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Hairdresser g/fOne of my girlfriends after my divorce was a hairdresser, very useful in more than one way !Been going out for a couple months , fucked a few times, all going well when I asked her if she cut cut my hair , “no probs hun” was her reply . So next evening after work I had been invited over for tea and to stay , all or offspring were staying at with partners so a free night . On arrival at hers , the house smelt lovely of a full roast dinner , her kitchen table laid with cutlery and her barbers equipment , great I thought as I was getting a bit untidy on top. “Get them off then “ I was told after our hello kiss and for me a fondle under her apron , no second was wasted as I started stripping only to see her pick up the scissors and comb , “oh you mean haircut time “ , and with me down to my boxers she pulled out a chair and as I sat she wrapped a towel around my neck.Susie was a tall well built girl ,not fat , into running , but strong . She also had the bust to match her physic, and looked great in a white teeshirt either with or without bra. The mixture of her brushing kaçak iddaa her tits against me and of her trimming the hair on my neck (being touched on my neck is a killer for me) gave me more than a semi which she must of noticed in my black tight boxers . Hair all down , nicely trimmed and happy with it I stood up ,brushed the cuttings off , when she said “may as well do the whole job ,as it was a bit long down there last time I sucked it” looking down at my expanded groin ! She took her trimmer , knelt in front of me and pulled my boxers off, to be greeted by six inches of cock pointing right at her , “hello mister “ she smiled as she took it in her hand and held it to the side and started to trim my pubes . Each time she moved my cock she gave it a wank , up down left and right, under my balls and carefully along the length of it . “There ,she said “much better “, and whipped the towel around to clean up , not only the trimmings but a dribble of pre cum too! “ mmm better clean this to then as I’m here “ she said looking up at me and took my cock in her mouth , slowly going up and down kaçak bahis the length, licking my head , back in to her throat , she was the best I have ever had at giving blow jobs , knew when I was close to either slow and tease or finish me off quick . Her licking around and under my head always felt so good and would send tingles through my cock and body. “Ah ,Its no good your spiky pubes are annoying me and making my lips sore “ she blurted out to my disappointment, leaving me rock hard and dripping clear fluid . She stood grabbed my cock and led me upstairs to the bathroom. “Right lets see” looking in the cupboard , “ yep still got some of that twats here “ , she said I assume talking of her ex, and out came the shaving foam and her razor , after splashing some warm water on me and shaking the can she sprayed some of the foam around my now softening cock and balls . Again taking my and moving it around she shaved my crutch not leaving my as bald and smooth as when I was at primary school. Once again taking my hardening member in her mouth , “that’s better ,so smooth , feels like illegal bahis my first boyfriend down here “ she laughed, and started to fuck my cock with her mouth , hard and fast , then again with me nearly firing my load she stopped , stood and removed her apron and teeshirt , turned for me to unclip her bra, which I did and reached around to cup those huge tits playing with the big brown nipples . “There , you got a target “ she said as she once again knelt in front of me and started wanking my still fully erect cock then licking the full shaft paying more attention to the head ,sucking me until she could feel me twitching my hips as I fucked her mouth , I grunted in pleasure as I felt the first release of spunk hit her throat , then she knelt back and aimed my cock at her tits 5,6 big spurts covered those mammeries , white sticky sperm dripping off those nipples , she wanked the last drop out , “fuck that was a load , better feed you so you can make some more for tonight , I need a good sucking and long hard fuck from you “. She got it , after dinner and a glass or two of wine , I spent what seemed a couple hours of licking, sucking , fingering her cunt , before fucking in many positions and again ending with a huge tit shot .Getting my hair cut doesn’t seem quite the same these days lol

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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