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Gramps for the Summer Ch. 02

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The summer was coming to an end and I was preparing to return to school. My summer job had been fun and I had learned a lot but it was over and I spent my days at the pool or shopping with friends.

Outside of work, I had spent most of the summer with my grandfather. From the outside, I had tried to make it look as innocent as a grandfather and granddaughter relationship should look. I called him sir and we went to church, went for walks, played golf, and made it look like I was helping him around the house as a good granddaughter does.

Alone, we were anything my normal. After his first visit to my room, we never slept apart and rarely slept wearing clothes. Although we didn’t fuck every night, he regularly fed my hairy blonde pussy his thick eighty-four-year-old trouser snake. I had slept with one boy from school a few times but over that summer I had gained valuable knowledge in how to please a guy and what I enjoyed the most.

Over the summer I had felt more and more comfortable with the notion of casual sex with my grandfather. Not a lot of kissing on the lips but some. I believe we were both filling a void and, as two adults, we agreed to keep in between us and have fun.

As a benefit to living alone with him, we regularly fucked wherever, whenever and as often as we wanted to. I was often pleasantly surprised at how active his libido was but he had to take a blue pill every once in a while to keep up with me. We often walked around nude once it was too late for surprise visitors. I loved cuddling nude under a blanket as we watched a movie or on the back deck looking up into the stars.

He had eaten my pussy numerous times and it was a miracle his neighbors hadn’t heard us fucking by the pool. Maybe they had. I had never enjoyed sucking my boyfriend’s cock but I had grown to enjoy listening to my grandfather moan in pleasure as my tongue and lips treated his cock to a pre-fuck appetizer. He had prematurely unloaded more than once while I perfected my cock sucking craft. He had treated my throat and tonsils to a thick cum wash on numerous occasions.

Once, I even gave him a blowjob in a parking lot and he fucked me on his favorite par three tee box at the golf club after losing a series of bets on the golf course.

The first bet stipulated that if I made my 30 foot put he had to buy me a new outfit and if I missed I had to carry his bag for a hole. I missed.

The second bet was that if he chipped in, we would walk onto the golf course after dark and he could fuck me on the green. If he missed, he had to take me to a fancy dinner. He missed.

The third bet was on his favorite hole. Number 7, a 170-yard par three. If he hit his ball to two feet of the hole I reluctantly agreed to let him fuck me on the tee box one night after the course closed. He confided in me that having sex with a beautiful woman on the golf course was his all-time biggest desire. I agreed, thinking there was no way in hell he could accomplish it. I countered that if he didn’t hit his ball within two feet of the hole, he had to let me drive his Ferrari for a week. He balked initially at my portion of the bet but agreed. He almost hit a hole-in-one. The final measurement of his ball from the hole was 7 inches.

I refused to bet for a while but won a few small bets since he couldn’t stop thinking about hole number seven. Neither could I.

Finally, we got to the last par three. We were both about 10 feet from the cup although I was laying 3 and he was laying 1. If I made the put I got to get served breakfast in bed and if he made the put, I had to suck his dick in the parking lot. I balked at his bet but his triple-breaking downhill put looked impossible. I missed my put by an inch. He sank his.

As we walked to the clubhouse he joked that he wished he had started playing golf with me a lot earlier and how his handicap would be a lot lower.

after a few drinks we met up with his buddies and he relived all of his güvenilir bahis shots. Thankfully, he left out the part about our bets.

It was dark once we returned to the car. I looked around and reached over to open his fly. He stopped me. O looked up at him.

“A bet is a bet grandaddy. Just tell me if anyone comes toward us.”

He quickly reclined his seat and helped me free his already hard cock. I was a little nervous but I honestly believe it was the best blow-job I ever gave him. I licked and sucked his swollen head. I took him deep in my mouth for the first time and felt his head in my throat. I fought of choaking as I fondled his large balls and he humped my mouth. He groaned and gasped as I slurped and swallowed his winning load while he squeezed my tits that he had exposed while I was giving him head.

He was so spent, I had to drive us home.

A few weeks later we got all dressed up and had a splendid dinner in the formal dining room. After dinner, we snuck onto the golf course and walked to the seventh tee box. I lowered my panties and handed them to him. I pulled my dress up as I sat down on the edge of his coveted tee box. I opened my thighs and reminded him that this was his chance to knock a hole-in-one. He had me sit on his jacket and he dropped his pants and boxers. It took a while for him to get hard enough to enter me and I got worried that someone might find us.

