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her first time with gf momLooking back, it was a pretty twisted situation. Deb and I had started our second year of college, and were roomies again which was good because we got along really well. She was totally cool with my sexuality, and was even flattered when I admitted to her that yeah, she was really cute to me. She wasn’t weirded out or anything. So she invited me to come with her to Thanksgiving break, because her home was a lot closer to the college than mine, and I didn’t want to drive or ride another thousand miles to home and back for the short break.So we’re at her house for a few days, and one night she saw some guy that she had dated but was an ass, so she wanted to make him regret it and such. So she wanted to kiss when he came over to rub it in to him. I assumed she was going to fake it until I found myself sucking on her tongue, which made me incredibly hot. He stopped and was drooling all over himself but she rebuffed him like he was just fluff, and blah blah he left.The rest of the night she was very flirtatious with me, and touchy and all, and IW as shocked because she’d shown no bisexual tendencies before. And when we got home, she started asking me about the kiss, and if she was good and such, and I admitted she was great. Then she let the bomb drop, that she liked it too, a lot. So I leaned over to kiss her again, and she responded more than the first time. God, her tongue was so sweet and hot, and she started to put her arms around me, and I just leaned into it and we were rolling around on her bed making out like mad.I was so incredibly turned on I couldn’t help myself, and just started rubbing and kissing every inch of her, and slipped my hand down her panties and she was as soaked as I was. I looked up at her eyes, and she just bit her lip a little, smiled and nodded. I peeled off her panties and there’s this cute little landing strip and the rest was perfectly smooth, she obviously waxed instead of shaved, which turned me on even more. After eating her out for a few minutes and her tight little body writhing, she said she wanted to taste me too.So I rolled her over so I was on the bottom. That way she could lower herself onto me while she was free to experiment and get comfortable licking my pussy at her own pace. I was already in heaven, so she was welcome to take all the time she needed. After a moment of hesitant licks, she just dove in like a pro. And she was GOOD. God, her tongue found places no one had. She made me come before she did. And we just kept going on like that, kissing, licking, fondling, she had a couple toys too. After a couple hours we just collapsed in each other’s arms and fell asleep in moments.I guess we just slept solidly until morning, because I could see the morning light from her window through my eyelids, and then I could smell her hair, and decided queenbet güvenilirmi to not bother getting up yet. She was asleep on her back with her arms around me, and I had my head laid on her shoulder, nestled in her hair, and my arms around her, and the last thing I wanted to do was get up. I opened my eyes and saw the clock said it was still early. She must have been awake, because she spoke up, “No one’s going to be up until 10 or 11 o’clock today, so let’s just lay here, ok?” I was startled, but looked at her, and the smile on her sleepy face, and just kissed her for a while. Such sweet lips. I nestled my head back in her hair. That hair was so luxurious. Mine was cropped kind of short at the time, but hers was full and fell past her shoulders.We had to fall back asleep, because I heard a click, opened my eyes and the clock said about 11:15 I heard a light gasp, and looked at the door, and her mother was standing there in the half-open door. The sheets were down around our waists, and we were naked, with our underwear strewn on the floor, one of my hands on Debbie’s breast, one of hers on my bum, and our legs were intertwined. It was pretty obvious what had happened. but her mother’s face just turned to a s surprised smirk, and she winked at me and backed out of the doorway and closed the door silently.I was horrified, because I had no idea what to do. Debbie was still asleep though. I decided not to tell her unless her mother brought it up to Debbie. My moving woke her up, and while my heart was pounding out of my chest with fear, she sat up and kissed me some more. I couldn’t say no to those lips. She said, “Thank you for the most wonderful night I think I’ve ever had. I never knew another girl could be so exciting and satisfying!” And she winked as she got up, and said we should shower and all. I said she could go first.While she was in the shower, I was trying to figure out what to make of all this, and her mother came back in. I was still wrapped up in the sheet, but we’d picked up our clothes by then. She still had that smirk, and asked me how long Debbie and I had been “playing”. I was too embarrassed to think and just blurted out that last night was the first time, and was horrified to hear myself say it. She sat down next to me, and asked if Debbie was gay too. I said that she very much wasn’t, she had a healthy dating life with boys, but last night started as a fluke to bluff an ex, and that Debbie just wanted to explore.Now, her mother was 42, but she was fit as a fiddle and could pass for 32 without a problem. She was wearing this cute little skirt that showed off her legs, a pair of heeled mules that were cute and gave her leg a great look, and a breezy halter top, nothing unusually sexy, just casual, but she wore it so well. And remember, I’m sitting next to her queenbet yeni giriş naked but for a sheet, with her daughter’s scent all over me. I had no idea what to say, and she sat there for a