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He Meets A New Friend…Maybe More Ch. 02

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His New Friend Becomes More

This is part 2 from the story titled: He Meets A New Friend…Maybe More

He woke up the next morning wanting to meet his friend again. The events of the past day had played out in his mind all night. The warm feeling of his friends’ cock in his mouth, the bittersweet cum in his belly, the tingle in the back of his throat from his friends’ cock hitting down deep was all he could think about. He had to have his friend again, but this time he wanted a little more.

He started looking for his new friend online, but he wasn’t there. He looked around the chat room, talked with a few guys, but his mind was looking for just one guy. After about an hour, his new friend showed up on his buddy list. Not wanting to seem too anxious, he waited a few minutes before contacting him. The friend contacted him back immediately. They made small talk for a few minutes as they discussed the weather and the local news, but it seemed they both knew what the other was looking for. They were both hoping to repeat the events of the previous day. Finally he asked his friend if he enjoyed the proceedings of the past day. His friend was very happy and they discussed meeting again. Unfortunately, the schedule was once again working against them. Both of them had a few things that they needed to get done that day, but they hoped to get together after lunch. They chatted for a few minutes longer then agreed to meet online just after lunch.

It seemed to take a decade for the few hours to pass before it was time to look online for his friend again. He spent the morning on the mundane tasks of laundry, dishes, and generally cleaning up the house. At a little after noon, he logged in and his friend was still not online. While he was waiting for his friend, he looked around the Internet, read a few stories on Literotica, and basically tried to keep his mind off of his hard cock. Finally around 1pm he noticed his friend was online.

They immediately started to chat and make plans to get together. Luckily they both had the rest of the afternoon off and agreed to meet. Within minutes he had jumped into his truck and started driving over to his new friends house. He had the same butterflies in his stomach as yesterday. He was sure that he was in for a great time, but it was still new and a little frightening. As he drove the few miles he could feel his cock getting hard in anticipation of the coming events. The drive was over in a few minutes and he didn’t even remember driving the route, it was obvious that he had his mind on other things.

He parked his truck and strolled over to the doorway that just yesterday he didn’t even known existed. He was calm and ready to explore where this friendship would lead him. Even though he had only met his new friend once before, he was totally at ease with him and couldn’t wait to get inside the home and enjoy this newfound friendship.

He rang the doorbell and the door swung open and his friend was waiting inside. Dressed in a comfortable pair of şirinevler escort sweatpants and a T-shirt, his friend looked very relaxed and at ease with the meeting. His friend shut and locked the door; they turned towards each other and embraced. They moved closer to each other and shared a warm wet kiss. His friends tongue slipped into his mouth and he sucked on it like it was a little cock. His friend moaned and twirled his tongue and they stayed that way for a minute or two. They broke the embrace and his friend suggested that they return to the bedroom. Even though they had more time today than the first meeting, they didn’t want to waste any.

As they returned to the bedroom, his friend started to remove his clothing. His friends’ cock was already at “half staff” and he couldn’t wait to get it into his mouth again. He removed his clothing quickly, but not to quickly to give away his desire to be naked with his friends’ cock buried in his throat. He had not worn any underwear to make this go a little faster. His friend noticed, and really liked the idea of quick and easy access.

The both were now naked and they embraced again, tongues swirling together, hands rubbing each others nipples and cocks, feeling, touching, wanting nothing more than a feverish session of lust. He took both his friend’s and his own cock into his hand and played with them both. He rubbed the ends together and he noticed his friend was fully hard and it actually seemed like his friend’s cock was bigger than yesterday. His friend dropped to his knees and wrapped himself around the cock for the first time. He almost came right there. The warmth of his friends’ mouth, the tickling of his cock head by his friends’ tongue made him throw back his head and moan in intense pleasure. While he knew he had a talented mouth, he now found out his friend was no novice at cock sucking.

His friend let his cock slide slowly out of his mouth as they made their way up onto the bed. His friend lay down on his back and he immediately dove onto his friend rock hard cock. He slid the cock into his mouth and let it slide down his throat until he could feel the pubic hairs tickling his nose. He slowly moved his mouth up and down while his tongue swirled around the cock and over the tip. While he was engrossed with the cock in his mouth he felt his own cock slowly sliding into a warm wet mouth. He moaned into his friends cock as the lay in a 69 position and tried to make each other feel things they had only ever dreamed of. They spent several minutes like this taking turns sucking cock and licking each other’s balls, just taking the time to enjoy each other.

