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Her first frat party

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Her first frat partyWhen Brittany woke up the next morning, she thought about the night before. Surprisingly, she was not as sore as she thought that she would be after such an anal pounding. Thinking about being dp’ed over and over again by those 6 college guys and then letting them all cum in her ass, she began to masturbate. While she rubbed herself, she thought about the party tonight, and she decided that she was going to let anyone fuck her who wanted to. Now that she had experienced her first dp she wanted it all the time. The way those two cocks felt in both her holes at the same time was a feeling that she couldnt describe. Thinking of all this, she had an intense orgasm there in her bed.Brittany showered and walked to the kitchen to eat some breakfast. Her two roommates, Kaitlyn and Lauren were already there; they asked her about the party last night. Brittany began telling them about how she met a nice guy and that they hooked up. She also told them about his 5 friends who came into the room and decided to participate. As Brittany told them about the gangbang and being dp’ed by 6 guys over and over until they had each had a turn at her mouth, ass, and pussy, their mouths dropped open in astonishment. They knew that Brittany was somewhat of a slut in high school, but none of that compared with this. They were blown away when Brittany finished her story by telling them about the anal creampie that the 6 guys had given her. ALthough Kaitlyn and Lauren were in shock, they were also somewhat curious about how it felt and what it was like. Brittany told them that she had learned from the guys that in college the girls were expected to do things like this. While the girls knew that this was some bullshit the guys had used to trick Brittany into a gangbang, they were still somewhat excited that Brittany had gotten invited to another party tonight. They asked Brittany if she thought it was alright if they came along too, and she said sure. “It’s probably going to get real crazy tonight though,” Brittany told them. They were still interested in coming though although they knew Brittany would be the center of attention.Later that evening after dinner, Brittany began to get dressed for the party. She was so excited about going and meeting all the other frat brothers. She slipped on a tight, low-cut dress that came ended about half-way up her thigh and she fixed up her long blonde hair. Looking in the mirror, she had to admit that she looked damn sexy. The dress really accentuated her big round breasts and her tight ass. Together with her big blue eyes and her long blonde hair, she looked amazingly hot tonight. She had been so horny all day thinking about tonight. She was expecially in the mood for sucking alot of cock and she couldn’t wait to get to the party so she could get started. Thinking about having all of those cocks in her mouth one after another and looking at her hot 18 year old body in the mirror, she started masturbating again. She got her dildo out of the drawer and began deepthroating it while rubbing her clit. She shoved the dildo down her throat until she began to gag and tear up, but she didn’t stop. Immediately after she would gag, she would lean her head back more inch it a little further down until eventually she had all 12 inches of it in her mouth and down her throat. It was so far down her throat that she could see her neck bulging out when she looked at the mirror. It was at this point that she had one of the most intense orgasms she has ever had. She was so horny at this point that she had to get to the party immediately. She was in such a hurry that she didnt even want to waste time with putting her underwear back on. She just pulled the dildo out of her mouth, put it away in the drawer, straightened her dress and left the room. Lauren and Kaitlyn were already waiting for her in the living room and when she came out, they all left together for the party.20 minutes later the girls were standing in front of the frat house. Music was playing from inside and guys were filtering in and out. Brittany led the way with the other two girls barely able to keep up with her fast pace. They walked up and knocked on the door. One of the frat guys opened the door. He knew immediately that this was Brittany standing in front of him and he ushered them all in quickly. When they walked in and Brittany stepped forward everyone in the room stopped what he was doing and turned to look. They all knew that this was the girl that their buddies had told them about. In fact, everyone in the frat was very familiar with the events that took place last night, but what they couldn’t believe is that Brittany was actually as hot as their friends had described. Immediately she became the center of attention with every guy trying to get a shot to