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Hey Mister Pt. 04

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“Hey, mister…”

I grinned and turned around to face the door opposite my flat. My prick had been anticipating her shout-out long before I’d heard her voice… it was at half-mast when I was opening the door, and began to inflate at the sound of her voice. Then again, I guess you could say I was expecting this. After all, I’d heard her parents leave the house with their luggage earlier in the morning, and much as I tried to carry on as if nothing was about to happen, I’d really spent the next hour or so going in and out of my flat, waiting for her to call me over.

I saw her cheeky smile at the open door. Her hair had been put up, and she was wearing a new pair of glasses. They made her look less geeky. Or maybe I should say she just looked a lot perkier than she had when I first saw her. My very first impression that she was plain had clearly been wrong, or maybe… I was just getting used to seeing my neighbor’s daughter. And damn it, I have to say I was looking forward to the next time I would see her, clothed or unclothed. A supermodel she certainly wasn’t, but that was really part of her charm. She was just sweet and pretty in a girl-next-door kind of way… that I’d have to say was growing on me.

“Sup?” I responded, pretending nonchalance, but she was having none of that.

“I… we have a bit of a medical emergency…” she began, her voice trailing off dramatically. “I need your help here.”

“Ummm… would you prefer I get the doc…” I began. I knew she was up to something. She had that little twinkle in her eyes, and, well, she was grinning away at me like mad. I could guess what sort of ’emergency’ she was likely to be having.

“No, silly… come in here!” she said a little irritably, and opened the door for me to step inside her apartment. I knew her apartment was empty, of course, and strode into the living room confidently without bothering to check if anyone was around. I turned around to look at her when I heard the door close behind me.

Mmmm. She looked quite fetching in a short white dress, and I saw her pinning something white on her head when I faced her. I quickly realized what it was when she dropped her hands to her sides and beamed at me.

“Doctor, you need to come quickly.”

“I do? Need to come?” I responded cheekily.

“Yes, you do,” she said firmly, reaching out to pull at my arm. “We have a patient who’s in a bad way.”

“A patient?” Wait a minute. Was she including someone else in our little tryst? I wasn’t sure this was a good turn of events.

“Yes, a patient,” she replied without turning to look at me, dragging me into her bedroom. “She’s really ill.”

“I… uh…” I began, unsure of what she had planned, or if I should go along, Getting someone else into our little ‘games’ would surely make things a whole lot more complicated.

She pushed me into the room and shut the door behind us. I looked at the neatly made bed, shrugged and was about to ask what it was all about when she spoke up again, behind me.

“Oh, doctor,” she said. “You have to help me.”

I relaxed when I heard her voice. OK, so it was still going to be just the two of us. That suited me fine.

“So… what’s wrong, miss?” I enquired, turning to look at her. She was standing by the door, stark naked, the nurse’s uniform and hat puddled on the floor at her feet.

“I… I don’t know,” she said, raising her right hand to her head. “I feel faint. And so hot.”

“Oh dear, that doesn’t sound too good,” I replied. “Maybe you should lie down so I can take a look at you.

“Oh, OK,” she said, and moved to lie on her bed. She lay with her legs slightly apart, her body completely exposed to my gaze. She was composed and definitely not embarrassed about being naked in front of me anymore.

I moved to her side, looking down at her body. Her tan had faded, the lines at the chest, shoulders and hips almost indiscernible on her creamy white skin. I looked at her little pussy — the tiny line that marked the top of her vulva was gaping a little as she spread her thighs a little more, and I could see the insides of her cleft gleaming. Moving my gaze up her body, I noted how her breasts were rising and falling rapidly, her nipples dark and hard with her excitement. She seemed to revel in my examination of her body, because as my eyes reached her face, I saw that she had been looking at me.

A broad smile reappeared on her face, then faded as she remembered what she was trying to do.

“Oh doctor… what do you see?”

“I see a beautiful body…”


“OK, OK… I see that you’re really quite hot,” I corrected myself. “Looks pretty bad.”


“Yeah. You look really hot.”

She grinned a little at my little backhanded compliment, then moaned again, covering her forehead with her hand. “Look? Shouldn’t you be more certain, doctor?”


“Yes. Like maybe check my temperature? With a thermometer?”

“Oh. Of course,” I got her meaning, but pretended not to. “Where’s that thermometer..?”

“Oh doctor… I bahis siteleri feel worse,” she groaned, stifling a giggle. “I think… you should use your special thermometer.”

“My special thermometer?”

“You know, the one you always carry with you?”

