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Gym Friends

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After a lifetime of work, retirement came as a blessing. For six months I didn’t care what day it was and my waistline ballooned from 32 to 34. I had to lose weight and changing my diet helped, but joining a gym and exercising would speed the process.

The nearby gym had everything I wanted. Machines for circuit training, a stair-climber, a pool, whirlpool and sauna. After six weeks, I dropped to my retirement weight and decided to continue and drop another ten.

During the last of the six weeks, I met a guy named Kyle. I had seen him a few times before and he normally exercised on the treadmill and then lifted weights. He had retired a year ago and we began rotating through the circuit machines and encouraging each other to add an extra rep or two.

In his university days, Kyle was a member of the swim team and I had been a member at the university I attended. Neither one of us had swam in years and Kyle suggested we do a few laps. I didn’t bring a swimsuit, so I took a rain check and promised to bring one the next day.

The following day I hit the stair climber. Kyle arrived a short time later and did a forty-five minute jog on the treadmill. We retired to the change room and Kyle’s locker was six or so down from mine.

I’ve never been sexual with a guy, but ever since high school I couldn’t help but peek at my nude classmates. My interest rested solely with the wonderful visuals of my classmate’s cocks and balls. I never got caught looking and never went beyond looking.

Unfortunately, Kyle was turned away from me and I only caught sight of his butt. balçova escort It was bare and shapely, but nothing could beat the shape and soft, firmness of a female bottom.

We swam for several laps and Kyle’s form was awesome. My turns were rusty, but it felt good to swim side by side with him.

I unlocked my locker and Kyle walked past me and did the same. I slipped out of my suit and the cold water had made my penis shrink. Kyle slipped out of his suit and I was rewarded with a wonderful profile of his cock. Shrinkage had also taken a toll on him, but his was natural and seeing foreskin was a huge turn on.

“That was fun,” Kyle said.

I hadn’t anticipated the turn of Kyle’s head and it was quite obvious that I had been busted. “You’ve got a great form” I said. “Looked like you were gliding in the water.”

He said thanks and I hoped my cheeks hadn’t gotten too red. Neither one of us had time for a coffee, so we went our separate ways.

Several times through the weekend, my mind went back to the image of Kyle’s cock. For years I had fantasy thoughts about sucking a cock, but actually doing it seemed quite remote. Sex with my wife had dropped to once or twice a month and thoughts of being sexual with a guy entered my mind more and more.

My wife and I did have sex that weekend and she even sucked me for a bit. I was in heaven and her warm mouth performed magic, but there were moments I wished I was her and wondered how it felt to have a mouthful of penis.

We had never tried anal sex and while thrusting in her, my mind karşıyaka escort drifted to being on my back, with a man over me and him sliding his thickness in and out and releasing deep inside. As I spurted into her, I imagined the sound of a man releasing into me.

Several weeks passed and Kyle and I continued our workouts and swims. After stripping down, Kyle suggested we take a sauna. We entered the room with our towels around us and were greeted by an older gentleman sitting on his towel and fully exposed.

The head of his cock was large and he was thick around. His hair was greying and curly and fully covered his ball sac. “Sorry guys,” he said while covering.

“That’s fine,” Kyle replied. “Being nude is the best way in here.”

“Good. I’m Dan. You don’t mind if I remove the towel?”

“Not at all. My name is Kyle and this is my friend, Ken,” Kyle said as he folded his towel and sat on it.

I did the same.

We began chatting about sports and when I thought it was safe, admired the two cocks exposed to me. Dan added some water to the coals and his cock swayed invitingly. I wanted to touch it and drag my tongue over his slit.

I looked over to Kyle and he grinned slightly. At the same time, he parted his legs a bit. I couldn’t stop from looking down, nor could I stop the blush glowing on my cheeks. I felt embarrassed and relieved. Embarrassed that my secret was exposed and relieved that it was exposed.

“That’s it for me guys,” Dan said. “It’s been good chatting with you.”

A minute after Dan left, çeşme escort Kyle said it was more than enough time for him and asked if I was ready to leave. I stood and stepped towards the door and just as I was about to wrap the towel around me, Kyle placed his hand on my butt. He gave it a light squeeze and an even lighter tap.

He opened the door and the cold air hit like a ton of bricks, but it didn’t put a chill on the feelings running through me. Kyle returned his hand to my bottom and guided me to my locker.

He opened his locker and dropped his towel. I had gone well beyond thinking of his cock as just eye candy. I wanted to please it in every way possible and even more than that, I wanted it inside me.

I wondered if Kyle was thinking how nice it would be to have my lips sliding down his cock and how he would love to penetrate and ultimately, posses me.

We seldom stopped together for coffee, but Kyle suggested we do. We talked about swimming and meeting Dan. Moments of silence passed and Kyle said, “I’ve noticed you peeking for a while. At first I thought it was just curiosity, but the way you looked at Dan, I realized it was more than that.”

It was a relief to admit that it was more than curiosity.

It turns out we were almost carbon copies of each other, the difference being that his fantasy was from the point of view of a top and mine from a bottom.

Neither one of us had experienced male with male sex and we were at the edge of a precipice and ultimately had to decide which way to go.

Just before getting into our own cars, Kyle said, “I’ve imagined a number of times how good it would feel to have you sucking me.”

My cheeks flushed with warmth. “I guess about the same number of times I’ve imagined sucking you.”

Driving home it hit me. I’ve just told a man that I wanted to suck him.

End of Part One

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