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Hard at work

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Big Tits

Hard at workI am at work and reading your emails and getting hot as hell.  It’s all I can do not to stick my hand down my pants and stroke my throbbing clit.  It reeks of hot pussy in here, and all I want is your hard cock. I’m sitting at my desk imagining seeing you come in my warehouse.  Its lunch time and fairly quiet, all my couriers have come and gone.I catch your eye through my big picture window, and feel a flash of heat in my crotch, my panties are already soaked at the sight of you.. You come into my office and stand behind my chair, and someone walks by.  You stand still as they pass looking over my shoulder at my computer, like a client looking at a spec.  Well you’re not completely still… your hand snakes up my neck and into my hair…. your fingers close slowly, and you pull down steadily, arching my head back slightly as you pull my hair…  My eyes glaze and my breathing is coming in hoarse pants…You look down and you can see my tits heaving.. The person walks by my big window bostancı escort again and I’m cursing inside that I don’t have blinds..  She smiles at me as she walks past, completely oblivious.  As I hear the warehouse door close behind her, my eyes roll back into my head and I moan in the back of my throat. I can feel the wet spot forming on my cargos..  You haul me up outta my chair by my hair and bring me to my door closing it, and pushing me hard against it..  Your body crushes mine against the door and I realize you have found the one spot in my office that can’t be seen from my window.   I can feel your massive hard-on against my belly through your pants…  Your mouth is hard on mine as we are fierce with each other trying to be quiet.  I bite my lip as your mouth leaves mine and moves to my neck, biting and sucking.. My hands are up under your shirt, my nails raking your back, but that’s all I can do as you have me hard against the door.  Your hand moves fatih escort down and undoes my pants, slipping past my soaked panties and your stick 2 fingers deep into my steaming honey pot. You make an a****l noise in the back of your throat and growl at me, “You dirty fucking slut, look how bad you need it..” All I can do is whimper in response and start undoing your belt.   My pants have slid to my ankles and I’m humping your hand as I am biting your shoulder to keep from screaming..  You keep working my cunt with your fingers as your thumb plays with my clit..  You keep growling nasty things into my ear as you work me into a frenzy.   “I’m going to use you like the whore you are”, you whisper into my ear, and you take your fingers out of my pussy.  You grab me by the neck and toss me against the edge of my desk facing my printer.  I hear your zipper and feel you pull my panties down and line yourself up with me with one hand as your other hand still holds me down bağcılar escort by the neck.  I feel the head of your cock crack my dripping puss.  You pause for a second as I whimper again and then drive yourself all the way in balls deep.  Your hand is hard on my neck as you drill me from behind across my desk.   I grunt deep and low as I try to force myself harder against you with every stroke..  This is driving you crazy, knowing how fucking badly I want it right now… You can’t hold back any longer and you ram as hard and deep into me as you can and you cum.  Lunch is almost over, people will be coming back soon, and the thought of getting caught combined with the feeling of you shooting hard deep in me sets me off.  I grab the edge of my desk with white knuckles and cry out… you hear me and whip your hand over my mouth knowing I have no control right now..  I keep convulsing and spazming on your cock as I cum and cum.. you slip out of me and with your hand still over my mouth, you bring me upright and tell me your leaving now, but you want me not to clean up so all your hot jizz sliding out of me all afternoon reminds me of what a filthy girl I have been.. With that, you bite my neck softly and then slip out the door leaving me to pull up my pants and collapse in my chair…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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