come up and talk to her.Brittany wandered off to talk to a group of guys avcılar escort leaving Kaitlyn and Lauren alone. But they weren’t alone for long. Kristen and Lauren were both very athletic brunettes with shoulder length hair and brown eyes, medium sized tits, and tight asses with skinny legs so it wasn’t long before multiple guys started coming up to them. They were both very attractive girls, in fact Kristen had actually beaten Brittany for prom queen in high school.Now Kaitlyn and Lauren like to have a good time as well, and they too wanted to hook up with a college guy. But they were not the sluts that Brittany was. at least not yet. Kristen took a liking to one of the guys and Lauren to another. As the night progressed and the party went on, Kristen started to get a little drunk. When the guy asked her if she would like to go upstairs and see his bedroom she jumped at the opportunity. Lauren had already left with a guy to go back to their own apartment.Once upstairs, Kaitlyn and the frat guy started to make out a little more. They started to feel each other up and Kaitlyn unzipped his pants to reveal his large erection. He took his pants off and sat down on the edge of the bed. Kaitlyn got down on her knees in between his legs and started to go to town on his cock. She started by sucking his balls while jacking him off and then she switched to deepthroating him. After about 5 minutes, She was getting really wet. She stood back up and took her clothes off revealing her perky tits, washboard abdomen, skinny legs, and tight ass. She asked him if he had a condom, but he said that he did not. Besides, he said, in college no one uses a condom. Now Kaitlyn, being a little smarter than Brittany, did not believe him, but she was so damn horny that she didnt care. She sat down on his cock and started riding him. She stradled him for about 10 minutes until it was too much for him and he erupted inside her without any warning. She was furious at him, but all he did was laugh. This made her even more mad and she quickly put her clothes on and left.Kaitlyn walked back downstairs to look for Brittany so that they could leave but the house was empty. She realized too at that moment that she had not seen Brittany for well over an hour. Walking around the house she was a bit frightened but still mad and ashamed for what had just happened. While walking through the kitchen she heard loud noises come and alot of voices come from behind a cracked door. She opened the door and realized that there was a basement to the house. She walked down the stairs a little until she realized that the basement was very huge and that all the frat brothers were down there. She was at first a little hesitant to go further but she had to find Brittany. When she got far enough down the stairs to look into the room, she realized that she had found Brittany but what she saw was utterly unbelievable to her.In the middle of the huge room, surrounded by a huge bunch of naked guys which Kaitlyn figured to be numbered at about 90, was a bed, and on that bed was Brittany. She was lying on her stomach with her head at the edge of the bed which was about waist high. What was most amazing to Kaitlyn though was that Brittany’s arms were reaching behind her tied to her ankles. She was hogtied! And the group of guys had lined up each taking a turn to fuck her face. One after another each guy stepped up, grabbed Brittany’s head, and shoved his cock into her open and willing mouth. The guys were absolutely relentless in their facefucking. Each guy was using her mouth as nothing more than a fuckhole. They were fucking it as hard as they possibly could taking no notice that Brittany was gagging over and over again as they would shove their entire cocks down her throat in one motion. Some guys would even pinch her nose shut with one hand, hold the back of her head with the other and shove their cocks all the way down her throat holding it there for up to 30 seconds. When they would finally let go, Brittany would gasp for air but all she ever said was, “Again, again!”Kaitlyn who was in a daze shoved her way to the middle of the room and demanded that they untie Brittany at once and that she was going to report them all. To Kaitlyn’s astonishment however she found out from one of the guys that this entire thing had been Brittany’s idea. “What!?,” Kristen exclaimed. “But that’s impossible, who would ever agree to such a thing?” The guy then started telling Kaitlyn about how it all started:After talking to a group of about 9 guys upstairs, Brittany had quickly suggested that they all go somewhere else where they could “party” a little more. She was quick to tell them that she was in the mood to suck cock and that if they wanted, she would suck them all off. They of course quickly agreed and told her that they already had a room fixed up downstairs because once the guys from last beylikdüzü escort night had told their