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He Grabbed My Ass

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No, the back of his hand didn’t brush across my ass. That is normal here. But the flat of his hand cupped my right ass cheek and squeezed. Then he jiggled it up and down for good measure. And that is not acceptable.

Yes, we are crowded here. This is, after all, the end of the day in the New York Subway and everyone is going home. Millions of people leave the office or the store or the factory and head home or to a bar or club, and they crowd into the subway system to get there. This particular route, my particular route, is extremely crowded and I am used to standing in the middle of the subway car hanging onto the straps suspended from the ceiling for that purpose. And sometimes, packed in like this, a random hand will brush across the random ass. It comes with the territory and you just accept it.

In fact, it can be exciting. Like yesterday. When I felt it for the second time, I knew it had to be intentional. Bumping against me when the ride got rough was to be expected. But this is the subway, for god’s sake, and we weren’t being jostled. So when it happened the second time, I knew it was intentional.

And I knew I was surrounded by men in suits, businessmen, probably all lawyers. As I casually looked around, pretending nothing had happened, most of them diverted their eyes. But several were quite handsome, and I would call two of them particularly sexy. I tried to keep the smile from my face as I admitted to myself that I wouldn’t mind either of them touching my ass. I looked out the window at the passing lights and ignored the men.

And then he did it again. I froze, letting his hand caress my tight ass. My face didn’t know if it should look angry or excited and my intentions showed the same indecision. So I waited, for what I didn’t know but I waited. Slowly, the hand glided across my right ass cheek again. It was barely there, the contact so light and gentle that it could easily be imagined. I grinned as I realized that I had imagined this touch many times.

I had to admit that I almost provoked his attention. I was barely thirty years old and I worked out hard three times a week to assure that my body was still slim and attractive. I was blessed with my mother’s natural beauty and my grandmother’s natural boobs. A full D-Cup, they were large enough to get a lot of attention but not so large that they would affect my posture. They were soft and firm, and they jutted but also hung just slightly because of the weight.

But my nipples seemed to draw the most attention. They were as thick as my little finger and seemed to be erect all the time. When I wanted to hide them, I had to put special inserts in my lacy bras. Sometimes, dammit, circumstances warranted less distraction. But most of the time I just let them go free. And the obvious peaks on my fleshy mountains received their fair share of attention.

And I loved that.

You see, I believe that everyone should be able to use all their assets at the appropriate times. I would never think of playing dumb to make a man feel smart, and I would never try to knock things over just to appear adorably klutzy. So, for the most part, I wore clothes that allowed my curves to be seen and let my nipples protrude into the room or into the conversation, whichever happened naturally.

So I was wearing an outfit that allowed my natural traits to be noticed. I was still dressed professionally for the office, but my navy skirt was a little on the short side, coming almost exactly halfway up my thigh and barely covering the tops of my stockings or the garter straps that held them up. And my top was an ivory sweater that emphasized my shape while still being a little loose. My bra, of course, was designed to offer support for my large breasts while the soft lacy material allowed my nipples to poke through. My bra matched the navy of my skirt and it could barely be seen as a dark shadow inside my light sweater. And naturally, my very brief and lacy panties matched my bra. The black pumps with two inch heels finished off my outfit.

In short, I was smoking hot and I knew it. So it was almost forgivable when the hand gently brushed my ass the first time. And even the second time. But when the hand actually grabbed my ass, the action required a response from me. And yet I offered no response. I just stood there, frozen in both action and intent. I suddenly realized that I wanted to see just how far this man would go.

As I considered that, my mind began to fantasize and my pussy got wet. Just a little, but enough to make my panties slightly damp. The big screen TV in my active imagination saw the man pulling up my skirt, pushing aside my brief panties, and thrusting two fingers deep into my hungry pussy. Again and again he would shove his fingers into my wet pussy while we both tried to act as if nothing was happening. I had to resist the urge to bend over and give him easier access to my slick and swollen pussy. Bending over would make it obvious to everyone that etimesgut duşta veren escortlar this stranger was finger-fucking me and not even in my fantasies would I allow myself to go that far. After a couple minutes of this exciting activity, I could feel the tingles and I knew I was about to cum. I faked a yawn so I could cover my mouth with my hand to stifle the noises that I always make.