His new friend seemed to be having the time of his life. His friend slowly took his cock from his mouth and rolled him over onto his back. His friend gently moved down to be between his legs and started to push his legs up toward his head. He was nervous, He wasn’t sure where this would lead, but it seemed like a good thing, so he let escort istanbul his friend have his way with him. As his friend lifted his legs towards his head, and they bent at the knees, it slowly exposed his soft white ass. Before he had time to think, his friend dipped his head down and started to rim out his asshole. This was something that he had never had the privilege of experiencing. His friend slowly ran his tongue around his soft hole and explored every inch of this very sensitive area. He was in heaven; he had never felt something that was so “dirty”, so exciting, and so wonderful. He couldn’t begin to put into words how good this felt. Of course he had touched himself there, but he had never had this done to him before. Just when he thought it could not get any better, his friend stuck his tongue into his ass hole. He felt like he would explode. It felt so good, so wonderfully exotic. He moved his hands down and stroked his cock while his friend sucked and tongued at him. He noticed his cock was rock hard and drooling pre-cum. He could not believe that it was this intense and he wanted it to go on forever.

His hard cock was bobbing as his friend applied more pressure to his asshole. His friend rubbed and tugged at his balls and continued to rim his ass. Finally his friend let his legs drop down to the bed and his friend took his hard cock into his mouth. He thought he would cum right then, His friend was an expert cock sucker and knew just how fast, or slow, to go to keep him right on the edge. As his balls started to tighten up in anticipation of the orgasm that was just about on him, his friend did something that he did not expect. His friend slowly started to work his fingers into his virgin asshole. This was almost more than he could take. Here he was, laying in a strange bed, his cock, harder than it had ever been, stuck down the throat of his new friend. His friends’ finger ever so gently fucking his ass. He knew he would not last long at this rate and he was right.

The combination of his friends’ expert cock sucking and asshole fingering was bringing him to a place he had never been. He felt his balls tighten and the orgasm began to grow within his groin. He felt the cum leave his cock like it had been years since his last orgasm. He spurted his hot cum into the mouth of his new friend. Three, four, five times he gushed his hot juices into his friend mouth. Several more dribbles of cum followed these hard squirts. His friend kept sucking until his cock was so sensitive that he had to stop. He was moaning and rolling around the bed in an orgasm like he had never felt before. Then his friend surprised him once again. His friend slowly moved up the bed, placed their mouths together and shared the cum with each other. While he wasn’t expecting this it was again an amazingly erotic and sexy moment and he swallowed hard to make sure he didn’t waste any of his own cum. His friend noticed a small drip had escaped the side of his mouth. His friend took his finger and slowly halkalı escort captured the drip moved his finger into his mouth and sucked it down.

While he took a minute to catch his breath, he realized that his friend was still rock hard. He laid his friend down and took his rock hard cock into his mouth. He felt the softness of the skin and tasted the same bittersweet pre-cum that he tasted the day before. But somehow, this time, he was even hungrier to suck this cock than he had been the day before. All he could think about was making his friend cum and keeping that hard cock in his mouth. He deep throated his friends’ cock repeatedly, licking and sucking, trying to make it just a little bit harder. He spent several minutes sucking, licking, eating this mans cock before he moved down and started to suck his balls. He had noticed that his friend seemed to really enjoy having his balls sucked, so he doubled his efforts to please this man.

His friend reached down and started to stroke his own cock. He slowly sucked each ball into his mouth. He sucked on the balls, licked the balls, and made sure he played attention to both balls. His friend was moaning loudly and stating that he was going to shoot his load. He stayed sucking and licking his balls as he felt them tighten up. They were full and he knew it wouldn’t be long until they were emptied. His friend let out a great groan, and he could feel the cum leaving the balls in his mouth. His friend must have shot off 7 or 8 times and moaned and groaned in exhilaration. He slowly let his friends’ balls drop from his mouth. He was glad that he was able to make his friend feel so good.

As he rolled onto the bed beside his new friend, he noticed his friend was covered in his own cum. His friend had shot so hard that the cum had landed all the way up to his friend nipples. His friend had several ropes of cum from his belly button to his nipples. While he was sorry that the cum didn’t land on and cover his face, He was sure that his friend was happy and empty. They lay next to each other just enjoying the moment and talking about just how great it was.

They slowly kissed a few times and then decided that it was time to get cleaned up and continue with the rest of their day. As they dried the cum from their bodies, they hugged and kissed a few times and slowly got dressed. They both agreed that it was an amazing session and they hoped they could get together again. After they both were dressed, his friend and he moved towards the door, kissed again and said goodbye.

He slowly walked towards his truck. If anyone had looked close they would have noticed a very content smile on his face. As he climbed into his truck, he felt just how empty his balls were and what a great sensation he had. As he pulled into traffic to return home, he noticed he had a big grin and a deep down warm and fuzzy feeling. He couldn’t wait until the next time his new friend, no…not friend anymore…. now his lover, could get together and explore the next level of this new and fruitful relationship.

Please watch for part 3 in the future.

People seemed to like my first attempt at erotic writing so I thought I would try again. I really appreciate all the feedback and I hope that you enjoy this, the second chapter, based on my real life experiences.

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