story to everyone they arranged the basement for just such another occassion. As they moved downstairs word quickly spread around the entire party of what was going on. Guys started to filter down into the basement, but Brittany was already quick at work. She was naked, on her knees and surrounded by a group of guys sucking them all. AS more and more guys came downstairs, they each were fighting to get a turn, but it was difficult with that many guys. Brittany had decided that a more methodical approach would be necessary. She crawled over to the bed, laid down on her back, and inched herself over to the edge so that her head was completely hanging off and touching the side of the bed. She told the guys to form a line and that they could take turns fucking her mouth. Guy after guy stepped up and took the opportunity to fuck her 18 year old mouth. After about 30 guys had had a turn, Brittany rolled over onto her stomach and grabbed her ankles. She told the guys to keep coming, but she wanted someone to find a rope and tie her hands to her ankles so that everyone could fuck her mouth as hard as they wanted with no possibility of her fighting back. And this was the point that Kaitlyn had walked in he told her.Brittany for her part was loving every second of it. She had not wanted to waste any time chit-chatting upstairs; all she wanted to do was have a bunch of cocks filling her mouth and she told the guys this much upstairs. Once downstairs she had stripped naked as fast as possible, dropped to her knees and started searching for cock to suck. At first she was lying on her back taking them in her mouth, but now she was on her stomach tied up with a huge line of guys fucking her face. She loved the way that the cocks felt sliding down her throat bulging her neck muscles out. She had tried to keep count but she had lost track at 28 and that was probably 10-15 guys ago. She also loved the way that their balls were slapping against her chin as they were fucking her mouth; she also loved it when they would slap her in the face with their cocks. But what she wanted most was the cum.She told the guys, “From here on out I not only want you to use my mouth as a fuckhole but I want you to use my throat as a cumdump!” “Now line up and started shooting your loads in my mouth!” Kaitlyn at this point was beyond shock and was actually turned on when she heard Brittany say this. She started to rub herself and became wet. Some of the guys noticed her and encouraged her to lie on the bed next to Brittany so everyone could watch. To her amazement she actually agreed and it wasnt long before she too was naked on the bed playing with herself watching Brittany get facefucked.Brittany was really excited now and she was dying to tase some cum. It wasn’t long before she got her wish. The first guy that had stepped back up soon unloaded in her throat. She could feel the hot, thick streams hitting the back of her throat, but he had shoved his cock so far down her throat that she didnt even have to swallow. Immediately after he was done shooting his load in her mouth another guy stepped up. After this guy shot is load down her throat and she swallowed, another guy, then another, then another kept stepping up and using her throat just as she had wanted: as a cumdumpster. Brittany was loving this so much. She loved the taste of the cum in her mouth, the thick streams hitting the back of her throat, the big cocks shoved in her mouth, and the balls slapping against her chin. The throatfucking continued on relentlessly. Her face was bright red and covered in saliva and spit and her mouth was beginning to get sore. After all she had already taken all 86 guys once and now she was going for round number two. She tried to keep count of how many guys had cum in her mouth but after about she lost count again around 25-30 guys. Kaitlyn was getting really turned on at this point and Brittany was ready to give her mouth a break. After the 30th guy shot his load down her cumdump throat, Brittany told them to untie her; she had another idea for the rest of the guys.Brittany freed her arms once the rope was loosened and she sat up on the bed. Her arms were extremely sore from being in that position for such a long time, but she wasn’t going to let that stop her. She asked Kaitlyn if she was ready to get fucked, and Kaitlyn was so turned on at this point that she said yes. Brittany instructed her to scoot over to the edge of the bed and even helped her by spreading her legs for her. Now Kaitlyn’s pussy was in perfect placement for all the guys to step up and fuck it one after another. Brittany then got off the bed and got down on her knees next to it. She was right next to Kaitlyn’s pussy and she laid her head back on the mattress so that she was looking up at esenyurt escort the ceiling. She told everyone that she wanted them to use Kaitlyn’s pussy as a fuckhole making sure to fuck it as hard as they fucked her