Mar 26

Hell in a cabin

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Hell in a cabinThis story is written for the enjoyment of adults only. Hell in a CabinMy wife Mary and I had met in college and got married soon aftergraduating. We were both in the business world and doing quite well.We both worked long hard hours but made a nice living. After more thantwo years without a vacation we had purchased a townhouse and furnishedit nicely. When we finally managed to arrange for a week off I hadgone on the internet and reserved a nice cabin on a secluded lake. Itwas the only cabin on the lake and fifteen miles from the nearest town.It had indoor plumbing and included the use of a boat and outboardmotor. We would have privacy and some fishing together.The drive to the town closest to the cabin took us 5 hours. We stoppedat the only gas station in town and filled up our tank. Mary went intothe little store and bought some food to supplement what we had broughtwith us. I asked the attendant which road I needed to take to get tothe Rollins cabin. He pointed to the road beside the station. I hadbeen on the right track all right. As Mary came out of the storecarrying a sack of groceries she was whistled at by 4 rough lookingmen. I asked the attendant who they were, and he told me they haddrifted into town yesterday and he didn’t know them although he kneweveryone in his small town. We quickly left and headed to our cabin.The rest of the day we got settled in and went fishing for a bit.We caught a half dozen nice walleyes in about 4 hours and headed backto our cabin. I tied our boat to the dock and we walked up to our cabin. I wascarrying my tackle box, fishing rod and a stringer with our walleyepike on it. As we walked into the cabin I was shocked to see four menwaiting there for us. They were the same four bums that had whistledat Mary back in town. I asked, “What the hell are you doing here?This cabin is rented to us.” The big man in the red flannel shirtslapped me hard across the face and said, “Shut the hell up you sissybitch.” I was stunned both by the blow and his statement. He told me,”Put that stuff down and take off your clothes sissy boy.” He suddenlyhad a big hunting knife in his hand. I knew he could easily kill mehere and nobody would ever know. I set down my rod, tackle box and thefish. He bellowed, “I told you to strip for us and you better obey.If I have to cut those clothes off of you there will be blood.” Iunbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off and dropped it on the floor. Hisstern gaze let me know that I had to keep going. I kicked off mysandals and dropped my pants around my ankles. I stepped out of themand stood there in only my briefs. He said, “The panties too sissy.”Blushing I pulled my briefs down and stepped out of them and stoodstark naked in front of these strange men.These brutish men had us terrorized and they laughed at my naked body. One of the men said, “I told you he had the body of a girl.” The Bigman with the knife said, “We can have some fun with both of thesesluts. Tie his hands behind his back.” The smallest of the men got arope and tied each of my wrists to the elbow of the other arm pinningmy arms behind me and causing my chest to be forced out some. I wasnow naked and helpless and very afraid.The man with the knife now ordered Mary, “Now you sweetie, strip slowand sexy for us.” Mary answered, “No, I won’t do that.” He justsmiled and went to my tackle box and took out some big fish hooks I hadin there. He grabbed my right nipple and shoved one of the snelledhooks clear through the nipple causing tears of pain to flow from myeyes. He repeated that with my left nipple so I had two snelled hookshanging from my nipples. He told Mary, “You can save him some pain ifyou strip for us.” She slowly unbuttoned her shirt. The men startedclapping in rhythm and told her to dance while she stripped. She hadstripped down to her bra and panties when she stopped and pleaded withthem, “Please, I have never been nude in front of anyone but myhusband.” The big man took another fishhook and shoved it into thehead of my penis causing me to scream in pain. He then took a big snapswivel and connected the loops on the leaders of the hooks whichstretched my nipples down and my penis up causing me to stoop over toease the pain. They had no mercy on me at all.Mary was soon totally naked and they made her bend over in front ofthem. She was crying but obeying them. Each of the men shoved afinger in her pussy and finger fucked her for a few minutes beforehaving her move to the next man. They made her moan like a wanton slutfor them. I was powerless to help her tied up and hooked up as I was. Even the slightest move on my part sent waves of pain through mynipples and penis. These brutes had made me totally helpless and attheir mercy.The big man who was clearly their leader was named Jake. He stoodbehind Mary and demanded, “Spread your legs and bend down and grab yourankles bitch.” She begged him, “Please don’t do this to me. I beg ofyou leave us alone.” He laughed and said, “We will leave you alonebut first we are going to have some fun with you two. Now do as I sayor do we have to hook you up too?” He nodded to Joe and that cruelbastard shoved a fish hook into my right testicle. It hurt like helland caused me to scream in pain. Joe then quickly followed that up bydoing the same to my left testicle. Mary spread her legs and bent overto grab her ankles.They left her standing like that for a good five minutes before Jakesaid, “Sissy get over here and lick her asshole to lubricate it forme.” I shuffled slowly towards him when John grabbed the leadersattached to the hooks in my testicles and pulled me roughly forward.The pain was horrible but I had to follow him. John said, “We have himby the balls now.” and laughed at his own remark. Jake shoved my mouthdown on Mary’s asshole and said, “Get it good and wet sissy. Work yourtongue inside of her hole and get it as wet as you can. You will saveher some pain if you loosen it up for me. I knew she was a virginthere and tried hard to get it wet and loosened up some. I licked andworked my tongue inside of her all trying to spare her some pain. Theylaughed at the sight of me preparing her asshole for another man toviolate. They clearly enjoyed degrading us.Jake finally pulled me away and roughly shoved his big cock into Mary’svirginal hole. She squealed in pain which they seemed to enjoy. He****d her hard and fast before coming deep inside of her. When hewithdrew from her he left her crying and quivering. Jake demanded,”Tell me you loved it bitch.” She snapped back, “It was horrible youa****l.” Jake motioned to two of them and told them, “Shave the bitchbald all hair gone should strip her of false pride.” They grabbed herand threw her to the floor. One man used his knife to cut off her longbeautiful hair the other man got my shaving kit from the bathroom andused my razor to shave her head bald. He also shaved off her pubichair. My beautiful wife looked strange with her hair all gone. Theywanted to ruin both of us for their amusement. They let her kneelbefore Jake and he once more demanded, “Tell me you loved me fuckingyour asshole bitch.” They had broken her spirit now and she loweredher eyes and quietly said, “Thank you for fucking my asshole sir.”Jake smiled at her surrender to his will.Jake then told the two men “Shave the sissy to match the other bitch.” They then shaved my head, underarms and pubic area and even the fewhairs on my chest and around my asshole. When they had me hairless hetold Mary, “Get over here and prepare sissy’s asshole for use.” Sheobeyed and started licking my asshole and even worked her tongue insideof me. I never dreamed my prudish wife would do such a thing. Jaketold me, “Sissy, tell the bitch you love her as an ass licker.” By nowI knew that displeasing them would cause me a lot of pain and quicklysaid, “Bitch I love having you lick my asshole.” They kept her at herdisgusting chore for a long time before Jake told her, “Now go kisssissy so you two can exchange asshole tastes with each other.” Shecame around and gave me a big tongue kiss so we tasted each other’sassholes. He made us tell each other how good we tasted. Neither ofus had a shred of pride left. These brutes had reduced us to mereslaves in a very short time.John got behind me and rammed his cock up my ass. He told me, “Moanlike a slut for your owner sissy.” I moaned earnestly. “Good girl.”he praised me. He then said, “Move back and forth on my cock sissy.Fuck yourself with it.” I humped back and forth on his cock andembarrassingly spurted some semen. He had made me come by fucking me. John laughed loudly at this and said, “I knew this sissy was a girl atheart. It comes from being fucked.” He made me fuck myself faster andfaster until he shot his cum into me. He then pulled out and told me,”Look at the mess you left on my