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Growing up wrong

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Growing up wrongHello my name is Krystal, but everyone calls me Krissy. I’m 25 & live in the Detroit area. I work at a local hospital as a Physicians assist & I love it! I’m pretty much a doctor but limited at meds I can proscribe & I don’t have to have malpractice insurance. Last night was my third date with Jordan. We went to see his friends band at a nightclub here in greater Detroit area. I ran into Jordan at the mall. I mean literally ran into him. I was running late for my meeting my sister for our mouth lunch date that usually included a mani & pedi or getting our eyebrows waxed or our hair done. Jordan knocked my phone out of my hand as I made him drop his packages. I could tell by the look in his eye he was interested in me, he was cute & returned the look to confirm that. He apologized as well did I. He offer to buy me lunch to make it up. I told him I was late meeting my sister. Maybe another time I asked. We exchanged phone numbers. I had lunch with Jordan the next day at penara bread. He is so cute & a lawyer too. I really wanted to make out with him right there & then. Our second date was dinner at a very nice Italian restaurant. I have been known to use guys for dinner & drinks. It’s my right. Also, I tend to wear clothes a little more on the provocative side. Showing cleavage & legs. When my sister & I go out, we rarely pay for more than our first drink. Amazing what guys will do when you just play into their fantasy. I dated a married guy for a while & that was great. Going out, not having to worry about him getting clingy, awesome sex.Last night I was wearing a very nice low cut black dress with black heels with my cute French tipped toes poking out. If I lean over just right, one could catch a peek at my black bra with tiny white polka dots. I also am wearing the matching French cut panties. I meet him at his house, oh how this could be an overnight stay or late evening. The band was very good. Jordan & I even danced after quite a few drinks. He smelled so good & was wearing a black suit with no tie. This man is so fucking sexxy, damn I want him bad I thought to myself. We were on the dance floor, slow dancing. My arms on his shoulders with my hands behind his neck. His arms were around my waist & he kept me pulled so closed to him. I was waiting to feel his chubby. Then, he kissed me. It was so hot. I kissed him back. I so wanted to taste his tongue. But Jordan kept it to a mutual lip lock. When he pulled away he said “I’m sorry”. “Don’t be I replied. I liked it.” He smiled. I asked bahis siteleri him if he was ok to drive, he replied “Yea.” We stopped at a red light & looked at me, we were holding hands & leaned over to kiss my. In his Yukon it was a far stretch but so worth it. Then we heard a police horn & looked up & light was green. Jordan looked back & cop was behind him. Officer could see we were kissing & not paying attention. We took off & cop turned. Whee that was close he said but well worth it. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest.We pulled into the garage of his condo. Turned the engine off & went back to kissing. I said “this isn’t very comfy.” He said “your right. Lets go inside & get a drink.” “Ok” I replied in a cute & sexxy expression. He poured us two glasses of wine sat on his sofa. I know this was going to go south real fast & had to me my exit soon. I told him to come sit & had to tell him something. His expression changed. He was worried. “Jordan I really like you, but you should know I’m bisexual & never with both the same time.” He started laughing & wait he said next blew my mind. “I’m bi too!” My mouth dropped. Could it be real? “You making fun of me & my sexuality aren’t you?” “No” he said “prove it” I said. He left the room & returned with his laptop. Turned it on & begun to show me pics of himself getting oral from another guy & giving it to another guy. I was so turned on. I think he could see my arousal. He said he was a top, didn’t care to be a bottom. I asked “what about shemales?” He said “they are so hot! Was always a fantasy to be with a true shemale, never a crossdresser.” He started showing pics of his favorites that he downloaded. I began to kiss him & he closed the notebook & set it aside. I ran my hand down his chest & flat stomach past his belt til I got to his semi-hard meat. He knew what I wanted & motioned me up. He grabbed my hand & started for the bedroom. I stopped to grab my purse & the wine. I always have condoms & I will get thirsty. We kissed as I removed his jacket & shirt. He started unzipping my dress then slide it down to the floor around my black heels. I pushed him on the bed & unzipped his pants. His average sized cut cock nearly poked out. I kissed the tip & licked it while looking into his eyes. He was so waiting for me to blow him. Not so fast I said. I slowly put my mouth on the head & made my way up & down his shaft til I had it all wet with the saliva. “Told you I’d be needing something to wet-my-whistle.” He moaned with every stroke. I canlı bahis would slide my lips down his shaft & tighten them coming