“Oh. You mean this one?” I grinned at her as I undid my shorts and let them slide down my legs. I wasn’t wearing any underwear… like I’d said, I was expecting her to ask me over, so I been going commando all day today.

She gasped as my erection sprang into view. “Oh doctor… it’s so… clean!” she cooed as she stared at my cock. I don’t know if it was deliberate or not, but she licked her lips as if she was preparing to eat me. Or perhaps I should say, my “thermometer”.

“You like it?” I waved my prick at her face. I’d gone for the full brazilian in anticipation of this session, as a sort of surprise for her. Yeah, it was a little uncomfortable for me at first, but after I convinced myself it was no different from a haircut, I just went along with it. I just made sure I didn’t think about WHO I was having the brazilian done for… else I would have had a difficult time explaining my erection to the girl who was doing the waxing.

“Ummm… yeah,” she said enthusiastically. “It looks so… cute.”

“Hey, I’m not sure that’s a compliment,” I sniffed. “Cute is… I don’t know. Small?”

“No, no, no… I didn’t mean that,” she assured me, her hand reaching out to grab at my cock and pull it in the general direction of her mouth. “I meant cute as in… lovely, I guess. Like, something I’d wanna keep with me all day and all night.”

“That’ll take some doing,” I said, moving forward so she would be able to finally put my prick in her mouth.

She sucked on it gratefully, scraping her teeth gently across the sensitive glans. My cock jerked in her mouth, and she giggled, and sucked more of it in. She was still pretty new to blowjobs, so she wasn’t exactly deep-throating me. She gamely took as much of me into her mouth as she could, which was roughly about half of my dick. Not that I minded… I had a feeling the day’s session had a long way to go, and I didn’t think she would appreciate me finishing that quickly. Heck, even I wouldn’t appreciate it, because the woman was… well, mischievous enough to think up more scenarios for us both to enjoy.

She wasn’t about to make it easy on me though… she began moving her head back and forth on my prick, keeping her lips tight on me while her tongue swirled about. I could feel her breathing accelerate while she did so, and knew she was getting quite horny doing it too.

After a while, she suddenly pulled her head away from my throbbing cock and asked: “So… how am I?”

“Uh… How are you?” I was quite lost in the sensation of this young woman sucking on my cock, so the question caught me by surprise. What did she mean? Was she asking me to rate her cocksucking ability?

“I mean, am I really feverish, doctor?” she said, licking her lips like a cat. Her lips glistened with spittle and seminal fluid.

“Oh. Oh yes, I believe you are,” I responded seriously. “You are most certainly hot, young lady.”

“How hot, doctor?” she teased, a grin curling at the edges of her lips. “I heard that oral thermometers aren’t so accurate. Isn’t there any other way to tell my temperature?”

She waved her hand down her body as she said so. Wow… did she mean she was ready for some buggering?

She spread her legs to accentuate her meaning, giving me a good view of her wet gash. She was so wet I could see the liquid on the insides of her thighs, and streaking her buttocks. Yup, she was horny alright.

“Oh yes, of course there is,” I said, moving down the bed. “But you’ll have to turn around, because that involves using a rectal thermometer.”

“Oooh doctor… I don’t know,” she protested. “I think that my butt should only be used for injections.”

“Oh, OK,” I replied. “Ummm… so that means I’ll have to take your temperature…”

“Vaginally,” she finished the sentence for me. “Here, is this better?”

She spread her legs wider, her vulva gaping to show me the excited red valley of her sex. Her breathing was quickening even more… she was almost panting now.

“Alright, here you go,” I said, slipping onto the bed between her thighs. My prick head was bobbing so much it didn’t slip into her right away, so she grabbed at it impatiently and pulled it towards her hungry vagina.

“Ooooh,” she moaned when she touched it. “I forgot how big your… the bulb of your thermometer is.”

“Oh? Is that going to be a problem?” I said through gritted teeth. I was expending quite a bit of will power to prevent myself from thrusting right up into her open pussy. “Maybe I should…”

“Nothing doing,” she said determinedly, grasping my cock more tightly with her hand. “You should just take my temp…ooooohhh god!”

She groaned as she stabbed herself with my prick. I gasped out loud at the sensation of her hot, wet flesh spreading in front of me. Her pussy was so wet she squelched canlı bahis siteleri loudly as I entered.

“Big. So big!” she wailed. “No! Don’t you dare!” She objected when I made to withdraw while I was only halfway inside her, raising her legs to hook her calves around my waist and draw me deeper into her.