I shook my head trying to delete the fantasy and return to the present. I still stood there, frozen in place, as I waited to see what would happen next. I realized that I really wanted to see what would happen next. And my pussy leaked more juices.

I felt his hand tighten as he grabbed my ass cheek again. He squeezed it and then jiggled it up and down. I didn’t respond so he left his hand firmly pressed against my ass. The center isle of the subway car was crowded and enough men were gathered near me that the mass of bodies made it easy to grab my ass unnoticed. I grinned as I mentally challenged him to go further.

I casually looked over my shoulder and this time I could see the man with his eyes looking down and his arm extended toward me. I was thrilled to see that he was one of the two very hot men. He looked up and I looked him in the eye. This time he didn’t glance away. He returned my gaze without flinching for several seconds, and then he slowly smiled. A warm and sexy smile that caused my pussy to leak some more juices into my lacy panties. Finally, I broke the standoff.

I slowly reached behind me and grabbed the hand that still held a sizable portion of my ass, and I pressed it firmly in place, still looking directly at him. Then I turned away and slowly leaned against him, my back resting firmly against his chest and my ass pressed against his hand.

There. I had made it as clear as possible. I had given him permission to continue violating my body in public. In front of all these people. My breathing was rapid and my heart was pounding as I wondered just how far he was willing to go. Hell, I didn’t even know how far I was willing to go! I was excited beyond measure and I was scared shitless at the same time.

My tacit permission produced exactly what I expected and hoped: He let go of my ass and slowly raised both hands to take hold of my boobs. He gently but firmly squeezed my ample tits and then made the predictable move to grasp my very hard nipples. He pinched them and twisted them while trying to be unobserved. I could hear him quietly moan and he could hear me moan much louder. And the man in front of me heard.

He turned and looked at me for a second, as if wondering why I moaned. And then his eyes dropped to my chest, which was being slowly massaged by the man behind me. He quickly looked back into my eyes with a question on his face. And my response to his question was another moan, as I closed my eyes to focus on the sensations my body was providing. I could sense the man in front of me move closer, but he didn’t touch me in any way. It was as if he was providing cover, shielding me from sight, without participating. And the sexy man behind me continued to massage my tits and twist my nipples. I was so turned on that I wanted to scream. Instead I kept my silence and made myself available to the actions of a stranger. It was all so terrifying and so delicious!

There I was, closed in and almost hidden by the men around me. The two men on my left and my right had their backs to me and the man in front was facing me. I was totally hidden from the other people in the subway car.

Without warning, the man behind me removed his hands from my breasts. It was almost disappointing and I stood there with my eyes still closed, wondering what would be next.

Then I felt two hands slowly slide my skirt up. The man behind me eased my skirt just over my ass, revealing my lacy panties. He caressed my shapely ass for a few seconds and then his actions changed. He left one hand firmly grasping my right ass cheek, but the other hand seemed to go away. And then I was shocked to feel a finger gently stroke my pussy, a long and slow stroke from my clit to my asshole. I couldn’t stop the moan and I was certain the men closest to me could hear. So I just kept my eyes closed, afraid of what I would see if I opened them. And it was so exciting.

The man behind me stroked my pussy again, another long and slow action that touched me from clit to asshole. This time I intentionally moaned and I didn’t care how loud I was or who heard it. My pussy was so wet that I knew he could feel it, and I was sure everyone near me could smell my excitement. The man behind me pressed his fingers against my pussy lips and slowly moved them in a circle. I simply oozed more juices, this time enough to escape my lacy panties and dribble onto his fingers.

