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Helping a Mother and Daughter Part 4

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Helping a Mother and Daughter Part 4Lisa slid down my hard thick shaft and I watched as the radiance of pleasure flooded through her face! It had been years since I had been with a woman whose age began with a 3 and now I was penetrating one of the most beautiful women of that age or any other age that I had seen in a while. To top it off, daughter was lying in a sweaty puddle on the coffee table just to the side of us, heart still racing and nipples like hard berries point up at the ceiling as she recovered from what I would guess would be her first time ever being eaten out by anyone! Her juices still smeared my face and coated my tongue as Lisa leaned down to kiss me!I could taste the strawberry lip gloss as it melded with the sweet taste of her young daughter. My cock could bursa escort not grow any longer or larger as it strained to fill her womb up to over flowing I reached up and tested the berries hanging down from the front of Lisa’s breasts and twisted them to see if the fruit was ripe. The way her pussy clamped on my cock and she moaned told me that they were indeed ripe and ready.I slapped, squeezed and twisted her tits as she slowly raised and lowered her hips onto mine. Getting used to my length is not difficult for most women, but as my sister told me when we were first exploring our sexual identities, my cock was almost too damn thick for fun! That did not deter Lisa. She wanted it badly enough that we were going to fuck no matter what!Chastity rolled onto her side and watched suddenly bursa escort bayan completely recovered and hungry for more. Her eyes were drinking in the muscles in the legs of her mother as she bounced up and down on my glistening shaft. She started to ask something and I put my finger across her lips to stop her. Her mother had her eyes closed, completely lost in the sensation of my fat prick sliding in and out of her neglected vagina.Then Chastity took my hand and pulled it away before then pointing my finger at her lips and slowly sucking it into her mouth as she had watched her mother do earlier to my prick. She ran her small pink tongue around the digit and then slid it deep inside of her mouth, so far I was afraid she might puke, but she took it all in! Then I slowly escort bursa started to finger fuck the girl’s mouth as her mother’s cunt began slowly picking up the pace of sliding up and down my shaft!I was doing well holding off the need to explode until Chastity reached over to the breast of her mother’s that my hand had vacated and she cupped her mother’s breast and then pinched her nipple. Lisa opened her eyes and looked over at her daughter with a lewd and lustful leer. She dropped all of her weight down onto my hips and impaled herself hard on my throbbing cock and it was very nearly the detonation of a chain reaction explosion that destroyed the ability of each of us to do any more than feel the pleasure as it thundered through each of us from one to the other!———————————————My only payment for writing is knowing if it gets you off or makes you feel something (like your pussy or cock!!)So please, leave me a note or a vote…. It will be much appreciated!Thanks

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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