up. He pulled me up to kiss him. He was squeezing my firm breasts & playing with my rock hard nipples. I told him I got a surprise for him. With his hands squeezing my ass checks he then pulled my panties down. The look on his face was priceless when he seen my slightly hard cock pop out. I was very nervous that he might freak out. He reached up & started stroking my cock then leaned toward me & took my meat into his mouth. My god he was good. This man has sucked a cock before & this man was good at it. I was so ready to cum. He laid me on the bed, dislodged the black polka-dotted panties hung on one of my high heels. He kicked his shoes off & pulled his legs from his pant. He climbed in bed & pushed my legs forward & sucked on my tiny penis like it was a huge clit, then I felt his tongue lick & suck where my balls used to be. His tongued continued down till he rimmed my ass-pussy.I told him to get my purse. He handed to me & I pulled out a condom & rolled it on him. I then took the small tube of anal lube from my purse & squeezed some into my hand & applied it to my ass-pussy. All this while watching him stroke his cock & rub my soft shaven leg. He even managed to grab my tits. I then pulled his ‘gloved’ cock towards me, trying to use the remaining lube on my hand to prep his tool for action. I guided his rod into my love channel & he stroked so slow at first then increasing speed & pressure. Jordan stopped leaned over & kissed me very passionately. My peepee was oozing precum & could have came so hard. He pushed my knees nearly to my tits & I moaned “fuck me Jordan, fuck me hard!” And he did. He started railing me & I could feel his body tense up. He screamed “oh krissy, oh krissy.” I grabbed my clitty, stroked it & Jordan & I both came at the same time. I can feel his hard, hot cock deep inside of me. He leans down, while releasing my legs, kissing me. Telling he how incredibly awesome that was. He rolled off me & held me in his arms. Moments later we were fast asleep.I woke up the next morning to Jordan stumbling to the bathroom to pee. When he came out I was wearing my panties & his shirt from last night. “Me next!” I exclaimed. I heard him ask through the door did I want something to drink. “Orange juice if you have it.” “With or without rum?” He asked trying to be funny. I peed (I always sit & pee, no matter where I’m at) & washed my lubed behind & wiped my small güvenilir bahis two-inch clitty. I would take a hot shower when I got home. Or maybe with Jordan. When I came out Jordan was back in bed with 2 tall glasses of OJ. I hope that’s plain OJ. He nodded yes as he took a sip of his. I cuddled up next to him & kissed him good morning “last night was awesome” I said. He replied “I have never ever came that good.” He then asked how did you become so beautiful? I stopped drinking & looked at him “what do you mean by that?” “Well, I mean, I have seen lots of shemales online. Most you can tell were male before. You look like you were born so beautiful.” I smile, kissed him & said “my sister & I (she’s 1 yr older) used to play allot as k**s. I would rather play dolls & dress up & tea party then with the neighborhood boys. With there trucks & army & dirt bikes.” I continued “my parents worried that I was a sissy & sent me to a psychologist. After 3 or 4 visits she requested a physical. My doctor reported my blood test results showed abnormal high traces of estrogen. Befounded cuz I didn’t have any female organs.” Jordan asked “No tentacles either?” “No I had those removed when I was 17… only cost $200. Outpatient surgery, my sister went with me. I had breast forming 2-3 weeks after surgery. Softer skin. Voice went slightly higher. My sister Karen noticed right away. She loves have a ‘lil sister’ we practically wear the same size on everything.” I notice that Jordan is getting turned on by me talking about my transformation. “So doctor put he on testosterone pills. That shit made me sick. After a week, I found a ‘pill substitute’ in a book at the library. B12 from vitamin store. No more sick. Years later when my folks found out they were upset, but my mom understood. My dad loved me, but I think he wished I were his son.” I looked up at the ceiling fan. “Sorry daddy.” “Your father pasted away? “Jordan asked softly. “Yes, 3 yrs ago of a heart attack. My mom was so cool & accepted me weither I date men or woman. She just wants me to be happy & safe.” Jordan takes my empty OJ glass & sits it on the nightstand pulls me down to the pillow & starts kissing me. He tweaked my already hard nipples & stroking my penis. I turned around Jordan & I began ’69’ on our sides. My favorite with another guy. His mouth felt so good on my love stick & I could once again feel his body tense with every stroke of his hard cock deep in my mouth. I could taste his precum then he shot his load in my mouth & I swallowed every drop of it. I unloaded in his mouth but nothing but a small amount of precum. I turned around & he kissed me & our tongues danced in each other’s mouth. We took a long nap that late Saturday morning. I found myself a new boyfriend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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