Unexpectedly, I felt a pair of hands press against my boobs. I opened my eyes and saw the man in front of me staring at my cleavage, which had ankara fetiş yapan escortlar increased because he was pressing my soft tits against my chest, as he gently squeezed my hard nipples. This was almost too much. My pussy being massaged and my nipples being played with – all this in a crowded subway car. I was in a sensual heaven I had never experienced before. And I was terrified!

I knew it was coming, it was totally predictable, but I was still startled when the man behind me pulled aside my panties and thrust a finger inside me. No warning, no ceremony and no foreplay, he just jammed a finger inside me. My knees buckled and I almost dropped to the floor.

The man behind me was quick. He almost held me up by his finger inside me as he used his other hand to wrap his arm around my waist and hold me in place. And the man in front did his part by sliding his hands under my arms for additional support. It was as if they had planned and coordinated their actions. After a couple of seconds, my strength returned and I could stand on my own. The man behind me had taken the opportunity to slide a second finger inside me and he was finger-fucking me like he knew what he was doing. In addition, the man in front was back to twisting my very sensitive nipples hard enough that it was almost painful. And I was loving it all.

I came.

My back arched and my pussy clamped down on the man’s fingers. I moaned so loudly that half a dozen people near me had to have heard. Again, my knees buckled and I almost dropped to the floor but both men repeated their previous actions and I safely avoided the floor.

It was a quick orgasm, but it was almost ferocious. The waves of pleasure made my stomach muscles ripple, and my chest constricted so much that I could not breathe for quite some seconds. And the man behind me slowed his fucking but never stopped sliding his fingers in and out of me. And then everything paused. I regained my breathing and my heart rate slowed to normal. The man behind me left his fingers in my pussy but he just stood there without moving. The man in front stopped twisting my nipples and instead just pressed his hands firmly against my soft tits, again causing my cleavage to increase as my boobs tried to find someplace to go..

The world slowed for quite some seconds as I recovered. And then I opened my eyes to see the world again. And my fear became frantic.

There were now four men and one woman facing me, staring at me, all with different expressions but all of them obviously knowing what just happened. And then I almost screamed.

A very hard dick had just been shoved into my very wet pussy!

I was embarrassed that I had just cum in front of these strangers, and now another stranger was fucking me from behind as they watched. The range of emotions flowing through me was as bizarre as anything I had experienced. I blinked hard in an effort to confirm this was really happening.

And then the woman reached out and gently pinched my left nipple.

I was still surrounded on all sides by people, but now they were all turned toward me. The wall of people surrounding me provided almost total cover for the violation of my body. The woman slowly pulled up my sweater until my beautiful lacy bra was exposed. And one of the men assisted her by pulling my bra cups above my tits, revealing my large breasts to all five of the people. The woman smiled warmly at me and began to play with my left nipple again. One of the men played with my right nipple, and the man directly in front of me lifted my skirt. He stopped for a second as he saw my full bush extending outside and beyond my very brief panties, and then he grinned widely and ran his fingers through the dark brown curls. He divided his time between running his fingers through my female carpet and playing with my clit.

“It has been too long since I have seen a full bush like that. I love pubic hair.” He had spoken quietly so only the five of us could hear, and he paused and looked around to assure no one else had heard his comment. “Under different circumstances, I would be on my knees giving your ‘short and curlies’ the attention they deserve.” The woman standing next to him groaned her agreement. I just stood there, silent, barely breathing.

Being fucked from behind in front of strangers while traveling in a very crowded subway car was unlike anything I had experienced. The only thing close was when I picked up two men I had met at a club and fucked them in their car in the parking lot. And that wasn’t even close. Hell, neither one of them had a hard cock as big as the one pounding me from behind.

With my tits out and on display, the sensations from three strangers playing with them added to the sensations of being fucked by a man who clearly knew what he was doing was going to make me cum again. And it wasn’t too far in the future.

All this time, my arms had remained at my side like a good submissive sincan iranlı escort should do. But now I decided to get involved. I reached out and fondled the tits of the woman as she fondled mine. I guessed her to be about fifty, and I was surprised that her moans excited me even more. Her tits were smaller than mine but they felt great in my hands. But I stopped short of unbuttoning her blouse so we could all look at them.