cock, lick it clean sissy.” He wasright; his cock was covered with shit and blood. It was disgusting butI was in no position to refuse. I had to lick his cock clean. Ithought I would puke but managed to lick his cock clean. His semen wasleaking out of my asshole and running down my legs.The other two men were using Mary. One was fucking her pussy and theother fucking her mouth. As they shoved her back and forth betweenthem her breasts were swinging to and fro. They were laughing as theyravished her. When both men had come in her they shoved her to thefloor. One man demanded, “Thank us for making you a cum dump bitch.”She was crying too hard to answer him immediately. He took off hisbelt and lashed her bare bottom a few times before she quickly said,”Thank you for making me a worthless cum dump. That was the bestfucking I ever had.” The poor lady had cum dripping from her mouth asshe said that.Jake told Tom to clean the fish so that bitch could fix them somethingto eat. He also said, “Save the guts in a bowl for sissy to eat.” Iknew I would have to eat raw fish guts while they enjoyed the walleyeswe had caught. How much did they want to degrade me?They were turning me into a mere a****l. When Mary had cooked andserved their fish dinner. Jake set the bowl of fish guts in front ofme. He commanded. “Kneel and eat it all sissy. You don’t have the useof your hands so you will eat like a dog. It better be all gone when Ifinish my meal.” I hurt all over and had no wish to feel even morepain so I knelt down and forced myself to eat the disgusting bowlful ofgarbage. They chuckled watching me eating that slop. Those bastardsshould all go to prison for a long time.While the men ate their meal they made Mary squat on her haunches likea dog begging for food. They fed her scraps from the table. They evenmade her bark for them each time they gave her a scrap of food. Shelooked so pitiful crouching there bald and barking. I hoped they wouldnot kill us, but knew they were capable of doing so. We had to try tosurvive. My nipples had been stretched grotesquely long and my peniswas bleeding. The hooks in my testicles made me wonder if Mary and Iwould ever be able to have k**s.When the men finished eating, they had Mary wash the dishes. Jakecame over to me and took another big fish hook which he forced throughthe cartilage of my nose by going through one nostril and out theother. It hurt a lot but I was powerless to stop him. He did the samething with another hook through the other nostril. He then took someof my fish line and tied the leaders of those two hooks to the leadersof the hooks in my testicles by running the lines over my shoulders.He pulled the lines so tight that my head was forced as far back as itwould go. My mouth now gaped open as I was unable to close it. Jakenow commanded, “Kneel sissy, you are going to get your first throatfucking.” I got down on my knees with difficulty as every movementsent waves of pain through my body. I knelt there forced to look up athim by the lines connecting my nose to my balls. Jake shoved his cockinto my open mouth. As he got hard he started pumping his big cock inand out of my mouth going further in with each stroke. He had me inthe position of a sword swallower with a straight path down my throat. He told Mary, “Look how sissy’s throat bulges with my cock in it. Seehow your sissy husband gobbles cock.” I was choking and gagging andfelt sure I would die from his brutal **** of my throat.After what seemed like an eternity, Jake shot his cum down my throat.He held my head in place with my nose buried in his pubic hair while hesoftened after his orgasm. Then he started peeing in my mouth. I hadto swallow it as fast as I could or drown. He said, “Sissy makes agood urinal guys.” He grinned down at me and said, “I knew you had tobe thirsty sissy. Thank me for giving you a drink.” With my head heldway back as it was all that came out when I tried to thank him was anunintelligible babble. He roared with laughter at my babbling. Theyhad even deprived me of speech.John also came over and urinated into my open mouth. He peed so muchthat some dribbled down my chin and some even came out through my nose.I swallowed as much as I could. By now my tummy was full of urine andsemen and my bladder close to bursting. I tried to beg them to let mego potty but all that came out was babble. Finally I could hold itback no longer and released a stream of urine which flooded up over mychest and stomach. Some of the urine even came out of the hole theneedle had made in my penis. John laughed at the sight of me soilingmyself. He said, “Sissy’s little peewee is leaking now. Sissy willhave to sit to piss now like any girl.”Jake had Mary busy licking his asshole. He asked her, “Does bitchenjoy eating my asshole?” She pulled her tongue out of his hole andsaid, “Yes Master.” He smiled at her submission to him. He had ruinedher life and knew it. He then asked her, “Would you rather I fist fuckyour ass or you do your sissy husband?” She knew he had very big handsand quickly said, “Master, I would rather fist fuck my sissy husband.” He grinned and said, “A wise choice bitch.” He took her by the handand got a can of Crisco from the pantry. He led her over behind me andpushed my head down to the floor leaving me with my ass up in the air.Jake had her dip her hand into the Crisco and told her, “Smear that asspussy full, work as much as you can inside. Grease up your forearmtoo. Now shove two fingers in there.” She followed his directionscarefully but was soon working those two fingers around inside of me.Then he had her work a third finger inside of me and work all three toloosen me up. When she had done that for a few minutes I felt herfourth finger in as well. She was going to have her fist in me soon Iknew. When her whole hand was inside of me he told her to make a fist.She did as he said. He then told her, “Now fuck sissy hard with thatfist, ram it hard and deep. I want your forearm clear in that pussy.”Jake now cut the fish lines connecting my balls with my nose and toldme, “Tell your wife how much you love her fucking you this way Sissy.I know she loves it and you must tell her how good it feels to be herbitch.” I was finally able to speak again and had to say, “Fuck meMary, it feels so wonderful. Fuck me harder please.” As humiliatingas this was I did shoot some semen. I had come from being fist fucked.He kept her at her task until she had her hand and forearm inside ofme, clear to the elbow. Jake helped me to my feet with her arm insideof me so I was bent over at the waist. Jake told Mary, “Steer Sissydown into the lake deep enough to wash of the piss she sprayed onherself. Keep your arm in her until you get back.” Mary obeyed himand shoved me down into that cold water until only my head was abovewater. She softly told me, “Dunk your head in the water and drink someto clear that piss smell from your breath dear.” I hesitated as thewater was very cold. She exerted a downward pressure on the arm shehad inside of me forcing my head under water. She held me there for afew seconds before bringing my head back up. She seemed to enjoyhaving me in her power. Our life had been turned upside down by thesemen. She steered me around and pushed me rapidly back to the cabin.We were both shivering from the cold water.Back in the cabin Jake told Mary she could remove her arm from mypussy. She pulled it out with a flourish leaving my asshole wide open.Jake looked at my gaping hole and said, “Wonderful! Bitch has rosebudded sissy’s asshole.” I did not know what that meant at the time,but later found out that she had pulled part of my colon outside of mybody where it was to remain. He told Mary, “Bitch put some lipstick onsissy’s pussy lips. Red if you have it.” She went to her purse in thebathroom and returned with a tube of red lipstick which she applied tomy rosebud. Jake told me, “Sissy that rosebud will always be verytender and easily chafed. You should always wear lipstick there.” Hethen told Mary, “Go ahead and put makeup on sissy. Make that sissylook pretty for us.”Mary got her makeup stuff and proceeded to make me look very feminineexcept of course for my bald head. She used eyeliner, mascara,lipstick and blush on my face. She showed me in the mirror what I nowlooked like. Jake said, “Thank your wife for all the trouble she hasgone through for you sissy. Kiss the hand she fucked you with and tellher you love her.” I obeyed him causing Jack to tell Mary, “You shouldhave married a real man not some gay sissy. I said, “I am not gay sir,you ****d me.” He laughed at my remark and said, “No real man wouldlet himself be put in the position you are sissy. You look like a girland come when getting fucked in the ass. She needs a real man.” Icould only blush and kneel there.Jake now just to be mean and demonstrate his control of me ordered,”Tip your head back sissy and open your mouth wide like before, If