He accused me of wanting to get out of my bet so, I sucked him until he was hard and, once he was hard, I sat down on him. The grass was damp and my knees were stained when he rolled me over, guided my ankles around his neck, and fucked me long and hard.

I had to cover his mouth to quiet his moans as he unleashed a torrent of cum into my pussy like no other.

We discretely found our way back to his car giggling like two idiots. I was a mess and so was he. We d grass stains everywhere and my inner thighs were soaked from his cum as it oozed out of my freshly and well-fucked pussy. Once home we discovered he had dropped and lost my panties.

There were rumors for weeks about the panties the greenskeeper found and obvious signs of two teens sneaking off and having sex on the seventh green.

I looked at my relationship with my grandfather as a safe secret. I knew that no one would ever expect an eighty-four-year-old grandfather would be fucking his cute and innocent granddaughter. Hell, most people, including me before that summer, thought that eighty-four-year-old men could get his dick hard enough to have sex. I was wrong about that

Although I thought we were careful, it was anything but safe. The pill took care of birth control and I was religious about taking it every morning but we almost got caught a few times. A few times my mother came over early without calling and once, a delivery boy just missed getting an eye full of me getting pounded from behind by the pool.

I can still recall my mother showing up one morning very early and very unexpectedly. I was naked in bed with my grandfather when we heard her car pull up. I sat up and listened intently. I jumped up and ran to the window and saw my mother stepping out of her car. I ran to my room and pulled on an old overly large sweatshirt, grabbed an empty glass, and dashed towards the kitchen. My grandfather quickly jumped up and went to his shower.

I was almost in the kitchen when I saw my mother walk in the door. I took a deep breath and tried to look as casual and surprised as I could look. I had tried to make it look as if I had just come from the kitchen for a drink.

I greeted my mother. I saw myself in the mirror on the wall behind my mother as she stood in the hall. I smiled but even I saw that guilt was written all over my face. I approached her and gave her a slight hug but pulled away quickly and stood as far away from her as I could. She made small talk at first but abruptly asked where my grandfather was.

I lied. I knew he was türkçe bahis in the shower but acted like I didn’t have a clue. I tried to maintain eye contact but my grandfather’s cum running down my inner thigh from our late night fuck distracted me. From the reflection, I saw my tangled and messy hair.

I felt my heart pound as I thought of my year in the dorm and seeing the girls in the hall after their boyfriends had slept with them. We always teased each other about missionary hair. You know, the tangled long hair caused by constant friction against the sheets from constant thrusting and their heads sliding up against the sheets and toward the headboard.

Oh shit, I had a bad case of missionary hair.

I also saw that the old tattered sweatshirt was barely long enough to conceal my bush and my ass, well my ass cheeks were exposed.

I tried to remain calm. My world felt so small. My mother’s eyes went up and down my body. I felt a lump in my throat.

“Please tell me that you don’t dress like that around your grandfather.”

My heart pounded. My face got warm and flush.

“Do you think I would always walk around the house like this mother? Please. I just woke up. I don’t even know for sure if he is awake.”

She sighed. “Well for God’s sake. Put some clothes on when you leave your room or get some decent pajamas.”

I must have given her a mean stare.

“For God’s sake, he is an old man. You might give him a heart attack if he saw you like that.”

She smiled. I knew I had dodged a bullet.

“You are a funny mom.”

“Yes but I am serious about getting proper pajamas. I am also serious about him being a man.”

“Ok, mom. But now, I will go shower and, since I hear granddad’s shower, maybe you would make his coffee.”

My mother smiled and gave me an evil look. “I am not his coffee bitch. You are the one that lives here. Maybe you can be his coffee bitch. Is that what you do every morning, make his coffee?”

I smiled. “Yes.”

She smiled and I giggled. “I guess I am his coffee bitch.”

She smirked. “Well as long as that is the only type of bitch.”

I screamed. “Mother.”

She smiled and made a strange face.

“Mom, why are you here? I think grandaddy plans to go play golf this morning.”

“I guess you will find out soon enough. I am here to tell you and grandaddy that your dad, his son, asked me for a divorce.”

My heart jumped. My mother’s act of being strong faded and tears welled up in her eyes. I knew she had cheated on him and I had heard he knew but I had thought they working things out.

I instinctively reached out to hug her and as we embraced my sweatshirt lifted and exposed everything below my waist. Thankfully, my mother’s eyes were closed and her head fell to my shoulder when she began to sob. I held her torn between empathy and wanting to tell her that is what she got for cheating.