After at least twenty seconds of playing with her tits, I reached down and caressed the hard cock that had been pressing against my right side for several minutes. The man groaned and humped my side several more times. I looked him in the eyes and unzipped him without even asking. Reaching inside, I felt how hard his cock was, and I pulled it out, struggling just a little as I tried to pull his hard cock through the small opening of his zipper. I slid my hand up and down the length of it and he moaned loudly. I looked over at the woman and saw her staring at the man’s dick with real hunger in her eyes, but she made no move toward the man. I was a little surprised at that.

The man in front of me was still playing with my clit, but he also was staring at the handjob I was giving. Almost as if it was an unconscious move, he pressed forward until he was inches away from me. So I took the hint and unzipped him with my other hand. Suddenly, I was standing there stroking two cocks while I was being fucked from behind.

The emotions running through me were incredible.

I looked around, totally amazed at how effectively these people were hiding me from the rest of the subway passengers. All three men were taller than me, and I was bent forward just a little to make the hard fucking I was receiving from the man behind me a little easier. So for the most part, I was totally hidden.

I took advantage of that fact by stroking the two dicks a little faster. I wanted them to cum before I did and I wasn’t sure how long I could hold out. I looked up at the woman and shrugged my shoulders, indicating there was not much I could do with her no matter how willing I was. But she smiled at me and stepped forward.

She reached up and slowly unbuttoned her blouse, revealing the fact that she wore no bra. She lifted her plentiful breasts with her own hands, then she leaned into me and offered my mouth easy access to her right breast. I grinned up at her and took advantage of her offer. My lips wrapped around her nipple and I licked and sucked it like I loved it. I had only been with two women before, and that was years ago, but somehow, under the circumstances, sucking her nipple seemed natural and very exciting. I pulled back and looked up at her, thanking her with my eyes, and then I went back to sucking on her full breasts and hard nipples.

I thought about what was going on here and I was almost staggered. We were having an orgy in the middle of a crowded subway car! Suddenly, I realized I was loving every bit of it. The hard fucking, the handjobs, the lesbian actions, all of it was so exciting that I almost screamed. But I managed to keep it down to a quiet moan.

And then the man on my right grunted loudly and squirted his load on my hand and the floor of the subway car. I pulled away from the boobs I was enjoying so much and slowed my handjob, gently squeezing the final drops out. Then I looked up at the man and slowly raised my hand to my mouth. Making something of a show of it, I licked my fingers clean. He rolled his eyes and groaned loudly. I heard the woman moan, and I wasn’t sure if it was from the pleasure of watching or from disappointment that she didn’t get any. So I spoke to her.

“Want me to share?” She smiled at me and quickly nodded. I lifted my hand to give her access and she slowly licked it clean while maintaining eye contact with me.

I looked down at the hard dick still in my hand, and increased the speed I was using to stroke him. I could tell by his face and by the quiet noises he was making that he was about to cum. So I started stroking him even faster as I kept looking deep into his eyes.

“I am going to make you cum. Hard and long, you are going to squirt into my hand and we are going to eat all of it. All of your cum. We are going to eat all of your cum. This woman and I are going to lick all of your cum off my hands. Would you like that? Would you like for two women you have never met to eat your entire load?” And with that, he exploded.

I had already positioned my left hand so that I could catch his entire load in it, and it was a big load. Jet after jet squirted into my left hand as my right hand continued to jack him. Finally, the last drops were still on the head of his cock and I wiped them off. Still looking in his eyes, I raised my right hand to my mouth and slowly licked those precious drops, cleaning my right hand as much as I could. And then I turned my attention to my left hand.

I looked up at my new friend and saw her staring at the cum in my hand. She reached down and took my hand in hers, lifting it slowly up to her mouth. She never stopped staring at the cum as she paused for just a second. And then she slowly licked my palm, getting as much cum on her tongue as possible. Someone moaned and I wasn’t sure who it was. Hell, it could have been me, I just didn’t know.

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