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House party 3sum

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House party 3sumwe’ve spent the night at a friends house at a party, the music is hoping the crowd are bouncing and the drink is flowing , we are dancing but to our own rhythm. The heat in the room is unbearable and the white sleeveless tshirt your wearing is almost see through with the sweat dripping down your neck and down your back , you grind your ass into my cock and it springs to life, my jeans keep my hard cock in place as i rub up close behind you and use your ass cheeks to direct it up and down. i come closer and kiss your neck and taste your sweat.the passion builds to a point where i want to lift your summer dress up, my cock is lifting your dress a little and it looks caught in my jeans !! i whisper ” i wanna slide my cock into you now” your surprised as some people in the room turn and giggle. but i don’t care and you go red and just playfully slap me, but turn and whisper back, ” im not wearing any knickers”, my already hard cock starts to throb uncontrollably. i need to let it out it hurts i tell you, well you’ll have to wait till we get home wont you as you take the last sip from your beers bottle but making sure you put the whole bottle top into your mouth while licking around the top!!oh come on please i need to go !! oh ok you say and we make for the door. we wave goodbye and head for the car. we giggle like school k**s and i grab your ass cheek and rub a sly finger over your pussy as you bend into the car..we’ve only got a few miles down the road and i lean my hand across and rub you leg all the way up your leg !i feel you opening your leg alittle and i oblige by rubbing your pussy a little, i know your only teasing me but i cant resist it i feel the moisture through your thin dress , i wipe my forehead and get the smell of pussy off my hand , the unmistakable smell of pussy juice. you giggle and say see what you did to me lol.its a warm night but pitch dark with only the moonlight lighting the road , then we see car lights ahead. its a broken down car . i want to drive on but you make me stop . its a girl who got into car trouble and broke down., i offer to drop her off although i want to leave her there , my cock is still semi hard and i can feel my precum leaking form my cock head.where are you staying you ask ,and the girl says Kildare, Kildare i shout but we are in Dublin . its fucking miles away. , but you interrupt ” you can stay at our place”. i nearly choke you, but agree only because she is a lovely little brunette. well thanks my name is emma, i grunt and get in the car.we begin out drive home with my cock now well and truly asleep. yous make conversation and natter away while i drive but your constant turning around and my frustration. i just shout will you just get in the back and stop turing around,.after a while im completely zoned out and continue out drive home but yous two are giggling away about something when i hear you whispering the story about what i said to you at the party, i immediately sit and listen. ofcourse being fairly tipsy you think its great laugh to tell about my hard on , emma laughs and rubs my shoulder and celtabet giriş says aahhh you poor little friend is sore lol, i giggle but my cock nearly jumps out my boxers. i take the chance to talk a bit dirty and mention that its sore now again cause yous are talking about it. ” OH ID LOVE TO SEE THAT” you say while breaking your heart laughing . look then and you look around the seat and point to it. oh he is lol. look and emma jumps up and looks , oh jesus thats hard alright. your a lucky girl ciara. its been a whle since i seen one of them , you both start laughing and go back to chatting i try to join in but my head is all over the place. you open your bag and pull out a bottle of wine, drink anybody!! i laugh but you jump at the chance and take a swig from the bottle. it isnt long before you both fairly drunk and there’s me sobering up all the while.we arrive home and the two of you are singing as you fall out of the car.we go in and the house is boiling hot as the heating was on all night . i take the oppotunity to change into shorts and a tshirt while you show emma to her room. a few minutes later she comes down in shorts and tshirt aswell.. my cock cant take it and springs to attention . theres no hiding it now the shorts are a dead give away , of course the two of yous think this is hilarious and fall all over each other laughing , oh get it out get it out you shout ,. so i do !!you giggle in shock you didnt think i was going to do it. you look at emma as to say sorry but she says its ok we’re all adults besides its only natural ” im getting excited aswell.you look at her and smile in absolute amazement, youve never heard a stranger talking like that!!well you only have to ask i say . ah sure youd love that wouldn’t you you say , i walk over to you and kiss you on the lips and slide my hand under you top and pull it up. you jump away and gesture towards emma and say , jesus!!emma laughs and says oh now im jealous. our heads spin round and i know by the look in your eye what you mean, i kiss you again and once more pull up your top. you try to pull it down but i resist and keep it up , you give in and release your grip i kiss on your neck and i look over and wink at emma. she puts down her glass and walks over to you . suddenly you feel another set of hands on your hips , you freeze waiting, wondering ! whats gonna happen. emma answers the question and licks your exposed breast , your hard nipple stands out and casts a shadow over emmas face , i slide my hand roughly up your skirt with the band rising to under your tits i stick my hand into your knickers and feel the warmth of your pussy emma looks at me as she moves her lips towards yours , you freeze once move , you’ve never even thought about kissing a girl and here you are with one only inches from your face. i rub your clit and take your attention away from her as you enjoy your first lesbo kiss!!you are slow to move and keep your mouth shut but Emma’s tongue pushes its way past and opens you up . you start to tongue emma back as i kneel behind you and pull you soaking knickers celtabet yeni giriş down and spread your ass cheeks and start lick around . your getting more