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Here cums the Bride

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Here cums the BrideI was working as a bell hop at the Grand hotel when they came wandering in, I say wandering but they actually stumbled in and barely made it to the reception desk.”Mrs winter and Mr winter checking in please” said a blonde haired mature lady in a white wedding dress, as she did her best to hold up her new husband who was clearly very drunk and barely conscious.”Yes here we are the bridal suite” said Jenny behind the desk.She then waved me over and I quickly went out to the car to get their suitcases before showing them up to their room.As we stood in the elevator heading to their floor Mrs winter propped her husband up against the door with a sigh, where he began to snore.”Well this is great start to our marriage” she said.”Happiest day of my life, my arse” We quickly got to the floor and as the doors opened Mr winter fell forwards onto the floor.”Oh for god sake” she grumbled.”I’ll get him Mrs winter” I said dropping the bags and picking up Mr winter.I then threw him over my shoulder and strolled towards the bridal suite.”Well aren’t you a strong one” smiled Mrs winter watching me carry her husband.I quickly got to their room and once I had opened the door I stepped inside the expensively decorated room.”I’ll put him on the bed” I said heading for the king size bed.I quickly dropped the grey haired old guy on the big bed and then went to retrieve the bags.On returning to the room with the bag Mrs winter was sat on the edge of the bed looking rather glum.”Here’s your bags” I said cheerfully.”If you need anything else the reception number is on the phone just press the button and ask””Wait!” she said as I was about to leave.”Would you mind helping me off with my shoes?” she asked holding a stocking clad foot out dressed in a white heeled shoe.”Err… okay” I replied not use to such an unusual request.So I quickly knelt at her feet and started to undo the straps on her shoes, gently easing each one off I couldn’t help but glance up at her shapely stocking covered legs and briefly looking up at her I began to realise how young and attractive she looked for a older woman.”Thank you” she smiled”But before you go, would you mind massaging my feet for a minute? they’re really aching after a day in those shoes””Well…okay” I replied then taking hold of one of her stocking covered feet I started to gently rub the sole.”Oh yes that feels good” she sighed.I gently caressed her small dainty feet and after a few minutes I switched to the other foot.”Oh you are good” she sighed lying back on the bed.As she lay there in front escort bayan of me her dress had raised a little and as I raised her foot to continue massaging it I could see up between her legs to the top of her stockings and a hint of the bare tanned flesh beyond.After another minute or so Mrs winter was breathing steadily before she looked up at me.”Are you looking up my dress?” she asked.”No, no I wasn’t, I swear” I said quickly looking down at her foot.Then Mrs winter raised her other foot to my face and lifted my head up to look at her.”It’s okay I don’t mind if you want to see up my dress” she smiled before she raised her dress up and revealed a pair of white satin knickers at the top of her tanned thighs.”There you go, my wedding knickers” she smiled.”Even if they turned out to be a waste of effort now”Mr winter then gave aloud snore before rolling slightly to his left.I just stared at her slim shiny knickers knowing that, that thin material was all that covered her pussy from my eyes.Mrs winter then reached down and started to rub the front of her knickers.”I do like the feel of the material” she sighed.”But they’re no longer needed so..” Then suddenly she pulled the knickers down her legs and while I still knelt in front of her she pulled them off and threw them at me.”You can have them if you want?” she smiled.I pulled her knickers off my face and then stared at the bald shaved pussy that was now in front of me.”I guess this was a waste of time as well, I shaved it all clean just for him” she groaned as her fingers began to play with her pink pussy lips.”It looks great” I saidMrs winter smiled then reached forward and took hold of my hair.”I don’t see why I should miss out on my wedding night, do you?” she grinned.With that she pulled my head forwards and I dived between her legs and pressed my mouth against her pussy.”Oh yeah” she gasped as I started to lick her pussy.I quickly lapped at her shaved pussy lips and then flicked her clit with my tongue making her sigh and groan.”Yes eat my pussy, eat my pussy” she groaned as I forced my tongue into her hole and brushed clit with my nose.She then ground her pussy against my face and as I did my best to breath through my ears, and very quickly Mrs winter was soon groaning louder and louder.”Yes…yes…yes…yes” she cried rubbing her pussy furiously against my face.I probed my tongue into her wet hole as best as I could until finally she cried out.”Oh YES!” she growled clamping my head between her thighs as she reached her peak.”Oh yes you are good” After a tuzla genç escort minute or so she let go of my head and then pulled me on top