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Subject: Holland Far From Bone – Part 16 This is a fictional story in which sexual activity between consenting adult males is depicted; it is no way based on true events or the sexuality of any of the persons mentioned. If you are underage or it is otherwise illegal to read this story where you live, please stop reading now. The Nifty Archive is a great website and is made possible by donations from its readers. If you would like to help support the site, you can do so at http://donate./donate.html This story is the work of the author and should not be copied or posted elsewhere in any way without the permission of the author. Comments and feedback can be emailed to: red.cheshire.writer@ Instagram @redcheshire Twitter @redcheshire_fic RedCheshire Website: bly ——————————————————————– Holland Far From Bone – Chapter 16 – “Don’t Tip the Boat Over” (Part of the “Bunny on a Boat” story arc) ——————————————————————– Author’s Note: This story takes place in June 2018, after the Avengers: Infinity War premiere. Shoutouts to Dan D, Mdawg225, and drillpscyhe for advocating for the boat story to be written. breakingthrough for asking for a Tom + Sebastian story. Edger_Allen_hoe for inspiring more flirtation between Seb and Tom…curious to see where that might lead. Thanks as always to Patrick for helping with proof-reading. Also – a very special thank you to ArgentFakes, who created a beautiful image on Twitter, depicting a scene from the “Bunny on a Boat” story series. The fact that they took the time to create a visual render of Tom, Chris, and Seb still blows my mind and warms my heart. Thank you. https://twitter/ArgentFakes/status/1442653315637075968/photo/1 ~ DAY SEVEN ~ Chris Evans squinted as he opened his eyes, a little surprised to see morning light. Yawning, he stretched and rolled over…and found his two friends deep in an intense make-out session. Tom Holland was laying on top of Sebastian Stan’s body, their lips locked together and tongues wrestling. Tom’s body was slowly grinding down against Seb, soft moans escaping as their crotches rubbed together. The moans were punctuated by little whimpers every time Seb’s hands squeezed Tom’s round ass…and it was the multiple whimpers that had woken Chris out of his slumber. “You two really should get a room.” “We…have…a…room…” Tom came up for air, releasing each word in between pecks at Seb’s lips. “Yeah…you just…happen to…be in…it.” Seb licked at Tom’s mouth as he spoke. “Looks like Seb’s trying to `be in’ something, that’s for sure.” Evans slid his finger down Tom’s spine, tracing a circle near his tailbone. Reaching down, he found Seb’s cock, rock hard and throbbing. Grasping it, he gently tugged it free from underneath Tom’s body and out into the air. Letting go of it, he watched the meaty member slap back down and nestle itself against Tom’s firm rear. Both men moaned as Seb began pushing his hips up, rutting against Tom’s crack. “Anyway, I’m surprised – you *finally* made it through an entire night without any shenanigans.” “You sure about that?” Seb broke his lips free of Tom’s, grinning as he looked over at his old friend. He chuckled as Chris’ eyebrows knitted together, trying to decide if Seb was pulling his leg or not. “Hmmm…actually, yeah, I am. Little Tommy there isn’t the quietest when he’s all riled up.” “Maybe…mmmmm…” Seb sighed as Tom’s tongue worked at his earlobe. “…maybe I found a way to keep him quiet.” “HA!” The bed shook with the power of Chris’ laughter. “What the fuck ever – you have a habit of just making him even louder. `Found a way to keep him quiet’ my ass!” Seb stuck his tongue out, only to be surprised as Tom darted down and caught it between his lips and began sucking on it…only causing Chris to laugh even louder. “You’re just…mmmm…jealous.” Spreading his fingers, Seb got a bigger grip on Tom’s ass and gave it a firm squeeze, driving home his point. “Actually, you’re probably right.” His fingers grazed down Tom’s backside again, admiring it as his thoughts drifted through the debauchery of their trip. His own meat was at full mast, thick and throbbing as it stood in the air. It caught Tom’s attention, causing him to swallow hungrily. Pulling up slightly, he rubbed the tip of his nose against Seb’s. “Should we be nice to him?” Seb rolled his eyes dramatically. “I suppose. You know he’s just going to get worse if we try to ignore him.” “Yeah, he doesn’t like that.” “Guys, I’m right here.” “You’re right. He *hates* being ignored.” “What kind of attention should we give him?” “Guys. Seriously – I can hear you. I’m like, one foot away.” Grinning devilishly, Tom slid over, quickly closing the gap. His body now lay over Chris’ broad form as he licked along the well-muscled collarbone. “Not any more, you’re not.” “Oooh. You’re right. Now what?” Tom licked up Chris’ stubbled jaw, lightly chewing at his chin. “Well, you wanted some attention.” He sighed as Chris’ hands squeezed his ass, just like Seb had done. “Not some. A lot.” “You’re…so…needy…” Tom’s words trailed off as he shifted down, taking one of Chris’ pert nipples in his mouth and sucked on it. “Fuuuuuck. Yeah I am.” Chris slid one hand up and took hold of Tom’s head, pushing the smaller man against his chest, enjoying the delicious feel of the lad’s mouth. “So…needy.” Tom pulled away and slid to his left, tending to the other nipple. “Yeah. I’m really needy. Guess what I need right now.” He tried to push Tom’s body south…and was surprised when the Spider-man actor rolled off, returning to Seb. Chris watched as Tom repeated his efforts, now attacking Seb’s chest with his mouth. Meanwhile, Tom’s left hand reached out and roamed over Chris’ chest, caressing and teasing it while he paid attention to the Romanian stud he had pinned down. A couple of minutes later, Tom was back, now lapping his tongue at Chris’ abs and resisting the nudges of Chris’ hands at his shoulders, eager to get Tom’s mouth to one particular location. He watched as the cute mouth opened and Tom’s long tongue wandered down his happy trail, getting closer and closer…and then the damn little scamp was gone again, making out with Seb’s stomach. Chris growled as a hand wandered over and trailed up and down his thighs, getting close to his large nuts but not close enough, causing him to growl with frustration. Tom came back again, settling between Chris’ thick legs, inching closer and closer to the rod sticking up in the air, leaking precum down the veiny shaft. The tip of Tom’s tongue reached out and flicked at Chris’ balls, earning a happy sigh from the Captain America actor…and then a sharp intake of frustrated breath as Tom was gone again, lapping his tongue up Sebastian’s thighs. “God dammit, someone’s a tease today.” Tom slid back over, his eyes twinkling with mischief. “You don’t like being teased?” His tongue ever-so-lightly slid around Chris’ nuts. “Sometimes. Not right now.” “Oh. What do you want right now? Oh!” Tom’s eyes got wide as Chris gripped his hair and pulled his face forward – with his other hand, Evans grasped the base of his cock, using his thumb to push it forward, slapping it against Tom’s face. “You know what I waaaahhhhhhhhnt…fuuuuuck.” Chris squirmed on the bed as Tom dove down, taking nearly his entire length down his throat in one gulp. “Fuck – hungry?” “Haven’t…” Tom pulled off, licking at the big plum-shaped head. “…had…breakfast…yet.” His lips opened wide as he pushed his face down, impaling his throat on all eight inches until his mouth was wrapped around the base of the thick meat. “Come and get it. Daaaamn.” Chris closed his eyes and moaned as Tom bobbed up and down, loudly slurping as he devoured Chris’ thick sausage. “Fuck!” He dug his fingers into the sheets as Tom disappeared once more, sliding over to swallow Seb’s manhood, sighing as Seb’s fingers ran through his wavy brown hair. Tom went back and forth, taking turns sucking the two delicious cocks. Whoever he wasn’t blowing at the moment was receiving a talented handjob while waiting. And then Chris tired of waiting. Rolling over, he pinned Tom’s body down with his own, rubbing his cock up and down against Tom’s ass, hearing the other man let out hungry moans which were muffled by a mouthful of Seb’s dick. Chris’ right hand reached forward towards the nightstand and was rewarded by the feel of a plastic tube being placed into his palm, Seb reading his mind. Slicking up his pole, he sank inside Tom’s hole with one stroke, feeling the younger man’s insides clench around his shaft, both of them letting out a lusty sigh. Evans’ morning wood throbbed with desire, eager for release. His thrusts picked up in intensity. Seb slid his meat out of Tom’s mouth, pulling the Spider-stud forward until they were kissing again. Hands clutched at his shoulders as Tom held on, his body rocking hard from the increasingly rough fucking that he was getting from behind. Suddenly, his tunnel was empty as Chris pulled out, smacking Tom on the ass. Reaching down, the big beefy Bostonian took hold of Seb’s rod and guided it, piercing Tom’s rear, hearing the hungry bottom moan with renewed satisfaction. Sliding his hands down to the slender hips, Seb held Tom in place as he thrust up, enjoying the hot tight confines as he plunged into them again and again. After a few minutes, he looked up and winked at Evans as he pulled out, making way for the other man to ram back inside. Tom’s fingers continued digging into Seb’s shoulders and biceps, his cock rubbing back and forth across the smooth chest, letting out one long sigh after another as the pair took turns at his ass. Suddenly, Tom pushed himself upright, a big wicked smirk curling up the corner of his mouth. Holding Seb’s gaze, he lifted his torso and began riding the man underneath him, his fingers trailing down the flat stomach. His grin grew as he turned to face over his shoulder, one hand curling back to take hold of Chris’ head and bring him forward, catching his mouth in a big sloppy kiss, putting on a show for Seb as he continued rising up and down on the Winter Soldier’s rod. Panting, Tom pulled away and chewed on Evans’ lower lip as he reached down, fingers curling around the prize he was seeking…and tugging on it. “Let’s end the trip with a bang.” The words came out in a horny growl as Tom’s