“Oooghh!” she grunted as my dick distended her sheath, my balls finally pressing against her ass. “Oh god. How I’ve missed this…”

I didn’t give her a chance to continue, pulling out of her and swiftly slamming my prick back into her. I could feel her vaginal liquid squirting out as I did so.

“Ooooh fuckkk… fuck… me…” she moaned as I began sawing in and out of her leaking vagina.

I was so lost in the sensations within her I almost forgot my earlier resolution to not come too soon. She was squeaking and squealing while I drove my cock in and out of her, but she retained enough of her senses to stop me.

“Ooohhh, I don’t… want to… but stop,” she moaned. “Please… stop!”

“Uh… oh yeah,” I said, slowing my rhythm within her. It was such a delicious feeling I really didn’t want to stop, but I didn’t want to continue if she didn’t want me to. Maybe she was afraid of getting pregnant? Or was there something else that she wanted?

“Doc… doctor,” she groaned as I left my cock buried up deep between her legs. “I… uhh… think you should have… a good reading. Of my temp… erature by now.”

“Oh. Yes, you’re right, of course,” I said, withdrawing completely from her, drawing another groan of protest.

My cock was liberally coated with her juices, and it bobbed as it slipped free from her clutching vagina. I saw her looking at it with great interest and thought she would want to suck on it again, so I moved off the bed in expectation. She surprised me by flipping over onto her stomach and tucking her legs under her body, her hands reaching back to pull apart her buttocks.

I stared at the wrinkled star of her anus, twitching anxiously at me. Did she mean..?

“Hey doctor,” she turned her head to look at me, that mischievous twinkle in her eye again. “Don’t you think I should get an injection? For my fever?”

Her hands grasped at her ass cheeks more tightly, spreading them even more. Her asshole relaxed slightly, the brown star expanding in invitation.

OK, her meaning was clear. I guess she really did want to try it.

“Hey doc? I’m not getting any better here,” she said, grinning at me. “Shouldn’t you get started on that injection?”

“OK, sure,” I shrugged. If the lady wants it, who am I to deny her? I placed the tip of my cock at the entrance to her anus, feeling it twitch anxiously. It seemed to welcome me, but with no small amount of trepidation.

“Oooh, doctor,” she cooed. “That’s quite a big needle you have there.”

“Are you having second thoughts, my dear? I could also use a smaller one,” I said, pretending to reach for the bedside drawers to search for her little toy.

“No, no, no… I mean, I need your sp… the medicine, right?” she said, frowning back at me. “I guess I’ll just have to take the injection with your big old syringe.”

“OK then,” I said gaily. “Ready or not, here goes…”

I pressed forward slightly and she groaned. “Oh god, I forgot how big you are…” Her anus remained tight in front of me, but I could tell she was trying to relax and let me in.”Ohhh,” she moaned as I felt the ring of muscle give way slightly, allowing the tip of my cock entry. “Owwww!”

Fuck it. This wasn’t working. I pulled out, making her gasp.

“I think you’ll need a little swab of antiseptic before we continue,” I explained as I moved down while she turned back to look at me, disappointment colouring her face. “It’ll help you relax more too.”

“Oh! What are you… Ooooh!” she squealed in delighted surprise as I dipped my head down between her buttocks and swiped my tongue across her twitching asshole. “Oh, that’s… mmm…”

I stopped to grin at her: “So, are you uncomfortable with this?”

“Noooo,” she cooed. “That’s… ticklish! And nice…”

I pressed her backside apart to get better access to her asshole, then ran the tip of my tongue around the puckered ring before jabbing lightly at the center. Her moaning encouraged me to continue my exploration of her rear orifice. As I probed and licked her anus, I felt it relax and loosen more and more. I took the chance to push inwards, feeling her rectum cling onto my tongue as I jabbed into her.

“Oooh fuckkk, mister,” she groaned, forgetting her role for a moment. “That’s… incredible…”

I said nothing and continued licking at her asshole until I could feel her relax so completely I was able to stick my tongue all the way inside her back passage. She groaned again when I stopped and moved up.

“Are you ready for your injection now, miss?” I asked, reminding her of our little role play.

“Oh yes, doctor!” she nodded eagerly. “I am!”

“Alright then, here we go,” I said, pressing my cockhead against her anus. I sank into canlı bahis her with far less resistance than before.

“Oooooh doctor!” she groaned. “You… your syringe is still too big!”

