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Haley’s Toilet Pt. 01

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Since they had first met, Haley and Matthew knew they must have known each other for lifetimes. Their romance was that of a movie. When they had started dating, the amount of passion and devotion they expressed for each other had left their friends appalled. Their fire was so hot, everyone was certain that the relationship would burn out as steeply as it had began. Regardless, Matthew and Haley managed to prove them wrong.

Growing up with parents of a somewhat dying marriage, Haley did not expect to feel this strongly for anyone – Frankly, she didn’t believe it was possible. Matthew on the other hand just knew it would be like this. He had been born asexual, which meant any feelings he’d had for the women of his past was from pure affection. He was never distracted by the fog of lust or typical mouthwatering sexual desires. His love for Haley felt as real and obvious as the color of the sky. What he couldn’t get over was how much Haley reciprocated that love. In the past, every relationship he’d had ended with the woman growing bored of his nonexistent sex drive. He’d thought it was necessary for sexual beings to be able to use sex as a medium to express their love. Matthew often found himself in shock and disbelief that Haley loved him enough to look beyond these needs.

Haley was aware of his doubt and therefore tried to be extremely reassuring. She constantly made sure to remind Matthew of her love for him, as well as express her gratitude for all the ways he would spoil her. Matthew always did his best to please her. He cooked her favorite meals with unmatched love and care, he wrote her poems (this was his favorite way of expressing his love), he even tried his best to eat her pussy (which is quite a task when you can’t wrap your head around orgasms). Needless to say, their love for each other went beyond instinct.

Over just one weekend, this whole dynamic would change.

“Matthew, I won’t keep you past your shift, but I’d like to keep discussing this with you on Monday, okay?” His boss Greg gave a thumbs up through the webcam.

“Of course, thank you. Have a great weekend,” Matthew waved goodbye, ended the zoom call, and shut his laptop with a heavy yawn.

He made his way toward the kitchen where he found Haley sitting up on the counter with a blanket wrapped over her, sipping from her mug. She met his eyes with an excited smile.

“We just started selling a new brand of tea at Dave’s, what do you think?” She poured him a bursa escort mug, inviting him to join her.

“Ooh, interesting. It almost tastes like pumpkin pie.”

“Right! Oh, anyways, we’re closed tomorrow for the Fourth and then I have a day off on Sunday, hope ya don’t have plans this weekend because you’re stuck with me!”

Matthew chuckled. “Thank goodness. It’s been a long week.” He set down his tea and began peeling ginger.

As a team, they threw together a light dinner while they talked about their day. After dinner, Haley insisted on washing their dishes. Matthew accepted and headed to the bedroom with a grin, knowing exactly how he’d return the favor. He undressed, laid himself on their bed, and rested his head over his hands. He began mentally preparing himself for what was to come.

A few minutes later he heard the door creak open. “Ha! I knew something was up, you were so quiet. This means so much babe. If it gets to be too much please let me know and I’ll finish myself with my vibrator, I’m serious. Just the thought of you wanting to do this is more than enough of a turn-on.”

Haley climbed up onto the bed and positioned herself. His vision began to darken as she lowered pussy down above his face.

After five months of being together, he had a pretty good idea of what she wanted him to do. He began licking, starting slow and sucking on her clit every so often. He was reassured when he felt her legs begin to tense up. She moaned softly as he wrapped her legs with his arms and pulled her down to relax into a full facesit. The moans became louder and more frequent. Her juices began to enter his mouth, which he had trained his tastebuds to accept. He licked her faster and faster, and occasionally penetrated her with his tongue. He felt her fists rest on his chest. “I guess it’s really working,” he thought, feeling proud. His speed increased until finally she was yelling and shaking. She was so lost in her orgasm that suddenly, a bit of pee started pouring out of her directly into his mouth! Surprised and choking, he tapped her thigh repeatedly, which caused her to immediately snap out of it. With a gasp Haley covered her vagina with both hands and let out a “Fuck! Oh my god holy shit!” She sprang up off of the bed and waddled toward the bathroom.

Alone on his back, Matthews adrenaline finally vanished. He became aware of an odd, heavy feeling in his stomach. His head was pounding. Confused, he sat up. bursa escort bayan His penis was as hard as a rock. Twitching, even. He raised his eyebrows. He found himself licking the pee from his cheeks where he had spat it up. It tasted, well, just like he had expected. For some reason, however, he couldn’t stop licking.

