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Good Friends

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Our group of friends had been hanging out together for a couple of years. It started after some of us graduated college in the same class and then brought in friends as we went along. We would gather at one of our apartments or sometimes a bar to drink some beer, play games, and mostly tell stories about what was happening to us. Some of the stories may have even been true!

While we consisted of both men and women now in our twenties, we were not romantic. All looking for mates was outside the group. That way we could talk about our dates when we got together. Exactly who was there varied from week to week, but it was always a comfortable atmosphere where we could relax and talk without pressure.

Last night we had four girls and three boys at Ann’s place. This was not a game night, we were just sitting around having a group discussion. We had gotten through the latest about our jobs, current problems, and dating prospects. All of us were looking but none had a serious relationship. I think we were all getting frustrated.

Bill summed it up when he said, “It seems like years since I had sex. I think everything down there has dried up.”

Sheri chimed in, ankara eryaman escort “I know what you mean, if it wasn’t for my vibrator I could not survive.”

There were groans of agreement all around the room. Jim exclaimed, “We are in an awful state. But what can we do? This isn’t a sex club and it would ruin what we have by turning it into one. The best part of our group is that we are like brothers and sisters here. How can we stop being desperate without messing up everything?”

There was silence for several minutes. Then Marge said quietly, “I have an idea that may help. As Jim said, we are like brothers and sisters, so why can’t we help each other. But not by having sex. That would not be like brothers and sisters. What would happen if we all masturbated together? No touching each other, but everyone enjoying watching others and touching themselves. What do you guys think?”

Ann looked worried and said, “I don’t know if that is a good idea. I admit it is tempting, but the situation could easily get out of hand.”

After a few more minutes of silence, Bill spoke, “I understand Ann’s concern, but this is too tempting an idea to miss. How would it escort elvankent be if we all pledge not to touch anyone else for the next hour. Look, touch yourself, but do not touch anyone else.”

There was some general discussion until everyone finally agreed to Bill’s plan. We drank a toast to seal the agreement.

Then Sheri took charge, “OK, our hour starts in five minutes. Ann, please get everyone a towel to sit on and as many boxes of Kleenex as you have to clean up with. Now everybody get naked!”

With that, Sheri started taking off her clothes. Bill stood up and also started stripping. I noticed Ann hesitating so I looked in her eyes while I unbuttoned and slid off my shirt. She watched me and then did the same. Next came my tee shirt and her bra. She twisted her body to move her breasts back and forth while smiling. She seemed to start enjoying this. Pants and boxers/panties came after. I saw Ann looking me up and down so I smiled and did the same to her. Once naked, we all sat on our towels and looked around. No one spoke.

Then, as if by silent command, the guys hands went to their cocks and the girls opened their legs and put their etimesgut escort bayan hands on their pussies. At first there was no sound. Then gradually the sounds of heavy breathing and moans filled the air. I had a wonderful view of Ann’s open pussy across from me. She looked up and just smiled as she rubbed her clit. I licked my lips and she reached further and inserted two fingers into her vagina. We matched each other’s rhythm as the intensity increased.

I tried to hold back but this was just too much. I grabbed a Kleenex and shot my wad into it. Ann wanted to see it, so I handed her the Kleenex. She dipped her fingers into the cum and then rubbed them on her clit. This put her over the edge and she shuttered and moaned as she came.

One by one almost everyone climaxed. Marge was the last, still rubbing her slit. Jack went over to her, sat on the floor and stared between her wide open legs. Seeing Jack watching so closely excited Marge to the point that her body stiffened in a great orgasm. When she calmed down, she smiled at Jack and said, “I should have you every time I jill off. ” Jack said, “Is that an invitation?”

It was quite a sight. We sat there relaxing in the afterglow. I don’t think anyone wanted it to end, but Sheri piped up, “Alright, our hour is up. Clean up and clothes back on.”

We agreed that this was the most satisfying we could get without an actual sex partner. I am sure we will do it again soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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