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Good Golly Ms Molly! (Story 1, Part 1)

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Good Golly Ms Molly! (Story 1, Part 1)Story is for Xhamster friend – exclusively for her. But she wants everyone else to hear it and get off to it as much as she has…http://xhamster.com/photos/view/6689153-116314549.html#contentYou look like you’re a bridesmaid possibly for someone’s wedding. You have got this sexy little smile from cheek to cheek and got sexy hair up, perfect place for you to suck cock, and beautiful big green eyes. Your figure is flawless and seeing you dancing up in down in the strapless dress, your tits just jiggle up and down.I meet you at the reception and we hit it off pretty well. We dance together on the floor and I win you over by dancing with some little k**, ya I know classy gentleman. I offer to go get you another drink from the bar, you grab my hand and come with me. As soon as we get into the hallway you shove me up against the wall and start rubbing my crotch in my pants. Undoubtedly all the dancing I have done and staring at your tits bounce was getting my cock harder and harder. I grab you and push you up against the wall. I pull the top of your dress and out pops your too big perfect boobs out. I start licking your nipple and flicking my tongue all over them. Swirling it up and down. I grope the other one with my hand. You hear a door open and foot steps approaching. You pull me up and give me a little kiss on the lips and push your body into me so the couple walking past cant see that your tits are out on display. They walk past and you grab my hand, we rush to the coat closet. Luckily no one is already in there. I pull out your tits again. I make out more with you, our tongues play with one another’s. You pull my belt buckle out and my pants drop. You rub your hand on my throbbing cock in my boxers. I push you onto your knees. You pull down my boxers and my cock flops out and smacks you on your pretty little face. You instantly start taking my cock into your mouth and blowing me. It gets a litte bit wetter and wetter until you are just becoming a sloppy little slut and making a mess everywhere. I grab your hair and push you all the way in, making you suck all of it and making you start to cry, getting your make up to run down your face a little. You grab the back of my legs and scratch my bare ass making me bleed. You start gagging and I pull out as saliva drops all down your face and onto your tits. I lay down on the floor and you start to tit fuck me. I look at you and smile, then tell you to get your ass up here now. You turn around and lift your skirt up revealing to me this nice little sexy black lace thong on just barely concealing your wet pussy lips. I start swirling my tongue around you as you bob up and down on my cock. I feel yur massive tits on my abs and its making me hotter and hotter. You swirl your tongue around me and soon my legs start shaking. I swirl my tongue on your pussy more and then I stick a finger in your pussy. You moan and that moan makes me precum a little. You notice and swallow. You then go back and you push your pussy down on my face more, I lick faster and faster. You swirl your tongue on me faster and faster. Im close. You got me close and my legs cant help it. I start squirting and you take my cock in all, let me squirt all inside you. As I squirt cum all in your mouth I take a finger that was fingering your pussy and stick it in your bare ass. You almost scram a little and the cum drops out of your mouth all over my cock and legs, and floor. You look back and smile. I tell you clean up your mess before we go back to the hotel. You suggestively say no and refuse. I stick another finger back into your ass and then one into your pussy. You lick off my cock making it clean. Lick my inner thighs, and one the last lick up you give me a little bit of a rim job. Someone knocks on the door asking for their coat. I get my pants back on as you hide in the corner from the door. I get them their coat, you clean up and we head back to the hotel…Luckily for us the reception is also at the same hotel where the guest are bursa escort staying. I take your hand as we make our way down the hall to the elevator. On the way over I can feel my cock oozing some extra cum into boxers. I can have you clean that up later. We finally make it to the elevator. There are some people around us waiting too. I stand behind you and grope your ass in your dress. Im standing so close no one can see. You elbow me to stop cause you actually know these people and don’t want to look like a slut to all of them. I start poking my finger in between your ass cheeks as you are standing there waiting. My dick starts growing in my pants some more until its almost poking you in the dress. You spread your legs just barely so your ass opens up and I can get a full handful. The Elevator rings and is here. I retract my hand and you pick the wedgie out of your ass from where I was grabbing it. I try and fix my cock and bulge before getting in but im not able to. I stand towards the back and you put your back to me. Its getting to be a crowded elevator, and your ass really starts pushing up against me. As the elevator goes up, you start the faintest little bouncing of your ass on my cock with people in the elevator. It is making my cock harder and harder. More people get off and we end up missing our stop because you are too concerned