Mar 26

good girl diary

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good girl diaryMy husband and I have a static caravan on the coast in Wales and because I have More days of holiday than him he often leaves me on my own there for up to a week, nothing out of the ordinary has ever happened before but this week was something else! and this is the diary of these extraordinary few days.Sunday.My husband drove off in the early evening leaving me own for a few days,its been a lovely day and a lovely evening, been watching some surfers catching waves then went to bed, only to find my husbands alter ego ‘Rudie’ had left me one of his surprise presents a bag with a small book of readers letters some lube and our large dildo,he should know by now I’m too much of a good girl to consider doing anything rude without him because even when we read them or watch a bit of porn together I don’t turn into a bad girl and I refuse to let him cum in my mouth or on my face, I don’t even like seeing all that cum flying about in the videos but the rudeness of all that sex does turn me on and my husband does like us to pretend we are having a threesome but as for the dildo I wont do more just plant a kiss on the end.Monday.Last night a car pulled up to the rental caravan next door and hushed voices told me that it was probably be going to be occupied for a few days, the site is very quiet out of the school holidays and the sites owner will be glad to let it. in the morning when I drew back the curtains I could see a estate car with surfboards strapped to the roof and I wondered if they were the surfers from last night. It’s been a hot day and the boys next door did turn out to be the three young men from last night. I walked past the the gap between the van’s and they said hello and introduced themselves as Steve (fair hair and skin not usually my type but quite cute) Danny (wow dark hair and nicely tanned skin and just my type) and Simon (also dark hair and my type but no Danny) all three of them just nicely muscled and fit.They apologized for their noisy arrival, I said it was ok, they look like they are in their late twenty’s and like to sunbathe, although their well filled skimpy Speedo’s did make them look a little gay. I could only see them out of the side window when I walked about in the van to make coffee or food.I don’t think I’ve ever drunk that much coffee! which could explain why this evening after watching them surfing I’m a little bit restless.Tuesday. The boys next door did play on my thoughts last night and I imagined them having a threesome while I looked on,I looked at the dildo and pretended it was one of their cocks and imagined how it would look with one of them sucking on it’s big helmet and I rubbed myself till I came, that was a first for me as I would never normally Jill myself off and my husband would have been really turned on to have seen thatIt’s been another lovely day hot in every sense!! It started at about 11.00 o’clock when I saw Danny and Simon walking away with backpacks on looking like they were off on a long walk along the coastal path,l wondered why Steve wasn’t going with them and I soon found out that because he’s quite fair skinned he had a bit of sunburn and didn’t want to carry a backpack so hadn’t gone on the walk. I asked if he would like a drink and although I was thinking coffee he said a cold beer would be great so I got him one of my husbands not thinking that that wouldn’t be the only thing of my husbands he would be having today. I got myself a cider and we sat down on the steamer chairs outside of the van in the shade of a sun umbrella and exchanged pleasantries about the weather etcetera and although I felt a bit uncomfortable with this very fit and toned young man sitting near little size 10 me while I was dressed in just shorts and skimpy bikini top I tried not to show it. Steve finished the beer and I realized I had nearly finished mine as well which was very fast for me and I got up to get some more, a little later with a drop more cider inside me I was no longer quite so uncomfortable in fact I was begining to think of ways I might be able to take advantage of the situation and getting wet in the process, I asked Steve if he had had any aftersun on his sunburn he said no so I offered to get some he said he couldn’t reach the sunburn on his back but the burn on his thighs he could do himself, I tried to sound calm as I offered to do his back he said sure if you don’t mind, he took off his shirt to reveal a mildly sore back and I started to wonder who was seducing who. Gently smoothing the aftersun in we tried to make more small talk but with his nicely toned