I was trapped and I couldn’t move. I felt the cool air on my ass and, glancing into the mirror, I saw the pale shape of my bare hips.

“Mom, let me shower and I will join you in the kitchen. Do you want me to make you some coffee and then tell granddaddy you are here?”

My mother pulled away and took a step back. She started to speak but stopped. Her eyes quickly traveled up and down my body. The sweatshirt hadn’t fallen when she pulled away and my thick blonde bush was out on display.

“Mandy, oh my God. You aren’t wearing panties.”

I pushed the shirt down. “Mom, I was going to take a shower when you came. I was just getting some water to drink first.”

My mother blushed and looked down towards the hem of the tattered old shirt.

“Ok, but I would advise you not to go around with your crotch and ass exposed like that. People might get the wrong impression. As I said earlier, your grandfather is a man. You do realize that he is a man. He might be old but he is a man. Men think differently than women. Maybe güvenilir bahis siteleri you figured that out already. This isn’t your sorority house. You need to dress decently. I didn’t raise you this way.”

I looked in the mirror. The reflection revealed long thick wisps of my blonde pubes from below the hem.

My heart pounded. “Mother. That wasn’t called for.”

I turned and quickly walked to the bathroom and closed the door. Once inside, I closed the toilet lid and sat down. My body was shaking. I thought my heart would jump out of my chest.

After a shower, I dressed and went to join my grandfather and mother in the kitchen. I stopped in the hall just short of the kitchen when I heard them speaking in a hushed tone.

I listened intently.

My grandfather spoke. “We both knew that this day would come. Do you think he has any idea?”

My mother responded. “No. And he has no idea how long. I think he knows that Mandy may not be his but no idea about Victoria.”

My grandfather. “Is she his? You told me she was.”

My mother’s voice cracked and she took deep breaths between words. “No, we both know she isn’t his. I said that to make us both feel good.”

My grandfather. “And Victoria. Is she his?”

My mother’s voice was low and weak. “I don’t know. She could be your too.”

My grandfather. “Too. You mean you have lied to me this whole time. You said they were his. Why now? What changed? It is bad enough that we have been together and lied to others but now I hear you have been lying to me too. And Victoria. Is she his or mine?”

There was silence.

My grandfather. “oh shit. What happened to make him question you now?”

My mother. “Victoria, she needed a medical procedure to see why she isn’t able to get pregnant. Part of the test was genetic testing. She saw her father and her weren’t, well that he wasn’t her father.”

My grandfather. “Oh, his mother is rolling in her grave by now. If she knew, we would both be dead. Maybe she will come back from the dead and kill me. I asked you to be careful but it took both of us.” There was a pause. “No one can ever know about us. No one. No one ever. This is bad honey.”

My mother. “I have missed you. I have been so alone this summer.”

My grandfather. “Stop. Oh, stop. Stop talking about this right now. Mandy can never know. Oh God, I wish I never knew. Are you sure. Well, are you sure about Mandy too. Being mine. Being my child?”

My mother. “Always. But not Victoria. I have always known Mandy was yours.”

My grandfather. “It would devastate him. Mandy is his Angel. They speak every day. He can never know. She can never know. Not now. Never.”

My mother. “Agree for everyone’s sake. No one can know.” There was a pause. “Why won’t you hold me? Are you upset with me? I have never cheated on you with anyone else. Just you. The rumors are not true.’

My grandfather. “It’s not you. It’s me. It’s just a surprise after all of these years and now. Well, Mandy has lived here all summer and we have bonded. I think it would devastate her. I am not upset other than I didn’t know. All of these years. Maybe it is best for all of us that I didn’t know.”

My mother. “Agree for everyone’s sake. No one can know. But it shouldn’t be a surprise. We had sex a lot. A lot. If I recall, you initiated it most of the time.”

My grandfather. “Yes. Yes, I recall. But let’s not talk anymore about that now.”

My heart was pounding in my chest. I was shaking. I tried to back down the hall to my room but the floor creaked.

My mother. “Shush. Did you hear something?”

I took a deep breath. I stepped forward.

“Hi there, are we still going to go play golf?”

I saw that my mother had red eyes and my grandfather looked pale.

“Can we reschedule honey. I think your mother needs my help today. You can go without me if you want. Tell the guys there is a family crisis. They will understand.”

Our eyes met. I have no doubt he knew that I had overheard their conversation. He swallowed hard.

I faked a smile. I agreed and went to my car and drove away. I was shaking so badly that I had to pull over and stop the car.

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