“But you seem to be taking it quite well,” I said through gritted teeth. Relaxed as she was, she was still quite tight back there. I could feel her rectal walls pressing against my cock as I impaled her backside.

“Oh! Yes!” she huffed. “Just… put it… in!”

Who was I to refuse? I carefully slid the rest of my cock into her ass, until I could feel my balls press against her pussy.

“Ohhh fuck!” she groaned. “Is it..? It’s all the way… in! Fuck!”

“Yeah, it is,” I responded. “And yeah, I’m fucking your ass.”

“Oh fuck,” she said. “I feel so full inside my ass.”

“Does it hurt?” I was concerned she was putting up a brave front.

“A little,” she admitted. “But… in a good way, Don’t you… I want you to… Doctor, shouldn’t you continue with the injection?”

I smiled at how she had suddenly remembered the role she was supposed to play. “Alright, young lady. It’s gonna hurt a bit you know.”

“I know,” she turned around to smile at me. “But I know you’ll be gentle with me.”

OK, I knew it was her first anal experience, so I decided to take it slow. I slowly withdrew from her, mindful that she was doing her level best to relax her backside. I could feel her rectal walls clinging on to my cock as I pulled out of her. Her anal ring was really tight, though, so I left my cockhead inside her when I saw it bulge outwards slightly.

“Mmmm… doctor…” she said, turning to look at me again. “It doesn’t hurt so bad after all. You should continue. With my injection.”

“OK, miss,” I replied. “But it’s gonna take a while. There’s something wrong with my syringe.”

“Or do you mean there’s something wrong with my ass?” she grinned. “I… oooh!”

She moaned as I pushed inwards slightly, her rectum giving way easily enough. But I wasn’t taking any chances. I really didn’t want to hurt her by being too rough, so I slid my cock in as slowly as I could, and withdrew just as slowly.

I managed to set up a slow, easy rhythm in her buttocks, to which she responded with loud sighs and cooing. I had to fight the urge to increase my tempo, to ram my cock right up her willing butt and pull it out with as much ferocity as my coiled up nerves were screaming to release.

“Oh… doc… when… will I… get… that inj… injection?” she moaned after a while. “My ass… is get… ting kinda… raw…”

Oh shit. OK, better not keep this up for too long then. I made to pull out of her, but she anticipated my move and reached back to try to grab at me. “Don’t you dare! I want my injection!”

“But… I’m hurting you,” I protested as she pushed back hard, impaling her ass on my cock.

“Ohhh…. fuckkk!” she groaned as she began moving back and forth rapidly, the globes of her ass thumping hard against my thighs. “Fuck me! My ass! I want it!”

Damn. She was moving faster, her asshole opening and closing as my cock reamed her from behind. I began matching her rhythm, and soon found myself reaching my climax… I could feel the tingling begin at the base of my cock and knew I wouldn’t be able to hold back soon.

She seemed to know it too, because she began moaning out loud: “I want it! All! Come! Inside! My ass! Fuck!”

With such encouragement, how could I refuse? I sped up, no longer able to care about whether or not I was hurting her. I was just a hard cock waiting for release, a battering ram thrusting into her unprotected buttocks.

“Here I go!” I grunted, as the first spurts of semen shot out of my cock and deep into her backside.

“Oh fuck! You’re… coming! I can feel it! Oh god! It’s… fuck! I’m comingggg!” she screamed as I rammed my prick into her as hard as I could. I could feel her trembling as the first waves of her orgasm hit, then her asshole clamped down so hard on my cock that I couldn’t even move in or out of her.

That made me come even harder into her. It felt like all my semen was rushing to leave my balls like they were on fire. Heck, my cock felt like it was on fire — whether it was because it was raw or because her rectum was milking me dry I wasn’t sure — but it was one of the most draining comes I’d ever had.

There were a couple of times when I thought I was done coming, only for her shuddering to set me off again, to the extent that I was completely exhausted when the last bit dribbled out of my prick and my deflated cock slowly slid out of her anus. I staggered backwards, my knees weak, and just about fell over.

Her hands were no longer gripping her buttocks, but her position left the fleshy globes open enough for me to see that her vulva was dripping wet, and her anus still gaped a little. I could see a small trail of my semen within the hole that extended out to the rim of her anus, where a small droplet had gathered and trembled with her still shivering form.

“Oh my god,” she said, her voice muffled by the pillow she was lying on. She had fallen forward onto her face after coming and seemed quite content to lie there while she recovered her wits. “Oh my god. I didn’t know… it would be… fuck, my ass… it hurts, but it feels so good…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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