youassume that position on command, I won’t have türbanlı niğde escort to retie those hooks withnew line.” I quickly obeyed remembering how the strain on those hookshad caused me much pain. He told Mary, “Your husband is waiting for mycock or piss like a baby bird awaits a worm. How could a woman likeyou ever marry such a wimp?” She replied, “He won my heart when wewere very young. I did not know what a real man was then.” I wasshocked; she was actually falling for the line he was feeding her. Thebastard was turning her against me!Jake once more urinated into my mouth and I had to swallow it all. Hethen took Mary by the hand and said, “Let’s go to the bedroom where Ican make love to you.” As they walked into the bedroom, he told Joe,”Why don’t you use the sissy again?” Joe got off of the couch and cameat me smiling evilly. He said, “We are going to have a fun time sissy.You are going to tell me you love me before I’m through with you.” Hedipped his hand into the Crisco can and got a big gob of grease whichhe proceeded to shove up my ass. “Ask daddy nicely to fuck your asswith his big fist.” he demanded. I sobbed and begged, “Please don’t dothat to me sir.” He snarled, “Do as I told you sissy.” He took hisrazor sharp knife and slit my scrotum open along the line of the twohooks embedded in my balls. My testicles fell from my body hanging bythe tubes attached to them. “Beg daddy sissy.” He was very demandingbut he could easily castrate me and I was helpless to stop him. Isaid, “Please daddy fuck me with your big fist. I beg of you pleasefuck me hard now.” He chuckled and said, “I know you want it girly.”John began forcing his hand into me and shoved it roughly deeper untilhis whole hand was inside of my asshole. Then I felt him clench itinto a fist. He greased up his forearm and began pumping his fist backand forth inside of me. I felt like he was ruining my insides. Thepower of his pumping caused my whole body to rock back and forth and Icould feel my dangling testicles swinging wildly. I was terrified thatthey would fall off entirely. He kept ramming that fist up me untilhis entire forearm was inside of me. He was actually pushing me acrossthe rough floor. He made me tell him that I loved him fucking me likehe was and made me moan like a slut for him.Mary and Jake had returned from the bedroom and she was glowing fromthe pleasure he had given her. John ordered me, “Tell your wife thatyou love being fucked by daddy and that you are now a gay slut.” Hesqueezed my testicles again harder. I said, “Mary I love being fuckedby daddy and am now a gay slut for him.” She looked at me withdisgust. John then got some thin leader material from my tackle boxand tied both of the tubes connected to my balls shut. He told me, “Asissy like you has no need for balls. In an hour or two they will bedead and useless. He got a jar of honey from the pantry and used aspoon to coat my dangling testicles with honey. He then led me outsideand tied a rope around my neck to fasten me to the base of a pine tree.He left me kneeling there naked with my ass in the air. It was notlong before those deer flies found me and I soon had a cluster of themon my cut open scrotum. I felt them biting at my tender parts.Mosquitoes also found me and started feeding on my blood. The worstwere those big black ants who were feeding on my testicles. I wiggledmy ass to try shaking them off to no avail. I was miserable beyondbelief, but all I could do was wait for someone to release me. I musthave been kept there for a couple of hours.John finally came back and asked me, “Is my sissy slut ready to comeback with daddy?” I said, “Yes daddy pleases.” When he let me loosefrom the tree to lead me back into the cabin, he saw that danglingtesticles had turned black being covered with ants and my scrotum wascrawling with maggots. My skin was covered with mosquito bites. Hegrinned and said, “Too bad sissy, no woman will want you now. If youwant a partner it will have to be a gay man. Come with daddy girl Iwill take care of you.” I meekly said, “Yes daddy.” When we got backin the cabin, Joe took his knife and cut off my testicles right belowthe knots tied sealing off the tubes. Just like that he had robbed meof my masculinity forever. He put each one into my mouth and made mechew and swallow it ants and all.. He said, “You will always rememberwhere they went sissy.” Joe unfastened the snap swivel connecting theleaders from my penis to my nipples. He untied my hands and told me tojack off for him. “Show me you are still a man. Get that little thinghard and cum for me.” He said. I started stroking my penis gently asthat fish hook was still embedded in the head of it. I must havestroked it for 15 minutes but it still remained limp and useless.John told me, “You are now a girl sissy. You will be begging men touse you as their slut or go without any sex at all.” I replied, “Yesdaddy.” Mary was sitting on the couch kissing Jake. John told me, “Gobeg your wife to clean out and sew up your empty sack. Then ask her ifshe still desires you.” I went and knelt before my wife and beggedher, “Will you please clean out my scrotum and sew it up for medarling?” She looked at me with pity and said, “Are you k**ding? I annot a surgeon.” Her reply startled me but I said, “Yes mistress,please.” She told me, “If I do that for you will you be my slave? Iknow you are now useless as a man and are meant to be used by me andreal men. If I allow you to stay with me, you will be my maid and obeyme and the men I choose as lovers.” I blushed with shame. These crudemen had turned me into a girly thing to be used by men and serve mywife. I had no place to go and did not want to lose her so I agreed toher terms.She took some whiskey and washed out my empty scrotum before gettingher sewing kit. The whiskey burned my sensitive skin and I yelped inpain. She snidely said, “You must be a big girl and bear the pain whilemommy tends to you.” Once she had disinfected the area she took aneedle and thread and began stitching up my scrotum. It hurt a lot butI had to thank her for each stitch. I knew that I could easily becomeinfected and die from what had been done to me. As she sewed she toldme, “Jake gave me three orgasms in the time we played together. Younever gave me one.” John casually mentioned, “I knew you were a girlat heart the minute I saw you. You just never knew it.” He heated theend of a straightened out coat hanger in the flame of the stove. Heused that glowing wire to brand the word ‘bitch” on my chest. The painwas intense but I was beyond shock now. I had eaten my balls and I wasdoomed to be used by my wife and men from now on.Jake said, “Don’t feel too bad sissy. Don’t blame me for long. Yourwife deserves a real man. She is a woman.” Mary said, “My hair willgrow back in time but I now know what sex with a man is supposed tobe.” She snickered and added, “So do you, you sissy slut.” Shecrafted her stitches so that the empty skin of my scrotum now resembleda pussy. She told me, “The guys will love this sissy.” When shefinished sewing me up, she made me go to each man and show them my newlook. I was ashamed to be naked in front of them, but had to act likeI was flirting with them.When I stood in front of Jake who had started all of this, he made mebend over and spread my ass cheeks to display what they had used. Heroared with laughter and told all, “John you have given sissy anotherring on her rosebud. She will have a regular flower there if you keepthis up.” He turned me around and told me, “You will assume the urinalposition sissy.” The devil was going to pee in my mouth again. I gotdown on my knees, tilted my head way back and opened my mouth wide. Hestood back a couple of feet and sent a stream of urine into my openmouth. I drank it down as fast as I could but some ran down my chin.He made me thank him for the honor of drinking his piss. They hadreduced me to an “it” without a shred of pride left. All I was goodfor as far as they were concerned was obedience and degradation. Atleast he took the trouble to rip those hooks out of my nose. They hadleft holes so there was a sort of whistle when I breathed in and out.Jake told Mary, “I think bitch owes you the pleasure of being fistfucked again by you. After all you did for that bitch she owes youthat.” He told me, “Go beg her to fist you bitch.” I knew there wasno use in protesting and meekly went to Mary and said, “Mistress Willyou please fist fuck me again?” She smiled and said, “Yes bitch I willdo that for you. Assume the position.” I got down on my knees with myhead to the floor. She got the Crisco can and applied a liberalcoating to my asshole as well as her hand and arm. She shoved her handinto my loosened up asshole and made a fist. She rammed it in medeeply and withdrew it part way before ramming it in deeply again. Ihad never realized she had a mean streak in her before. She wasactually enjoying doing me like this. She