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HelenaMy first time was not really my first, but it was my first time with a woman an actual woman, not a high school girl, a woman with some skills and talent, who knew how to guide a boy to manhood to show a boy how to please a woman.Her name was Helena and she worked in the convenience store in the small town that I grew up in. The store was not even a big place, but a place where the k**s hung out to get candy, pop, icees and such. Helena was not a super model she was just a Midwestern woman, not fat but not thin, just somewhere in the middle. You know as they say good breeding stock.Helena was about 32, 5’ 9” and probably about 150 lbs she had a wonderful bubble butt and nice big round tits that many of the customers took notice of more than anything else in the store. It’s funny how a set of tits with nice deep cleavage will make most if not all guys stop and stare and try to figure a way to get a better look at them, maybe try to think of a way to even squeeze and suckle them. Now I had been out of school for a few years and worked in town at the local hardware store, once a day during the summer the owner of the hardware store would send one of us down to the convenience store for some cold drinks. Well after a while it got to be me, to work at the hardware store I had to learn to drive a box truck so I had to get a CDL, so I’m the one who got to go get the cold drinks. 5 sometimes 6 days a week, I would be sent down the block to the convenience store. And like any red blooded American boy worth his salt I tried to get a good look at those corn fed tits. And I think she may have caught me looking at her ass with an approving eye once or twice.I’m sure that Helena knew everybody was looking, but she was married and had 2 k**s, so all she would do is flirt. And damn she knew how to flirt.Each time I would go down to the store I would stay longer and longer just talking to her, looking at her to fuel my later jerkoff sessions. Just thinking about those sweater pillows still gets me stiff. Well one hot day about 2 in the afternoon the boss said go down to the store and get a bunch of drinks for everybody. When I got to the convenience store there was Helena and she was crying. So being inquisitive I said what’s up? She told me that she and her husband had, had a fight, a fight about moving to California, he had left and would send for her and the k**s later and the fight was about not wanting to be left behind. I just blurted out how could he leave you behind? What was he, dumb? How could he leave his beautiful wife behind? Then Helena looked me in the eyes and said you think I’m beautiful? I swallowed hard and said yes, yes you are, and how could he just leave you behind? And with that she seemed to brighten up. Then Helena asked how did you get to be so sweet and nice, you just made me feel a lot better. Wow did my face just get hot? Boy was I embarrassed that I made her smile? Helena noticed my embarrassment and walked around the counter to my side to hug me. As she pressed up against me hugging me and the moment that those breasts touched my chest I felt my body spring to life. Bam! Instant hard-on! She was startled and pushed me back! Then looked down and then back up to my eyes and said did I do that to you? A little meek yeesss is all I could say, then came the most ego crushing laugh I have ever heard. Now my face was really glowing red. Helena realized that her laughing had made me feel self-conscious; she said canlı bahis you made me feel better maybe I can make you feel better? Her left hand grabbed the front of my pants and started to rub as her mouth went to mine. Wow! She was hot! And it felt gooood!We both jumped when the store door alarm went off! Now we were both embarrassed. So behind the counter she went and to the back of the store I limped.Damn it’s hard to walk with a stiff cock trapped in your pants. In the back of the store I grabbed all the drinks I was to get and did the long walk of shame back to the front of the store as the few customers that had come in were staring at me. Setting all the drinks on the counter, Helena looked at me and smiled and said let’s give them something to stare at and with that she kissed me again. I paid for all the drinks and went back to work feeling about 10 feet tall and with a stupid grin on my face. And the worst case of blue balls ever!When I got off work at 6, I noticed that someone was next to my car. It was Helena; she was waiting by my car.Hello?Helena looked nervous, and somewhat embarrassed. But said would you mind if we went some place and talk for a while? Of course we can was my response so I got in her car and off we went. Helena and I were mostly silent, but soon we were at her house and she asked me in, I must have looked nervous as she told me that nobody was home, so I went in. She told me that I had made her feel better and more desirable that she had felt in a while. And her husband leaving her had made up her mind for her that she would not be lonely while he was gone. With that she asked me if I wanted to make love to her. OF COURSE! I think I screamed. Helena giggled and told me I smelled like a guy that had worked all day and we should go shower, so I followed her like a lost puppy to the master bath and she started to remove her clothes. All I could do was stare as she removed her clothes, she giggled at me and said get out of your clothes silly boy. I think I got undressed in 5 seconds! Me and my erection just stood in front of Helena stiff, ridged and pulsing not sure what to do next.Then she said those words that make all guys happy, your cock is bigger, bigger than my husbands a lot bigger. Now I have just a normal cock 9” long and 3 1/2” around, but she seemed to like the look of it. So that made me happy. Helena removed her bra and oh my god! Her breast were huge and now free, free to swing and sway from side to side and bounce up and down, it was so hypnotic. I was so focused that I had not noticed that she was removing her panties, then I smelled it, that smell, that smell of musky pussy, that smell of a woman’s sex. A smell that you crave and can never get enough of, because you know that is the smell of desire. That smell of a woman’s sex, the willingness of a****l lust, heat and passion of exertion, the smell of labor and of sex. When she bent over to turn the water on I had the chance to look for the first time at her ass and her pussy, her pussy was covered in a brown mat of hair that I could not wait to get into. I reached over to touch her ass but she batted my hand away and said after your clean buddy, and laughed. Now get in to the shower. As we both got in there, there was not much room so we had to touch each other and had to stand close to each other. So with soap in one hand and my cock in the other she started to soap me up as I fumbled with her tits and kissed her mouth. Wow I bahis siteleri was really touching those big melons; they were heavy and solid not flabby. We soaped