back under fingers I was struggling, yenimahalle escort I asked about his thighs, without saying a word he stood up and standing between the chairs with his groin at my face level he took off his shorts, his plain white briefs were impressively full, he turned and lay down on the steamer, he looked at me the question in his eyes I lowered mine and I answered by pouring lotion slowly from his knees to his upper thigh, as I massaged his obviously not very sore right thigh, my hands got closer to his slowly expanding manhood I thought he doesn’t seem to be gay after all, I changed thighs to the closer left one that his cock lay atop of and as I got nearer and nearer his cock got bigger and bigger until his tiny briefs gave up the struggle and it sprang in to view I looked around in a panic checking the windows of the empty van’s of our other neighbours and we are hidden behind the windbreaks, no one can see, I hooked my fingers in the waistband of his briefs and slowly revealed the engorged contents, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so beautiful, so big, so fat and all mine, at least for a hour or two, I take it in my tiny hands which only make it look bigger, rolling the foreskin slowly back the head getting even bigger I plant a kiss on the end just like I do the dildo only with this time I then slide my lips over the head and for the first time take a cock other than my husbands in my mouth, Steve groans and so do I, over come by lust I try and get as much of his cock in as I can but because of his size and my small stature I can only manage a inch past the head. Oh how I wish I had practiced with that dildo!! up and down on his cock my mouth goes ,I’m aware that his orgasm must be approaching but at this moment I don’t care, but Steve does and he asks me to stop, not letting go of my new toyboys cock I stand and lead him into the caravan bedroom he undresses me and pushes back and lays me down on the bed, at this moment I thank my husband for shaving my Pussy that weekend, he makes to go down on my soaking Pussy but tell him I’ll cum straight away if he does and I want to cum on his cock, he gets on the bed and goes to fuck me but he sees the lube and dildo , he picks it up and says who’s a bad girl then, not me I say, we’ll see about that he says and rubs the head of his cock over my Pussy, he pushes his cockhead in to my soaking Pussy, no stop it’s too big I groan let me get on top so that I can go my own pace, what do you mean too big it’s only a bit bigger than the dildo, I’ve never used it I say, I’ve never even sucked it, Steve rolls onto his back and I climb up onto him, holding his cock in my hand I place it at the entrance to my Pussy, feeling my lips stretch over the massive head I push down on it, oh fuck I think,I’ve only just got the head in! and I like it, I like it a lot, I need more of his cock, pushing down again more of his magnificent cock slowly slides in until I’m full and cannot take another inch, slowly back up now till I feel the head is about to slip out, and back down, back up again, down, up, down, faster this time! oh fuck I’m going to cum! I close my eyes. Suck the dildo while you fuck your self on my cock. Steve’s holding it against my face, I take the head into my mouth, but it’s not plastic!!! It’s real and just as big as Steve! I take it deep into my mouth. that’s it you bad girl, I bet you love that, someone said, With my eyes closed I suck on the new cock and start to cum. Spent I stop riding Steve and try to take stock of what just happened, the boys must have set this up but I was not about to start complaining! The cock in my mouth belongs to Simon and Danny is waiting his turn, I beckon him over and his cock is as big if not bigger I take my mouth off Simon and stretch my lips over Danny’s massive helmet , no longer a tiny kiss on a plastic prick but a mouthful of a real one. But what’s this Steve is starting to thrust his cock in and out of me, he hasn’t cum yet! he’s only making small gentle movements his cock is hardly moving but it feels fantastic. Sharing the good feeling I slide my tightly stretched lips back and forth over Danny’s fat cock, he responds with a groan, Simon wants some more of my newly found skill and brings his cock back for me to suck again , a little bit longer for Danny because he really is the cutest of the boys, now Simon just a little bit smaller but easier to suck, Danny again and back to Simon, then Danny, meanwhile Steve is starting to thrust his cock in and out of me faster and longer as he heads to his orgasm. And I realized tunalı escort I was heading for another one as well. I went back to sucking Danny, I