other arm reached around to pull at Evans’ hip, pulling him forward. He guided the bigger man forward until the head of Chris’ cock was at Tom’s entrance – he could feel Seb’s shaft sliding up and down, rubbing against the tip of his dick. “Fuck Bunny, you got it.” Biting his lower lip, Chris pushed his hips forward, stretching Tom open as his cock eased inside, right alongside Seb’s manhood as it continued thrusting in and out. Reaching down and around Tom’s slim body, Chris pressed his fingertips against Seb’s thigh, prompting him to slow down. Chris picked up the slack as he began rolling his hips back and forth, earning a long groan from Tom as his guts were opened up even further. His head rolling back to rest against Chris’ shoulder, Tom reached back with his arms, running his fingers up and down, caressing the other man’s neck and hair. Finally adjusting to the girth of Evans’ cock, Tom moaned as his lips latched onto those of the man behind him once more, ramming his tongue into the bearded mouth. Distracted, Evans’ pace slowed down…and Seb picked up the slack, pistoning upward into Tom’s rear. Tom’s moans got louder when thick fingers found his nipples and began playing with them – the mystery of who they belonged to was solved when he felt another pair of hands tease his inner thighs and balls. Growling, Chris suddenly pushed Tom downard, pinning him against Seb’s body. Squeezing the firm ass with his big hands, he grunted as he began pounding it again, savoring the tightness that he was plunging into. Tom’s moans transformed into squeals of pleasure, clinging to Seb’s upper body once again as his rear got ravaged. Rubbing his nose against Tom’s, Seb tilted his face down and took Tom’s bottom lip between his teeth, gently tugging at it, feeling the fingers dig deeper into his flesh. His hand slid down, finger and thumb coming together to pinch Tom’s nipple, his thumb rolling over the hardened nub. Chuckling, Seb slid his hands down and replaced Chris’, squeezing the round globes and pulling them apart. Chris responded by planting his hands on either side of Tom’s shoulders, moving into a plank position as he pounded harder and harder. He watched as Seb’s mouth turned, moving against Tom’s ear, whispering words that Evans was unable to make out. Whatever he was saying was causing Tom’s hole to quake, the slender hips pushing back with an increasing level of need. Suddenly, Tom’s entire body went rigid as he cried out – his tunnel quivered around Chris’ shaft, milking it as Tom began releasing his juices all over Seb’s lower torso. As his orgasm subsided, his body went limp and his hole relaxed, providing Chris the opportunity to attack it with renewed vigor. His mouth was close to Seb’s as they both harassed their little friend. “You really…mmmpfh…” He blinked his eyes, eyebrows furrowed as he continued drilling the little twunk. “….want to go…to that bar…oooh…in Boston?” “Mmmm…yes…” Tom’s eyes were closed, wearing a goofy pleased smile. “You’re gonna have to prove you can handle it.” “Mmmkay. I can take it.” “We’ll see.” Evans shifted his right hand, taking hold of Tom’s wrist and extending the slim-muscled arm all the way out to the side. He repeated the motion with his left hand, turning Tom’s body into a T-shape as he continued drilling away with his dick. Seb began thrusting again, the pair finding a tempo where one of their cocks was sliding out as the other rammed inside, stuffing Tom’s rear non-stop. Seb took over the grip on Tom’s arms, his fingers curling around the wrists and holding them in place. Evans pulled himself upward again, his hands grasping Tom’s waist as he slammed in and out. “First, we need to get you in some leather gear. You’d look cute as fuck in a harness. Maybe a leather jockstrap.” Tom’s breath rattled at the idea, his lip turning up in a smile. “Toss you into the sling, watch your hot little body go back and forth as guys take their turns with your holes.” “Mmmm….” Tom’s fingers clenched at the sheets. “Then drag you over to the spanking horse. Bend you over on it. Smack that juicy ass.” “Oh god…” “Plop you down onto the fuck bench. Bet there’s a line of guys at that point, eager to pound this tight hole.” “Yes sir…” “Then the bondage table.” “Oh god.” “Tie you down.” “Yes, please.” “Then the Big X. Put these cute little wrists of yours into leather cuffs, same with those ankles.” “Ohhhh.” “Use the spreader bar on your legs, standing up, watching guys lean into their fucking at your ass.” “Get a ball gag in those puffy lips, strap you back on the bondage table, face up…knock out a little tickle torture.” Tom blinked, imagining the scenario, his hole squeezing around Evan’s girth. “Then a blindfold. You won’t even know who’s fucking you.” “Oh fuck yes. Use me – I can take it.” “You sure?” Evans was staring into Seb’s eyes, the two grinning at the thought of the devious night they’d be having once they got Tom to Boston. “Oh yeah. I’m just a hole. Use me. Fill me.” Tom moaned the words, knowing exactly what buttons he was pushing. He heard a loud groan as the cock from behind suddenly stop, throbbing as Evans began cumming. The beefy Marvel stud squeezed his eyes shut, not expecting Tom’s words…or the jolt they sent down his spine, right down to his nuts, which began spontaneously erupting. “Fuck…fuck…fuuuuuck….fuuuuuuuuuck.” His cum splashed against Tom’s inner walls and Seb’s rod. When he finally finished shooting, he shook his head and swallowed, working to recover his breath. Seb latched his mouth onto Tom’s, their tongues wrestling as he thrust up with an intense speed, the bed quaking. Moaning against Tom’s lips, he began spilling his seed as well, the cream trickling out from between the two cocks, trailing down the insides of Seb’s thighs. “Fuck, kid.” Chris’ words were panted, his breath still heavy. “Okay, Boston it is. You earned it.” “You sure?” Tom chuckled as he squeezed his hole, milking the two studs’ meat. “You can’t be ready for round two already.” “Um, hi, Chris Evans. Have you had a chance to meet Tom Holland?” Seb’s bright blue eyes twinkled with humor. “Fuck. You’re right.” Letting out a giant gust of air, Evans rolled over onto his back, his cum-covered cock slapping against his thigh. Reaching down, he found a pair of shorts and used them to wipe himself off, his skin glowing with a light sheen of sweat. Tossing the shorts back to the floor, he stood up and made his way to the door, feeling Tom’s eyes sweep down his broad bare backside. “Gonna go make breakfast. Some of us haven’t eaten yet.” He turned to look over his shoulder, raising an eyebrow at Tom. Seb and Tom heard the sound of Chris’ feet padding out of the room, their eyes closed as they began making out again. Pulling away, Tom looked into Seb’s eyes, smiling as the other man reached up to brush away a stray lock of hair. “I should be nice and go help him with breakfast.” “That would be nice of you.” Tom opened his mouth and then closed it. Smiling instead, he leaned down and kissed the corner of Seb’s mouth, teasingly pinching a nipple as he clambered out of the bed. He let out a small hiss as he felt his ass twinge at the movement, still recovering from the double stuffing he’d just received. Winking, he dashed out of the bedroom. Crossing his hands behind his head, Seb stared out of the porthole window, his thoughts lost in the clouds. ~ ~ ~ ~ “Sausage…or did you already get enough?” Chris winked as he rummaged through the fridge, gathering items for their last breakfast on the boat. “Never.” Leaning back against the counter with a cocky grin, Tom winked as his friend turned around to set items on the counter next to his guest. “Ha! I believe that. Here, wear this. Don’t want you getting sweat or…any other `flavors’ in the food” Chris handed Tom an apron, put one on as well. Taking hold of a knife, Evans began slicing fruit. He slid the meat to the side so that Tom could handle that part of the meal. Instead, Tom stepped behind Chris, bringing his hands around the broad chest, stroking it with his fingertips. “Mmmm. Gonna have to wait a bit for me to recharge, skippy.” He chuckled, imagining Tom’s nose wrinkling up with mild irritation at the nickname. Instead, the fingers continued caressing through the hair on his chest. Coming together, they kneaded his nipples, pulling a soft purr out of Chris’ throat. “So…what was Hawaii like?” Tom’s nose *did* wrinkle in annoyance this time as Chris leaned his head back, a roar of laughter bouncing off of the low ceiling to fill the room. “Subtlety isn’t your strong suit, is it?” “It…can be.” One hand continued stroking at Chris’ nipple while the other drifted down, playing with the large nuts that Tom had done his best to drain over the last few days. “Can be. Isn’t though.” Reaching down, Chris took Tom’s hand and brought it up, taking the fingers in his mouth and sucking on them. He felt Tom’s body lean against his back, relaxing while enjoying the feeling of his digits being worked on by a masterful tongue. “Hawaii?” Teeth lightly gripped Tom’s fingers as Chris let out a loud chuckle. “Can’t talk with my mouth fu…oooh.” He was surprised when Tom tugged his fingers out of Evans’ mouth. Wiping his fingers dry against his thigh, Tom moved a few feet away to lean against the counter. The sight of the younger man pouting only caused Chris to chuckle even harder. “You’re not going to tell me anything about Hawaii, are you?” “Without Seb in the room? Naw, probably not.” “Even with Seb in the room…” Rolling his eyes, Tom let out an exaggerated sigh. Pushing himself off of the counter, he moved up next to Evans, taking hold of a knife. “Boston?” Avoiding eye contact, Tom looked down as he began slicing the sausage. “Is a city in Massachusetts.” Tom’s face spun upward, exasperated. “Oh my god. You suck!” Evans made a point to keep looking at the fruit on the counter, his mouth stretching wide with a grin. “Maybe later.” The frustrated growl to his left only earned another laugh. “What about Chicago?” “Oh.” “Oh?” Tom looked up again, eyebrows curling together. “Yeah…Chicago I just made up.” “What?!” “Sorry kiddo, was just fucking with you…while you were fucking Seb. Which was really hot by the wa…” “Wait, so are Hawaii and Boston even real then? Or are you just fucking with bursa escort me?” Licking