moment, and smiled a shy little smile, and looked at me, and said, “would you kiss me like that?”At this point, my mind was just reeling to the point that it wasn’t even functioning. My body just leaned over and kissed her. And I mean I KISSED her. Without even a thought I took her mouth to mine and licked her tongue like it was my first time. This soft little moan escaped from her throat, and I put my hands on her cheeks, and stroked behind her ears. Well, that meant the sheet fell down, and I didn’t even realize it. I was so awestruck and horny that my mind was a total blank, I wasn’t aware of anything other than her mouth.She started to slowly touch my arm, and my shoulder, and one hand slipped down to my waist, and then to my breast, and I leaned in a little more. I was down right hungry at this point. And then Debbie ran in to the room with her towel around her and before she saw anything she said “I think my mom’s up! You better jump in the shower before she comes in here!” She was three fee in front of us when she actually saw her mother cupping my breast, and my arms around her shoulder. She stopped dead, speechless, motionless. That’s when my mind kicked back in, and I was mortified again.I grabbed the sheet and jumped up and started stammering “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I’ll go, I’ll go, I should never have come” and trying to pick up my clothes, and I started to sob I was so scared and embarrassed, and they both turned toward me and yelped out, “NO!” at the same time, and then looked at each other in shock, and this time I was the one surprised. Her mom stood up and said, “No, you’re not leaving, you’re a wonderful girl and you have nothing to be ashamed of, I shouldn’t have come back in.” And then Debbie said, “Mom, were you really kissing her? Or did she kiss you?” And her mom said, “No, I asked her to kiss me. I don’t know what I was thinking. I saw you two this morning before you were awake, but she saw me, and I just slipped out, but the sight just stuck in my brain. I just wanted to know how long, or if you were gay too, and she just sat there so quietly, and I just asked her to kiss me. I’m sorry, I don’t know why, I’m not that kind of mother, who steals her daughter’s boyfriends!”Then Debbie said. “Well, girlfriend in this case.” And a pause, “Did you like it too?” And her mom stared at her for a moment, and that shy smile came back, “Yes, yes I did.” And then Debbie smirked, and said to me, “Why don’t you kiss her again then. I think I’d like to see you kissing another girl the way you kissed me, and she liked it, and it was obvious you liked it.”Once again, my mind was locked queenbet giriş up, but I smiled too after a moment, and walked towards her mother and dropped the sheet and kissed her shoulder, and then tickled it with my tongue, then worked my way up to her mouth again, and she moaned that soft little moan again. I leaned into her again, and she slipped back against the door, and it clicked shut this time. I moved to lick her jaw, and kissed her ear, and she so softly whispered, “I shouldn’t do this!” And I licked her ear, and breathily whispered back, “Then tell me to stop.” And she just turned her head and took my tongue to her mouth just as hungrily as I had kissed her before. I slipped my hands around her waist, and slid her top up over her breasts, and she raised her arms, so I just move it right up past her head and threw it on the floor. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders, and I could feel she wasn’t wearing a bra, her breasts pressed against mine. I’m in no way flat, but her breasts, even at 42, were magnificent and full, and I could feel her nipples against mine.And then Debbie apparently got tired of watching, because I could feel her tongue on the back of my neck, and her hands slip around my hips, and her breasts against my back. Her hair was still damp, and she played it the whole way down my back as she knelt behind me. She was kissing my butt and she worked her hands between my thighs and into me, and I was already wet again. And as she was working my clit, she started to slip another wet finger between my cheeks and right up my ass. This time I was the one to moan, right into Anne’s mouth (that’s her mom’s name). And Anne moved down to my breasts, and started to lick my nipples, which sent lightning right to my pussy, which was already full of Debbie’s fingers.Debbie said, “Let’s move her to the bed!” And I guess I was “her”! They both grabbed me and pulled me to the bed, and somehow Anne had lost her skirt already, and stepped out of her panties and on to the bed. Debbie went right for my dripping pussy, and Anne started on my breasts again. I was ready to explode when Debbie put another finger in my ass, and Anne was pinching one nipple with her fingers and she was sucking the other. I started to come again, and between the two of them they had me bucking like a rodeo horse. When I got me head back on straight, I grabbed Anne and pushed her down on the bed, and buried my face between her legs. She had the exact same little strip and smooth lips Debbie did, and she was dripping too. Like daughter like mother.I straddled Anne’s face, and started to suck her clit, and fingered Debbie at the same time. I pulled Debbie over and started going back and forth, licking one and fingering the other. And then it just degenerated into tongues and fingers and pussies and toys in every possible combination. By the time afternoon rolled around, when we should have been eating dinner, we were still lying in Debbie’s bed, all holding each other, me between the two of them, somewhere between kissing and sleeping.If you’ll pardon me, I think I have to go take care of a sudden need

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