Mar 10

Helping Out in a Time of Need, Part 1

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Helping Out in a Time of Need, Part 1I’ve written before about Pam, my sexy friend with benefits. Pam has huge natural breasts with super-sensitive nipples and is incredible in bed. Pure extasy is receiving a blow job from Pam. It’s hard to explain, but she is just very, very talented when it comes to sex. Perhaps this is due, in a large part, to the nature of our relationship. It is quite simply, all about sex and pleasuring each other. No romantic hassles or typical relationship obstacles. Just pure pleasure. Sure, we get along together just fine and I enjoy going out for drinks with Pam. But almost all of our encounters lead to the bedroom … well, not always the bedroom, but always to sex. It’s obvious that men enjoy a friends with benefits relationship. What’s better than great sex with no commitments? But, what is often not talked about, is how these casual relationships can be rewarding for women as well. Emotional relationship issues are more likely to impact a woman’s enjoyment of sex, and her ability to reach orgasm, than a man’s. Sometimes a woman just needs sex with someone who knows how to please her and nothing else to think about except getting off really good! One of Pam’s best and long time friends is Barbara. A very successful realtor, Barbara is a classic, timeless beauty. Homecoming Queen in high school and always a stunner, Barbara has long brown hair, beautiful almond eyes, long legs, and a great body. She resembles Demi Moore, after the boobs. Barbara married young, had c***dren, and settled down with an adoring husband. As Barbara was nearing her forties, she noticed quite a drop off in their usually active sex life. This was coming at a bad time, because Barbara could tell she was reaching her sexual peak. She thought about sex all the time and found herself masturbating frequently – something she had done only rarely in the past. She was fascinated by the intensity of the orgasms she was able to achieve by teasing herself and building up while masturbating. Barbara was still a very attractive woman and received more than her share of come-on’s from men. These passes were becoming more difficult to turn gaziantep escort bayan down as she became more sexually frustrated and suspected her husband might be having an affair. One day she was showing a house to a handsome young man who was relocating. He was obviously very successful, dressed impeccably, and Barbara could feel a tingling in her nipples as she walked through the house alone with him. She wished she hadn’t worn the beige, silky top because she knew her nipples were going to be on full display if they continued to stiffen. The young man didn’t seem particularly interested in Barbara – he was nice enough, but all business … so far. Then, Barbara caught a glimpse of him staring at her shapely ass as she walked in front of him in her snug fitting pants. He blushed a little, as did Barbara, but then his gaze moved to her ample breasts. Barbara still had firm, full breasts that sat proudly high on her chest. She worked out regularly and had recently moved up to a D cup bra as she built muscle tone. Noticing the attention of this handsome young man had her nipples fully erect and he couldn’t help but notice. Barbara took notice as well and now the tingling moved between her legs. “I’m sorry”, the young man stammered, “but you are a very attractive woman, and I couldn’t help but notice. Guess I lucked out on choosing a realtor to work with.” “Thank you!”, Barbara smiled, “I haven’t been feeling very attractive lately, so thanks for making my day.” The young man became more forward, sensing her arousal, “A woman as beautiful as you should never feel neglected, maybe I can do more to help.” He put his hand on Barbara’s shoulder and gently massaged her as he moved closer. Barbara had never cheated on her husband in almost 20 years of marriage, but this young man had her extremely aroused, her pussy was on fire and, no doubt, getting wetter by the second. “My God, you are just irrestible!” Barbara whispered, as she slipped an arm around him and pulled him closer. “Fuck me NOW!!!” Barbara groaned, not believing these words were coming from her mouth. They began kissing deeply, groping each other’s bodies. escort bayan She could feel the young man’s erection as he pressed against her. The anticipation building as she noticed how large he felt. Although the residents of the house had moved out, it still had most of the furniture there, fortunately including the master bedroom. They hurried to the bedroom, tossing clothes as they went. Barbara’s anticipation turned out to be right on target as the guy removed his pants. His cock was absolutely huge! He had to be at least 9″ long and very thick – much larger than Barbara’s husband. She had only been with one other man, her jock boyfriend in high school. She recalled that he had a big cock as well and, even though he didn’t know what he was doing, she remembered that it felt so very nice inside her. This young man, on the other hand, was a very skilled lover. Barbara laid back in the bed as he pleasured her beautiful body. Kissing and sucking her long nipples for a long while as she stroked his cock. Then , he moved to oral sex and Barbara was astonished at his skill. Wow, she thought, a guy with a huge cock AND an amazing tongue! She was startled at how quickly she reached orgasm, gyrating her shapely hips against his probing tongue as she had a huge, very satisfying cum. As she regained her senses, Barbara noticed a wide smile on his face, soaked in her pussy juices. She must have creamed quite a bit as she came. She went after that huge cock like a crazed, sex starved woman. She sucked it into her mouth and tried to remember the pointers her friend, Pam, had given her about sucking cock. She must have been doing it well, because the young man was moaning her name with desire. “Baby, I want to keep sucking you, but I’ve got to feel this amazing cock inside me!” Barbara gasped. He obliged and eased the monster cock between her thighs. She reached down and spread her pussy lips open to accommodate his thick, stiff member. As he started to ease it in, Barbara was glad she was so wet. Working the huge head inside her tight pussy, she groaned with pleasure. Then he began to push the full length of his cock inside her slowly. “Oh baby, oh baby, that feels amazing!” Barbara grunted. “Yes it does, you are so fucking tight!” he replied. Just when Barbara thought she was going to feel it all inside her, he slowly began to pull out. He slid his cock all the way out and let Barbara look at his throbbing, fully erect 9″ cock glistening in her pussy juices. “Put that big fucker back in!” Barbara demanded, again not imaging herself saying these words. He did exactly that. This time more forcefully, pushing it all the way in to the hilt. The head of his cock grazed her g spot as he slid in and out of her soaked pussy. Barbara was in extasy and quickly orgasmed again, wrapping her long legs around him as she exploded, her pussy convulsing against his thick cock. Just when she thought it couldn’t get any better, her turned her over and entered her pussy from the rear. Barbara has always liked this position to stimulate her g spot, plus she could diddle her clit while getting fucked good. This is exactly what she did and she embraced two more orgasms, each stronger than the one before. “I want you to cum in my mouth!” Barbara exclaimed, again amazed at her forwardness. The young man was more than ready to put his cock back inside her warm mouth. Barbara swirled her tongue around the head of his cock, just like Pam had told her. Sure enough, in no time at all, his thick cock began to spurt gobs of cum into her mouth. She tried to take it all in, continuing to suck him as his cock twitched and squirted, but his load was just too much to take. His hot white cum spilled out of her mouth onto her heaving breasts as he continued to ejaculate. Totally spent, they fell into bed exhausted. As Barbara drove home that afternoon, she couldn’t wait to tell Pam about her illicit escapade. Pam was single and really enjoyed sex, so Barbara and her other friends were always hearing stories about Pam’s sexual experiences. Barbara had difficulty believing Pam describe how she would sometimes have up to 10 orgasms in one session. After all, Barbara often struggled to come just once with her husband. But, today, she had four huge orgasms with a stranger. As she drove and thought about the young man, her pussy began tingling again and she realized she was already longing to cum again. Like Pam said, the more you get, the more you want. To be continued …

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