kept at it for a long timein front of everyone and made me moan and tell her how much I loved it.When she finally got tired of this sport, she told me, “Lay on yourside bitch.” She actually forced me to my side with her entire forearminside of me. She got a pillow off of the couch and lay behind me withher head on the pillow and her fist and forearm inside of me. “Go tosleep bitch, you have had a difficult day.” She had me go to sleepwith me impaled on her arm. She let me sleep a few minutes before shestarted ramming her fist in and out which of course woke me up. Shetold me, “Get back on your knees and hump back against me bitch.” Shehad me rocking back and forth on her fist and made me tell her I lovedbeing fucked by her. She reached around and grabbed the leaders of thehooks still in my nipples. She pulled on them to control my tempo. Myonce sweet wife was now on a severe power trip.Mary kept using me for quite some time before she pulled her fist andforearm out of me. She told me, “Thank me sweetly for doing you bitch.Do it now and every time I please you this way.” I said, “Thank you forfucking me Mary.” She yanked hard on those leaders causing much painto my tortured nipples. She snarled, “I am Mistress or Mistress Maryto you bitch.” I quickly told her, “I understand Mistress Mary.” Shewas quite serious about owning me now. My poor nipples had beenstretched out farther than I ever imagined possible. I was now afreak, no longer a man and only a sort of woman.” Mary now told me,”Lick my hand clean now bitch. What is on there is there from pleasingyou so you will have to clean it for me.” I knew I had to obey her soI took her hand and started licking. She made me lick her fingers oneby one and even her arm clear up to her elbow. I realized that all Ihad to eat since the men showed up were some fish guts, my testicles,and some ants that I swear were crawling inside of me now. Even a dogwould have been fed better. When she was satisfied that she was clean,she praised me saying, “Good bitch, I think our new relationship willwork well for both of us. I will be the breadwinner and you my maidand toy.”Mary had me go and get a pair of her thong panties. She pulled mypenis back into the folds of my scrotum and pulled up the panties. Shegrinned and announced, “Look guys bitch now has a camel toe.” Eventhough they had all watched my being naked, degraded and mutilated allday, I felt ashamed of how I looked in those panties. She had me twirlaround to showcase my appearance. She then painted my nails bright redon both my hands and my feet. She was very determined that I was to beas girly as possible.She asked John, “Do you still have those hooks you pulled out ofbitch’s balls before you fed them to him?” He assured her he had. Sheasked him, “Would you please put them through bitch’s earlobes for me?”He smiled and nodded yes.John told me, “Come here and suck daddy off bitch.” I knelt in frontof him and took his cock into my mouth and started sucking. As Isucked him, he forced those hooks through my earlobes saying, “This isas good a way as any to pierce those ears for earrings bitch.” bloodran down from the holes he had made in my ears. He came in my mouth andmade me show him the semen he had deposited there before having meswallow it. He then took the leaders from the hooks in my nipples andtied them to the leaders from the hooks in my ears. He told me, “Wewant you to have perky nipples bitch. With the skin of my skinstretched out like it was it looked like I had the titties of a younggirl. Now every time I moved my head it tugged on my nipples. Johngave me a slap on the ass and told me, “Fix us something to eat bitch.”As I walked away from him on my way to the kitchen, he told me, “Put anice wiggle in your ass when you walk bitch.” I started walking withan exaggerated swing of my ass. They were doing everything to make mefeminine.After they ate their meal, I cleaned up the kitchen and washed anddried the dishes. I had never washed dishes before thinking that to bewoman’s work. As I moved my head my breasts also moved. Mary told me,”They jiggle nicely bitch.” Jake took Mary by the hand and led herinto the big bedroom. John told me, “You get to sleep with me tonightbitch. Come with me.” I meekly trailed behind him into the otherbedroom. He made me undress him and fold his clothes neatly on thechair. He pulled back the covers and got into bed. He told me, “Joindaddy in bed bitch.” I crawled in beside him in the regular doublebed. He was a big man and we had to be close together. This big brutehad totally changed my life today. I knew he held my life in his handsand that I had to be sweet to him in order to survive. He told me tosuck on his nipples one then the other.While I was sucking them on his hairy chest he talked softly to me.”The minute I saw you, I knew you were meant to be a sissy girl. Youmay not have known it, but I did. I know this is a big change for youbut you will be much happier once you accept that you were meant toserve men.” He pulled my face up close to his and softly said, “Telldaddy you love him.” I hated this man, but sweetly said, “I love youdaddy.” H smiled and kissed me lightly on my forehead. He thenallowed me to roll over on my side and he curled up behind me. “Goodnight bitch.”, he said, I sweetly said, “Good night daddy.” We fellasleep that way, nestled together with his strong arm around me and hishairy body pressed close to mine.It was light when I awoke to John fingers running circles around mynipples. They were very sensitive stretched out as they were. Heasked me, “Did my bitch sleep well?” I replied, “Yes daddy.” He said,”Good girl. Now slide your pussy onto my cock bitch.” I took my handand guided his cock to my asshole and moved my body back to force itinto me. “Now use that pussy to milk my cock bitch.” he ordered. Ihumped back and forth on his cock until he finally shot his load intomy ass. He then slapped me on the ass and told me, “Fix us some coffeeand start breakfast now.” I felt so used but scurried to obey him.As I was frying some eggs, Mary came up behind me and said, “Show meyour pussy bitch.” I bent over and spread my ass cheeks so she couldsee the semen leaking from me. She said, “I see you pleased your manlike a good girl. Let me put some lipstick on your rosebud.” Sheapplied a thick coat of red lipstick to the new rings of flesh there.Then she used the same tube to apply a coat to my lips. She saw mylook of disgust at having the lipstick that had been on my ass used onmy lips and said, “You have had your tongue in assholes bitch. Getused to that taste.”When breakfast was ready I served everyone and stood beside the table. John said,” Fix some food for yourself bitch.” I was grateful andthanked him. I was very hungry by now. They even let me sit with themto eat. I knew then that if I accepted being a girl they would treatme decent.After breakfast was finished and I was cleaning up the mess andwashing the dishes, Jack and John were making a list on a piece ofpaper. They handed it to Tom and told him to go to town and get thesethings. He left. I suspected the list had something to do with me butcould have no way of knowing for sure.Mary took me to the bathroom and showed me how to put on my makeup.She also plucked my eyebrows to make them have a thin feminine arch. Iasked her, “Why do you want me to be a girl Mistress?” She laughed andsaid, “You don’t think you are a man do you bitch?” She reached intothe front of my panties and fondled my empty scrotum to emphasize herpoint. She ran her finger back and forth in the slit of what had beenmy scrotum. She said “You have a pussy now bitch.” I knew she wasright but still I blushed.Hours later, Tom walked into the cabin with a big sack full of things. Jack had Mary and I kneel in front of him then told us, “I know wealtered your plans for the week drastically so John and I bought yousome jewelry to make up for that.” He called me over to where he stoodand said, “I bet you will be glad to get those fish hooks our of yourears bitch.” I eagerly answered, “Yes Master.” He worked the hooksaround to enlarge the hole before he removed those damned fish hooks.He then inserted a silver ring in the holes and snapped it shut. Hetold me, “It is made from nonalergenic material so you should have noproblem with infection bitch. I now had a nose ring. It will be thereforever and signify your submissive status to all who see it.” Herepeated that procedure on each of my nipples and also on my ears.When he finished I stood there with a silver ring in my nose, a silverring in each nipple and a silver ring in each earlobe. Jack then said,”Don’t worry about that hook in the head of your little dickie, it willrust out in a few weeks.” He let me go to the mirror and see what Iwas to look like from now on. türbanlı niğde escort bayan He had made me into a freak. Nobodywould hire me looking like I do now. At least now I could