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His Girl Wont… I Take Her Place Ch. 02

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This following true story is part 2 of my original story titled “His Girl Wont… I Take Her Place”.


We both sat there with Tamara. I couldn’t stop contemplating everything I had just done in my head… everything Mike just did in my mouth… And I was so turned on just thinking about it. In my mouth and all over my tongue I could taste his dick and his cum and it tasted so fucking good! Tamara had no idea what we had been up to or what was going on, which was probably best. She most likely wouldn’t be so open about the stuff Mike and myself were doing and wouldn’t understand… Maybe even get jealous.. LOL!

Then I wondered… Do I suck his dick better than she does? And was happy to realize that yes I do suck on his dick better than his girl. She’s not very skilled at giving head I know this from experience. I can’t help but text Mike in the same room and tell him some of my kinky thoughts. I love talking dirty what can I say. 🙂

I told him through text that I loved giving him head, could still taste his cum in my mouth and that it tasted so good. It’s hard to get Mike involved in talking dirty himself but he loves when I do it. I texted him and asked if I did good blowing him and asked if he likes it when I give him head.. I like teasing him like that. I knew this would be the first but not the last sexual encounter between us and I wanted more of him already.

After izmir escort a short while, Tamara completely passes out on us and we’re bored. I wouldn’t give him head with her in the room sleeping, in case she were to wake up and catch us in the act. Mike & Tamara’s apartment is a non smoking unit so we always had to go outside for smokes. Mike got up and said let’s go for a smoke so I followed him to the side door of the building, and stepped just outside the door which was a very dark area. I was nervous.

I stood there facing Mike, only a foot or two away from me. He had a smoke and we talked. Then suddenly, I reached my hand forward and grabbed his dick / bulge in his shorts… I rubbed and touched him through the shorts. It felt amazing and he was enjoying it! 🙂 I pulled Mike’s shorts / boxers down past his ass, reached down and began fondling him while we stood face to face. After a few minutes, I pulled mine down also and turned my back to Mike so that I could push/grind my ass against him. I felt so vulnerable with my bare bum against his groin and it felt amazing. He put his hands on the side of my hips and I could feel his huge hard dick pressed against my bum.. resting between my butt cheeks… And this is when I realized something…

I wanted to be his slut. I wanted him to take me and do to me anything he’d do to a female. alsancak escort I wanted Mike to bend me over and fuck me from behind…. I pushed my ass into his groin and said “fuck me”. I guess Mike got the point and said let’s go back inside, but to the laundry room this time. It was very late (around 4am) and the room was completely empty so we had privacy. I started out on my knees in front of him and slowly seduced him with my tongue. I love unzipping his pants slowly and pulling them down.. I love looking up into his eyes while he watches me on my knees. I sucked his dick for a few more minutes before I decided it’s time to take this to the next level.

I stopped sucking on his dick and stood up in front of Mike. To my surprise, he leaned forward and tongue kissed my mouth. Some of his pre-cum juices were in my mouth and all over my lips. As soon as the kiss stopped I went down again and sucked his dick… Stopping to suck on the tip extra good and suck the cum juices out of him. I stood up again and tongue kissed him so that we shared the cum juices.

I walked over to a laundry folding table, pulled down my pants and bent over on it. I was ready to let him fuck me.

Mike’s dick is nice and huge. I felt the tip press against my hole and begin to push into me and I was like.. OMG! By the time he had just the tip inside of me, I thought buca escort I might not be able to fit much more.. slowly he pushed his dick into then back out of me.. a little more each time.

Before long, his huge dick is fully hard and fully inside of me with each stroke. I had never been fucked before and had never felt anything so amazing. With his dick deep all the way inside of me it felt like it my ass was completely full of him… I could feel his big hard dick all the way up in my lower stomach.

Mike’s hands were gripped onto my hips and ass as he made me take his dick from behind. I felt so overpowered by him like I was his little slut and he was having his way with me, any way he wants. I’ll never forget the sounds and moans he made while he fucked me.. MMM.. 🙂

After a while of making me take his dick and doing whatever he wants to me.. he moaned loudly and paused his thrusting. Mike paused with his big hard dick deep all the way inside of me and then I felt it… I felt his dick twitch and spasm inside my ass and it felt so amazing to physically feel him cum inside me. Each burst of his cum shot out deep inside me.

Mike finally finished fucking me and began to compose himself but I didn’t move yet. I layed there for a minute, face down bent over the table with my ass up and his cum leaking out of me. I couldn’t move because it felt so amazing I was like… Wow. Now I had sucked his dick and let him fuck me. All because his girl wasn’t putting out one night and I showed him that I can take her place. I showed him that if she won’t do it for him, Id be willing and happy to take her place and take his dick. 🙂

The End.

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