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Subject: He is in That Commercial (19) This is a fictional story about a man I have become instantly infatuated with. I came across him recently. He is in a local Commercial for the Credit Union bank in my city. This guy is freaking adorable. Trim beard and handsome face. And from his lucky shirts and jeans many other nice parts. I have never met him, and may never. But I know who he is from trolling the net about that credit union. He actually works for it. And also I cannot assume to know his sexual preference. So there is know way if knowing if he may want to ever have some fun. Enjoy. He is in That Commercial (19) … Well it had been many months now since Mike broke with me. Ending our brief relationship. So I was not expecting a call from him one day. I figured he had moved on to his next hook up. To the next guy smitten with him. But then I saw his name on my phone. I was surprised not only by the fact that he was calling me, but also by the fact that I had not deleted him from my contacts. Usually if I have a break up that leaves me disliking the guy, or having issue with him he was deleted and never heard from again. Or at least I would never speak to them again. So I was surprised that he called me. I looked at the phone as it rang. I was not going to answer him as I did not understand why he was calling me after all. He said he wanted no relationship with me. That he wanted to ‘play the field’ as it were. So I surmised he was bored and was looking for a hook up. So of course I did not answer the line. I let it ring and ring. And then waits to see of there was a message. There wasn’t. “Good” I said “Don’t want him to contact me” “Fucking has some nerve” As i sat there and pondered his call, i got angrier. He did have a nerve after breaking my heart. So i grabbed the phone and then i deleted his number once and for all.and I even blocked it from calling me back. I was that pissed “Asshole!” I chirped “Just wants bursa escort a quick screw” “Doesn’t want me” I then placed the phone down hard against the table. The frustration of his act leaving me pissed for the rest of the day. I went home and ate and was just gonna relax for the evening. Sitting nack and watching TV some. I did get a message from that Eric guy that i had sex with. I figure that he would be a nice fuck again if I was in the mood. Although I wasn’t that call from Mike before upset me too much. Eric asked if I was up for a few drinks. I bowed out and said I was.just going to bed early. Then out of the blue I just said to hime that Mike had tried to call me. I assumed he may have gotten the call as well, since he too was a former Mike hook up. “No” he said “That shit didn’t call me” “I wouldn’t have taken ot either” “Well I didn’t” I said back “Was just surprised he was reaching out” Eric again reiterated that no calls came in from Mike. Then I said that i had deleted the number after. Stating I didn’t even want ‘that POS’ to try and reach me. He laughed but said that he hadn’t deleted the guys number. And even said that he may have considered a good fuck hook up with him. “But that is all”. I huffed out a grunt in disapproval. Knowing that after this I would probably delete Erics number too. Stating to myself that everyone was a whore. But finding it odd that Mike had not tried to call him. I thought he would try and call anyone he could to get a lay on. And that was when I heard a knocking on my door. It was late and i did not understand who could be knocking at this hour. “Coming!” I called out “Who is it?” I stood by the door and waited for an answer to my question. I was not about to open for a stranger. And then he spoke. It was a familiar and surprising voice on the other side “Hey. Its Mike” he said “Can we talk?” “Please” Even before I said anything to say no he asked please. I sighed as I bursa escort bayan remembered his voice. His sweet and charming voice. The voice that made me almost get a puppy. Them i pictured Mike. My adorable Mike and the feelings started to wash in again. I had not to really stopped loving him, so thia moment was hard for me. I sighed and then opened the door. Mike stood there with flowers and a bottle of wine. His smile looking apologetic. “Can I come in?” He asked Then he presented me with the flowers and the wine. I blew out a puff of air and let him in. But I did not hug him. “Come on” I said, trying to be stern “I will hear what you have to say” “Then you can go” He came in and immediate started to apologize for pushing me away. Saying that it was wring and shitty of him. But that he really liked me. Mike tried to capture my eyes with his so I could see how sorry he was. “You were the sweetest guy” he said “And I fucked it all up” “And I am on soo sorry baby” “I realized that I should have not pushed you away” “And I want to make amends” He then gave me that smile of his that was so hard to ignore and say no to. And he went on on hoe much he cared about me. That everyone else was just sex. That when he was with me it had meaning. And that he did not want to lose it. And he hoped he had not lost it. I looked at his adorable face.he was the cutest guy I had ever know. And when we had beem together he dis make me feel like I was the most special guy anywhere. And how I wanted to just forgive him and take him in my arms and kiss him. But I couldn’t just do that. There was a lot of heartache after he broke with me. Many nights of tears wondering what i had done wrong. And I knew now it was not my fault I had laid out my heart to him. Something I was not normally inclined to do. But I trusted him and he broke that trust. So now I had to be strong and tell him no. ‘Not that easy’. That he had to work to get my trust escort bursa and love back. So I told him that I needed time to think it all out. And that if he did care for me as much as he said, he would just have to wait. “Okay baby” he said “Whatever you want” “I will do whatever you want me to” “Cuz I do love you” I half smiled at his confession. Then said that he should go for now. And that I would call him in a few days to let him know what my decision was. That I promised either way I would let him know. I told him to hang on to the wine. That maybe we could drink it another time. Just not today as I wanted to get to sleep. He smiled and nodded. And I know he wanted to hug me. And I would have lobed to hug him too. But I would not. I had to be strong for myself at the least. “Okay” he said as he got up “Just think about it” “Its all I ask” Then I lead him back to the door and he left. He looked disappointed as he walked away. And it was a sad look. But again I could not just say ‘yeah sure. All is great’ after everything that had happened. I had to protect myself. I looked at the flowers he gave me. They were roses. My favorites. Big gorgeous red roses. I pulled then to my face and sniffed. Taking in their delightful aroma. Then I went to bed. And lay there for hours. Wondering if I had beem to hard on him. He was the guy I still somehow adored. Seeing him only brought back those feelings. I reached for my phone and unblocked his phone number. Then I sent him text. Again promising him an answer. “Thanks” he came back a fee minutes later. With that he sent a hug emoji. I smiled at it. Knowing that the guy was a sincere hug somehow. And how I wanted to grab my guy and hug him back. For real. I clicked on the TV and tried to watch something, anything to help me sleep. “Really!?” I blurted as I gazed at the television. Fir what should come on as I had it on but one of Mikes commercials. It was the puppy one again. Of course it had to be the cutest one of him. Laying on the floor as the puppies licked him.all.over. it was always my favorite commercial woth him, and there it was for me to watch. There as I contemplated Mike and I…. To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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