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Hijabi Girl’s Sexual Fantasies

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Good Muslim girls aren’t supposed to get naughty thoughts about Infidel men, I told myself for the thousandth time as I checked out James Wilbur Etienne’s oh-so fine ass in those tight blue jeans he wore. By Allah, why are the hottest guys in the world all Christian? It would be harder for devout Shiite Muslim gals like me to get tempted if our own men weren’t all hairy, sweaty and sporting unibrows. Ahem. If Imam Abdullah of the Hamid Mosque could hear my thoughts, I’d catch hell from him for it for sure. Fortunately, the Creator did not bless men with the ability to read women’s minds and this Somali gal counts her blessings silently.

My name is Amal Abdul-Mutallub, and I was born in the town of Mogadishu, Somalia, but raised in the City of Toronto, Province of Ontario. At five-foot-one, dark-skinned and chubby, I’m as nondescript as any woman ever born. I am as Canadian as maple syrup, whatever that means. I study business administration at York University. In my Marketing class, I ran into a handsome African-American guy named James Wilbur. He comes from the City of Brockton, Massachusetts, and has been living in the City of Toronto for a year and a half. We get a lot of Americans in the City of Toronto. Most of them are just visiting, though. Not James Wilbur Etienne. Born in Massachusetts to Haitian immigrant parents, he’s an international student at York University. And he’s by far the cutest Black guy on campus. The one with the fantastic ass and almost angelic face.

Us Muslim girls are warned away from Christian men by our fathers, and also our brothers. Christian men are sexy, and tricky. They can make you have impure thoughts. They have no restraint whatsoever. I see a lot of Christian men making out with Christian girls all over the City of Toronto. Those damn Infidels have no sense of shame. They grab each other’s butts, fondle each other on the bus, the train sarıyer escort and everywhere else. It’s almost like having a porno happening right in front of you, especially in the summer. Not that I’ve ever watched a porno film. Pornography is considered haram in Islam and I am a good Muslim gal. Okay, in the name of the Creator, I will be completely honest here. I have seen a porno once but it belonged to my brother Mohammed. He’s not the devout Muslim that I am. He only prays four times a day, and he also smokes cigarettes and dates big-booty Jamaican chicks who aren’t even Muslim. He seems to prefer Christian women because they are always ready to have fun. Christian women will have sex with a man they meet after knowing him for ten minutes. Muslim women wait for marriage, just like Allah himself intended.

Try as I might, I can’t take my eyes off James Wilbur Etienne. He always walks around the York University campus with a big silver cross hanging on his neck. It’s not because he’s a Christian. Apparently, it makes him look like an authentic pimp. He’s one of those Black guys who thinks the gangster lifestyle is cool. He listens to hard core rap music by guys like Lil’ Wayne, Jay Z and Eminem. Me? I only listen to classical music. Everything else is just noise to me. Anyhow, where was I? Oh, yes. I was telling you all about James Wilbur Etienne, the Haitian-American guy from the City of Brockton, Massachusetts, who’s been causing so much mayhem among us ladies at York University in the Province of Ontario.

A lot of girls at school think he’s all that and they gush over him all the time. This has caused James Wilbur Etienne’s already outsized ego to swell to almost titanic size. Right now he’s so smug I sometimes wonder if he thinks he’s Superman or something. I often see him walking around with big-booty Black chicks esenyurt escort in low-cut skirts and skinny white chicks with blonde hair and blue eyes. He’s a Black man in North America, after all. If he wasn’t into white chicks, people would be worried about his authenticity as a Black male. I think it’s an unwritten rule in North America somewhere. If you’re Black and male, you must be into white chicks. Otherwise you’re not a real Black man. You’re probably a woman disguised as a Black man.

Today, James Wilbur Etienne is sitting in the quad with one of his ‘home boys’ as he calls his buddies. The buddy in question is Antonio, a tall, light-skinned Black guy who’s mixed with Mexican or something. Antonio is okay looking but he’s nowhere near as handsome as James Wilbur Etienne. J.W.E. puts the F in fine, ladies and gentlemen. Since it’s a hot day in April, James takes off his shirt…and I almost faint. See what I told you about Christian men and their lack of shame? A hot and mighty fine-looking Black guy like James Wilbur Etienne should definitely wear a warning, lest he cause an unsuspecting sister like me to pass out, you know? I tried not to stare but who am I kidding? You know I stared at that guy till my eyes were ready to pop out. I couldn’t help it. With his six-foot-three, 240-pound frame filled so nicely. His light brown skin. His curly Black hair. His light brown eyes. His sweet, full lips who look so kissable. His chiseled, fit body. His strong arms. His well-defined chest. His rock-solid legs. Oh, yeah. The brother had it going on. I had to go back to my dorm before I started to hyperventilate!

And return to my dorm I did. As I lay on my bed, clad only in my bra, panties and hijab, I thought of James Wilbur Etienne. I fantasized about having him in my bed, my sexy chocolate stud from America. I want to lick him from his head to his toes. avrupa yakası escort Then I want to suck his big, Black cock. Since he’s an Infidel, he’s probably uncircumcised. I fantasize about uncircumcised cocks all the time. It’s the lure of the forbidden. I would suck James Wilbur Etienne’s big Black cock with gusto until he moans in pleasure and shoots his cum all over me. I want him to cum all over my face. He can splatter his cum all over my hijab too, I don’t care. In fact, I think it’s a deliciously naughty idea. Mixing the sacred with the forbidden. Wearing a symbol of modesty and purity while doing truly depraved things. Hot. I would happily go down on this stud, and drain him dry.

Then I would climb on top him, make him pinch my nipples and suck at my breasts while I impaled myself on his big dick. I wonder how big his dick is. Somali guys got big dicks but Black American guys are supposed to be bigger. If one is to judge by porno films featuring Black American guys like Mr. Marcus, Lexington Steele and Brian Pumper. Yes, I am a hijab-wearing prim and proper Somali chick and I know these names. I want to ride James Wilbur Etienne and feel his prick deep inside of me. I want him to smack my big ass as he fucks me, and I want him to call me a naughty Muslim whore as he plunges his Christian cock deep inside of me. I want the Infidel to take me and do with me what he wishes. As often as he wishes. I want to be his bitch.

With determination, I thrust two fingers deep into my pussy as I day dream of getting fucked by James Wilbur Etienne, the sexy Haitian-American stud from Massachusetts. To really top things off, I slide one finger in my tight asshole as I continue thrusting my fingers up my cunt. The combination of powerful sensual friction fills up both my holes. And it doesn’t take long to take me over the edge. I scream passionately as I bring myself a shuddering orgasm. I open my eyes, and realize that I’m all wet. I just came all over myself. Hot girly cum everywhere. I bring my wet fingers to my lips. Yummy. I look at the pictures of James Wilbur Etienne which I’ve snapped up when no one was looking. Allah forgive me, I’ve got to have that man. And I’ll do anything to get him.

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