move my headwithout pain in my nipples.Jack then told Mary to come to him. She who had been so bold with mewas in fear of Jack. He told her, “We have some jewelry for you alsobitch.” She said, “You would not mark me up like that. You said youliked me!” He laughed at her and said, “I also like my horse, butbranded him too. You will never forget me bitch.” He grabbed her leftnipple and shoved a big needle through it to make a hole for the ringwhich he quickly inserted in the nipple. She burst out in tears fromthe pain. Jack ignored her tears and did the same thing to her rightnipple. She now had two silver rings in her nipples to match the onesin mine. She saw him get out another smaller ring and started begging,”Please Jack, don not put that in my nose. I will have to work tosupport sissy and myself.” He said, “You could always be a whore witha nose ring. But to make you happy I will put it through your clitinstead. It will be more painful for you but will not show when youhave clothes on.” She told him, “Thank you sir.” He then told her,”Play with yourself bitch. Get that clitty hard for me.” Mary beganfingering herself, red faced with shame at masturbating in front ofothers. When she got it hard and jutting out, she told Jack she wasready. He grabbed it with a pair of needle nosed pliers to hold itwhile she shoved that big needle through it to make a hole for thering. She screamed out in pain at this penetration of her mostsensitive spot. As the ring snapped shut, Jack told her, “This shouldkeep you turned on and horny all of the time bitch. Enjoy it and thinkof me.” She knew it would be there for ever.John then said, “One more little thing Mary. I have to brand you too. Do you want it on your chest like your husband or on your ass cheek?”She said defiantly, “Neither you bastard. I won’t hold still forthat.” Jack grabbed both of her nipple rings with one hand and herclit ring with the other hand. He laughed and said, “Yes you willbitch. Heat up that wire John. I’ll hold her still for you.” Marywas held motionless while John heated up the wire until it was glowingyellow. He walked over to her and branded the letter B on her rightass cheek. She screamed in pain. He then reheated the wire andmanaged to brand the letters I and T before having to reheat the iron. The last two letters took a little longer but she then had the wordbitch branded on her ass. Mary like me was branded for life.Jack then had Mary and I stand side be side while he took pictures ofus. He had us pose for him in all sorts of positions. He took mydriver’s license out of my wallet and put it in his pocket. He alsotook my checkbook. The bastard now knew where our house was. He alsotook my keys. He said, “I or some of my friends may be dropping byfrom time to time for a visit. I like to keep tabs on my slaves.”Jack stated, “I have decided that you two need some shared experiences.I think some real togetherness will bring you closer.” He took out twosmall padlocks and locked our nipple rings together forcing us to beface to face and very close. He then ordered us, “Lay down slaves.”We had to struggle to lie on the floor on our sides. He told us, “Iwant you to kiss each other with tongues and all and keep it up until Itell you to stop.” We kissed each other for the first time in twodays. Jack told Tom and the man whose name I never learned to fistfuck his two slaves. Mary had not been fisted yet and she broke thekiss to protest. Jack took his belt and slashed it hard against herass. “Obey me bitch!” he snarled at her. His blow left a welt acrossher fresh brand and had to hurt a lot. She resumed kissing me.The two men dipped their hands in the Crisco can and lay down behindus. I relaxed to make it easier for what was about to happen, but Marywas scared and tense. As the men worked their hands into us we keptkissing each other but Mary was moaning in pain.I put my arms around her to comfort her. Those men were soon rammingtheir fists in and out of us. The man using me did not go clear in tohis elbow but Tom did that to Mary. They got into a rhythm and wereboth on the in stroke at the same time pushing Mary and I into eachother and causing us to slide across the floor a bit. When they tiredof their fun they finally stopped and withdrew their fists. Tomexclaimed, “Now this bitch has a rosebud too.”They left us lying on the floor hooked together for several hours.Jack finally undid the padlocks so we could get up off the floor. Heasked Mary, “Did you enjoy your shared experience bitch?” She wascrying but managed to tell him what he wanted to hear when she replied,”Yes sir.” He told her to bend over and spread her cheeks. She obeyedand he smiled and said, “Tom was right, you do have a rosebud now. Youtwo bitches can put lipstick on each other’s rosebuds.” He giggled athis own remark. Jack then told her, “You may control you husband butyou are still my slave bitch. I will use you whenever and however Iwish. Do you understand bitch?” Mary answered, “Yes Master.”Jack now tossed me a bag and told me to get dressed. I took out ashort skirt and put it on glad to finally be able to cover up part ofmy nude body. There was also a low cut white blouse in the bag and Iput it on also. My nipples and the rings in them were visible throughthe sheer material. He also had a pair of pink sandals in the bag andI also put those on my feet. John told me I looked pretty enough tofuck. The bastard already had done that with his cock and his fist.Mary had brought along a wig and John put that on my head.Mary was given a bag of clothes and when she put them on we weredressed alike. She felt her bald head and looked at Jack as if to askwhat she was supposed to do. He said, “When you get home you can buyanother wig,” He handed Mary her purse and told her, “Get going beforeI change my mind and take you two slave bitches with me.” He added,”Mary you had better drive since the other bitch has no license now.” We hurried out the door and to our car, leaving all of our other thingsbehind. Mary still had her keys and driver’s license so she drove thecar.As we drove along afraid to stop anywhere, Mary said, “Give me my wigbitch. You can ride home bald.” I put it on her head while she wasdriving. In a couple of hours we reached a highway and got off ofthose dirt roads. The only real embarrassment on the trip home waswhen we had to stop for gas. I had to get out of the car and pump itand pay for it using Mary’s credit card. My short skirt barely coveredmy bare ass. The Attendant looked as me strangely, but said nothing ashe rang up the sale. We arrived at our house long after dark. We bothtook a shower and crawled into bed too exhausted to talk. We sleptsoundly for the first time in days.In the morning Mary told me, “Fix me some breakfast bitch and wear theoutfit Jack gave you until we can buy you some more feminine things towear.” I did as she wanted. When breakfast was ready, Mary came outwearing jeans and a flannel shirt. As we ate she told me, “You knowthat our relationship has been changed forever bitch, you are now to bethe nice, feminine submissive one in this house. I can wear wigs towork and my regular clothes but nobody would hire you looking like youdo.” I knew she was right and that if we were to survive she wouldhave to be the breadwinner now. I was going to have to do all of thehousework and cooking for her as my duty.Mary next went into the sexual side of our new setup. She told me, “Iwill need to have men here to make love to me at times since you are nolonger capable of doing so. You will be out sweet little maid at thosetimes.” I shuddered at the thought but said, “Yes Mistress.” Shecontinued saying, “You will dress and act feminine at all times. Thishad better be the last time I see you without your makeup on. Theleast you can do is to make yourself look pretty for me.” I said, “Iunderstand Mistress.” She went on to tell me, “You will do oral sex onme whenever I want it. I will fist you to give you some pleasureoccasionally at my whim. You are now at my beck and call and must obeyor leave this house. Do you agree to my terms bitch?” I had neverimagined she would take matters so far. We had loved each other until afew days ago. She had me trapped and knew it. I hesitated but finallysaid, “Yes Mistress. I agree to your terms.” She had just got me toagree to be her slave girl!Mary told me to get my lipstick and apply it to her rosebud. I did asshe said and she applied it to mine as well. She said, “You realizethat this will become a daily ritual for us now. That skin is verytender and needs to be lubricated to keep from being sore.” I said,”Yes Mistress Mary, I know that.” When that was finished, Mary fixedherself up and left to go shopping. I put on my makeup, cleaned up thekitchen then decided to check my e-mail. I only had one message and itwas from Master Jack. Mary must have given him my e-mail address. Myhands were trembling when I