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Hiding in My House Pt. 02

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[All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older.]


With the shower off, I assumed their next step would be to get ready and dress for the day like any normal two people would. So I listened for their footsteps to split up, for Kell’s to head into her room and Dad’s to go off down the hall to his, which in each case would be followed by them picking clothes out from their separate walk-in closets, both far enough away from their doors that I could maybe tiptoe by and get downstairs and out without being noticed.

Instead, I heard them moving down the hallway together.

Fine, great, they’re going to finish getting ready in the master bathroom. Kell will put on the hair dryer and that’ll make tons of cover noise for me. Even better.

I put my arms through the straps of my backpack and picked my shoes back up.

More footsteps… on the stairs.

Really? You’re going downstairs in nothing but towels?

Or was it in nothing at all?

Who gives a shit? They’ll have to go in the kitchen to get breakfast. That gives me a shot at the front door. If I’m fast and quiet enough.

I eased my door open, pivoted out of my room, eased it closed again. The distant hints of their voices hinted a little harder without the door in between us, but still not enough for me to get the words.

Definitely all the way downstairs, though.

I crept along the hallway past the study, past Kell’s cheery, peach-painted bedroom with its bed in uncharacteristic disarray.

Don’t look to see if there’s a wet spot.

Yeah, there was a wet spot.

Or is that a couple of wet spots? Shit, how heavy was I sleeping? I shook myself. Focus, Chelsea! That’s not the most critical info right now.

The voices from downstairs had stabilized, and now each step made them louder.

“… so sexy… towel,” Dad said.

“You… in that nothing,” Kell replied.

They both laughed.

Fuck. They’re in the living room.

The stairs came out in the living room. If they were sitting around down there, I wasn’t going anywhere.

“… do today, sweetheart?”

“I dunno… may not have… enough fucking.”

“You’re insatiable.”

“Am not. I just… healthy appetite.”

Near the top of the stairs now. The way opened up to my left, so I could see the bannister leading down from the end of the hall, along with a tiny slice of the living room through the posts — just a swatch of carpet and a nibble of the loveseat.

“So is your appetite healthy enough for lunch anytime soon?”

“Kind of depends.”

“On what?”

“On whether you’re still talking about my sex appetite and offering me ‘lunch,’ or if you mean appetite appetite and actual lunch.”

“The first one. It hasn’t been long enough since actual breakfast for actual lunch.”

Great. Of course. If I’d slept through multiple rounds of the two of them doing it, why would I expect they still hadn’t had breakfast? From the sound of things, they weren’t moving around. Must be sitting down. Probably looking at each other, should be safe for me to get a little closer.

I put my shoes down and crawled. More of the room came into view — the back of the couch, then a little more of the couch — with Kellie’s naked legs stretched out on the cushions. I could see the whole love seat now, right-angled to the couch and empty. Dad must be in the comfy chair across from Kell.

“Also,” he continued, “the security guy is coming today, and I figured we could go out for actual lunch after he’s gone.”

Yes! They’re going out! Wait… security guy?

“Oh yeah,” she said. Then: “Oh shit, when’s he supposed to get here? I don’t want him showing up while I’m in the middle of sucking your cock.”

Jesus, he wasn’t kidding about ‘insatiable,’ was he?

“Between noon and one, they said. Plenty of time for you to suck my cock. Maybe even twice, with a break for me to go down on you in between.”

Good lord!

I could see her hips squirm as she laughed at that. The movement brought a little more of her crotch into view. Totally shaved, but I couldn’t see any detail beyond that yet.

Yet? Yeah, I was still creeping forward to get a better and better view. My sister lay along the couch, propped up against the throw pillows at the end nearest me. She slouched enough that I could see her belly in addition to her hips and legs, but not so far down I could see her tits.

I found myself really wanting to see her tits. I mean, I have before… we’re sisters, and we’ve shared a bathroom most of our lives. But I’ve never seen them when she had them out for sex purposes. It felt like that would somehow make a big difference.

She had her hair up in a towel, and I had a good view of her bare shoulders, their pale curves just higher than the back of the couch.

“Hey.” Dad’s voice broke the peaceful little silence where I’d gotten in position mariobet güvenilirmi to ogle my sister’s naked body.


