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Helping out a friend

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Helping out a friendI was at a party that was just finishing with my friend Pete. A big mansion owned by some guy he worked for a whole ago. As the place emptied Pete and I were out by the pool deck near the sauna room when the owner, about 50 with a beer gut and body to amtch and one of his mate, who looked the same walked up to Pete and said “so who’s your mate?” “I’m Joe” i blurted out offering my hand for the shaking. He shook it and turned to face Pete.”So, still wanting abit of extra money?” he asked. I assumed he meant work but then Pete got enrvous and said “Yaeh, but he might not” I was to confused to say antyhing ebfore the owner said “Fine by me” and he and his friend, to my surpirse, grabbed Pete and took him into the Sauna. It then dawned on me – they were going to fuck him! I was half horny half scared so I waited a few seconds and began to approach the sauna door.Through the glass I could see Pete stripping naked in front of the two men who had hard, thick dicks and their big beer bellies waiting to assault Pete’s arse.No sooner had Pete removed his jocks tat the owner forced him to his knees and made him take his thick, veined cock.Once Pete was on his knees the other man walked behind him and started to run his finger along Pete’s asshole. After a few istanbul escort seconds the otehr old man slipped to his knees and guided Pete’s ass on to his thick cock. Pete flinched brifely as he becam impaled on teh old mans cock.By this stage I was pressed up against the window in the door. rubbing my throbbing cock when the host looked up and saw me there.! I wanted to move away put was to horny to move. Then the owner then let out a smile and held out his hand to me “Join us” Pete look up from this cock and looked at me and said “good money bud !” and with that I nervously stepped in taking my clotehr off to reveal my throbbing cock.The host moved away from Pete’s mouth while he was still getting pumped by the other man and moaned “fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck” loudly. The owner sized me up as I braced for impact when to my surpise he dropepd to his knees and took my wet cock in his mouth. While he was sucking with one hand he used the otehr to begin to slowly finger my ass. I was so horny I wanted his thick cokc in my ass immediately.I didn’t have tto wait long. Both of the old men stopepd what they were doing and leant on their backs “time to ride us cowboys!” ordered the owner. Pete then assumed the cowboy avcılar escort on his man and I followed. I felt a sting as the old mans thick cock enetered my arse, but that was soon taken over by pleasure as I began to ride more and more.Pete and I were riding like crazy when he leant oevr and kissed me strongly and then to my surprise I kissed him just as hard back. We had kissed a few times when Pete’s old man moaned louldy and said “you read boy?!” “Fuck yeah” Pete screamed back. With that the old man puleed Pete’s ass close to his groin and moaned “fuuuuuu—u—u-uuuuuuck” as his body quivered and jolted whole he shot a hot load into Pete’s ass.Pete’s slid off the old man who then turned over on to his Belly and barked”bury that dick in me boy” and Pete did slowly easing his hard young dick into an ass the slowly swalloed it whole. This seemed to trigger the host who then yelled “your turn buddy” and with that I felt several shots of his warm cum into my ass.As I slid off his ass he then sat up and forced me on to my back. This time he was going to ride me! He let out a slow moan of pleasure as my trhobbing. dripping dick diappeared into hsi huge arse.”Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck” they both moand as Pete and I sought our revenge on their şirinevler escort asses when the host asked “so who’s it gonna be ralph?” to his mate “from the throbbing mine’s close” he eplied. Pete looked at me and smiled and siad “hold it if you can buddy, I’ll make it worth it” I smiled and nodded back.Sure enough, Pete held his end of teh bargain as he began fucking Ralpj’s ass stronger and stronger until he arched his abck and yelled “fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” and shuddered as he gave the old man his seed.”Fuck yeah” said the owner “I wanna see this” and with that he suddenly got off me dick and pulled me to my feet. Before I knew it he pulled me over to Pete who got back on his knees. Ralph grabbed Pete’s head and began to force it towards my cock. I started to resist when Pete said “just give it to me buddy, it’s fine” and ebfore I had a chance to react the owne granned my arse and forced my cock into Pete’s mouth. The old men were making me face fuck him and it felt great!!”Do it son…he can take it” said the host “yeah he can” said Ralph. “You cuming yet boy” barked the owner “Almost” I muttered. “Open wide Petey”: said Ralph and Pete stopped sucking and opend his mouth wide to receive my load.The host then wrapped his hug hands around my wet, throbbing dick and stroked away! I couldn’t hold it anymore and “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh” I yelled as I arched my back and shot my jizz into Pete’s mouth and all over his face.As I finally finished squirting and the old man slowed his jerking Pete looked at me and smiled “so you wanna cum to the next party?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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