each other up rubbing the right places extra-long; Helena pushed me back on the wall of the shower and squatted down to line her mouth up with my cock. Then she put it in her mouth, oh my god! I pushed her away! I panicked I did not know what to do? She looked up at me, and asked me are you ok? I asked her what she was doing. And she said has no one ever sucked your cock before? No I responded, and blurted out that I thought she was going to bite me. Helena laughed and said not now but maybe later. Ok, trust me I’m going to put your cock back in my mouth and suck on it, trust me you’re going to enjoy this more than anything else you’ll ever get to do with a woman. So with my heart racing, I nodded my head and she started to suck my cock again. Helena was right, that woman was a cock sucking goddess. Okay it was my first blow job, but it still made her a goddess none the less. She would draw my cock into her mouth till her nose hit my pubes and her chin bounced on my balls. After a bit I started to notice that the water was getting cold, real cold Helena stopped and said let’s get out of here before we freeze. We stepped out, dried off and went to her bed were she laid back and said my turn. Your turn for what? She said lick my pussy silly boy. Lick your pussy? I’m not sure how but I’ll give it my best, and my best I did. Face down between her legs pulling that hairy matt apart with my thumbs I looked into the most wonderful site that I have ever had the chance to see, her pussy. Musky salty and wet, slightly open and red a deep red that looked like it needed to have a fire put out in it. Now I had fingered a few girls in high school but never got to eat one out so this was a learning experience for me.So into Helenas pussy I dove and licked it like I was painting a fence with my tongue, folding and unfolding her lips I must have done something right because my face got wet almost like she had wet herself and she pulled on my hair, so I must have been doing ok. When I accidently slipped my tongue down to her asshole her thighs clamped onto my head but in a second she relaxed and let me lick that to, she seem to like it so I did it over and over from asshole to clit. This was the first time I sucked a clit it was hard and had a little sheathe that I pushed out of the way with my tongue and sucked on the swollen little end. That did it she was screaming and thrashing around and calling me a mother fucker! You mother fucker she wailed and went limp. Her legs fell open and her chest heaved up and down as she panted as she rode out a strong orgasm. Then she said those words that make all guys happy again, you eat pussy better than my husband. And my husband never had me cum that hard or long. Now let me have that cock of yours in my mouth again, I promise that I’ll make your cock feel better than it ever has before. I laid back on the bed and Helena started by kissing my lips and sucking my tongue into her mouth hard as she pulled on my cock with her hand. After a little while she moved her mouth down my body to my chest and started to suck on my nipples pulling and twisting them with her tongue, as her mouth was doing this her hand had moved from my cock down to my balls pulling them down and squeezing them in her hands softly then harder pulling and sqeezing over and over. güvenilir bahis By now my cock was leeking a thick clear fluid out the end. Helena had moved down my body lower to were she was now looking at my cock and what it was leeking, she said it seems a waste to let it drip out like that. Her mouth was so hot as she placed my cock in her mouth and moved her tongue over the slit in the end to take my pre-cum as though it was candy. Her mouth worked up and down on my cock over and over, slowly at first then picking up speed all the while her saliva was running down my shaft to my pubes and balls. And my balls where being worked in her hand as her mouth worked my cock. I was getting that feeling, that feeling that I need to squirt and squirt hard my balls were tighting up and I needed to cum. I could take no more and I let go my cum it flowed out of my balls and up my shaft, my cum shot hard and fast but Helena did not mis a beat as I cum in her mouth, her mouth never left my shaft as she let me cum in her mouth. Damn that was great was all I could muster, Helena looked up at me and opened her mouth to show me my cum on her tongue, then she swollowed it, swollowed every drop and smiled. Then she quietly said fuck you, you asshole of a husband.But my cock was still standing at attention, hard and throbbing like only a guy in his twentys can. Helena said you ready to go again? I just nodded my head yes and with that she climed up and set down on my cock. It was a nice fit she had, had 2 k**s so she was not tight but not loose just a nice comfortable fit and she started to rock her hipps backand forth on my waist, her clit grinding on my pelvic bone and she moved back and forth working herself into another orgasm a wet flooding orgasm, harder and harder with an emergency of needing to cum again.All the time I’m pulling on her tits with my hands pushing them up and down pulling them apart and squeezing them together. Sucking one then the other nipple into my mouth biting and sucking over and over soon her rhythm became erratic and soon she was cumming again. Slowly she stopped moving and relaxing as her body quivered on my still hard cock in her pussy. She ask me to fuck her for a while and she rolled to her back on the bed and spread her legs wide and I pushed my excited cock into her pussy, all the way in, bumping my pevlic bone into her over and over had her cumming again harder this time and soon my cock and balls where wet with her bodies lube, the sounds coming from her pussy were amazing, a sloppy smacking sounds that only a well fucked pussy can make. After a bit she said I’ve not ever been fucked this long or hard my pussy is getting sore, and she asked me to stop. Then she said don’t worry I’ll let you cum again, with that she spit on her tits, now put your cock between my tits. What?Its ok put your cock between my tits and fuck my cleavage. Wow she was going to let me rub my cock on her tits this was magic. Those tits on my cock felt like it was in heaven, as I moved back and forth. She held them tightly together as I moved between them, after a bit she stuck her tongue out and would lick the head of my cock as it would pop out from between her fantastic tits. Soon I was having that feeling again that I need to cum and told her so, cum on my tits she said. That did it for me and my cock spurted its contents all over her chest and nipples some even landed on her chin and face. I almost fell off the bed but soon I clasped next to her on the bed. After a bit she told me I need to leave as she would need to go get her k**s from the baby sitter. So I got dressed and as I was leaving she asked me to cum back any time. I did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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