his lips and failing to suppress a grin, Chris put down the knife. Stepping behind Tom, he closed the space between them, pressing their bodies together. Sliding his nose up the shorter man’s neck, he rubbed against his ear and then began nibbling on the outside of his ear lobe. Quickly forgetting his irritation, Tom let out a small moan. “Hawaii was real. We’ll tell you about the story…soon. And Boston is very *very* real…and…” His fingers pinched Tom’s nipples, causing the little stud’s back to arch. “…and…I am really taking you there. And you’re really going to have a very…” His words rumbled against Tom’s neck as he planted small kisses along its length, sending shivers down Tom’s spine. “…very good time. I promise.” The resulting moan ended with a small whimper, unable to resist Evans’ teasing. ~ ~ ~ ~ “Sausage, eh?” An eyebrow rose up above Sebastian’s sunglasses, the corner of his mouth curling up with amusement. Chris set the plates out with a grin. “It seems to be everyone’s favorite.” “What?” Tom looked back and forth as both men looked directly at him. “Nothing.” Chris and Seb responded at the same time. Laughing, Evans settled into his seat. “Whatever. Not like you two haven’t been chowing down on man meat the entire week too.” “Not the entire week.” Evans popped a piece of fruit into his mouth, chewing. “Yeah, more like a few days.” Seb winked at Tom, raising a glass of juice to his own mouth and taking a sip, barely hiding a smile as Tom rolled his eyes again. Seb decided that it was a really cute look, whether Tom was rolling his eyes from annoyance or intense pleasure. Picturing the twunk laying on his back moaning caused his cock to stir. “You two are really…something.” “Something? We’ve got a man of words here.” Chris chuckled as he dodged Tom’s napkin snapping through the air. “I was trying to avoid saying something rude.” “Ohhh. I just figured we’d fucked the brains right out of your head.” Tom turned to stare with surprise at Seb’s comment, his mouth hanging open, blinking. The other two laughed as they continued eating. The rest of the meal went quickly, with Tom giving the other two the silent treatment. Clearing the plates and setting them in the kitchen sink, Seb stepped into the bedroom to find the other two already suited up for the day, both clad in white speedos. “Oh, we’re twinning today?” “Tripleting.” Chris held out a scrap of white cloth to Seb. Once Seb had it pulled up his legs and settled in place, Evans gave an approving nod, looking between the three of them. “Nice. What do you think, Spidey?” “Mmm.” Tom shrugged, heading out of the room. “Do you think we pushed it a little too far?” He looked over at Seb, feeling a twinge of guilt. “I’d say yes, if the little punk wasn’t trying not to smirk.” “Say what?” “He’s playing you. Quite well, actually, if you’re asking if he’s irritated.” “That little shit.” Evans chuckled as he closed the dresser drawer. “I bet he’s just trying to get payback since I wouldn’t tell him about Hawaii.” “Or Boston?” “Ha – good guess. Nope, neither one.” Seb picked up the tube of sunscreen, noting that it was almost empty. “Are we going to tell him?” “Oh, absolutely. It’s going to be fun. Well, Hawaii anyway. We’ll keep Boston a surprise.” Slapping Seb on the ass, Chris sauntered out into the hallway and up the steps. Shaking his head and grinning, Seb followed. ~ ~ ~ As he finished rubbing the sunscreen lotion onto Chris’ body, Seb felt Tom’s hands sliding along his back. `Damn, going to miss this every day,’ he thought, letting out a contented sigh. “Did you use a lot of sunscreen in Hawaii?” Seb squeezed his eyes shut, biting the inside of his cheeks to prevent himself from laughing. Chris was right – despite being a good actor, the kid lacked subtlety if he was determined to get something. “Yes, you’d want to use a good amount of sunscreen in Hawaii. Lots of sun.” “Ah, so you guys were outside a lot?” “Hmm. Don’t really remember. Old age does that to you.” “You’re not old.” Tom’s hands worked over Seb’s chest. “Is this the flirting style of interrogation that you used on…ow!” Seb howled as Tom tugged at his nipple, frustrated. The yelp of pain turned into laughter at the sight of Tom pressing his lips together with annoyance. “That’s a yes.” “No.” Tom began working the lotion on his own legs, starting at the ankle. “I didn’t have sunscreen in the kitchen.” He stuck his tongue out, returning his attention to his calves. “Here, I’ll…aww, come on, don’t be mad.” “I’m not mad.” “Good.” Seb wrapped his hands around Tom’s midsection, pulling him upright so that he could hug him from behind. “I like it when you’re in a better mood.” Nuzzling Tom’s neck, he let his fingers trail down the flat stomach. “Especially certain moods.” He felt Tom’s body relax against his own. “We’ll tell you about Hawaii, I promise.” Turning Tom around, he nudged the other man’s chin up with his nose, planting a kiss on that adorable jaw line. “You’re serious?” “Very. If you’re a good boy.” Hands squeezed Tom’s ass as Seb licked at his chin. “And if you’re a bad boy…” His tongue slid up, tracing along Tom’s lower lip. “…we’ll *show* you.” “Ooh…” The sound of Tom’s voice was cut off as Seb’s tongue slid into his mouth, the kiss deepening as those strong hands kneaded his rear end. Pulling away, Seb licked his lips as he continued rubbing the lotion up and down Tom’s body. Finished, he closed the cap and set the tube to the side, racing Tom to the side of the boat, the pair diving off into the water at the same time. ~ ~ ~ ~ His faux-attitude loosened up by Seb’s attention, Tom taunted Evans into one last race in the water. The pair swam around the boat, one lap after the other. As they approached Seb, who was acting as referee, Tom managed to pull ahead, his slim form darting past the Romanian actor’s body. As Tom hooted and hollered about his victory, Evans came to the surface, pulling in a big gust of air to catch his breath. “Tom won, huh?” “Looks that way.” Chris bobbed up and down in the water, still working to slow his breathing and pulse. He watched as Seb looked over to Tom, who was grinning and waving, and then back over to his old friend. “Hmmm. Seemed pretty close for most of the race.” “Yeah, imagine that. Just…tuckered out at the end.” “Imagine that.” The pair looked at each other, smiling. “You know, you can be pretty awesome sometimes. Sometimes.” He watched with humor as Chris’ cheeks darkened at the compliment. “More than sometimes, actually.” The blush deepened, Chris squinting to look at the sun and pretending to gauge the time. “Quit trying to make me blush, old man. I’m saving that blood flow for something else.” Winking and barking out an evil laugh, he swam over to Tom, giving him a high five before making his way over to the ladder. Once back on the boat, Chris disappeared below deck. Returning with water, he found Seb and Tom already stretched out in the lounge chairs, soaking up the sun. He licked his lips at the sight of the two, their white speedos still a little see-through with moisture, their skin glistening in the bright sunlight. “Thank you, sir. Can I have another?” Tom reached out to take the water bottle, his grin widening as Chris rolled his eyes, shaking his head. “Don’t be greedy.” His eyebrow went up as Tom stuck out his lower lip. “I thought you liked when I was greedy?” “No.” Chris unscrewed the cap from his bottle. “I like when you’re hungry. There’s a difference.” Tipping the bottle, he poured some of the water out, watching as it splashed against Tom’s crotch. The other man squirmed to get out of the way, both of them laughing. “Now simmer down and relax.” “Yes sir.” Tom laughed as Chris shook his head, padding over to his own chair. Curling his arms back behind his head, he closed his eyes and felt the heat of the sun’s rays against his flesh. Time passed, the trio quiet as they relaxed, enjoying the sound of music playing from Evans’ phone, the sound of waves breaking against the side of the boat, causing it to rock back and forth. At some point, Chris dozed off, awoken as the light suddenly darkened. Opening his eyes, he found Tom blocking the sun, his hand stretched out with a beer can. “Aww, thank you kiddo.” “I thought it was `bunny,’ not `kiddo’.” Tom winked, taking a drink. Chris watched as that sexy Adam’s apple bobbed up and down, memories of Tom swallowing his and Seb’s juices causing his manhood to fill out. “If you’re standing up, it’s `kiddo’. `Bunny’…” He patted his thigh. “…is here.” “Ohhhh.” The corner of his mouth curling up, Tom swung a leg over Chris’ body, lowering himself down. “Like this?” “Sorta.” Opening the can, Chris took a swig, enjoying the feeling of Tom’s perky ass parked on his crotch. He enjoyed it even more when that firm backside began bouncing up and down a little. “Yeah, more like that. Bunny.” Tom throwing two fingers up behind his head, making bunny ears, nearly caused him to spit out his beer with laughter. “That’s a first.” Tom smiled, taking another drink. “What’s a first?” “You spitting instead of swallowing.” “Little fucker.” Laughing, Chris reached forward, tweaking Tom’s nipple. “Instead of running your mouth, why don’t you put it to better use?” “Like this?” Winking, Tom slid his body down until he was laying between Chris’ thick thighs, lapping his tongue at the growing bulge, still encased in white spandex. “Yeah…ohhh.” Chris moaned as Tom tugged down the front of his speedo, sucking in his growing dick. “Fuck. Yeah, just like that.” He ran his finger through the brown curls of Tom’s hair, closing his eyes and sighing with pleasure. Sipping his beer, he relaxed and enjoyed two things – the feeling of Tom’s hot mouth and the sounds of him slurping on his thick cock. “Seb…mmmmm..e get in on this. Mmmmmmm.” Planting his palm on the top of Tom’s head, he pushed down, watching as those sexy lips slid all the way down his pole until they were buried in his pubes. “Hell yeah.” He ground his hips up, slightly riding Tom’s mouth before relenting his grip. Laying down on the deck, Seb positioned himself on his back underneath Tom and peeled his speedo down, taking the hard meat into his mouth and enjoying the taste of Tom’s precum, the sweet fluid melting against his tongue. Reaching up, he guided Tom’s hips so that the other man was thrusting