“I love you, you know.”

“Of course I know. I love you too. God, you’re such a boy. I fuck you a few times in one morning, you admit you want me to suck you off too, and all of a sudden you’ve got to make sure I don’t think you’re a shallow prick who only wants me because I’m a great lay.”

He laughed. “You’re only making it worse. Now I’ve got to really prove myself. I’d better not have any more sex with you at all today, just treat you like the fairytale princess you are so there’s no doubt my heart is true and my intentions pure.”

“Whoa, dude. That’s not funny. No more talk like that. I’m insatiable, remember? We have definitely not had enough sex for today.

“Are you serious or are you joking? Because as you can see, I could totally walk over there and add another round toward our sex quota for today.”

“I was joking, but holy shit, look at that boner.”

God, I wanted to look at that boner.

Preferably right before he puts it in you, Kell. Come on, Dad, get off your ass and go get on top of your elder daughter.

But Kellie didn’t change her position a hair, and neither of them said anything, and the house went peaceful and quiet again, until I could hear a lawnmower buzzing somewhere down the street. And the longer that silence went on, the more I realized… I could also hear them staring at each other.

How do you hear a look? But I did. I heard them laying hold of each other’s eyes and I heard them saying things with those eyes. Deep and lovely and delighted things. It was totally singing out from Kell’s posture too.

Finally, Dad said, “Okay, I’ve got to be all mushy again.”

“If you just have to,” she said, soft-voiced and at ease.

“This… us… it’s the fourth best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“Fourth?” A little of the laughing edge came back into her tone. “I’m totally bowled over to be in fourth place here. The compliments know no bounds.”

“No, seriously,” he said. His voice took on that Dad-counting-on-his-fingers tone. “Meeting your Mom is in first… second and third are you and your sister being born — that order changes day to day — and fourth is us.”

“Whoa again. Back up. How come me and Chelse change places?”

“It depends on which of you is being more annoying that day.”

“Ha. I guess that means she’s ahead of me in second most of the time, since I know I annoy the piss out of you every day, and she doesn’t get the chance to much these days.”

“Nope, wrong. She annoys me way more often.”


“What? How? Are you getting more texts from her than you’re sharing?”

“No. I just hate having to miss her so much, you know? Every single day.”


“Yeah,” she said. “Me too.”

I caught myself about to sniffle before I even knew I was crying. Even after ten years, all it took was hearing Mom mentioned once, and I had all the emotions. Low-key, yeah, but there they were. Nobody who knew her would be surprised at Dad topping his list with her.

Add both of them saying they missed me on top of that, and I had to rub my eyes furiously and wipe my nose on the back of my hand to keep that sniffle in.

“What do you think Chelse is doing right now?” Dad asked as I got myself under control.

She’s totally perving on the two of you incesting the hell out of each other, I replied in my head.

Kell, though, said, “Ugh. Probably letting that asshole Brandt drag her around to one of his practice games or something. God, I wish she’d come out as bi and start dating Seong or something.”

You’re hilarious, Kells, I thought. But then my brain went on: Seong. Now I felt guilty again about making her drive me home last night and telling her I wanted to throw myself off a building. I’m really going to have to apologize to her once I get out of here. What a shit I can be sometimes. But it also felt nice to hear her name out of Kellie’s mouth.

Dad found my sister’s suggestion amusing. “Ha! You and your thing about Seong again. Maybe you should start dating her.”

She snorted. “I’m taken. But don’t get on my bad side or I might just give her a shot.”

“You don’t have a bad side.”

“Maybe not,” she replied. “But I do have a naughty side, and that kind of talk sounds like you’re trying to butter it up.”

“I’m familiar with how your naughty side works, princess.”

“So you know that right now it’s saying, ‘Damn, where did that boner of his go?'”

A pause — I guess he was looking down where she’d turned her eyes. “Sorry. It got all mushy just like I did.”

“Well, get the fuck over here and let me do something about that.”

Yes! No! Shit, when he walks to the couch he might totally see me! A glance up at the wrong second would do it.