about teasing me in the elevator. Eventually we make it up to the last floor and realize we need to go back down 8 levels. I hold the door button open, so it stays at the top floor. No one is coming. I unzip my pants and out slides my dick. Some cum from before drips off. I look at you, nod, and you know what to do. You get on your hands and knees and lick my cum off the elevator floor. Good Girl. Then you put my cock back into your mouth and suck me. I press the elevator back to your room level. The elevator is glass on one side and before I realize it, anyone looking up is going to see you, this little slut on her hands and knees blowing a random stranger off in the elevator. Guys are gonna be going wild. College guys are gonna be going back to their room to fap off to it. And some girls are gonna be getting their panties wet seeing the way you are taking all of my cock while you swirl your tongue around the tip. Your other hand is wrapped around my shaft and jerking it with each time you bob on it. Finally we get to your level. The door opens and just as I put my cock away in my pants, two elderly ladies are looking to get onto the elevator. Luckily you were already on your feet again, but you were sucking so much and deepthroating my cock that you have spit all over your mouth and your tits look soaking wet. The eldery ladies throw some shade at you. I escort you out and look back at the two, the one winks at me.We stumble back to your hotel room. There is no one in the hall ways. Before we get to your room I push you up against the wall. I look and your great DD tits are being smushed in the dress. Perfect, they look great like that. I lift up your dress revealing that sexy little black lace thong and your tight soaking wet pussy lips in it. I spread your ass cheeks, bare for anyone to see walking by, And lick from you’re the top of your clit, over your wet panties, down your pussy, sliding my tongue as deep as I can in between your lips while pushing your thong into your pussy more, continuing the way up, stopping at the end of your cunt and swirling my tongue, then I lick in between your pussy and asshole; you moan a little so I push your ass so you are up against the wall more and are quiet (cant wake the neighbors…yet); my tongue then swirls over your already fingered ass hole and swirls around on it. Your legs shake a little and I continue, I pull away my tongue. You are about to think that part is over. I check the hall way one more time. I pull out my cock and without you realizing it, I pull your thong to the side and my cock slips right into your pussy. Your pussi is soaking wet and feels so incredibly tight. You have a bursa escort bayan firm ass and seeing it engulf my cock at first slowly and then faster and faster makes me hotter and hotter. I grab your bun and pull your neck back, you moan more and tell me to give it to you. I take my other finger and make you stick it in your mouth. Your tongue plays with it as you suck on it, then I take that and finger your asshole. I take it out, make you lick it again and stick it back in. Now your boobs are getting smushed against the wall more and we are starting to fuck a bit harder. We can hear the creeks from the bedroom inside starting to make noise. I randomly pop my cock out and stick it forcefully into your wet and already fingered asshole. I thrust 3 to 4 times quickly. You let out a scream first, then another smaller scream of pleasure, and by the third thrust in your asshole you look back at me with your tit falling out of your dress and say “fuck me baby”By this time you have woken up about 5 rooms by us with the screaming, not to mention me with the pleasure I was giving you. I pull out and don’t even put my cock back in my pants. We run down the hall to your room. I see your tits flopping up and down as you run and I cant help but want to see them flopping up and down when we fuck more.As you stumble to get out the key card for the room. I take the moment to get on my knees and eat you out some more. You taste so good down there Molly. I use my hands and run my finger tips over your ass and down your incredibly firm and toned thighs. You top looking for the key card, you run your hands through my hair and force your pussy into my face more and more. Now your grinding your pussy on my face, making me eat you. I take my one hand and finger your ass hole again. Your hands start to get really firm in my hair and you almost pull out some of my hair. I finger your asshole deeper and faster. Lick circles around your pussy faster and faster. Your legs are shaking and my spit and your pussy juices are running down my face and down your legs. You are about to. And just as you are about to, I stop. I pull out my finger and move my face away. You look down and shove my face back in there. I refuse. You look down puzzled and say just fucking make me come already. I say open the door first; then ill make sure you really have it. You sigh and slide your hands down in your panties. You notice how wet they are too. You slide them off in the hall way, open the door, pull me inside, throw your panties at me and authoritatively state “Bedroom, now!”I agree. I take off my pants and shirt and everything. I leave my tie by the bed. We are going to use it later on I think…You take off the dress and lay it on the floor. You push me down onto the bed and get on your hands and knees. You blow me a little. IT doesn’t matter my cock was 7 inches deep in