Haz 03

Helping Each Other Out

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Helping Each Other OutMy mom and dad had always seemed like they had the perfect marriage. They always fucked. I would some times peak thru the door and watch. I loved how mom’s boobs would shake or sway as dad fucked her hard. I also loved it when dad would pull his limp cock out of mom and some white cum would trickle out of mom. Mom and dad went thru a nasty divorce after mom found out dad was not only fucking mom, but his secretary, the checkout lady from the store, and several other women. The divorce d**g on for about two years and mom was devastated. I think she only went out on two dates during that whole time and niether went well. I was sixteen and had not had much luck with girls. I was a virgin but not from lack of trying. I tried to fuck several girls. I wanted so badly to stick my cock deep in some girls pussy and blow a huge wad of jizz into her womb. I wanted to so bad that my cock and balls would hurt at the thought.Mom and I were sitting in her bed like we always do to watch a movie. Mom had on a t-shirt and pantys and I just had my boxers. We were drinking beer and laughing artemisbet yeni giriş about the movie we had rented. It had a lot of sex in it, alot of the sex was between family members and I made comment that it would be nice to have sex. Mom giggled and said that it would be nice if we could help each other out, what would it hurt. We giggled but as we sat there I got to thinking more about that. What would it really hurt if mom and I had sex? We were not going to have babies and it would be better than having sex with strangers. My cock got hard at the thought of me plunging it deeply into mom’s cunt, her boobs shaking from my thrust. And then pushing into as deep as I could get and flooding her insides with my cum. My cock now was as hard as it has ever been and I decided I better cool it before mom brushes it and thinks I am a perv. Right then mom’s hand brushed across my rock hard cock. Mom’s hand stayed on my cock, she then said that I must be thinking about the same thing she is. Mom said that her pussy is so wet right now. Mom asked me if it was wrong for artemisbet giriş the two of us to have sex? I told her it was the best thing. I told mom we should be helping each other out. I am a man and she is a woman and we should have sex. I said that many cultures do this. Then I told her who would ever know? Mom started to play with my cock, she said that it has been so long since has had any cock. Almost three years. I told mom that she was lucky as I had never had any pussy. Mom looked at me and asked if I was k**ding? She could not believe it. She went crazy after that. Mom pulled my boxers off and jacked my cock for a minute then she went down on me and gave me a pretty good but short BJ. Mom then got outof bed and took her t and pantys off. She has the cutest boobs and her untrimmed cunt was cute also. I could see her wet pink pussy lips in the center of her bush. I put my fingers in her cunt and played with her clit and her hole. I put my wet fingers to my nose and she smelled so good that my cock got harder. Mom got on top of me and slowly slid her cunt down artemisbet güvenilirmi onto my cock. I could not believe how good it felt to finally be inside some pussy. It was so warm and wet. Mom started to fuck me, she was rolling her pussy up and down and all around my cock. She was playing with her clit and within a minute she had a huge orgasim. Mom shuddered and shook and her pussy clamped onto my cock. I could not hold back any longer and released a huge load of sticky cum deep into mom. It seemed that both orgasims would go on for ever. Mom collasped beside me. She said that was one of the most spectacular orgasims she has ever had and she wanted more. I fucked mom several more times that night. After that night mom and I fucked like we were boyfriend and girlfriend. I mean every chance we got to fuck we did. Even if it was just a slip it in and cum quickie fuck all the way to lets fuck for hours. We tried every position and mom even would give me a bj and swallow, or some times let cum on her face. We were crazy. Mom would go out with men and come home and tell me all about what happened and let me have sloppy seconds. I would do the same, telling mom about fucking other girls. We became so close after we started having sex that we both think it was the best thing to ever happen to us. That first fuck happened twenty years ago and we still fuck like teenagers today.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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