back and forth, slowly face fucking the Winter Soldier as he slurped on America’s Cock. Turning to set his can on the deck, Seb’s straining bulge caught Chris’ eye. Slowly, he worked his way off of the lounger, moving down to the deck while keeping his rod down Tom’s throat. Scooting forward, he pulled at Seb’s swimsuit, watching as the other man’s tool sprung free…but only for a moment before it was engulfed by Chris’ mouth, his beard tickling at Seb’s crotch as he began bobbing up and down. The trio settled into a pleasant rhythm, having formed a little daisy chain on the deck of the boat, all three men sucking dick and getting sucked, without an inch of cock being left unattended. Above the sounds of waves lapping along the side of the boat were the joyful sounds of moaning and the heavy wet sounds of three mouths working up and down three very stiff dicks. Feeling mischievous, Seb pulled his rod out of Chris’ mouth and shifted and rolled Tom’s body over, maneuvering the duo into a 69 position. He smiled at the sight of Chris’ hands clutching Tom’s cheeks, pulling them apart to expose his hole which appeared to wink welcomingly at Seb. His cock throbbed in anticipation as he stepped forward, spitting onto Tom’s entrance to provide some lube as he lined up and sank inside, appreciating the hot tight confines of Tom’s tunnel. When his balls met Tom’s rear, he paused, caressing the smooth backside, feeling Tom’s guts squeezing his shaft. With a sigh, he pulled back, watching as the length of his cock reappeared for a moment before he shoved it back inside, eliciting a happy whimper from the little stud below. He began driving in and out, picking up speed, knowing by now exactly the way that Tom liked getting drilled. The power of his thrusts shoved Tom’s hips downward, causing the younger man’s cock to get shoved down Chris’ throat…now that the beefy stud on the bottom of the pile was complaining. On the contrary, he was moaning in pleasure as he choked on Tom’s cock, his thick fingers digging into the flesh of Tom’s rear, spreading it open so that Seb could impale their friend faster and harder. Chris looked up, enjoying the sight of Tom’s smooth balls swaying back and forth right before his eyes…and next to that, Seb’s cock sliding back and forth, in and out of view as it plunged the depths of Tom’s rear. He felt Tom’s hips sink down, realizing that the little stud was getting close. Pulling his mouth free, he taunted his little buddy. “Yeah, that’s it Bunny…arch that back. Take Seb’s cock like a man.” He watched as Tom’s spine curved downward, his hips shifting up to take the pounding he thrived on. “Yeah, arch it, just like that. Fuck…” His tongue lapped at Tom’s member. “…such a cute little hot fucking piece of ass…made to get fucked.” He noticed Tom arch his back just a little more, hearing a deep moan down below as Tom responded to his words. A drop of precum fell and hit Chris on the neck, prompting him to return his attention to Tom’s meat, stuffing it back into his mouth. It all became too much for Tom – the wonderful feeling of a hard dick pounding his guts, his jaw being stretched by thick fuck stick at the other end…all while Evans slobbered and sucked on his meat. He gasped, the sound muffled with his lips still wrapped around Chris’ manhood, his fingers digging into the hairy beefy thighs as his balls erupted, sending volleys of cum down Chris’ throat…every last drop hungrily swallowed down. As the last bits of his seed were slurped out of his member, he let Chris’ pipe fall from his lips, his jaw hanging open as he moaned up towards the clouds hanging in the sky, the only observers of this lustful tryst at sea. He felt Seb’s hand on the back of his head and was pushed down, his throat stuffed once more with Chris’ rod. Fingers dug into his wavy locks and used the grip as leverage, pistoning his face up and down. His nostrils flared every time the ridge of Chris’ big cockhead met his lips, sucking in air before his airway was blocked once more as the wide shaft slid back down his throat. Seb kept holding his face down longer and longer, his sense of smell overwhelmed by the musky scent of Chris’ large ball sack just an inch away from his nose, his world filled with nothing more than cock, big furry nuts, and tree trunk-sized thighs at the moment. He groaned – if he hadn’t already cum, he’d have busted a nut from Seb using his throat as a fuck-sleeve for Chris’ third leg. As the length of time that Seb held him down on Chris’ cock got longer and longer, his neck worked, trying to catch a breath of air even though it was stuffed full of man meat…resulting in his throat milking and squeezing the wide tool using him for pleasure. Below, Chris was writhing, trying to hold off on his release – the blowjob felt too damned good. He felt unable to hold back any longer, his fingers clawing down Tom’s thighs. Suddenly, Tom’s throat was off his cock. Seb had pulled out and moved around. Tom tried to dive back down, wanting to taste Chris’ juices…but was denied by the grip that Seb had on his hair. Reaching down with his left hand, Seb took hold of Chris’ sausage and pumped it – the veins running down its length were standing out, the head an angry purplish color, ready to fire at any second. “Stick out your tongue.” Tom complied before Seb had barely finished the last word, sticking his tongue out as far as he could, mouth wide open. He watched as Seb’s wrist moved up and down, jerking Evans’ meat…just a few swift motions was all it took. Shots of white fluid flew up, landing on Tom’s tongue. He managed to shift forward slightly, curling the tip of his tongue along the ridge of Chris’ cockhead, working to make sure he didn’t miss a drop. He could feel the volleys splashing against the back of his throat. Seb’s fingers unclenched and Tom dove down, his mouth closing in around the last inch at the end of Chris’ cock, sucking vigorously at it, whimpering as the taste of the other man’s juices continued erupting into his mouth. Chris’ cock jerked with each shot, the large vein running down the front pulsing in order to power his release. As the large piece of meat began to settle down, Tom’s lips remained tightly wrapped around it, humming happily as he suckled the head, nursing out the last drops. His mouth opened wide as his head was jerked back up, his sight full of nothing but the blue sky and Seb’s nude body. Seb’s left hand tugged at his meat – Tom shoved it away, wrapping his fingers around the stiff dick, nearly yanking on it with his eager desire. The forehead pressed against his forehead prevented him from moving any further – instead, he sat with his mouth open, waiting impatiently until the moment that Seb’s cock turned into a cum cannon, spraying his tongue once more. After a few shots, the thumb moved away and Tom lunged forward, his fingers splayed at Seb’s hips as he took in half the other man’s length, moaning as he was fed his favorite treat. When Seb’s balls finally had nothing left to give for now, Tom slumped down, curling onto Chris’ larger frame, feeling a broad hand run up and down his back. “Well, I think it’s lunch time. For me and Seb. You already got fed. Hey…” Chris laughed as Tom playfully punched his chest. “Oh, someone’s still hungry? Liquid diet isn’t enough for you – ow!” Laughing, Chris rolled Tom off to the side, safe from the young stud’s frisky attacks. “I’d threaten you with a spanking but that’ll just encourage you.” Pushing himself up, he landed in the lounger, picking up his beer and taking a long sip, relaxing as if he didn’t just bust a nut down Tom’s throat and watch his best friend drill the kid’s hole. Tom pulled himself up, cuddling happily on top of Chris’ body as Seb headed downstairs to grab something for their lunch. When he came back, he found Chris’ hands roaming up and down the length of Tom’s backside, the pair embroiled in a deep kiss. “Bet that tastes better than these sandwiches,” he teased, setting the plate down onto the table. Running a finger along Tom’s lower lip, Chris watched as the sexy pair of lips latched onto it, those big brown eyes opened wide, trying to look innocent as Tom sucked on his finger. “No doubt. But I’ll take the sandwich too. And if Tom here is lucky, maybe he’ll be *in* a sandwich la…hey!” He laughed as Tom nibbled at his finger, cutting off the pun. Tom moved from nibbling on Chris’ finger to munching on the sandwiches that Seb had made. “To our last lunch on the boat.” Seb raised his beer into the air, met by the cans of the other two as they toasted their trip. “Guys, again, thank you *so* much for letting me come with you. This week has been so much fun. No, I’m serious.” Tom tried to swat Evans with his napkin again. “Besides the fucking and all that. It’s really been great.” “Especially after the slugfest of press and everything with `Endgame’. Getting away from everything has been…nice.” “My friend is a man of eloquence.” Chris winked, taking another drink. “Okay, fine. Really nice.” Seb’s chuckle turned into a full laugh as Evans lifted his middle finger into the air. “Glad you guys could make it.” Chris let out a big sigh. “Gotta say, kinda wish we could just stay out here. It’s…relaxing. Even with little bunny over there denying everyone a full night’s sleep.” He laughed as Tom’s cheeks turned a dark pink color. “I’m not the one who busted up the air conditioner.” “True. No regrets.” Chris winked again, grinning. “No regrets.” Tom lifted his drink once more. “No regrets.” Seb met the other two, clinking their cans again. “And, since you two are feeling all thankful and stuff…we need to figure out packing everything up. I know, time to head back. We need to have the boat back to the marina by 5pm…ish.” The trio looked off in separate directions, staring at the sea, reluctant for their trip to be coming to an end. Tom was the first to speak up again. “I can knock out the kitchen.” “I’ll take the bedroom. What?” Seb looked over at Chris, who had an eyebrow raised up. “Hell no.” His bearded cheek stretched out with a goofy grin. “I’LL take the bedroom. If *you* take it, young scrappy there will join you and nothing will get done. You can handle the deck.” “Fine.” Seb rolled his eyes…while escort bayan grinning, knowing that Chris’ taunt wasn’t entirely wrong. “And