pleasure in her voice. “OHHHH YEA BABY THAT FEELS WONDERFUL FUCK MY ASS BABY FUCK IT HARD FUCK MOMMIES ASS” I then noticed the cleaning lady move to the table where she climbed on and placed her pussy right in front of my wife’s face. I thought I would never see this but my wife leaned in and started eating her pussy. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMM YOU TASTE GOOD” my wife said to her as she went back down on her. I heard the cleaning lady tell her “EAT MY PUSSY BITCH EAT MY PUSSY LICK IT SUCK IT AND FUCK IT WITH YOUR TONGUE” “IWANT YOU TO FINGER MY ASS WHILE YOU DO IT BITCH” she looked up at me and told me “FUCK YOUR SLUT WIDE”S YOU FUCKING BASTARD FUCK IT HARD AND DEEP” I did just as she told me and I noticed my wife was doing as she was told. I was about to cum and I let it be known too “OH I AM GOING TO CUM I NEED TO CUM OH GOD DAMN I AM GOING TO CUM” the cleaning lady hollered out “FILL YOUR BITCH WIFE”S ASS FULL OF YOUR HOT CUM FILL HER ASS NOW” I shot off a load that felt as if it might come out my wife’s mouth. I heard my wife moan with pleasure still with her mouth on the cleaning lady’s pussy “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” I then heard the cleaning lady say “EAT IT BITCH YOUR GOING TO GET IT BITCH I AM GOING TO CUM YOU FUCKING SLUT” my wife still eating her pussy “MMMMMM YES GIVE IT TO ME GIVE ME ALL YOUR PUSSY CUM GIVE IT TO ME I WANT IT NOW MMMMMMMMM YES GIVE IT TO ME” then I watched as my wife ate the cleaning lad’s pussy juices and her cum. Some laid on the table as the cleaning lady told my wife to lick it off and with out hesitation my wife did as she was told. I thought we were all done but we were not. The cleaning lady got off the table and moved in behind my wife she bent over and she started licking and sucking my cum from my wife’s ass. My wife started in saying “OHHHH YEA PLEASE EAT MY ASS OH YES THAT FEELS SO GOOD EAT IT” I stood there watching and then I heard the cleaning lady tell me “GET OVER HERE AND EAT HER PUSSY WHILE I EAT HER ASS” I got under me wife and started eating her pussy, I could taste my cum that had dripped down from her ass and with out hesitation I ate it up and her pussy as well. In just a few minutes my wife was ready to cum “OHHHHHHH GOD DAMN IM GOING TO CUM OH YES PLEASE YALL EAT MY ASS AND PUSSY IM CUMMMMMMMMMINNNNNGGGGGGGGGG YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS OHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” We sat there just in amazement of what had just happen and then we got dressed and I head the cleaning lady say “IT IS TIME FOR ME TO CLEAN YOUR OFFICE UP” and then she said :|”I HOPE YALL ARE HAPPY WITH MY WORK” as we walked out the door…. 4/18/14 at 12:05 Central time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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