want Danny’s fat cock in my mouth when he cums I thought to my self and I started sucking harder but his cock is just bigger than my mouth can manage and my jaw starts to ache, back to Simon. He will just have to cum on my face!What? this the morning I wouldn’t even let my husband do that,now because he doesn’t fit in my mouth Danny can cover my face with his cum . spitroasted just like a pornstar I could feel my own orgasm building when I thought of the answer, taking Simon from my mouth I asked Danny to fuck my ass, believe me he didn’t need asking twice, Steve stopped fucking me and gave Danny the lube, boy was I going to need it! He got behind me and poured lube on my ass and his cock, trying to relax I could feel his cockhead push against my ass my tight little ring begins to open, the gentle but insistent Danny pushes again and just as I think I might not be able to take it, his spongy cockhead starts to open my virgin ass, Steve begins to move again and Simon offers me his cock to suck which I gladly do, as I let my self surrender to the sensations, Danny’s massive helmet finally pops in and takes my anal cherry. I start to orgasm coming again and again. Steve and Danny start on their combined drive to their own orgasms, Simon’s fat cock is hardly stifling my groans of delight, taking Simon from my mouth to spur Steve and Danny on telling them to fuck my tight little holes with their massive cocks, fill me your hot cum I demand and they do just that, Simon’s cock jerks in my hand as jets of hot spunk start to come on my face I clamp my mouth over that bulbous cockhead and he comes and comes in my mouth, Steve and Danny slowly stop fucking me and slide their cocks from my holes, we collapse in a tangled heap of sweaty bodys and fall asleep. Its now hours later I’m awoken by whispering voices and hot wet towels as the boys wash my body, tenderly kissing my body over and over, they are very careful around my tender bottom and Pussy but they are starting to French kiss me with a growing passion, and talking of growing passion three cocks are currently regaining their former massive proportions I think two of my holes are off limits till tomorrow mornings erections but now I have a new talent and practice makes perfect.Wednesday.The boys went back to their own van and left me to sleep, I woke up late to see them out surfing, I didn’t want them to think that yesterdays events were something I was ashamed of so decided to make them coffee for when they got back. Looking outside I saw them returning and got the coffee pot,as I came round the front of the caravan they went quiet and looked a little bit like naughty school boys, coffee’s up I say and that seems to clear the air they apologize for setting me up yesterday and I realize that they think they might be in trouble for going too far, Its okay I say nothing happened that I didn’t want to happen but I was ashamed of what they must think of me. No not at all says Danny and as Simon takes the coffee he makes to hold me but stopped because of his wetsuit, go inside the caravan Danny says,and we’ll talk about it, so in I go, only to realize that once they take off their wetsuits they will be half naked. Leaving their wetsuits outside and still wet they start to apologize again, no I say it was fifty fifty although when I started seducing Steve I didn’t expect to get airtight, So says Danny you don’t mind a bit of sexy fun then. Well no, but you must understand that was my first time for so much that happened yesterday! and up to then I was a good girl. I see, says Danny, your a good girl till your inner bad girl is coaxed out, hold her!!! Simon and Steve grab my arms, Danny puts his finger on his lips and smiles at me, if you don’t want to we’ll stop right now, he said I promise we will do nothing to hurt you but if you want to, say nothing. I say nothing. Holding my arms Steve and Simon stand me up, Danny undresses me and gets a bag off the table inside are a red PVC waspy with suspenders and black stockings he carefully dresses me, they guide me to the bedroom and lay me face down on the bed, pulling my arms and legs to the four corners they tie me to the bed, I start to get worried but they are very careful not to hurt me and I realized that the ropes aren’t actually tight and I could slip my hands out if I wanted. Danny puts a silk scarf over my eyes and they leave, the shower is running, I can hear them talking and opening cans of tandoğan escort beer or pop, they seem to have forgotten me but I know that’s not true, I don’t know how long I lay there but the expectations for my fate were starting to get to me, after what seems like hours one of