mouth but that she still wanted them to use her mouth as a cumdumpster. With that said, she opened her mouth as wide as it would go and awaited the first load to be deposited.The first guy stepped up and started pounding away at Kaitlyn’s pussy. She was in pure ecstasy; after watching Brittany get to have all the fun she was finally getting in on the action. It didn’t take long until the guy was getting ready to cum. Right before he shot his load he pulled out and turned toward Brittany’s wide-open mouth letting out a huge gush of cum that shot right to the back of it. He let out 5-6 thick streams after which Brittany dutifully thanked him and licked his cock clean. By then the next guy had started fucking Kaitlyn and was ready to cum. Just as Brittany leaned her head back again and open her mouth the next guy turned and dumped his load in it. Now she had two big loads in her mouth and she loved the filling of it swishing around in there, and she decided that she was going to see how many loads she could hold in her mouth at one time.The system was working well having the guys fucking Kaitlyn’y pussy then cumming in Brittany’s mouth. Kaitlyn’s pussy was so tight that the guys weren’t lasting long at all and Brittany’s mouth was filling up quickly which she delighted in. Guy after guy continued to pound away at Kaitlyn’s pussy and would quickly turn shooting their cum into Brittany mouth. Brittany had been keeping better track this time of all the cumshots she had taken and at this point she was up to 28. The first 15-20 had been easy, but now her mouth was getting very full. The cum was beginning to overflow and streams of it were running out the sides of her mouth and down her chin. The 29th guy stepped away from pounding Kaitlyn’s pussy and shot his load into Brittany’s mouth which by this point was a true cumdump as you couldn’t see anything in it except cum. After this load, Brittany decided that she had better swallow before she lost any more of the delicious cum out of her mouth. It took her three big gulps but she finally swallowed all the cum in her mouth: All 29 loads! She licked her lips and with her hands sc****d all the cum on her chin and cheeks into her mouth. She licked her fingers clean and then swallowed all that was left.Meanwhile, Kaitlyn was enjoying the train that the guys were pulling on her pussy more and more with each successive guy. Before tonight, she had only been with 3 guys in her life, now she had let 29 guys use her pussy as nothing more than a fucktoy. She was beginning to get sore and she told Brittany that she didnt think she could handle anymore guys. Brittany was quick to jump and take her place. All night her mouth had been used and abused as a fuckhole and cumdump now she would let the remaining 27 guys her use pussy as a fuckhole and cumdump. After all, she couldn’t let Kaitlyn outdo her.As Kaitlyn began cleaning herself up and getting her things together, Brittany laid down on the bed and spread her legs ready to take on more action. The first guy climbed up on the bed and started fucking her missionary. Her pussy wasnt as tight as Kaitlyn’s but she was so good at sex and so into it that he didnt last long. He erupted inside her filling her pussy with a huge load of hot cum. Brittany could feel it inside her and she couldn’t wait for more. Guy after guy unloaded their cum in her pussy using it as a personal cumdumpster. Cum was beginning to ooze out of her pussy and leak onto the bed. After 15 guys had cum inside her pussy, it was getting so sloppy that you could hardly make out anything at all. Some of the guys were hesistant about wanting to fuck it but Brittany demanded that they all came in her pussy. So for the next hour the remaining guys all fucked and came in her pussy. By the end, when Kaitlyn came back in to see her, all that she noticed was her sloppy wet cum-soaked cunt oozing cum.Most of the 86 guys that Brittany had fucked and sucked had gone home by now, and it was getting quite late. It was past 2am and they had been at it for over 6 hours. Brittany began putting her dress back on as she and Kaitlyn prepared to walk home. Brittany refused to clean herself up any saying that she wanted to walk across campus with cum all over her mouth and chin and her pussy oozing cum down her legs. After all she didn’t wear any underwear so the cum would be quite obvious to anyone walking by. As they walked home together, Brittany knew that she had become a really college whore tonight. She also couldn’t help thinking about the next party she was going to, and both her and Kaitlyn agreed that next weekend they should throw their own party. Brittany was already beginning to think of the things that she wanted to do next time. She decided that she would start inviting people this week including multiple fraternities this time. She knew that her adventures were just beginning.

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