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Maria is 40 years old and built like a sex goddess with a big round ass and c-cup tits on her thick, curvy frame. Her Mexican heritage shows through in her full lips, hourglass figure and her big dark nipples. Her skin is a light mocha color with her pussy and asshole a few shades darker. She has curly brown hair down to her shoulders and a pretty, heart-shaped, expressive face. She has also cucked me for over a decade, usually with dominant, older white bulls in their forties and fifties. This has always been her type.

She started when we were dating, saying that she did not want to be tied down. Soon after we started dating, she started cucking me. At first she mostly fucked me with other guys on the side, but over the years, she started getting wilder with bulls and milder with me. First, she cut me off from her ass, unless I was rimming her. Then, she stopped giving blowjobs, only sucking me briefly during sex and never after I had been in her pussy. Next, she started asking me to pull out and shoot in a towel when I came since it was too “messy” when I came inside her. Sex become more infrequent and most of the time she avoided it by giving me handjobs or using my fleshlight on me while she teased me about her getting fucked by others.

Of course, none of these restrictions apply to bulls. She continues to suck them off and swallow, something she has never done for me. They continue to go pussy to mouth with their cocks, making her taste herself on their wet shafts. They come in her pussy again and again, sending her home sore and leaking their seed. They tie her up and spank her, putting clips on her big, dark nipples and making her pussy even tighter for their cocks by wedging a plug in her asshole. Sometimes they take her anally too, prying her deep crack apart to expose her dusky rosebud and then pushing their fat cocks up her asshole.

Not surprisingly, after all these years, Maria has a stable of regular bulls. Many are married guys that come into town on business, although some make trips just to fuck my wife for a weekend in their hotel room. One thing that remains constant is that most of the time, when she meets a new bull, he comes back for more with the end result being that Maria plays more and more as she gains new lovers. As a result, I spend more time at home stroking in our bed by myself while she is taking cock in all three holes.

This particular night was no different, except that she had been playing out of state all week long. Jake was a long-term favorite that flew her down to Maryland for the week to use as his fuckdoll. He was a lifelong bachelor in his fifties that Maria had met through work. As a izmit escort bachelor, he often had my wife stay at his house, occasionally dressing her up in slutty outfits and taking her out to show off to his friends between long fuck sessions.

I had not slept more than an hour at a time all week. Finally, Sunday morning came. Maria would be coming home on the redeye flight into Albany. It had been another long night of jerking off and imagining what my sexy, thick, Latina wife was doing with her bull. I kept imagining her spreading her plump thighs for Jake and taking his thick white cock in her wet, shaved pussy. I would jerk off and then start to drift to sleep only to wake up again, restless. They cycle repeated itself several times a night all week long. When Sunday finally came, the sun was starting to lighten the sky to the east as I finally heard my wife’s car pull into the garage. I got out of bed to greet my bride.

When Maria walked through the door, I was there in my bathrobe. My cock, beaten as it was from all the times her jerked off, was hard again, tenting out the fabric.

“Hi babe!” she chirped, leaning in for a quick, puckered kiss on the lips. My robe fell open as my stiff member nudged its way through the folds in the fabric. Maria nonchalantly looked down at my eager penis and then gave a half smirk as her eyes turned back up to my face.

“God, you are hot!” I remarked. She really was the picture of a sex goddess, her hourglass frame squeezed into hip hugging jeans and a black tank top. She smelled like sex.

“I really want you….” I started.

“Honey, I am way too sore from Jake’s big cock. My pussy is off limits for a while.”

“Just your pussy is sore?”

“Well, mostly. He fucked me at least four or five times a day!”

“Where did he cum?”

“Everywhere! Let’s see, in my pussy, on my tits, on my face, in my mouth.”

“In your ass?”

I knew the answer to this one.

“Yes, he loves that ass.”

“How many times?”

My cock twitched as another drop of precum seeped from the tip and slowly slid down the underside.

“From Tuesday until today? At least once a day.”

“When was the last time?”

“Oh, ha. You’ll like this. On the way to the airport this morning, I was stroking his cock through his pants and he got so horny, he pulled into the parking garage.”


“And, he made me suck him until I had drooled all over him and then he pulled down my pants…”

Maria slid her hand up my cock, spreading the precum around the underside. I humped against her open palm.

“What happened next?”

“He’s kadıköy escort such a bad man, you really want to hear?”


“He pulled my pants off and then leaned back his seat and had me ride him reverse cowgirl.”

“In your pussy?”