her.”Come on this bride needs your cock”Then she pulled my trousers open and pulled them down releasing my hard ready cock.”Oh this is a good size” she grinned giving it a tug.Then she raised her legs and lowering my cock I touched her pussy lips with the head of my cock.”Yes” she nodded giving her approval.And I pushed down and my cock entered her pussy, slipping into her wet warm hole.”Oh yeah” sighed Mrs winter.Then I started to fuck her, pumping her pussy steadily with a nice rhythm as I held her legs up getting a good access to her wet cunt.”Oh yeah…oh yeah” she moaned as I fucked her shaven pussy right beside her sleeping drunk husband on their wedding night.”Oh yeah fuck me…fuck me” she moaned some more.I couldn’t believe I was getting to fuck this hot mature blonde on her wedding night right next to her new husband but no matter how loud her husband snored it just encouraged me to keep fucking her.I quickly picked up the pace thrusting harder into her lovely wet cunt and Mrs winter was soon groaning louder and louder once again.”Oh yeah…oh yeah…oh FUCK YEAH” she cried.I was now slamming her pussy as hard and as fast as I could, I was also pushing her legs nearly right over her head and could see her screaming face between her stocking clad ankles.”FUCK…FUCK…FUCK!” she cried out.”Oh FUCK!”She then tensed up again clamping my cock in her pussy as she came again.When she finally relaxed I slipped my cock from her pussy and let go of her legs, she then rolled over knelt up and raised her ass towards me.I quickly got behind her and then pushed my cock back into her wet pussy.Taking hold of her slim hips I started to fuck her again and this time I just went for it, thrusting into her hard and fast once again.”Oh yes fuck me…fuck me!” she gaspedI was ramming her pussy over and over while still her husband slept beside us, he must have had a hell of a lot to drink, and I couldn’t help but chuckle at how his best day was turning into my best shag.”Oh yeah!” she growled as I slammed her pussy again thrusting in deep and hard.We stayed like that for a while longer until she wanted to change again and getting me sit on the bed above her husbands head she lowered herself onto my cock facing away from me.Then she started bouncing on my hard cock, sliding up and down on my shaft inches from her husbands sleeping face.”Yeah…yeah…yeah” she groaned I held her round tuzla kendi evi olan escort tanned ass cheeks helping her fuck my cock as she continued bouncing away on it.Then after she got tired I took hold of her in my arms and started to lift her whole body up and down on my cock as I thrust up.”Oh yeah…oh shit!” she gasped as I fucked like a doll.I was soon mashing her cunt hard onto my cock as I thrust up into her pussy and Mrs winters was now just screaming over and over and over as she lost control lost in her own pleasure.Finally thrusting deep into her a couple more times Mrs winter hit her third orgasm and almost leaping off my cock with a mighty scream, she started to squirt her pussy juices all over her husbands sleeping face.She shook uncontrollably as her orgasm washed over her and then finally she stopped squirting and screaming and almost collapsed in my arms.”Oh my god!” she sighed gasping.”I have never been fucked like that” she grinned.”You are good, so good”Then rolling over she took hold of my still hard cock and with out hesitation she slipped it in her mouth.Then she started to bob her head up and down, sucking my cock hard.She was a great cock sucker and as her nicely painted nails played with my balls and her mouth slid up and down my shaft I was soon the one groaning in pleasure.”You going to cum? you going to cum for me?” she asked lifting her head up for a second.”Oh yeah” I replied.She then started to suck my cock harder and faster as her hand stroked my balls again and it wasn’t long before I could feel my balls churn.”Oh yeah Cumming!” I groanedMrs winter continued sucking my shaft and with a groan I began pumping my load into her mouth.”Oh yes” I groaned with a sigh.Impressively Mrs winter just kept going, sucking my cock as I pumped my load straight down her throat until I had shot my whole load.Then she pulled her lips slowly up my shaft, sucking the tip last getting every drop of my cum.”Nice” she grinned smacking her lips together with a smile.After that I quickly stood up and got dressed, after all I was still suppose to be working.Mrs winter then stood up and turned her back towards me.”Would you mind hun?” she asked so I quickly pulled the zip down on her white dress and she stepped out of it revealing a fantastic toned tanned body with a pair of nice round tits and two hard brown nipples.”Thanks” she smiled.”What do you think?” she asked.”You have a great body Mrs winter” I replied”I sure do” she smiled.”What time do you finish?” she then asked.”6am” I replied”Great be here at 6:05 and well celebrate my first morning as a married woman” she grinned before heading for the bathroom.At 6:05am I knocked on the bridal room door and Mrs winter opened it dressed in just one of the hotels white fluffy dressing gowns.”What took you” she grinned letting me in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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