that’s `deck’ with an `e’.” He watched as Seb’s eyebrows knitted together, confused. “I know how to spell the word `deck’.” “Not `deck’ with an `i’.” “Oh my god.” Seb and Tom rolled their eyes at the same time, shaking their heads “I hate you.” White teeth flashed in a big smile. “You love me.” “No, I don’t.” “Yes you do. You love me the most-est.” Seb caught Chris’ eyes dart over to Tom and then back over, the blue orbs sparkling with mischief. “Well, maybe not the most-est actually. Second most-est.” “Huh?” Tom’s forehead wrinkled, completely confused by Chris’ joke. “He loves cake the most-est. More than he loves me.” Tom looked over at Seb. “Really? Cake is your favorite? What kind?” Seb glared over at Chris, who was busy holding his nose, faking a sneeze to prevent himself from bursting out in laughter. “I really do hate you, asshole.” He turned back to Tom. “Boston Cream Cake.” He bit the inside of his lip as Chris let out a loud laugh, unable to hold it in any longer. “I thought it was scones.” Chris leaned back, trying to catch his breath as the puns kept rolling out of his mouth. “Or English shortcake.” “Fuck you, Evans.” “Or was it sticky toffee pudding? I think that was it.” “Oh, there’s this little shop near my house that makes the *best* toffee pudding. The next time you guys are in London…” Tom trailed off as Seb got up, smacking Evans in the forehead as he walked by, shaking his head. He looked over at Chris who had tears running down his cheeks, holding his chest as he kept laughing. “Wait – I’m lost. Does he like the Boston cake or the toffee…or you’re just messing with him?” “He, uh…” Chris’ hand went down to his side, which hurt from laughing so hard. “…the toffee. Definitely the toffee. Ow…oh my god…” Getting up, Chris trotted away, still laughing as he made his way to the back of the boat. Tom stared, confused, knowing that he’d missed some part of Chris’ joke. He hadn’t heard the second dessert that Evans had said, his words choked by laughter. Maybe that would have made the whole exchange make more sense. Or maybe not – Chris’ puns sometimes were really random. “Americans…” Shaking his head, Tom cleared the table, taking everything down to the kitchen. ~ ~ ~ ~ “Aww, buddy…I’m sorry.” “Fuck you, Chris.” “Maybe…nevermind. Sorry. I went too far.” He watched as Seb stared off into the distance. “What’s really bothering you?” “Nothing.” Chris’ left eyebrow went up, not believing his friend. “That’s a whole lot of storming off and brooding for `nothing’.” Seb took in a deep breath and then let it out, releasing some of the tension he was holding in. “I don’t want to talk about it right now, okay?” He looked over at Chris, his normally bright blue eyes darker, a stormy color matching the greyish-blue water surrounding the boat. “Just…trying to figure some things out.” Chris opened his mouth and then closed it, biting back the words of advice he wanted to give. Thinking for a moment, he finally spoke. “Well, don’t overthink it.” “What’s that mean?” “Nothing. Well, a lot, actually. Don’t…do that thing you do where you overanalyze stuff. Sometimes you just have to *live* life. Enjoy it.” He watched Seb’s eyes, his friend looking out over the water again. “You know where to find me.” He clapped his hand on Seb’s shoulder, giving it a squeeze before moving to head back to the front of the boat. “Chocolate and peanut butter.” “Huh?” Chris stopped, turning to look over his shoulder. “Chocolate and peanut butter. That’s my favorite dessert. Sometimes I take chocolate bars, and I’ll break them into pieces and just dump them in a peanut butter jar, and then I’ll sit in front of my television and I’ll just eat it all.” He watched as Chris stood, blinking, reaching for a joke and coming up short. “Anyway. It’s definitely not Boston cream cake. That shit’s disgusting.” Winking, Seb stepped away from the railing, heading back to the main deck. “Like everything else from Boston.” “Hey!” “It’s a garbage city. Just trashy, I tell ya.” “Fuck you Stan.” “Maybe later, if you’re lucky.” Seb stepped out of sight, past the bridge of the ship, on his way to start cleaning up. Chris stood there, tapping his foot, pretending to be outraged at the insults lobbed at his hometown. Grinning, he moved to head down below deck, muttering to himself. “Whatever. It’s an English shortcake and you know it.” ~ ~ ~ ~ “Yeah, we’re about to head back. We’re at…” Chris looked down at the console, reading their coordinates to the marina representative on the phone. “Should make it back by 4:30…maybe 5, depending on how the water behaves.” Glancing up, Chris saw Tom step into the bridge area, looking around. His mouth opened, quietly mouthing the word `neat’. Chris nodded, pointing at the phone in his hand. “So what’s the procedure once we get back?” Seeing Tom move closer, Chris looked over, confused. There wasn’t much space in the bridge area and there wasn’t anything up here that belonged to Tom or needed packing up. Once they’d dropped anchor, they’d pretty much left this part of the ship alone, other than checking the radio twice a day to make sure it was still running properly. What he found was Tom inching closer, a wolfish gleam in his eyes. “Ah ok. Oh, there’s a checklist in the red binder…hang on.” Chris looked up, finding the binder and opening it. “Wait, no, it’s not here. No, that’s fine, just tell me what we need to do and I can write it down.” He watched as Tom sank down to his knees, fingers trailing up Evans’ legs, tickling the hair covering his thighs. “Hang on, let me find a piece of paper and a pencil. In the drawer? Thanks – just a second.” Covering up the mouthpiece of the phone, he looked down to where Tom was pawing at his crotch. “What are you doing?” he whispered. “I’m on the phone. With the marina.” “I’m still hungry.” Tom mouthed the words, his voice so low it was barely audible. Peeling down the front of Chris’ white speedo, he watched the large piece of meat flop out. “I didn’t get enough at lunch.” His tongue stuck out, tracing the veins along Chris’ shaft. “Huh? Oh, yeah, I found the paper and pencil. Thanks. Okay. And then? Ohhh.” He bit his lip as Tom’s lips wrapped around his cock, gently sucking at it. “Okay. Okay. Wait, how many steps are there? I just want to make sure I, yeah, that I don’t write too large.” Chris closed his eyes as his cock stiffened in Tom’s mouth, scrawling onto the paper as the guy on the other end of the phone went through the steps for docking and returning the boat. He wrapped his other hand around the back of Tom’s head, pulling the younger man’s face in, stuffing his mouth. “Yeah, I think we can handle that. Yeah, I’m sure we can handle that.” He sucked in air through his nose as his cock reached full mast. “Okay. Yeah, there’s three of us on the boat and the other guys are really…handy.” His dick throbbed as Tom pulled back, sucking on just a few inches, his hands working Chris’ shaft and balls. “Read the instructions back? Oh…hang on.” Closing his eyes, he swallowed before reading out the first two directions he’d written down. He stopped after every couple steps, struggling to keep his voice even until he’d gotten through all twenty items. “Yeah, I’m fine. Breathing heavy? Oh, we just got in from swimming laps around the, uh, boat. Yeah. No it’s…yeah, it’s a beauty. It’s been…” He looked down to see Tom’s lips riding up and down his pole again. “It’s been really enjoyable. Yeah, loved every minute. Can’t wait to come…back…out here again someday.” Looking back down, he saw Tom wink as the mischievous scamp reached around with one of his hands, his finger teasing Chris’ hole. Chris bit his lip again, shaking his head. “What the fuck?” he mouthed. “So what do we do after…yeah, once we’ve gotten off and everything?” He listened as the rep rattled off a short list. “Oh, that’s great.” His fingers dug into Tom’s hair, pulling the other man’s head back and forth. “Yeah, that’s really great. Alright, yeah, see you in a few hours. Thanks…again…for…yeah,” He chuckled as the marina rep made a joke about his being out of breath. “Yeah, I’m going to take a nap before we get underway.” His hand trailed down, cupping Tom’s jaw and squeezing it lightly. “Yeah, we’ve got a handle on everything. Thanks again. You bet.” Thumbing the end-call button, he set the phone down. “You…” Tom pulled off, a line of spit hanging from his lower lip to the tip of Chris’ cock. “I’m…?” “You…are naughty as hell.” “Is that a complaint?” Tom arched one eyebrow as he dove back down onto Chris’ cock. “Not at all.” Holding the sides of Tom’s head, he watched as the Brit began giving him another expert blowjob. “Definitely going to miss this part of the trip though.” The phone rang, startling Chris. Glancing over at the phone, he saw that it was the marina. “What the…” He tapped the green answer button and then the speakerphone icon, not sure how well he’d be able to maintain a grip on the device right now. “Sorry, Mr. Evans. Forgot, we have to go over a few checklist requirements. It’s easier to do it now than after you dock, since people are usually hot to trot after they get back. Is that okay?” “Uh…yeah, that’s fine?” Chris swallowed as Tom increased the suction around his shaft, teasing him. As the rep began talking, Tom pulled at Chris’ hips, increasing the pressure until he’d forced Evans down and onto his back. Reaching up, Tom took the phone and handed it over so that Chris’ voice wouldn’t sound so far away, which might confuse the marina rep. Closing his eyes, Chris tried to focus on the conversation…which was really hard since he was enjoying the feeling of Tom’s mouth…which was suddenly gone. Opening his eyes, he found Tom was straddling his waist, reaching down to hold his cock in place as the younger man lowered himself down. Chris shook his head, trying in vain to put a hand on Tom’s chest, indicating he should stop what he was doing…while not really putting much effort into saying `no’. Squeezing his eyes shut, he bit the insides of his cheeks as Tom sank down, impaling himself on the thick member. “I’m sorry…what?” He realized that the rep had asked him a question. Hearing it repeated, he struggled to respond. “Daddy Chris likes that ass?” The words came out in the quietest whisper as Tom’s breath rolled against his ear. “What the fuck?” He