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He or she? It did not matter to me!

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He or she? It did not matter to me!I was sitting in my small apartment watching TV and having a few pipes when I heard a ruckus in the hallway. It was my room mate Joel and some of his friends retuning from the pub. When they knocked on the door I answered and there he was with some girls he knew but who were all strangers to me. As they entered I noticed Candy, a tall (obviously) male dressed in a bright yellow top and skirt, black stockings, high heels and the most outlandish purple eye shadow I have ever seen. As she passed me she smiled and asked where the bathroom was. A short time later we were sharing some lines and soon Joel suggested we hop into his car and go for a midnight drive down the south coast. I was not too keen, but Candy smiled again and said it would be fun, so in no time at all 6 of us were trying to fit into a small station wagon. It turned out that Candy had to sit on my lap, which was difficult given her height, but we all squeezed in and were soon on our way. As we cruised and the lines kicked in, Candy put her arm around my neck to balance, but she began to absently rub my right ear lobe. As the trip passed, and the conversation bubbled along, I soon found myself thinking about her. She had smallish breasts, quite a curvy figure, she was not heavy, and her voice was definitely masculine. It was not difficult to work out she was male, but at the same time she was really quite attractive in a way I had never bakırköy escort considered before. As the trip continued, and my thoughts turned to what she would look like naked I began to harden; and soon she looked at me with puzzled but cheeky smile. It took about an hour to reach the beach and we were soon making our way to the waters edge. I am not much of a swimmer, so I declined the offer to skinny dip, even though it was a warm and calm night. As Joel and other girls stripped off, I sat on the beach and lit up. Candy sat down beside me and soon we were sharing the smoke and making small talk; where we worked, star signs, favourite bands and singers; that kind of thing. When we were alone and the rest of the group were frolicking in the water, she nudged closer to me on the pretext it was cold. Our legs touched; she snuggled closer; and soon we were looking into each others eyes in one of those movie moments where silence said everything. I realised she had set off a tingle in me from the moment we first met, so I took the initiative and gently lifted her skirt and placed my hand on her panties. To my delight, I felt a bulge that hardened almost immediately. She smiled at me, laid on her back and closed her eyes. Her cock was not large and not circumcised, but it was as hard as a rock. I rubbed the pre-cum gently over the deep, purple coloured head. As she seeped more juice I stroked her beşiktaş escort stem slowly, moving to her balls occasionally, and slowly making my way to her bum crack. Unfortunately, just as I was getting into it, Joel and the group returned so I had to stop. She sat up, but had a funny, indecipherable look on her face. I knew she was into it as her cock was so rock hard you could have stabbed someone with it, but at the same time she became aloof and on the return trip she sat in the front seat.When we got back to the flat, we all went inside and soon the coffee was making the rounds. A little while later, Joel and the others began to nod off and soon only Candy and I were the only people awake. I collected the cups and was rinsing them out, when I felt hot breath on my neck quickly followed by moist lips gently nibbling my neck. This was too much, and I quickly turned around, pressed her lips hard to mine and drove my tongue deeply into her mouth. Soon were were groping each other in the kitchen. I had my hand down her panties and she had her arms around my waist and was squeezing my butt cheeks as hard as she could. I pulled away and gasped one word – ‘bedroom’. She unlocked her arms and we quickly moved to my room. As soon as we entered, she turned to me, said “I wanted to suck you the moment we first met”, dropped to her knees, pulled out my rock hard cock and simply devoured it. To this day beylikdüzü escort I don’t know how she breathed as she gave me the best oral experience I have ever had, and soon I was shooting my juice two feet across the room. As I laid on the bed, panting so deeply I was frightened I would wake the neighbours, she began to take off her clothes. Her breasts were magnificent, there is no other way to describe them. Small but not tiny, with nipples that stood erect and proud. Her stomach was flat and her curves were feminine. Her cock was rock hard and just begging to be swallowed and I soon found myself greedily feasting on her meat. I had never experienced a situation like this and soon she shot her load all over my chest. We both collapsed at that point and lay in each others arms for quite a while. After a while I lit up and as we shared the smoke she explained that she was waiting for an operation and was taking a course of d**gs in preparation for that moment. She explained that she was hetrosexual and had never engaged in intercourse with a man, either as a man (her real name was Rodger) or as a woman. She also asked me to respect that and not insist on anal sex because she wanted to wait for the operation so she could experience sex as a woman.I was perfectly cool with that and we spent the rest of the night kissing, cuddling, sucking and touching until we both fell asleep. We spent the entire next day with each other and when that fabulous weekend came to a close I realised that I had a sexual experience so erotic and unique that it could never be repeated. I never saw Candy again, and Joel had no idea of what happened, but I often think of her and that wonderful, passionate experience of ships that pass in the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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