opened the message. That cruel bastard wasnot going to let us go.The message started out, “Hello my slave bitch.” He then went on todisplay the pictures he had taken of Mary and I, including some takenwhile we were kissing while being fisted. That one made it look as ifwe were enjoying it. He let me know that he was prepared to post thosepictures on some very kinky web sites along with our names and addressunless I obeyed him. He told me to sign up for Skype and leave mycomputer with the camera on at all times. He would contact me withinstructions there. Jack also included a list of links to sites wherehe would post our pictures and information. I checked out those sitesand all were sites catering to perverts, sadists or gay men. I knew ifhe posted us on those sites we would be flooded with men looking forkinky sex. I saved that e-mail message to show Mistress when she gothome. I signed on to Skype using the name “Master Jack’s slave bitch”as I had been directed. I left the computer on with the camerarunning.When Mistress returned from shopping she showed me her purchases. Shehad bought a couple of new wigs for her to wear, some feminine clothesfor me to wear and a couple of bottles of estrogen. She explained theestrogen by telling me that I was to take it to replace thetestosterone I would no longer be producing. I said, “But Mistressthat will make me more feminine.” She smiled and said, “Yes bitch.You will never be a man again so you might as well be as feminine asyou can.”Just as I was telling her about the message I had gotten from MasterJack, the computer beeped and I ran to open the Skype file. The onlyone who would call that name would be Master Jack. He had his cameraon also so I could see him as well as he could see me. He said, “I seeyou can follow instructions bitch. Good, if you had not done so, Iwould have to dispose of you, permanently.” He was dead serious aboutthat. He told me, “Call my other slave bitch in front of the camera.” I called Mistress to come appear for Master Jack. When we stood sideby side he commanded, “Take off your clothes bitches. I want to seeyou naked now.” We both took off the clothes we had on and stood therenaked in front of the camera.Master Jack said, “Master John is here with me. We will be coming tovisit you soon.” Master John asked me, “Did eating your nuts satisfyyour hunger bitch?” I said, “I was helpless and you made me do thatsir.” He said, “It was better than throwing them in the trash.” Iguess he was right. Master Jack asked Mary how things were going withus. She told him, “We have sorted things out ok. I will be thebreadwinner and bitch will be the housewife. I am putting bitch onestrogen tonight.” Master Jack said, “As it should be.” Mistress thenadded, “The problem is now bitch is unemployable and we may lose thishouse.” Master Jack then sounded concerned when he said, “Iunderstand, perhaps, I can arrange a job for that worthless bitch. Iwill get back to you on that.” There was a long pause and he clickedoff.Mary took me to bed and had me do oral sex on her until she had twoorgasms. She also made me tongue her asshole before she would let mesleep. The incision in my scrotum was itching and as I scratched itsoftly she said, “Isn’t that cute? Bitch is playing with her pussy.”She then told me, “Get me the can of Crisco bitch.” I got out of bedand went to the pantry and brought back the Crisco. I handed it to herwith trembling hands. “Assume the position bitch.” She commanded. Iknelt on the floor with my head touching the floor and my ass up in theair. She greased up my ass and her hand and arm. She worked her handinto me and then made a fist. She asked me, “Does my little bitch wantme to fuck her pussy for her?” I said, “Yes Mistress.” She rammed herfist forward and back going deeper inside of me with each stroke. Shehad me moaning like mad as she ravished me. When she wanted to shestopped and wiggled her fingers deep inside of me. She asked me, “Whoowns you bitch?” I was panting but said, “You do Mistress Mary.” Sheasked me, “Body and soul bitch?” I hesitated and she pinched theinside of my colon. I quickly said, “Yes Mistress, body and soul.”She said, “You are a good girl bitch.”When she finished and pulled her arm out of me she took me to bed andmade me lick her arm and fingers clean. She kissed me lightly on thecheek and rolled over to go to sleep. I had experienced a sort oforgasm from her fisting of me but still felt very used. She as well asthose men was determined to make me as feminine and obedient aspossible. She even had me tasting my own shit now. I cried softlyover the loss of my manhood. I was now useless as a male and only fitto serve other people. That last fish hook was still embedded in thehead of my cock making it painful to even wear panties.The next day was Saturday and we were due back to work on Monday. Ourbrief vacation was coming to an end. It was a much different endingthan I had planned on for certain. I had taken Mary for a week offishing and relaxation to a remote cabin in the woods and come homeemasculated and enslaved. I fixed us a nice breakfast and while wewere eating, we got a message on my computer from Jack. I ran toanswer his Skype message. He started out by saying, “Good morning mybitches.” I answered, “Good Morning Master Jack.” Mary was standingbeside me by now. Jack informed us, “I have good news for you two. Ihave a friend that wants to interview sissy bitch for a job. Be atthis address at 3:30pm today.” He gave Mary the address which shecopied down. He told me, “Wear the outfit I sent you home in bitch andfull makeup. If he finds you satisfactory he will hire you. Do notshame me in front of him.” He signed off.I washed my skirt and blouse and dried them. I even ironed both items.I took a shower and shaved carefully before putting on my makeup.While I was getting ready, Mary made a map showing us how to get to theaddress where a possible job for me awaited. We left in plenty of timeto get there. I was nearly naked and felt very vulnerable in thisoutfit. We had never been to this part of the city and found it to bea very seedy neighborhood. Most of the people we saw were black. Marywore slacks and a nice blouse. With her heels on she was taller than Iwas. We went to the door and knocked on it. A bit hairy man openedthe door and let us enter the place. I told him. “I am here tointerview for a job sir. Jack sent me here.” He led us back to anoffice where the boss man was.Once I told the boss that Jack had sent me here to interview for a job,the man told me, “Jack told me all about how you came to be like youare now sissy. Did you enjoy eating your balls?” My eyes filled withtear as I told him, “No sir, I was forced to do that.” He smiled andtold me, Take off your clothes. I want to see your body.” I took offmy blouse and dropped my skirt to stand naked in front of him. Helooked at my still unhealed brand and my nipple rings and lightlypulled on my nose ring. Then he told me, ” Bend over and spread yourass cheeks bitch.” He examined my asshole and said, “Jack was veryaccurate in his description of you. You do have a two ring rosebud andit is covered with red lipstick.” He said I will hire you to be awaitress here starting now. He took me to the dressing room and had meput on a short black leather skirt and a matching vest. “This will beyour work uniform, leave the vest open so people can see your brand andthose cute nipple rings.” He gave me a pair of high heeled shoes towear as part of my uniform. He told me, “Your shift will be from 4PMto 2AM. This is a private club catering to the gay leather crowd. Iwill pay you minimum wage but if you hustle and are charming to thecustomers you will make a lot more in tips. Some men may want to takeyou to a private room in the back and you set your own rates for thoseservices.” He was suggesting that I whore myself out to strange menfor money. He said, “You are allowed to dance with the patrons sincethis is a private club. If they buy you drinks we will serve you teaand charge them for real drinks. He told Mary, “Come back at around2:30 to pick up your sissy.” She walked out of the room and left mehere. I was going to be a B girl in this seedy place.As the place filled up I got very busy taking drink orders and cartingthem across the crowded room to the booths. Men would pinch my ass asI walked by and I had to smile sweetly at them. I was the new girlhere and attracted a lot of attention. Most of the men here seemed toknow each other and somehow the word about my condition had spreadthrough the crowd. When I carried a tray of drinks to a booth full ofblack men the one closest türbanlı escort niğde to me told me, “Open your vest and show usyour brand and your nipple rings girl.” I blushed but obeyed him. Hetugged lightly on my nipple rings and dropped a $20 bill into my apronpocket. I thanked him sweetly for the money. He had me set my traydown and took me by