“No, honey. Up my ass.”

My cock twitched again at her words. I humped faster against her open hand, the front of my cock and her palm wet with the precum that flowed from my tip.

“You want to lick me while I jerk you?” Maria asked coyly.

“Can I have you?”

“You mean fuck me? Noooo….I am way too worn out honey.”


“Here, come to the bedroom with me,” she cooed, leading me by the cock as she kicked off her shoes.

“Lay back on the bed, honey.”

I laid back, still in my bathrobe. My cock jutted straight up, pointing at my belly button. Maria, pulled off her tank top and unfastened her bra, allowing it to drop onto the floor. Her big dark nipples were stiff. She wore several hickeys on her full tits. Next she pulled off her slacks, leaving on the black thong she had been wearing. Maria then knelt next to me and encircled my long slender cock with her index finger and thumb.

“Go ahead honey, fuck my hand like the bad boy you are!”

I started thrusting as Maria watched with a sly smile on her face, her other hand lightly tickling my swollen balls with her fingertips. She leaned in. Her left hand left my balls and offered her tit to my mouth. I hungrily sucked her nipple as she breathed her hot breath into my ear, nibbling and licking my earlobe.

“You want to see what that bad man did to your wife’s holes?” she whispered.


“You going to shoot your juice for me too?”


“Oh baby, that’s so hot!”

I thought about the position that we were about to get into. We had done this many times before. With her ass and pussy in my face and her facing my cock, I would likely shoot all over her belly and tits, possibly even hitting her face. It would be the closest to reclamation that I have had in years. But apparently Maria thought of the same thing.

“You going to shoot a lot?”


“Hmmm, better cover you up so you don’t make a mess.”

Maria hopped off the bed and took a soft, pink fleece sock out of her dresser and pulled it over my cock.

“Can’t get the sheets dirty with your squirt!” she chirped.

I was about to protest but then she swung her big round Latina ass onto my face and I forgot about the sock on my penis. She pulled her thong aside and squatted over my face. He holes really had been kahramanmaraş escort used. Her pussy was wet and swollen, the puffy lips a darker shade than usual. I lapped at the brine taste of her pussy, alternating long loving licks of her labia and then sucking her clit.

“Ooooo that is nice baby!” Maria cooed as she gently moved the soft fabric of the sock up and down my penis and ground her pussy over my face.

I moved my face back and spread her cheeks, opening her deep crack. Her anus looked swollen and puffy as well. I spread her further and licked her hole. They normally tight ring felt slack on my tongue and he slipped inside with relative ease. Her asshole was wet and salty inside.

“Can you taste him inside me you naughty boy?”

“Yes…” I responded before diving my pointed tongue back into her dark, musky rim.

“He shot sooo much cum into me over the last few days.”

I buried my tongue in Maria’s used asshole, exploring the depths as she jerked me off with the sock.

“Keep doing that!” Maria cooed as she squatted over my face, giving my tongue better access to her creamed rosebud. She started playing with her clit as my long soothing tongue slipped deeper into her. With her left hand she continued lazily stroking the fleece sock over my leaking penis. Within a minute, she could feel her orgasm building.

“Oh fuck!” Maria rubbed her button faster and she came hard. I could feel her anus contracting rhythmically on my tongue. She came twice more and then she was ready for me to cum.

“Come on stud, show me what you can do!” she teased as she leaned forward onto me., looking back over her shoulder with a wicked smile. I spread her cheeks and gazed at my bride’s two used holes, holes untouched by my own penis for over six months now. Holes that glistened with my saliva, her juices and the semen her bull had shot into her. I glued my lips onto Maria’s little swollen clit and suckled as my balls tightened.

“Oh yeah, baby! Squirt for me!”

“Ummmmmm!!!” I groaned as my balls erupted.

Maria squeezed the base of my penis as she held the sock over me. My hips bucked up to meet her hand. The fabric darkened where my sperm jetted into the cloth. The dark spot grew until the top half of the sock was soaked. As the last of my load seeped out, Maria ran her finger from the base of my penis, over the tightly drawn sack and back to my asshole, making me shiver with pleasure.

“There, that better baby?” she chirped before unmounting me and pulling the sock off my softening penis.

“Time for a shower!”

She turned around and gave me a quick, dry kiss on the lips before walking to the bathroom and dropping the used sock into the trash can.

“Yikes, can’t wear that again,” she said.

” Remind me to use the other sock on you next time I play!”

Little did I know that three weeks later, Maria would have me shooting my sperm into that other sock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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