I’d been crouched there, mariobet yeni giriş squatting with fingertips touching the floor, just short of the corner between the second-floor hallway and the stairs, and now I duck-walked back where I couldn’t see or be seen. Then I lay down flat with my phone out again and extended my arms to get the camera in position. I was way lower, though, and I had to belly-crawl forward inch-by-inch until the image onscreen showed what I wanted — that chunk of the living room where Kell’s legs stretched naked half the length of the couch and, I now saw, where Dad had crossed the room to drop comfortably onto the cushions by her feet.

The feel of my heart pounding against the carpet tried hard to spoil my camera work with the shakes — not only from what I could see on that screen, but because I’d gotten myself in a completely exposed position with half my body sticking out along the top of the stairs and my arms stretched almost the rest of the way across. If they suddenly decided to rush upstairs and get in someone’s bed, no way would I be able to get off my stomach and sneak out of sight before they reached the foot of the stairs and caught me.

But… it sure didn’t seem like the two of them had any interest in a bed, and I was not going to miss what came next.

Because dayummmm, right there before my eyes, my sister slid down from the couch to the floor, got a hand around my dad’s rapidly swelling erection, and grinned up at him from an angle that completely showed off her incredible tits.

Pinch-zoom, pinch-zoom, and holy shit, there they were, filling the screen. Two mouth-watering, lush bazoongas, crowned at their peaks with dark-brown nipples that matched her hair and eyes — and right in front of them, Daddy’s cock, surging to rigid readiness within the lithe, graceful circle of her grasp.

I’m not a size queen, but I drool over firmness and form in a hard-on, and there was also something tantalizing in the rich, round curves of my sister’s boobs. Maybe she wasn’t totally off the mark with that bi joke?

“You sure respond quickly for a guy who’s, you know, old enough to be my father.”

“Don’t be disrespectful, missy. If your father was here, I’m sure he’d scrub your mouth out with… something, for talking like that.”

She shrugged. “My mouth can take a lot of scrubbing.”

Then my beautiful, bright-eyed older sister lowered her face and took my father’s cock-head into her mouth.

“Ah! Oh — oh yes –“

The screen quivered in front of me, because my whole body pinged at the sound of his voice as she pulled those words out of him. It took a real goddamn force of will to steady my hand and keep from letting out a groan myself.

I adore my sister, you know? I think she’s the most beautiful woman currently in the world. And to see her happily bob down along the most beautiful man in the world’s straight and flawless shaft — to see her so gleeful at the sounds of pleasure she could coax out of him at will — I mean, it’s hard to imagine anything I’d rather be watching.

Jesus, I owe Brandt and Eddi big-time, I thought out of nowhere. Then I had to work to swallow a laugh.

But not as energetically as Kell was working to swallow our father’s gleaming dick — over and over and over again.

It’s almost like she’s had a lot of practice at this.

Her towel came loose after the first couple of bobs, so she grabbed it and tossed it away behind her, freeing her dark, still-damp hair to tumble free and swing with every lunge of her head and neck.

So, I’ve given some blow-jobs. But I hadn’t ever watched one in real life, and surprisingly, it was frustrating as hell. First, I was trying to watch through my phone, held out as far as my arms could reach, zoomed in on something twenty feet away, and obviously, I’m no professional camerawoman. But almost as bad: I had to look at it that way because it was only twenty feet away. Like, I could hear the slurping from below the bannister, and if I’d stood up and walked halfway down the stairs, my view would have been gorgeous.

Except they’d pretty definitely stop if I did that.

Thus, with the live-and-in-person front-row view that fucking close, I had to settle for a worse-than-nosebleed-seats video version. That sucked, and not at all in the way Dad was getting sucked.

“Yes, mnh, mm-hmm,” he said to the top of her head. She’d gotten all the way down to the root on him and now just held that pose. “Oh hell yes. Kell, baby, that tongue. Uhh…”

What happened to the bobbing? Apparently, all of Kell’s best magic was now happening behind the curtain. At least in pornos, they have the decency to do all the licking with the dicks poking up in the air and the chick’s tongue stuck way out. I’m guessing my sister’s technique felt a lot better (actually, from the sounds Dad made, there wasn’t much guessing needed), but mariobet giriş it sure wasn’t very showy.

If it hadn’t been him, and her, together, I’d’ve either just rolled on my back and listened, or headed back to my room and put on Netflix.