the hand and led me to the dance floor. He held meclose to him and while we danced he worked his hand up under my skirtand fondled my bare ass. I felt trapped by this big strong black manbut smiled sweetly at him. He told me, “I have reserved a private roomfor 11:00 and I will give you $100 to join me there sissy.” I wasbeing asked to whore myself out by him. I blushed and asked, “Whatwill I have to do there sir?” He smiled and said, “Be my slave girlfor an hour.” I told him that I would have to ask my boss if I couldget away as this was my first night on the job. I was told not to worryabout that, he had already cleared it with my boss. I then told him,”I will be there master.” He led me back to his booth and had me liftup my skirt and show my rosebud to his friends. He gave me a $50 billfor the dance and showing as well as a slap on my ass as I went back tothe bar to get more drinks. After only a short time of walking inthose heels had made my legs and feet sore but I needed this job. Ihad to keep going.By 11:00 I had some nice tips in my apron and I headed back to privateroom #1 to meet my date. I was very nervous as I knocked lightly onthe door. He opened the door and said, “Come in my little slave.” Heput a $100 bill in my apron pocket and told me to get naked. I blushedas I took off my clothes and hung them on a hook on the wall. He tieda cord to my nipple rings and ran both of the ends through a steel ringmounted below waist level on the wall. He then tied both ends to mynose ring leaving me bent over and firmly fixed to the wall. He toldme, “I love having a white sissy as my slave and can afford to pay formy pleasures.” He slapped me on the ass hard bringing tears to myeyes. He gave me 20 swats on each ass cheek before stopping. My asswas fiery red and hurting. He fondled my empty scrotum and told me, “I would have given you $10, ooo dollars for the fun of emasculatingyou sissy but someone has already beat me to that pleasure. I havealready had my money’s worth from you, but I will give you a $500 tipif you let me fist your ass. I want to add a third ring on yourrosebud,” What do you say sissy?” I said, “Yes Master, please dothat.” He greased up his big hand and began working it into myasshole. I figured that my poor ass had already been fisted for freeby my tormentors in the cabin and $500 was a lot of money to me. Thebig man rammed his huge fist in and out of me for over 30 minutescausing me to dribble fluid on the floor. When he finally pulled hisfist out of me, he put some bills into an empty beer bottle and shovedthat up my gaping ass hole. He then untied the cord and had me kisshis asshole to thank him for his business. He let me get dressed andwalked me back to the bar area.I picked up a tray of drinks from the bar and delivered them to a boothfull of menI could not help but walk funny with my ass still on fire from thespanking, my nose and nipples aching and that beer bottle up inside me.I was now a professional whore. When I got a chance I went to theladies room to relieve myself. I looked in the mirror and sure enoughI now had a third ring on my rosebud. I refreshed my lipstick coatingon the newly enlarged rosebud and thought to myself, “I can’t do thatevery night.” I had to use muscle control to hold that beer bottleinside of me now. If I kept this up, I would soon loose all musclecontrol there and be wearing diapers.By the end of the night I was exhausted and sore, but after sweepingout the place, I counted my money and had over $2,000 in my apronpocket and more in the beer bottle inside of me. This was more than Imade at my former job in two weeks. While I waited for Mary to pick meup, I thought about what my black client had said and wondered if Iwould have sold my testicles for $10,000. I had lost them with nocompensation anyway.When Mary came to pick me up I gave her all of my money and she droveus home. Once in our house I put a towel on the bathroom floor andpassed the beer bottle out of me. He had put it in me neck first so Ihad to force the blunt end out of me first. When I removed the corkfrom the beer bottle and shook out the money, I found that there were 8$100 bills in there. My first client had been very generous with me.Even though I now had a third ring on my rosebud for life, it had beena profitable evening.After 3 weeks of Mary having to pick me up in the middle of the night,she told me, “This is ridiculous sissy. I can’t get a full night’ssleep having to pick you up at 2:30 or 3 in the morning. You need torent a place near where you work so you can walk to and from the club.”I was shocked. Mary wanted me to move out of our house. So it came tobe that she made some phone calls and then took me to see severalplaces. She rented a cheap one bedroom apartment on the third floorabove a store. The next day we moved my few things into the apartment.When all was in place she kissed me lightly on the cheek and left mealone in a dump in a bad neighborhood. I was afraid to leave my place.I knew she wanted me to live in fear as a whore for real men. I criedmyself to sleep that night. My life was in shambles.Every Sunday Mary would bring me some groceries and collect the money Ihad made that week. She would leave me a few dollars for incidentalsbut take the rest. She was like my pimp now. She was doing none ofthe degrading things but enjoying the money I brought in. The firstmonth or so she would take me to her house on Sundays and I loved theformer luxury I had taken for granted. Sunday evening she would driveme back to my meager apartment in her new Mercedes. She was livinghigh style and I was poverty stricken.After a few more months she told me she now had a live-in lover andcould no longer bring me home with her. She took my money and left mesome groceries and a new supply of female hormones. By now I had grownB cup titties. I had become a freak. She needed a real man for alover.It was only another month after that when she told me that she handedme divorce papers and told me she had sold our house and she and hernew lover were moving to California. She kissed me lightly on thecheek and wished me well and walked out of my life forever. I was allalone in the world with a job as a whore and waitress. At least now Icould keep whatever money I could earn.That same night at work my first client returned to the club and when Idelivered his drink he told me to open my vest again. I did and hesmiled when he saw how my breasts were developing. He told me to sitdown beside him for a bit and of course I did. He then told me, “Ireally like you girl and have a proposition for you. I am ready to payfor you to get breast implants and am willing to give you a $10,000bonus if you have the surgery done. Think it over and let me know. Youwould certainly get better tips with bigger boobs.” I knew he wasright and that was a lot of money to me now. I said, “I need to workhere to survive sir. I would have to take some time off to recoverfrom the surgery.” He told me, “I will arrange for the time off withyour boss. He works for me.” I was sorely tempted now. He then toldme, “One other thing girl, you will have my mark tattooed on your newboobs so everyone will know who paid for them.” I blushed at thethought of being marked for life but since I already had been one moremark seemed a small sacrifice for so much money. He told me to meethim in private room #1 at 12 midnight. I told him I would be there andgot up to serve more drinks.The more I thought about his offer the more I knew I would take him upon it. I could no longer be a man and having bigger boobs would let meearn more money. When midnight rolled around I knocked lightly on thedoor of private room #1. He smiled when he opened the door for me toenter. “Come in girl, I want to own you as my slave.”I meekly said, “Yes Master.” He asked me, “Do you accept my offergirl?” I actually fluttered my fake eyelids as I told him, “Yes Masterand will also be marked by you as your property.” He smiled broadlyand told me, “I am very pleased girl. Jake told me you were just whatI was looking for.” He knew Jake? I asked, “You know Jake Master?”He replied, “Yes, he works for me. Tonight I will not tie you. Justspend our hour holding my black cock in your mouth girl.” I kneltbetween his legs and took his big cock into my mouth. He caressed myhair as I knelt there and softly talked to me about the wonderful womanhe wanted me to become. My knees were killing me after kneeling thereso long when suddenly he began peeing in my mouth. “Drink it down asquickly as you can girl I want my fluids in you.” I gulped it down asfast as I could but some leaked out of my mouth some even came outthrough my nose. Once his bladder was empty he told me, “Now you maysuck me off girl.”With the taste of his urine overwhelming me, I started sucking his bigcock. As I worked on it it became huge and threatened to choke me, Ifought back the gag instinct and took him