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High School Sissy

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High School SissyEven when growing up I always seem to be on the fem side, my shapewas more of a girls shape then a boys. As I was growing up my parents wouldalways dress me clothes that were stuff that a boy would wear, because ifthey dressed me in something that was sex neutral I be mistaken as a littlegirl. As I got a little older I liked being a boy since jerking off wasalways fun. But when I was alone I find a way to get into my older sistersroom and try on here clothes. By the time I was 16 I have to say that therewere times I be able to get dressed in one of her outfits and almost passfor a girl.One weekend when I was 17 my parents were going to be way for theweekend they had decided to go visit my older sister at her school. It wasa good day?s ride so they figured they make weekend out of it. They feltthat since I had my driver?s license and be able to get where I needed,they also felt I could take care of myself. They also decided that theytake my other sister with them. When they left on Saturday morning, beforeI even got out of bed. I woke up and was feeling horny so I was going tojerk off but decide I would wait. Since no one be home for the next 2 daysI hit my older sister?s room to see what trouble I could get into. Since alot of her stuff was at her dorm room I found some boxes in the back of thecloset. I went thru them and found a few outfits that would fit me sincethe truth was I was on the thin side and had a shape closer to a young girlthen a boy. The only give away was my cock and even that was smaller thanaverage. Just for your information I had played with another boy before.The boy was one of my best friends. I had at times sucked his cock a lotmore then he sucked mine. Even a few times he fucked me I did like thatvery much I liked feeling like a pussy boy.But back to the box of clothes, I pulled them all out and wassurprised to find a dildo in the box. I figured I had time so I selected afew items that I wanted to try on, I found some frilly under panties and ofall things there was a padded bra in the box. I put the outfit on and haveto admit I looked pretty good. I then used the dildo on my ass and wasfucking myself and the more I did the horny I get. I decided to get on lineand go to a gay site that had cam access so the guys could see me alldressed up. I got mixed reactions some guys like the girlie guys and somedid not. I started chatting with a guy a few miles away from me and hereally liked the idea that I like dressing like a girl and asked if hecould get away. I said I could and he asked if I would drive over dressedlike I was. I figured it seemed like a good idea at the time so I did.My hair was on the long side so I could be easily taken as a girldriving in the car. So here I was in daylight I went out and drove over tothe guys house, I just felt like a girl and a slutty one at that. Whenarrived there and went into his house we played and he did treat me like Iwas a girl and he did fuck my boy pussy and my mouth for the few hours. Itstarted to get dark and the guy was tired from fucking me so it was timefor me to drive home.Since I had not brought any other clothes I left still dressedin my sister?s outfit. I drove a while then my car oil light came on, I gotout and checked oil and sure enough it was low. I knew there was a gasstation a few blocks away so I decided to walk. So here I was in a sectionof town that was not the best and in a short skirt with istanbul escort half my asssticking out, I imagined I looked sexy but I was thinking this was not thebest idea I ever had. I needed to get a can of oil so off I went, I reachedthe gas station walked in and picked up some oil and walked back as fast asI could. The guy in the gas station did look at me a little strange I thinkhe suspected there was a cock in my panties, but he did not say anythingand I walked off back to my car. When I got back to the car I opened thehood and was bending over pouring the oil in, I realized there were a groupof four guys walking over to me. I was finishing up when I felt a hand onmy ass. That in itself was not a problem but what was when the happeningwas he reached down further to get a hand full of pussy, but then he feltmy cock. He grabs me and says to his friends we got us a faggot pussyboy. He then grabs my cock and holds on and starts dragging me with him,the other boys follow. I am pulled into an old building a few hundred feetaway from where my car was. Then this guy who’s got my cock tells me to geton my knees and he lets go of my cock and then drops his pants and outfalls a good size cock, the guy was around 19 years old. Then he grabs myhead and tells me to open and shoves his cock in my mouth. Being a cocksucker that I am I was OK with this. I have to admit I liked being forcedto suck the guys cock. After the boy fucked my mouth he said let?s see ifhe has a tight pussy, then I am bent over and my panties were ripped off meand while bent over they fucked one after another. There were the 3 otherguys and then again by the guy who I had sucked off to start with. By nowmy ass was sore but I did get to feel like what a girl would if she wasgetting ****d. I had to stay long enough for 3 of the guys to fuck my assagain, but by then they were getting bored with using there pussy boy.They let me leave so I walked back to the car with cumleaking out of my ass, no longer even had any panties on to catch some ofthe cum. I drove home and if I was not such a pervert I would have felt badabout what happened, but instead I went to my room took the dildo that Iused before and fucked myself even more and jerked off thinking of allthose cocks that used my boy pussy.A few days went by and my ass was no longer sore but I had thedesire to have it filled again like it did last weekend, The friend Iplayed with was fun but the guys on the street were rough and they justused my boy pussy like it was there for their enjoyment. The crazy part isI felt my position in life was to make guys use me for their pleasure. WhenI put on the girls clothes I just felt like I was a cock sucking slut thathad to be used. I did not care if they fucked my mouth or my ass just aslong as they filled me with cum. I was not sure what I was going to doabout it. I went out a few nights and traveled over to the area where theguys who ****d me the other night hung out, I was not dressed like a girlbut would have liked have been but the house was not empty so that I couldhave. I was able to find the same guys, they were outside an old house thatI think was vacant and they took it over as a club house. I did not stopbut I was sure that at least 3 of the guys that were there were the guysthat fucked me.I waited for the weekend and my parents were going out and my sister hada place to go. I told them I was izmir escort going out, and was going to spend thenight at my friend?s house, they were OK with that