said the words as quietly as he could, so that the rep wouldn’t hear. “Mmmm, this dick is soooo…” Tom’s words were cut off as Chris clamped a hand over his mouth, preventing him from talking any further. Tom licked at the inside of his hand, eventually pulling Chris’ fingers into his mouth and sucking on them as he continued quietly riding the big cock between his legs. Chris pressed his lips together, breathing hard as he struggled to maintain his composure. Normally very patient, he was wondering how long the phone call was going to take, afraid that either he or Tom would moan at any moment. “Yeah, no problem, I…appreciate it. Yeah, you have a good one too – see you…see you soon.” Jabbing the red hang-up button, Chris let out a loud, long moan, finally releasing what he’d been holding in. Looking at the call log, he glared up at Tom. “Ten fucking minutes.” “Mmm. It didn’t seem that long from here.” “God dammit. It felt like an eternity. You…” He moaned as Tom began riding him harder, unencumbered by the phone call. “…are…evil.” “I learned…from the…best.” Reaching down, Tom tweaked both of Chris’ nipples as he continued rising his hips up and down even faster. Grabbing Tom’s hips, Chris began pounding him from below, eager to punish his hole. And then the phone rang again. Chris’ eyes popped wide open, incredulous. Seeing that it was the marina again, he let out a long sigh to compose himself as he thumbed the green button once more. The rep was apologetic as he explained that they’d lost one of the pieces of paperwork and just needed some information from Chris. Struggling, Chris worked to get the words out – things that should have been easy to say, like his mailing address. It absolutely did not help that Tom was riding him as hard as he could while staying as quiet as possible. His balls boiled as the rep kept asking questions. “Sorry, Mr. Evans – one last part. Have to read a disclosure statement.” The rep began rattling off some legal language. Chris’ nostrils were flaring, his lips pressed hard together as Tom’s ass squeezed and rode his cock. He’d given up on getting Tom to quit with his nipples – every time he swatted the other man’s hands away, they reappeared. A wave of fear crested in his gut as he realized he wasn’t going to be able to hold back much longer…and the rep was still talking. And Tom had moved the phone just out of reach, back up onto the counter. Clamping a hand over his own mouth, Chris felt his breath blasting against his fingers, harder and harder. His balls began unloading as his teeth bit into the inside of his lower lip, fervently working to keep any sound from escaping. His breath came out in short little waves, the smallest of groans rolling around in his throat. As his orgasm subsided and his pulse and breathing began to drop back to normal, he opened his eyes again, finding Tom wearing a pleased expression on his face, glowing as he continued squeezing his ass muscles, milking the last drops out of Chris’ dick. Licking his lips, Tom rose up, winking. His mouth opened, speaking as quietly as possible, the words almost inaudible. “Thank you, Daddy Chris.” “Get out of here.” Chris’ words were quiet as a ghost. “Go harass Seb or something.” Spinning, Tom skipped out of the bridge. “Mr. Evans, are you still there?” “Uh, yeah. Sorry. I…I was, um, going over the checklist and…listening at the same time.” He ran his hand across his forehead, wiping the sweat away. “Yeah, no, it’s not a problem at all. Appreciate it. Alright, bye.” Hearing the call end, Chris let out what felt like the biggest exhaled breath of his life, a long groan of pent-up lust rattling throughout the cabin. ~ ~ ~ ~ “Seb. Your little friend…” Coming around to the back of the boat, Chris found Seb at last. “…nevermind.” Shaking his head, he couldn’t help but laugh. Seb was sitting on the bench, his legs spread wide, nursing a beer while Tom was kneeling on the ground in front of him, nursing his cock. “Tom said you told him to come find me?” “Not exactly, but yeah.” He watched with amusement as Seb’s eyebrows knitted together, confused by the odd response. “Someone..” He pointed down at the figure between Seb’s legs. “…is being a bad little Spider-boy.” “Really? He’s being pretty good right now.” Seb’s hand stroked through Tom’s hair. Tom looked up, eyes wide, trying to look innocent again. Well, as innocent as one could look while busy sucking a cock. “Being good at something and `being good’ are two different things.” Chris leaned against the rail, his arms crossing over his chest. “Eh – I’ll take option number two.” Evans chuckled, halfway agreeing. “Whatever. When you two are done, don’t forget you need to pack your bags. We need to get the boat ready for when we get back. Heading out in about thirty minutes.” “Mmmm…okay.” “I don’t think you heard a word I said. How many minutes Seb?” “I don’t know. Thirty.” “That was a guess.” “It was a good guess.” He laughed as Chris shook his head. “Alright, tell me what we still have to do before we get back.” “Okay, first…” Chris moved over, sitting next to Seb on the bench. “…we need to pack.” Seb pushed down on Tom’s head, stuffing his throat full of cock. “Does this count?” Chris shook his head, pinching the bridge of his nose between his finger and his thumb. “You two… No. That doesn’t count.” “What about this?” Tom spoke up, freeing Seb’s cock as he rose up and then dropped down, sitting on Seb’s pole, nuzzling his neck as Tom began riding him. “Fuck…no, that doesn’t count either. You just…” Chris shook his head, laughing again. “Your little shortbread there is insatiable. And by the way, his ass is lubed up with my cum, just so you know.” Seb rolled his eyes, laughing. “Like it’s the first time this week.” “Good point.” Chris watched as Seb began thrusting up, meeting the motion of Tom’s hips. The two continued running through the checklist. Tom looked up at one point, surprised that the two were carrying on a normal conversation despite Seb’s fucking his ass. He redoubled his efforts, trying to distract Seb…and failing. “Okay, so again – I’ll clean up the bedroom and bathroom.” “Mmhmm. And I’ll handle the deck.” “Yeah, it looks like you’re handling the deck. Clean up over here especially before you step off of this boat.” “Hang on a minute…fuck…fuck…fuuuuck.” Seb moaned as he began shooting another load into Tom’s ass, licking his lips as he squeezed the firm, round rear. “Okay, and Tom has the kitchen.” “Correct.” “And we’ll just all chip in on the trash.” “Yeah, and if you can check the A/C, set it to like 75.” “Dirty laundry?” “I’ll handle that, it just gets piled up in a corner in the bedroom. What?” Chris looked over at Tom, who was staring at them with bemusement. “Nothing. You two are…something.” “Us two?” Chris looked back and forth between Seb and Tom. “Us two? Yeah, okay, sure.” Reaching out, he ruffled Tom’s hair. He watched as Tom stood up, his legs a little shaky from riding two men back to back. “Try not to drip cum all over the deck.” Tom pretended to be insulted. “I would never.” Taking a few steps, he stopped and turned around, giving Chris and Seb a kiss. Chris smirked, noticing that Seb’s kiss seemed to last a little longer…and involved a lot more tongue. Tom began heading out again and stopped once again as Seb called out. “Hey Tom.” “Yeah?” Seb flashed a big toothy smile. “Do you mind packing my bag for me?” “Yeah, no problem.” Tom smiled back, still beaming from getting freshly fucked, his insides humming with joy. Nodding, he rounded the corner and headed down below. “Tom…do you mind packing my bag?” Chris said the words in a sing-song voice, teasing his friend. “I don’t sound like that.” “Might as well. That’s not fair. What about my bag?” Seb shrugged. “Should have asked.” Chris leaned over, bumping Seb’s shoulder with his own. “I hate you, Seb.” Seb leaned back over, causing Chris’ body to rock to the right. “No you don’t, you love me.” He was surprised when Chris grinned and wrapped his arm around Seb’s shoulder, pulling him in tight. “Yeah, you’re right – I do, you big goofball.” Smacking a loud kiss at Seb’s temple, Chris got up and headed back to the bridge to run through the checklist. Seb stared at the sea, a big smile stretching across his face. ~ ~ ~ ~ “I thought Chris was taking care of the bedroom?” Tom looked up to see Seb standing in the doorway of the cabin, his head tilted and wearing nothing but his speedo and a grin. “Yeah, just packing the bags.” Glancing down, Seb found his and Chris’ bags packed and closed up, resting on the floor by the dresser. A change of clothes was folded up and neatly placed on both duffel bags, ready for when they reached shore. Wiping his hand across his jaw, Seb realized it had been a week since they’d actually worn clothes – it’d just been swimsuits (or less) the entire trip. “You packed Chris’ bag too?” He couldn’t help but grin as Tom blushed a little. “Um, yeah. It was really great of him to invite me out on the trip. I know it was supposed to just be the two of you, so squeezing me in was awfully nice of him.” While Tom was speaking, Seb moved across the room, stepping behind Tom and wrapping his arms around the shorter man. With the four-inch height difference, he was able to nestle his face into Tom’s wavy brown hair. “I don’t think he minded squeezing anything this week.” “Probably not.” Both men chuckled, the soft laughter fading into a comfortable silence, their bodies rocking slightly with the motion of the boat. Seb inhaled deeply, taking in Tom’s scent. The little stud smelled of sea salt, sweat, and a citrus undertone which seemed to be his own natural pheromones. Nuzzling into the curls, Seb began planting small kisses down Tom’s scalp before reaching the edge of his ear. “Still, it’s sweet of you to pack his bag. He’ll appreciate it.” Tom’s body melted into Seb’s, a little sigh rolling out. “Do I get a reward for being good?” “Mmmm…maybe.” The kisses continued downward, along Tom’s neck. “Although you seem to have gotten more rewards for being bad.” Fingers reached up, playing along Seb’s bursa escort neck. “And does Mr. Stan prefer `Good Tom’ or `Bad Tom’?” The mirth in Tom’s voice was apparent – Seb could easily visualize the cheesy grin on Tom’s face. “I…” The kisses moved outward toward Tom’s shoulder. “…like both