Luckily, she started mouth-humping him again before I went too far out of my head with impatience.

Damn, sis, look at you go.

She put her back and shoulders into it now, rocking her whole body as she unsheathed him from her throat and then swallowed him back in.

“Holy fuck you’re so beautiful,” Dad said. Kelly laughed around his glistening shaft before plunging back down on it. “UH-huHH!”

Down, down, down — nose in his pubes.

He has to be letting out a ton of precum when she does that, I thought. How does that taste? Can she even taste it? Can she even breathe, that far down on him?

After what seemed like maybe a full minute, Kellie answered my question with a gasp as she popped all the way loose, letting his tall, proud, spit-slick manhood waver just before her wide and panting mouth.

“Don’t choke yourself, babe,” he said, sounding concerned and putting a hand to her cheek.

She grinned and shook her head. “Not choking, just a little short on breath.”

“Well, if you could use a break, I’m certainly not opposed to trading places.”

Another head-shake. “Uh-uh.”

And then she crawled up onto his lap.

Frantic not to miss anything, I had to unzoom a little to avoid cutting off the top of her head, but went too far and shrunk them smaller than I wanted. When I tried to re-adjust, it went right back to the top of the frame scalping her.

Shit, Chelsea, can you leave it the hell alone and just watch this goldmine?

Her thighs straddled his, forcing him to close his knees up as she settled her ass onto them. The bare, lush crook between her legs framed his crotch perfectly — clean, soft, pale feminine skin contrasting with his deeper tan and with the fierce purple crown of his prick. The nearness of his tip to her cunt lips and the perfect aim of its angle taunted me.

Yes, Kells, do it! Scoot forward and sit right on that thing!

Maybe it should have surprised me, how hot I was to see him penetrate her. To watch with my tongue hanging out as, inch after inch, the hungry folds of her labia rode his strong, stiff length to its root. I mean, in theory it should have been gross and wrong for them to be doing this and almost as wrong for me to be slavering over their forbidden coupling. But maybe the criminality of their bonding and my violation of their privacy sort of made a wash of each other, morally speaking? Yeah, good one! I’m a hundred percent justified videoing them without their consent, because they shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.

Or, it would be, if they’d hurry up and get to the sex part.

“Dad?” Kelly asked.

“Yes, hon?” His hands had landed on her thighs and now caressed their way up toward her waist.

“How do you think we got so lucky?”

She took another scoot forward, her mound now barely out of contact with the end of his dick.

“Not sure I understand,” he said, taking hold just above her pelvis like he intended on pulling her down onto him — but not yet actually doing it. “Don’t we regularly say our prayer to the angel Chelsea for letting us have that trip to ourselves?”

“Haha,” she said. “No, I’m talking about loving each other the way we do. The love part, not the making love part. And I guess I mean all three of us, you know?”

He shrugged, those strong, sculpted shoulders lifting eloquently and then relaxing. “Sometimes life gives and then takes away. Sometimes… it takes away and then gives.”

Oh my god, would you two stop tugging my heartstrings and get boning? I swear to god, you know I’m here and you’re teasing me, aren’t you? Can you just —

And then they both turned their heads toward the fireplace — out of my view from this angle — and I just about lost it. Because her picture is on the mantle — Mom’s. Kellie’s mother, my mother, Dad’s wife.

Sometimes life takes away…

And you’d think it’d be some kind of outrage, sacrilege, for them to be doing this in front of her, but you’d only think that if you didn’t know her. If you didn’t understand how nothing in her heart or soul or the whole world had mattered more to her than our happiness.

…and then gives.

Below me, the two of them sighed and turned back to each other. Then Kellie leaned forward and kissed our father and settled her hips to enfold him.

Goddammit, Kell, I thought, wiping away more tears as she and Dad began the first gentle hints of motion. You’re lucky you got me all crying and shit or I’d be hella pissed at you for blocking my shot with your stupid fat head. Of course, I guess you just established what a lucky bunch of fuckers we are around here.

And all of that was true. Mom had been gone half my life at this point. It had taken a long time, but eventually I understood the only way to truly honor her memory was to live a happy life. I strayed away from that path sometimes (you fucker, Brandt), but it was always there for me to come back to.

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