because they knewsometimes we get involved in video games and I wind up staying late. Ifthey knew the truth sometimes I stay late because my friend happens to alsobe fucking me. But the fact that he fucks me sometimes is a different storywhen he does I am not dressed like a girl I am just a normal teen age boycock sucker. So back to my plan after my parents and sister left, I pulleddown the box of items that transform me from being a boy into a teen girland a slutty one at that. I then got dressed and made sure I did a good jobmaking sure my boy pussy was loosened up with the dildo and that my pussywas nice and clean.Then as soon as turned a little dark outside I walked to my car andmade a trip straight to where I knew the boys that fucked me last would behanging out. I saw them standing around on a corner under a street light,there were 5 guys this time. I rolled up and opened up the window I madesure that they could see me dressed in my sexy clothes, the one guy cameover who had grabbed my ass last time and he recognized me. He just saidto the other guys look that cock sucking faggot is back guess she wants alot more cock. I just smiled and said you have that right and with thatthey told me to park and come with them. I followed them to the house I sawthem using the other day as a hang out. When we walked in there were a fewmore guys there and the one guy who brought me in said to the other guyslook what I found a faggot who thinks he is a girl. Then again he does suckcock very nice and his ass did feel good when I fucked it last time. Withthat a few of the guys knew what they wanted. I watched as a few of theguys removed there pants and their cocks were exposed. They gestured for meto come over and service their waiting hard cocks. As the good cock suckinggirl that I wanted to be I just got down on my knees and crawled over tothem, I knew it looked real slutty but that is what I just wanted to be aslutty cock sucking pussy boy. I took the first guys cock in my mouth anddid so because even if it was not supper hard it was the biggest cock outof all of them. I started sucking him taking him in my mouth as deep as Icould, sometimes choking on his big cock as he fucked my mouth. I did notas of yet get to be rewarded by his cum since another guy stopped me andmade me suck him for a while. Then six guys formed a circle around me and Iwould go from one cock to cock just sucking them a while then movingon. Never getting my mouth filled with cum that I wanted and needed. Thiswent on for a long time then one of the guys grabbed my head as I wassucking his cock and did not let me move on as he shoot his load deep in mymouth. After that I moved to the next cock still tasting his cum but alsothe taste of the new guys cock. A few guys while I was sucking this guy?scock were jerking off so I was now getting my face and head coated withcum. I was still busy with a cock in my mouth or I would have told them donot waste any cum, I wanted in at least one of my holes.The cock that was in me shoot his load into my mouth he pulled outand I felt some cum that was shot on my lips dripping down so I used myfingers to move it to my mouth and swallow what I could. Then the guy whofucked me first last time told me to get up and escort bayan bend over the arm of thechair and I did that and he ripped off my pantie and slid his wet hard cockinto my boy pussy. I moaned so the guys knew I was loving this, He justfucked me hard. I could tell he was there to satisfy him but doing so mademe feel even more of a slut. I kept telling him to fuck me harder and hedid, but doing so made his ride a lot shorter and he was soon spurting hiscum into my ass. I just loved the feeling and was just the start for thenight. I stayed bent over the arm of the chair and guy after guy took myass. There were so many guys fucking my pussy I lost count as the guys tookturns fucking me hard. I stayed till late in the night and while I wasbeing fucked some of the guys left and some new cocks showed up. After somany guys fucked me my ass was so filled with cum it was dripping out but Iwas still wanting more. This went on for another 2 hours then it was timefor me to leave.I left but not sure why I was feeling this way but I still wantedmore, and it was late so I could not go home now dressed like I was. Now myoutfit was half missing and if I bend over my boy pussy would show cumdripping out of it. I decided that the guy I met on the internet was notthat far away and he lived alone so I called him. He was sleeping but whenhe heard my voice he told me to come over. I arrived and when I walked inhis house he could see what shape I was in, He told me to bend over and hetook a look at my boy pussy and said how many times did you get fucked. Ismiled and said not sure lost count. I figured he was going to fuck me andI was more than willing to let him. He wanted to wait after we both wentback to bed and he said he fuck me when we both woke up. I agreed to thisbut trying to sleep naked next to this man was not easy and next thing Irealized is I am under the covers sucking his cock.I think that woke up his cock at least and he fucked me one timebefore we both crashed. I assume all the sex had the day before tired meout because I slept later then I would normally sleep. When I woke up Iheard talking from the other room, I was wake enough to remember what tookplace yesterday and that I stopped by this guy?s house last night.I made some noise getting up and the man who house this was camein, along with 2 other guys. The guy who fucked me last night told me tobend over he wanted to show his friends what my well used boy pussy lookedlike. I did as he asked and they could see my hole was still stretched anddried cum all around it. I figured the fact that these 3 men all around 30were looking at a boy pussy of a k** was 17 was a turn on because all oftheir cocks started getting hard. I figured they just fuck me then but theguy who owned the house told them if you thing that?s hot you need to seehow he came dressed yesterday.The guy had me get up took me into the shower now we were bothnaked and he helped was me up and cleaned all the dried cum off my pussyand legs. He got me out dried me off and put some cream in my ass using hisfingers. The cream did fell soothing and also greased up my hole. He thenhad me put on the outfit I had on yesterday minus the panties since in allthe sex I had I had lost them. When we came out of the bathroom he had mespin around and his two friends looked at me and from there hard cock I sawthey approved.I spent the rest of the day sucking their cocks and them takingturns fucking me, over and over again filling my boy pussy with theircum. While we were having fun I received a message on my phone that myparents were going out again so that took care of figuring how I was goingto get back in my house wearing a mini skirt top and no panties.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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