sides. And yes, you can get a reward.” Turning Tom around, his mouth found Tom’s, their tongues quickly wrestling alongside one another, exploring and tasting each other. Hands clenched muscle and flesh, up and down one another, barely any air between their bodies. Tom felt Seb stiffen against his thigh and began sinking down, licking and kissing along the way until he was on his knees, looking up. Seb took hold of the top of his lover’s head, gripping the base of his cock and tapping the head against Tom’s cute lips, which were wide open and waiting. He watched as Tom’s tongue rolled around the end of his dick, pushing the foreskin back and suckling on the head, eyes wide and eyebrows curled up, eager. “Ready for your treat?” Tom nodded silently, a quiet `mmhmm’ sound vibrating Seb’s meat, not speaking since his mouth was otherwise occupied. Taking Tom’s head in both of his hands, Seb gently tightened his hold. Licking his upper lip, he began pushing his rod into Tom’s mouth, not stopping until it was all the way in, watching Tom breathe through his nose and feeling his throat tighten. Nibbling at his bottom lip, he pulled his hips back, his shaft reappearing, shiny with Tom’s spit…and then sank back inside. The temptation to talk dirty came and passed, deciding that words weren’t necessary right now, just enjoying one another. Seb didn’t need to ask Tom what he wanted – he already knew. Fingers curling in Tom’s hair, he used his grip to take control of the Spider-stud, using his mouth and throat for both their pleasure. Moans filled the cabin, his coming out breathy and Tom’s muffled, getting louder as his thrusts intensified. By the time he was truly pounding Tom’s face, he felt hands digging with hunger at his thighs and stomach, almost as if Tom was trying to claw the orgasm out of his body. Staring into Tom’s eyes, he felt his balls begin to pull up. His right hand slid around to the back of Tom’s head, grabbing his hair and pulling back until only the tip of his meat was inside Tom’s mouth. Tom’s cheeks pulled inward as he sucked even harder with anticipation. Tom’s fingers dragging down his back, settling onto his ass and squeezing hard, sent Seb over the edge. With a grunt that rolled into a loud groan, he watched his member twitch as it began unloading his juices into Tom’s waiting mouth. Tom moaned with delight as he tasted the flood of Seb’s nectar splashing against his tongue, greedily sucking away. As Seb’s nuts began to lower once more, finished with their release, Tom yanked his head out of Seb’s grip and pushed forward, taking every last inch into his throat, sucking greedily to get every possible drop. Seb stroked his hair, letting Tom savor his load until his cock became too sensitive. Pulling out, he picked Tom up and dropped him onto the bed, lowering his body on top and kissing him once again, tasting his seed inside Tom’s mouth. He reached down and slid his fingers down Tom’s legs, feeling them lift up and wrap around his waist. Continuing their journey, his digits found Tom’s hole and slid inside, curling as they found that special spot inside and began stroking it, earning louder and louder moans from the slim stud beneath him. Within a few minutes, Tom’s body was wriggling, halfway trying to merge with Seb’s form and halfway fucking himself on the thick fingers. His entire body tensed as his head tilted back, teeth grazing his lower lip. When Seb’s fingers twisted around, playing against his prostate, his jaw dropped wide open, a long loud whimper hitching out of his throat. His cock jerked between their bodies, splashing both of them with cum. His hips bucked as his body thrashed on the bed, his insides still being deliciously tortured by Seb’s expert fingertips, moans continuing to roll out, unable to form any sort of coherent words. “Thank…” His words were cut off as Seb’s mouth found his again, that tongue slamming deep inside like Seb was trying to work his way into Tom’s throat. Those fingers dug at his insides again, making Tom feel like he might cum again. Instead, his hands clawed at Seb’s hair, holding him close as their mouths melted together. And then the lips were gone, moving along Tom’s neck, his chest, and then that tongue lapping at his stomach. Tom looked down, staring into those beautiful blue eyes as Seb began cleaning him off, working to lick up every bit of Tom’s seed that had spilled out. Finished, he moved back up, turning Tom onto his side and stroking his hair as they began kissing again, less fervently this time. They lost track of time, fingers trailing up and down one another as their lips kept playing at each other’s mouth and neck. The sound of a throat being cleared broke the silence. “You know, I feel bad for the cleaning crew that handles the sheets in here.” Tom and Seb grinned sheepishly, caught once again. “We’ll leave them a good tip.” Seb planted another kiss at Tom’s collarbone. “Yeah, looks like you’ve had good practice on giving `the good tip’.” Chris laughed as a pillow struck the wall next to him. “We’re just a couple of hours out from shore, so you two might want to…wait, who packed my bag?” He looked up to see Tom raising his hand in the air. “Aww – thanks buddy. That was sweet of you.” “That’s what I told him.” “You really shouldn’t talk with your mouth full, Seb.” “My mouth wasn’t the one full at the moment.” Chris rolled his eyes in response, leaning against the doorframe. “Yeah, okay. Well, I’d give you a reward for good behavior, but it looks like Seb already took care of that for me.” “I’ll take another one.” Tom laughed as both men looked at him and then each other. “Okay, you’re right.” Chris’ eyebrow went up, curious as Seb spoke. “He’s insatiable.” The eyebrow went back down, the beard stretching with a grin. “Are you complaining?” “I mean, not really. You?” “Naw. I mean, we *did* say he might limp off of the boat.” “I’m not limping yet.” Chris turned his attention back to Tom, laughing. “*Yet* is the key word, buddy. There’s still two hours to go.” Winking, he turned and exited back into the hallway. “Let me know when you two are done with the room so I can try and clean it up.” ~ ~ ~ ~ “Aww, why does Seb get to steer?” “Because he’s a grown-ass man.” “Hello, I’m a grown-ass man too.” Watching Tom stand up taller and puff out his chest to look bigger caused Chris to laugh so hard that he leaned over onto his side. “What’s so funny?” Chris puffed up his body, imitating Tom. “I’m a grown-ass man…” His words cut off into more laughter, which tapered off as he saw Tom’s body deflate. “Aww, come here.” He sat back up, patting a spot on the bench next to himself. Once Tom sat down, he slung an arm over his shoulder, pulling him in close, ruffling his hair. Tom’s nose wrinkled and he tried pulling away, irritated at being treated like a kid. “Seb’s got a good ten years on you, my little `grown ass man’.” “Thirteen.” Chris and Seb both looked at Tom, a little surprised. “What? You don’t keep track of anyone else’s birthdays?” “Okay, the kid is smarter than we gave him credit for.” Seb rolled his eyes. “Doesn’t take much to be smarter than some of us.” He looked back at Chris, winking. “Fuck you, Seb.” He grinned as Seb blew a kiss in his direction. “Fine, thirteen years on you.” “Fifteen for you.” Tom laughed as Chris shot him a fake glare. “You know what that means.” Tom quieted down, one eyebrow rising with a question. “He’s old enough to be your dad.” “Whatever, barely. And you’re older. *You’re* definitely old enough to be my dad.” “Hey…” “Why do you think I call you `daddy’?” The tone in Tom’s voice caused Seb to bite his lip, stifling a laugh at the banter between the other two. “All this.” Chris waved his hand towards his own broad, furry chest. “I mean…yeah.” Tom couldn’t help but lick his lips. “But it’s also because you’re old.” “Hey!” “Old enough to be my dad, Daddy.” “You hear this shit?” Chris looked over at Seb, who was trying hard not to laugh. While Chris’ face read `I’m insulted,’ his voice was barely masking his own amusement. “I mean, he’s not wrong.” “Fuck you, Seb.” “Aww, is grandpa mad?” “Grandpa?!” “Seb…” Tom tilted his head. “That’s a little much. He’s definitely not a grandpa. Yet.” “Yet?! Fuck you two.” “You already have. Daddy.” Chris’ fake glare melted away as Tom straddled his lap, fingers stroking his chest. “Don’t be mad. Daddy. Hey!” It was Tom’s turn to be surprised as his entire body was suddenly flipped so that he was face down, his body stretched out over the bench. A hand came down, smacking his ass. “Daddy’s gonna beat that ass.” “Mmmmm…promise?” “Remember, that one just keeps going and going.” Seb checked the console and then looked back up at Chris, grinning. “Why do you think I started calling him bunny?” Another smack on the perky rear. Chris turned his attention back down. “Someone’s real good at being a bad boy.” Another smack earned a happy moan from Tom, who was already getting hard again from the spanking, the brewing dirty talk, and the lump underneath his body that was firming up, poking him in the stomach. Chris kept swatting Tom’s ass until both cheeks had turned pink, enjoying the way they shook with each slap. Tom wriggled out of his grip, sitting upright again, sinking down with a moan as the thick member entered his hole one more time. “Thought you…mmmm…said that I was going to limp off of this boat.” His voice was muffled, his mouth pressed against Chris’ neck. “God damn…working on it.” “Work harder…oof!” The air was knocked out of Tom’s lungs. As he rose his hips up and felt most of Evans’ tool slide out of his rear, the broad hands took hold of his sides and pulled him down, rapidly impaling him on the eight thick inches. “Yeah, like that.” “Fucking…insatiable…little…rabbit.” “Bunny.” “Bunny.” Chris growled, nipping his teeth at Tom’s shoulder. “Insatiable little fucking bunny.” “Fuck me, big daddy Chris.” “I am fucking you.” Tom pressed his forehead against Chris’, staring into his eyes. “FUCK me. Make me limp off this boat.” He grinned as Chris growled again in response, redoubling his efforts. His hands yanked Tom up and down by his hips, his own body thrusting up hard from below. Tom’s upper body flopped around, holding on for dear life as he was bounced up and down on Chris’ cock. “Yeah, daddy’s gonna tear up that