your asshole before, you lick all of me and get me to precum a little more load on to your face. You wipe it off with your finger, lick it and swallow. I pull you up by your hair and bend you over on the bed. Your ass is pointing up at me and I give it a nice slap, leaving a bright red handprint on your firm ass. I take your arms and pull them back behind your back, cross them, and then tie them with my tie. They are locked there now. Your tits are up against the bed. I slide by cock in between your legs and tease you some more. Rubbing my cock on your bare pussy, and right on their lips. Just teasing you more. I do it slowly and you turn your head around and tell me just fuck me, stop fucking teasing me. I pull on your tied up hands and arms, you put your face down in the sheets, and you push your ass up in response. My cock was throbbing waiting for you to do that. It slides right in. It goes all the way in. My balls slap up against your pussy and you let out a nice little moan. I grab your hair and pull your neck back as I take control and make you my little fuck doll for the time being. I use my other hand and pull your arms back making you escort bursa flex your ass a new way and my dick hits a new spot you never felt before. You bite the blankets and scream. I slap your ass again and now you have two solid had prints on each ass. I stop pulling your hair and grip each cheek. I pull you back lean up against the wall. I tell you to dance on me like before. You start twerking your ass on my cock. It feels great being bare inside you. I feel precum happening. I pull out give your pussy a quick break. I untie your hands and you flip over laying down on the bed. I pre cum a little as some jizz oozes off my cock onto the floor. I get on my hands and knees, spread your legs out and stick my face back in between your legs.I lick each inner thigh while my finger runs little circles over your clit. Your legs shake with each rub of the finger. I get back to your pussy and eat you out more. My one hand is pleasuring your ass hole with two fingers in and out. My other is fingering your pussy with three fingers. All while my tongue licks in between your pussy lips, then swirls on your clit, licks back down your pussy lips and repeats. Suddenly your legs start shaking more and its happening. You cant control it. You run your hands through my hair and force my face into your soaked wet pussy. I pull up, grab your legs and put both of your legs in the air as I thrust my cock into your shaking pussy. It slides in from how wet you are, but you are so tight with the legs up in the air. You grab my tie and bite down, trying not to scream as Im in you and hitting all the right spots. Your legs are shaking and I hold them in the air as I thrust deeper and deeper into your cunt. Your can hear my balls slapping up against that ass of yours. Then it happens, your legs shake uncontrollably and you squirt all over my body and throbbing cock inside you. Your pussy tightens up and is tighet than even before. It makes me want to cum all over you. I barely pull out. You can see I am about to shoot my load all over you, but you cant move, your still in awe that you just squirted with me inside of you. I get on top of you on the bed and force my cock above you. You gladly open your mouth and suck me off, taking my cock almost all the way down your throat. I make you clean all of the squirt you had on me off, and you do a great job swirling your tongue around t to make it clean. I go down and lick your cunt a little more and your legs shake more and more. Then I stick another finger in and next thing I know more of your juices ooze out, I think I made you cum again while your sucking my cock. Im close. I pull my cock out of your mouth. Once its out you pull me down and rim job me a little. Licking my ass and then sucking my balls. I switch the way im looking at you. I grab your huge tits and slide my cock in between. Each thrust in between your tits you lick the tip of my cock. Are you ready for my cum yet Molly? You nod and wink. I said are you ready for my cum Molly? You reply back, give me your load baby. I want it all over my tits and face. Give it to me. I wanna taste more of it. Hearing you say that makes it happen. You grab my ass and then jerk my shaft off as cum squirts out and hits your forehead, gets in your hair, down your chin, neck. I pull back a little and force out more jizz onto your tits. I look down at you, smile, and ask what are you going to do Molly? You respond by grabbing my ass and forcing my cock back in your mouth. You swirl that tongue of yours and make sure that my cock is crystal clean. Then you say put my cock on your forehead, and your neck, and your chin, and your tits. I get the cum back on my cock and you lick it off. Swallowing every last bit of my jizz. Then I get off you and swirl my tongue around your tits. I whisper to you, can I stay with you tonight….I have a surprise for you in the morning. Before you even think about it you say yes. You go to the bathroom to freshen up a little and clean up, but I call at you, Molly….you missed something. I point to the carpet where I jizzed before. You smile at me, walk over and lick it up ass you put your legs together and bend over. Now your pussy lips are pushed tightly together in front of me, you are the one doing the teasing now….Moll_Doll

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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