“Matthew! I am so sorry! Are you alright?” He heard through the wall.

“All good in here Haley!”

“No, I could’ve totally prevented this. We just had all that tea and soup and I knew I needed to go to the bathroom and I should’ve just went before and-“

“Haley seriously, don’t feel bad. I’m.. just get back in here as soon as you can.”

Not more than a moment later Haley stopped in the doorway. Her eyes locked to the sight of Matthew now standing on the bed with a proud smile, his hard dick in hand.

She blinked. “No fucking way.”

“I know!”

“Wait. My pee!?”

“I know!”

“Not my ass or my tits or face, but my pee?? In your mouth!??” It was hard for Haley to even find her words.

She sat cross-legged on the bed with him and stared. He joined her, feeling her confusion. “Haley, I know as much as you do. And believe me, I’m probably even more surprised.”

She stayed silent. Slowly, Matthew saw a smile form. Haley’s face began to turn purple. Her smile was now ear-to-ear. Suddenly, Haley burst out into an uncontrollable laughter. Not knowing why, he joined. They laughed and laughed until they fell on the bed next to each other, exhausted. Not another word was exchanged until the next morning, though Matthew laid there awake for what felt like over an hour, his hand on his penis, replaying the night over and over.

Matthew woke to the sound of the television in the living room. He rubbed his eyes and made his way out of the bedroom to find Haley laying across the couch pouring milk into a bowl of cereal. She turned to him with an enthusiastic grin. “Saturday morning cartoons!”

He squeezed himself onto the couch with her and began running his hands through her hair as they watched Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. About 15 minutes later, she got up and headed toward the bathroom. Matthew, who was absorbed in the show, barely noticed.

The loud clink of the toilet lid opening caused all of his memory from the night before to come rushing in. He poked his head up and looked behind the couch. Haley’s eyes met his through the open bathroom door. She must’ve escort bursa just realized the same thing. Their eye contact lasted a long time, they both seemed to be too shy to speak.

Matthew tried to break the tension. “You’re not feeling uncomfortable, are you? I know last night was weird.”

Haley met him with a sigh of relief. “No! Sorry, I wanted to say something but honestly I wasn’t sure if it was a dream!” She grinned and raised her eyebrows as if to say “Well??”

He grinned back and walked over. He stood over her as she sat on the toilet. She stood up.

“Um, I guess lay in the bathtub?”

“Right, yeah.”

After a couple awkward attempts, she positioned herself into a squat over his face. Matthew stared into the eye of her pussy, but, unlike any other time, the same feeling as the night before crept over him. She watched as his penis began to become erect. Excited, she gently grabbed his arm and led his hand to his dick.

“Sorry, I would jack you off myself but I think I’d fall forward,” Haley laughed. Matthew smiled up at her and started stroking.

Matthew began anticipating what was to come. He wasn’t exactly happy or excited, but rather anxious, eager, and quite tense. He imagined himself drinking the pee from her vagina, the salty taste, the relief she would feel as she let it pour out of her. He felt his penis grow tenser and tenser.

His imagination was interrupted by Haley’s soft voice. “Ready babe?” Not a moment later, a hot waterfall of pee gushed straight into Matthew’s ever-ready mouth. Matthew let it fill his mouth and gulped it down. Before he could even savor it, his mouth was full again. He drank and drank, stroking faster and frantically trying to keep up with her.

Haley recognized his struggle and joked, “Who knew you’d be so good at this! Are you enjoying it?” He stroked even faster. She chuckled, “Do you like being my toilet?” The moment she said toilet he burst. He felt a wave of heaven run through his forehead. He slowed down in a blissful daze, letting the pee overflow and run down over his face and surround his body in the bathtub.

The stream slowed to a stop. Matthew wiped his eyes and looked up at Haley, gazing down at him. “This is so exciting! A little weird, but you probably think sex is just as weird, huh? Alright, clean yourself up big guy. I’ll meet you on the couch.”

She wiped herself, pulled up her panties and exited the bathroom. “Matthew? Your cereals gonna be all soggy by the time you get out here, I’m gonna finish it okay?”

Matthew, still processing what just happened, didn’t respond. He stood up and stared at his wet self in the mirror. “I guess I like being her toilet,” he muttered to himself with raised eyebrows.

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