hole.” “Promise?” Tom scratched his fingernails down Evans’ chest. Another growl. Tom reached down with one hand, the other holding tight to Chris’ shoulder for balance. He found the broad hand on his hip and pushed it down until it was on his ass, curling his fingers so that Chris was squeezing his ass. He repeated the motion with his other hand. “Squeeze me. Fuck me. Fill me up. Daddy.” “God…damn…” Chris was breaking out in a sweat, both from the day’s heat and his efforts to break this hole once and for all. “Um, guys…I can see land.” Seb squinted, a hint of caution in his voice. “Is that all you’ve got?” “Fucking…slut…” Tom’s eyes went wide, blinking with pretended surprise, his lower lip sticking out in a pout. “Is that a bad thing?” “Fuck no.” Chris moaned as Tom’s fingers found their way between his lips and he began sucking on them. “Love it. Naughty sexy little fuck bunny. Ride that dick.” His hands gave Tom’s ass one more squeeze and then were gone, crossed behind his head, waiting. Tom took hold of Chris’ chest and began riding for all he was worth, his hips moving up and down until they were nearly a blur, feeling his insides begin to burn from the pounding, moaning like a bitch in heat…partly because he *was* horny as hell and a little bit putting on a show for Chris. “Guys. I can see other boats.” The tone in Seb’s voice crept from caution to concern. “Gonna…take…me…to…Boston?” Tom’s words came out in halting gasps, breathing hard as he impaled himself with fervor on Chris’ thick meat stick. He gasped again as he was flipped once more, this time onto his back on the bench. Chris was up on his feet, slamming his dick back inside that hot hungry hole, feeding Tom’s ass the meat that it craved. “Oh, hell yeah. You’ve earned it.” Both men were grinning ear to ear. “Daddy’s sexy boy.” “Though it was…bunny…ohhhh…” Chris’ hips were swinging back and forth so quickly that Tom couldn’t even feel the individual thrusts any longer. He made a mental note to tell Zayn later – with all the dick the pair had taken together at parties, this was the first time that Tom truly understood the phrase “getting railed”. His toes curled in the air as Evans continued sawing in and out of his hole. “Hey, Chris. Tom. Boats. Lots more boats.” “Daddy’s little bunny.” “Mmmmmm.” “Can’t get enough hopping on dick.” “No sir.” “Guys. Shit. Seriously. A lot of boats. We’re getting close.” “Hell yeah we are. Right, little bunny?” “Yes daddy.” “Cum for me.” “Yes sir.” Tom’s eyebrows furrowed together as he reached down and worked his own cock. Between the slamming of his hole, knowing that they were getting close to being caught, and the intense look in Evans’ eyes, it didn’t take but a few strokes and he was gasping as he sprayed cum all over his stomach and chest. Despite having blown a few loads already that day, the fervent drilling caused a couple of shots to land on his neck and even his mouth, which hung open as he gasped for air. “Tell me what you want.” “Chris. Fuck man. I can see people on the other boats.” “Your cock.” “You’re getting that. Tell me what you *really* want.” “Your cum.” “That’s it?” Chris licked his lips, tasting sweat, his mouth curling up in a wolfish grin. He watched Tom’s features shift into a look that was half-angel and half-devil. “Breed me, big daddy Chris. Fill my guts up with that hot cum of yours. I need it inside my hole. Pleeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaase.” Tom raked his fingers down Evans’ beefy biceps, feeling them flex as Chris used them as leverage for his thrusts. “FUUUUUUUUUCK!” Chris’ eyes squeezed shut, his teeth gritting together as he tilted his head down, his balls surrendering and giving Tom his wish. His cock swelled up and jerked inside Tom’s body, painting…no, flooding his guts with everything that his nuts had to give. His broad chest rose and fell as he worked to catch his breath, slumping down to his knees, his meat sliding out of Tom’s hole. He caught sight of it as he lay down on the deck – raw, red, and gaping, his cum (and Seb’s) trickling out. Tom collapsed on the deck next to him, curling up alongside him and cuddling, cooing happily as he nuzzled his face into Evans’ arm. Seb let out a sigh of relief, seeing that the pair were finally out of sight. Checking everything on the console, he grabbed a large towel and draped it over them, covering their lower body in an attempt to make them look decent. `Well, as decent as those two are ever going to be,’ he thought, smirking as he returned to the bridge. Shaking his head, he watched as Evans retrieved their speedos, both men covering themselves back up. Rising up, Chris stretched his hand down and helped Tom get back to his feet, the slim legs shaking a bit as Tom recovered. Seb bit his lip again, amused as they made their way below deck, unsure if the slight limp in Tom’s step was real or if he was still play-acting. He decided it was the former when the guys reappeared, Chris carrying his bag and Seb’s, leaving Tom to carry his own bag. The shorter man walked like he was still gaining his sea legs. Seb decided that he actually was limping – this was too long to carry on a joke, even for Tom. “You two…” He turned to see Chris raise an eyebrow, smiling like a fox in the henhouse. “You guys are reckless.” “Like you didn’t enjoy the show.” “You almost put on a show for the other boats.” “Should charge them for that kind of entertainment.” Chris smiled ear to ear, spreading his arms out along the rail. Still glowing from the fierce fucking and orgasmic bliss, he wasn’t too concerned at the moment. Just shaking his head, but smiling, Seb turned his attention to Tom. “Want to come help steer?” “Yeah!” Tom started to stand up. Feeling a twinge deep in his guts, he blinked and sat back down. His rear end bouncing down onto the bench sent another jolt through his body, releasing the smallest of grunts. Taking a deep breath, he rose back up and made his way over, stepping gingerly across the deck. Seb moved backward, providing enough space for Tom to slide in between his body and the console, looking over his shoulder to point out the buttons and switches to hit. Chris leaned back, taking in the sun’s rays and the sight of his two friends immersed together in the workings of the boat. “Hey, bunny.” He smiled as Tom looked up, an excited expression as he punched another button to control the boat. “What’re you up to the next few days?” “Nothing. Was going to fly back home tomorrow, get some R&R before filming.” “Want to change your flight, stay a few days here?” Tom looked back and forth between the two men. “Are you sure?” “Good point. Seb, you tired of Tom yet…yeah, nevermind. He’s good.” He laughed at the look Seb shot in his direction. “Could be fun. We’ve got a hotel, staying another week. You’re free to…” “Yeah!” He couldn’t help but grin at Tom’s enthusiasm. “There’s a catch.” Toms’ eyebrows knitted together in that cute little confused expression that Chris loved to get out of him. “There’s only one bed. You okay with that?” “I think that’ll be okay. Does the air conditioner work?” Tom tilted his head to the side, his eyebrow rising up with a cocky look. “Hell if I know. Can turn on the heater though.” He watched as Tom’s eyes darted down to his crotch and back up. “Oh, that too.” He grabbed his crotch to help make his point. “Maybe he’ll limp out of the hotel too. Ow!” Seb laughed as Tom elbowed him in the ribs. “I’m not limping.” “Bullshit.” “Okay, I *won’t* be limping.” “We’re almost at shore. In…” Seb leaned over, looking at the GPS monitor. “…ten minutes.” “Yeah, that’ll be enough time.” Chris leaned his head back, roaring with laughter. “I believe him. Maybe we should put him on the plane instead, keep the room to ourselves. He’s going to wear us out.” “Us? Maybe you, *grandpa* Chris.” “Seb…” “Hmmm?” “I hate you.” “No you don’t.” “Yes he does.” Seb chuckled as Tom interjected himself into their back-and-forth banter. “Oh, he does?” “Mmmhmm. But, there’s no fuck like an angry fuck.” “Oooh, that’s a good point.” Seb looked back up at Chris. “Hey grandpa, how much do you hate me?” “One, it’s *daddy*, not grandpa. And only for him. It’s weird if you call me daddy.” “Okay…daddy.” “Quit that. And two, why don’t you come find out?” Chris leaned back, squeezing his crotch again. “Okay, daddy.” “That’s it.” Chris stood up, taking hold of his bag as he saw them nearing the dock. “You’re not going to Boston with me and kiddo.” “Yes I am.” Seb helped Tom lower the throttle, watching as the younger man guided them into the correct docking spot. “No, you’re not.” Seb picked up his bag, slinging it over his shoulder, following Chris down the ramp. “Yes, I am.” “Nope.” “Fuck you Evans.” “Maybe later, if you’re lucky. And behave.” “Hey, guys! Wait up.” Tom checked the console one more time, seeing everything appeared to be in order. Grabbing the strap of his bag, he scampered down the ramp, catching up to the other two. Passing them up, he jogged towards the marina office. Chris watched the younger man take off, then turned towards Seb. “Wait, wasn’t he limping earlier?” “Ten minutes ago.” “Fuck…” “Maybe later. If you’re lucky.” Seb laughed as Chris shoved his shoulder. The pair continued laughing as they made their way along the pier, relaxed and content from a week of good company, good weather, and great memories. ~ THE END…? ~ Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed the story, have feedback or want to share ideas, would love to hear from you. red.cheshire.writer@ Follow me on Instagram @redcheshire or Twitter @redcheshire_fic RedCheshire Website: bly If you’re interested in other stories I’ve written: “Suckered by a Jonas Brother” (sexual adventures of Nick & Joe Jonas) https://www.//gay/celebrity/suckered-by-a-jonas-brother/ “More Than Once Upon A Time” series (series based on the “Once Upon A Time” television series) fty//gay/celebrity/more-than-once-upon-a-time/ “On The Set of Neighbors” (Zac Efron & Dave Franco have fun – based on the 2014 films “Neighbors” and “Neighbors 2”) fty//gay/celebrity/on-the-set-of-neighbors “Exploring Kirk’s Frontiers” (based on the 2009 “Star Trek” universe) https://www.//gay/celebrity/exploring-kirks-frontiers “The College Bet” fty//gay/college/the-college-bet

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