as deeply as I could.Eventually he shot his load of semen down my throat. He then had methank him, gave me some bills rolled up and said, I will see you hereMonday morning at 9am. Pack a toothbrush and nothing else. Ianswered, “Yes Master.” He gave me a shot of straight vodka to cleansemy breathe he said. I walked back to the bar area and resumed myduties.Monday morning at a quarter to nine I was standing in front of the clubholding my purse and nervously awaiting my Master. At 9 on the dot ablack Cadillac pulled up and the chauffer got out and opened the backdoor for me. I slid into the back seat alongside of my Master. He hadme put on a pair of dark glasses so that I was unable to see where hewas taking me. We drove for some time before stopping. Master led meinto a building and into a room where he had lie on an examining table.Someone injected me with something that put me to sleep very quickly.When I awoke I was laying in a bed with my chest wrapped in bandages.I could feel a heavy weight on my chest and I was strapped to the bed. I had no idea of how long I had been out or what had been done to me.Eventually a nurse in a white uniform came in to see me. She said, “Ahyou are awake. You will love your new boob’s sweetie. The Doctor did agreat job on you.” I told her, “Ma’am I have to pee.” She told me,”Go right ahead, you have a catheter in you honey.” I did. I noticedthere was a tube going into my arm and knew there was a tube drainingme now. I was helpless and merely processing what went through me.They kept me this way for 3 days before undoing the straps and havingme sit up. The nurse removed my bandages, washed me and then appliedfresh bandages. While my breasts were bare I could see that they werehuge. When I mentioned that to the nurse and she said, “Yes sweetie,they are now 42DD’s. You will need to wear a 5 hook bra to hold themup” She got me up and put my shoes back on my feel and led me down thehall for a walk. The new weight on my chest took some getting used to,but I knew that those boobs were now there for life.A couple of more days later, Master drove me home and saw me to myapartment. He handed me a bank book with my name on the account. Iopened it and saw it had a balance of $20,000 in my account. I toldhim, “This is too much Master.” He smiled and said, “It is worth it tome. In another couple of weeks we will get you tattooed.” He turnedand left me to recover in my own place.With a month to recover I watched TV and played with my new breasts. Idid have to shop for new bras as the few I had were worthless now. Ieven bought myself some new clothes as the few feminine garments I hadno longer fit over my new breasts. I drew a lot of attention from menas I walked the sidewalks. I now knew how women feel when men oglethem. I was also very careful where and when I went.Then one day Master showed up at my apartment accompanied by Jake. Iwas still in my robe after taking a shower. I had not even done mymakeup yet. Master told me to drop my robe and I obeyed instantly.Master looked carefully at my big breasts and felt them up. “They arevery nice indeed girl. The doctor did a beautiful job on you. Nowjump up and down for me so I can watch them flop.” I began jumping upand down and sure enough my breasts were flopping as I did. Jake waslaughing out loud at me. Master just smiled.When I could stop jumping Jake asked me, “Been fishing lately sissy?”I meekly replied, “No sir, I have been busy working.” He said, “Iknow, as a whore and waitress. I started you on a whole new career.”He was right but it was certainly not a career I would have chosenwithout being desperate for a job. He asked me, “Has that littlepeewee of yours been hard lately?” I answered honestly, “No sir.” Heasked me, “Would you like to see it sticking straight out again sissy?”I nodded my head yes. He looked at Master who nodded his assent. Theyhad obviously discussed me before this and had some sort of plan. Jakecame to me and grabbed my limp penis. He then shoved a thin metal tubedown my urethra. It hurt like hell going in there especially at theend. The end was barbed so it could not be removed. When he finished,my penis stuck straight out in front of me. Master remarked, “You lookgood that way girl. Your skirt will now be tented for all to see.”Now slip on some clothes it is time to get your tattoos.”We spent the rest of the day at the tattoo parlor with me undergoingthe stinging needles. When they were done with me I had a black cockand balls tattooed on my left breast, the word “useless” on my penisand on my lower back was “Fuck me please” with and arrow pointingtowards my asshole. I was now a freak marked for life. No normalperson would ever want me. They had even put a stud through my tongue.Master told me that stud would allow me to give better blow jobs. Jakeurged Master to get “Whore” tattooed on my forehead but fortunatelyMaster declined. He decided I was marked enough at least for now.They drove me home and gave me a sheet of instructions on how to carefor my new tattoos. As I got undressed for bed I stared at my newtattoos in the mirror for a long time. Nobody who had known me beforeour trip to that cabin would ever recognize me now. I had a femininehairdo; big boobs and my penis pointed straight out in front of me andwould do so from now on. When my bra was off my boobs sagged. For themoney I had made in a couple of months on my old job, Master hadaltered my body beyond imagination. What Jake had started, he hadembellished considerably. With my penis jutting out like it was Iwould no longer be able to wear panties. I knew that the short skirt Iwore at work would barely cover my ass now.The afternoon I went back to work the doorman told me the boss wantedto see me. I went to his office immediately hoping I was not introuble. I needed my job badly. He had me strip for him and handed mea short black silky skirt and a frilly petticoat heavily starched towear under it. The petticoat had a wire hoop inside of it. For a tophe had me wear a short red velvet vest that barely covered my breasts. I knew the tattoo on my lower back was showing clearly. He gave me apair of red heels to complete my outfit. Once I was dressed in my newuniform he told me that I looked very pretty and reminded me that thepetticoat would have to be washed, starched and ironed every time Iwore it. The petticoat made my skirt stick out. I knew I was totallyexposed below it. He then tied a red ribbon around my penis. I got upthe courage to say, “But sir, I can’t go out there like this. This isworse than being naked.” He looked sternly at me and told me, “Youcan and will wear this outfit every night. Your Master picked it outfor you.” I protested, “But my tattoos will show wearing this outfitsir.” He said, “Better them than the scars you will have if you don’twear it.”When the customers started filling up the room I was clearly the objectof interest. I thought people were just ordering drinks to get acloser look at me. I tried to avoid standing still very long in oneplace. I got a lot of dances and tips that night and several trips to aprivate room.Around midnight Master and Jake walked into the club and sat in hisreserved booth. Master waved me over to him. He told me you look verypretty tonight girl. Shake those boobs for me. I shook from side toside and my breasts popped out of my top. He smiled and said, “Leavethem out girl, they need to breathe.” I clasped my hands over mynipples in shame. Master told me, “Do not cover them. Be proud ofthem. They cost me a lot of money.” I dropped my hands to my sides.I felt like a slut walking around with my boobs hanging out there forall to see. I had to stay that way for the rest of the night. Masterand Jake enjoyed watching me work barely dressed and doing a woman’sjob at that. Jake knew he had changed my life forever and it pleasedhim a lot. Many a man was to grab my nipple ring and look at the blackcock tattooed there this night and many other nights. All I could dowhen that happened was smile pretty at them. Some men even flickedtheir hand to make my stiff penis bob back and forth. I was now a toyfor anyone. I held back my tears to avoid streaking my makeup, but,wanted badly to cry.Two months after I was back to work and wearing my new uniform I saw inthe paper that a major d**g ring had been broken up. The leader of thegang was Master, along with him were pictures of Jake, and John bothemployees of him as well as several other men I had never seen. Theywere all being held without bond and facing long prison terms.The Feds seized all of Master’s assets and quickly shut down the club Iwhere I worked. As happy as I was to see Jack and Jake about to payfor their misdeeds, I was now out of work. After a couple of weeks Isecured employment in an Adult book store. The money was a lot less,but at least I could wear regular dresses to work.

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