them comes back in puts his face next to mine he asks if I want to continue I say yes, good girl he says, I can tell it’s Danny, he moves between my legs, I think he’s going to see how wet I am, he gets on his knees and holds my buttocks in his hands, he kisses both cheeks and pulls them apart, after a eternity I can feel him blowing cold air on my still tender rosebud, how can something so simple feel so good, he stops and I bend at the hips pushing my bottom up, another eternity, then the tip of his tongue just contacts my so sensitive rosebud, I’ve never felt anything like it and try to push my bottom up into his face, he starts to alternate the cold air and his hot tongue, another eternity of just the barest of contact. Then a firm lick of my rosebud with his tongue and I just melt, now licking in a circle, now straight lines, now probing, all the time my clit is crying out for contact, he stands up and leaves, I groan in frustration, someone else comes in and starts to do the same thing, is it Simon or Steve, another eternity of frustration as my orgasm is building, he stops and leaves, someone comes in and starts again, Steve or Simon I don’t care, my bottom is soaked with my lovers combined saliva, someone please lick my clit so I can cum I can’t lift my bottom up any further for access to it as they worship my rosebud, yes that is what they’re doing, worshipping my rosebud, I hear Danny say do you think she’s ready?? I let out a groan of anticipation and Steve says you heard the lady, Danny says me first and the lid of the lube bottle clicks, another eternity as I imagine Danny’s massive cock as he massages the lube in, I feel the bed moving as Danny gets between my legs, drip drip Danny slowly drips lube on my rosebud, contact between my rosebud and his cock as he rubs the lube in with his cockhead, he pushes and I push back, he stops just as his engorged helmet is hardly inside and I moan with frustration, I’m tied down and just can’t get free enough to pop the head in, hey good girl, yes I sigh, does bad girl want her assfucked, yes I moan, ask nicely, please Danny please fuck my ass with your massive cock, what about our friends Steve and Simon, yes they can fuck me too only do it please Danny please fuck your bad girl. And with that he pushes the head in and starts to fuck me, up till that moment I had never orgasmed analy and nearly passed out with the intensity of it, Danny continues to drive onto his own orgasm and fills me with hot spunk, pulling out of me he says who’s next and Simon offers his cockhead to my ass and I realized I was going to be fucked in the ass by all three young men and I found I was looking forward to it.You forget the amazing power of recovery of randy young men especially in sexually charged situations and Danny Steve and Simon nearly screwed my arse off, all afternoon they went at me while I pretended to be helpless thankfully they didn’t confine themselves to my wrecking my rectum.Thursday.I was exhausted after Wednesdays bad girl good time and slept late again. The boys went out and didn’t get back till early evening and I went round for a drink at about eight, I was wearing cut off combats and my hello titty tee shirt, of course the boys were now expecting more sex but I said I was off limits because my husband was coming back on Friday and I couldn’t risk having a loose Pussy In case he wants sex and no way were they getting near my by now very sore bottom. looking at me Simon said that’s a good idea , what says I, hello titty ,we haven’t circle jerked over your tits and I must say your 34b tits are very fuckable I thought what is it about young men and tits and so I ended up naked with my lubed up tits in my hands with three young men’s cocks taking turns to titty fuck me and pretty soon I was surrounded by them as they got ready to shoot over me, virtually together they covered my tits and belly,what a sight that was three massive cocks shooting hot spunk on my tits, there was some friendly fire ,and some off target that hit my face, and to think that up to the previous weekend l didn’t like it anywhere except inside my Pussy and even then not that much. The boys have got the holiday dates for when I’m on my own and are going to try and be here, they move on tomorrow hopefully before my husband gets back..Strange my tee shirts gone missing one of the boys must have it??when my husband does get here I’m straight back to being a good girl, our favourite porn site is xhamster so I’m uploading this there and who knows if he searches for good girls he might read this and imagine its his good girl gone bad

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