Haz 07

Hotel Part 3

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Hotel Part 3I gasp loudly as I feel your slippery finger graze my asshole. I try not to tense up as you circle it around and around making my breath quicken. “Don’t stop jerking off” I say and am pleased to hear those sexy cock sounds once again. It doesn’t take long for you to eventually start to press your finger against my tight little hole making me gasp. You slide it deep inside me as far as it can go and I can feel myself tighten around you without meaning to. “You like this, baby?” You ask.“Mmmhmm” I reply. I close my eyes tightly and take a few deep breaths to try and relax myself more as you start to fuck my hole a little faster. Soon I feel another finger being pressed inside and it seemed to be exactly what I needed as I arch my back more and let out a deep moan. “You like fingering my ass, don’t you, you dirty little bitch!” I purr at you, hearing you suck in a breath. “You want to fill my ass with your hot, thick load as I push it out and rub it all over your stomach so I can lick up every-fuckin-drop of it?” “Fuuuck!” You let out and suddenly I feel your hot breath against my pussy. Before I can stop you, you start to lick up and down my pussy until your teeth find my swollen clit and nibble on it marsbahis güvenilirmi causing my knees to almost buckle but your hand between my cheeks keeps me up. Like the God that you are, you are similtaniously fingering my ass, sucking my clit and jerking yourself off as I choke back moan after moan.“Yes! Fuck yes!” I scream as I’m getting closer and closer to cumming. My whole body starts to tremble and seconds before I’m about to explode, you just…stop. You pull your hand and mouth away from me and I reach a hand out to steady myself but am immediately forced onto my knees before you. “What the fu—” Before I can finish, you grab me by the back of the head and shove every inch of your perfect cock down my throat. I immediately choke and gag; tears start streaming down my cheeks as I scratch at your hands and arms to get free.“You think I’ll just sit here and let you cum again before I even get a chance to cum once?” You growl down at me as you press my face against your crotch tightly and keep me there. “You have no power, Julie” You let out a loud laugh as I choke back more tears and struggle to breathe. “The more you fight this, the more painful it will be. Just fuckin relax, you dirty marsbahis yeni giriş little cock sucking whore”Our eyes meet and you can’t help but smirk at the evil looks I am giving you. After torturing me like that for a few more seconds, you grab me by the hair and yank me off your cock; I start gasping and choking for air and you allow me to get a few deep breaths before shoving me back down. I can feel myself on the verge of puking but I find a way to relax enough and just let you fuck my throat and use me like you deserve to. The sensation is too much for you and within minutes I can feel your cock swell as you drive me hard against you. “Awww fuck!” You whimper as you explode your hot, sweet cum down my throat; pulling your cock out and letting the last few drops ooze onto my tongue. You fall back onto the bed, breathing heavily, as I just stay there on my knees swallowing the last of your cum and trying to catch my breath.“Get up here and kiss me” You demand, altho the sweet tone that I love has come back to your voice. I comply and on wobbly legs manage to crawl up and lay beside you as I press my lips against yours and kiss you softly. We lay there for a few minutes in silence marsbahis giriş until I feel your hand start to make its way up my thick soft thigh and casually rub against my pussy through my panties.“You still wet, baby?” You ask but before I can reply you slip a finger underneath and moan. “Goddamnit Julie!” I suddenly snap my thighs closed and click my tongue at you disapprovingly.“You’ve been a bad boy. You don’t deserve this wet little cunt” You suck in air and I can see your cock twitch. You somehow manage to move your hand thats between my thighs and slide a finger inside me making me groan. “Stop!” I whisper as you press your lips against my ear.“Make me” You growl and I can’t help but melt from your voice which gives you opportunity to pull my thighs apart with ease. You wait to see if I fight back but I give in quickly causing you to take full advantage of that. Pressing my thighs as far apart as they can go, you slip your hands under my ass and yank my panties down and eventually off. “Oh baby!” You groan as my bald pussy is fully exposed.“I shaved it just for you” I purr.“You’re such a good girl” I grin as your eyes light up and you lick your lips. “I’m going to eat your pussy so good, baby” You slide off the bed and pull my ass to the edge, positioning yourself between my thighs as you slide your tongue up and down my wet slit.“I want to cum all over your face!” You hear me whisper as you finally get to shove your tongue deep inside my tight little fuck hole for the first time….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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