submissive as Emma forces your top off and starts massaging your tits. i pull your skirt off and now suddenly my quiet little girlfriend is standing naked getting played with by some stranger while her boyfriend licks her ass cheeks.your not to adventurous and this attention has you dripping with your legs now covered in pussy juices. i open your ass cheeks and find your little brown hole and start to lick which makes you jump, you’ve never let me touch your ass before but this is different your letting me do as i want ,emma kneels in front of you and sreads your legs and begins to lick the juice off your legs and pussy lips , you bend forward and back as each of us lick in turn you bite your lips ,we dig deeper into your ass and pussy.you start to rub your nipples as we both hold you up with our hands , you start to shake and your knees bend and you cry out I’m cuming ! you bend down and push both our heads further into you . im cuming im cuming you scream as i open your ass more and more i invade your ass with my tongue even more as you cum all over Emma’s face squirting your juices over her face you pull away exhausted leaving me and emma face to face. i lean over and lick your cum off her face before we share tongues i feel your hand on my head as you rub me. Emma stands up and you start to remove her tshirt and now i find myself behind yet another hot chick. i dont hesitate at all in reaching around and start to rub her pussy i feel your fingers aswell and the two of us slide our fingers into her hot cunt!..we spread her wide and try to get all our fingers into her almost lifting her off the ground.. i drop my shorts and slip my dick between her legs and poke it out the front and start moving it in and out , you use your hand to press it against Emma’s clit , she bucks with pleasure and you start sucking on her tits. i can barely feel her pussy as my cock is covered in so much juices.i tease her pussy hole with my cock head as she leans her ass out for me to fuck her to i refuse to give in and continue to tease. seeing this you drop to your knees and start sucking my cock as it passes through her lips. you lick your lips as you taste pussy juice for the first time. you smile at me and learn forward towards emmas pussy and begin giving you first lezbo lick out, emma leans back onto me as i play with her tits. i look down and see my cock covered in juices and the smell of pussy fills the room. i lick my finger and begin to play with emmas ass hole. its tight at first but she soon accepts me into her anal passage i finger her faster and faster and try slipping a second finger in , eventually she takes it as i kneel down with you to take turns licking her pussy. it doesn’t take long for her to start cuming all over our faces her ass hole tightens around my finger as she explodes all over our floor. i feel so manly having made two women cum in the same night but i knew there was a lot celtabet güvenilirmi more to cum, literally !!!then you both kiss before turning to me and both of your grab my rock hard cock you jump in first and start kissing me passionately as emma starts pulling hard at my cock . lie down you say and you push me down onto the floored carpet . i cant believe it ive two hot chicks sucking on my cock but the best thing is looking down and seeing two tight young little pussys looking back up at me i begin to finger both of yous which just makes you suck faster and faster. one of yous bite my cock head which makes me jumps alittle . you both laugh and kiss each other an lick your lips , emma turns first and moves her pussy towards me and begins to tease me while rubbing her clit off my cock head. with out warning she falls onto my cock and begins to grind into me . you move up and sit on my face facing emma the two of yous close your eyes as you both get pleasured. you need more and lean down towards emmas pussy and begin to suck on her clit , i look down to see the most beautiful site ever, a strange girl lifting herself in the crab position bouncing on my cock as my girlfriend opens her pussy lips and sucks on her clit , i swear i nearly cum at the site. i go straight back to licking you out but this time i take turns with your ass and pussy while licking one i finger the other. emma whispers something to you but i cant hear what she says but you lift your head and say OH YES. i feel emma get off my cock and then she spins around and gets back on my cock again this time yo lean down and start licking her ass hole while you reach arounf to play with her clit. i cant believe my littel quiet girl is ass licking another girl!!!we continue to fuck till both of yous cum again., the drink is making me last so long but im not complaining one bit. you both change position again almost drained of energy but continue even though your pussys are raw from fingering and fucking . i stand as you both kneel infront of me and poke my dick into each of your mouths in turn while you both play with my balls. then emmas does something i always wanted a girl to do she goes behind me and begins to lick my ass hole. sweet god thats heavenly!!! ive never dabbled with anything like that but she certainly changed my mind now. oh god i can feel her tongue entering my ass. oh my ass i cry as you deep throat my cock oh god thats good oh god that’s good i cry. i feel myself pushing myself into emmas face. you stop playing with my balls and move you hand around to find emmas tongue and use it to guide your finger into my ass . i just cant believe the feeling of been fingered in my ass!!! what have i been missing all this time. i feel my ass getting tighter as emma slips a finger in aswell with her other hand down between my legs rubbing your pussy, i wont last long i say as i can feel my balls fill with cum . im cumming im cumming oh god oh god oh god open your mouth quick you open your mouth as emma joins you infront of me as i erupt onto both your faces and tits i feel like cuming for ever as my knees get weak you both almost fight to suck me dry but you win as emma stands up and kisses me!!! you stand and the 3 of us share whats left of all our juices. the 3 of us collapse onto the sofa and giggle as we get even drunker!!!i cant wait till we wake tomorrow and go again !!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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