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Housemates Pt. 03 – 2 Girls Riding

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Charlotte was naked riding the Wooden Horse again with-in days. Master Simon had her riding differently this time. Her ankles were pulled up off the floor and bound behind. Her arms were straight out backwards and then connected to the ceiling.

The Wooden Horse felt slightly different as a thin line of wire ran at the apex’s very pinnacle. This was not a problem initially as she quickly adapted by gripping the Horse’s sloping sides with her ankles, knees, and thighs and gave them intermediary rest by pulling up as hard as she could with her arms. Her upper limbs pulled out behind her would be a problem. Charlotte knew she couldn’t pull her body up as effectively if they were in front.

Charlotte was gagged, blindfolded and curiously had her hearing muted by some big industrial ear protectors. It gave her the impression of isolation and concentrated her mind wonderfully on the pain in her vagina, slowly splitting her in two.

Charlotte had tried to put-off seeing Master Simon for at least a week as she worried about the intensity of the pleasure it gave her. If she had acted on the euphoria that she enjoyed, she would have been back the very next day.

Sound bites like, “Getting Into her headspace,” had no relevance to what she had experienced. Having ridden the Wooden Horse, she realised what they were getting at. The trouble was explaining the incredible sensation that flooded her mind and body.

It was like a drug and Charlotte knew with all drugs there is always a comedown.

She had begun to feel a little uncomfortable as the ache in her pussy intensified just enough to make her move. It was then she was made aware of another change in her bondage session. Master Simon had shown he was no slouch when it came to bondage as he had expertly bound her boobs with a medium rope.

He sat her down naked and weaved his magic with the rope as each time it went around her breasts, they become more pronounced. Squeezing at their base and making her nipples pop forward for his pleasure.

She could feel her tits becoming more sensitive just by having to move on the Wooden Horse. She desperately wanted to soothe them with her own fair hand but alas this was a scratch she could not itch.

Charlotte was unsure what would happen if she did touch them as this was a new experience for her. She had seen many photographs online where a girl’s breasts had been tied the same way. When she had last seen her own breasts before being blindfolded, they just looked a little redder than usual. That wasn’t going to be the case now. She was very aware of her nipples and remembered how those girls in a similar state had dark purple breasts that had become ultra-sensitive.

She knew that once Master Simon came back, she was going to be tormented nipples first. She wondered if he would resort to bull clips on her already hypersensitive nipples. She couldn’t concentrate on the hellish pain that would cause as she was too busy trying to ride the torments on her thighs, arms and throbbing vagina.

One thing about being naked and spread on a Wooden Horse and at the mercy of a master was it concentrated the mind wonderfully. There would be no external worries for her for hours of torturous bliss as she writhed on the Horse.

She felt a small jolt that made her tits wobble slightly and sting her cunt, and she instantly admonished herself. “Keep still,” she said to herself until a second attack came. Charlotte sighed and tried to get her senses to work overtime, trying to reason beyond the pain in her groin.

She felt another torturous shake of the Wooden Horse that made her aware of the thin wire running along the apex. A door slammed closed. Master Simon had been in or someone else. Charlotte panicked slightly, and her pain intensified.

It was then she realised she wasn’t alone on the Horse. Charlotte mulled a ‘hello’ through her gag and then listened intently for an answer. She sensed an answer just as an involuntary pang coursed through her aching pussy to her wobbling nipples.

Charlotte repeated her welcome and tried to stiffen her resolve to hear a response.

“Hello”, she heard through her ear defenders.

Immediately the studio door opened and Charlotte heard footsteps striding ever closer. Her blindfold was ripped off, and her eyes winced slightly even in the low light.

A large breasted girl was spread on the Wooden Horse facing her. She was blindfolded and also gagged with her arms out behind her and her large boobs tightly bound.

Charlotte studied her own tits as Master Simon removed her gag and ear defenders. She was shocked at what she saw. Her nipples were fiercely pointing out like the nose of some purple dog, and the rest of her boobs were various shades of violet.

Saliva dribbled out of her mouth onto her sore tits, causing her to flex due to their surprising sensitivity. Her fellow horse rider was un-gaged just in time to emit her pain caused through Charlotte’s saliva induced jolt.

She stared at her fellow captive and winched at maltepe escort her big breasts ballooning out a deep purple in colour. She gasped, and saliva leaked out of her mouth down her cleavage.

The Master removed her ear defenders as she gasped for air. A quick sneaky nipple twist caught her between breaths, and she quickly jolted up and cried.

She was a heavy girl, and the Wooden Horse’s whole frame moved slightly at her admission of pain. A tremble hit Charlotte’s vagina, which stung slightly but having seen the excruciating nipple twist given to her partner, she didn’t object.

With their arms straight out tied behind, caused them to bring their heads quite close together. Charlotte knew talking was going to be a punishable offence but couldn’t help herself.

“Hi, my names Charlotte nice to meet you.”

Charlotte cried out as Simon took slowly hold of her nipple.

“No, don’t please,” she begged as just the touch of his hand had her senses reeling, “I’m sorry I won’t…”

“I know you won’t,” grinned Master Simon as his excruciating nipple pinch and lift had Charlotte screaming to the rafters. He kept her boob up in his finger and thumb as she continued to cry.

Charlotte went dizzy and then felt her boob drop.

She bowed and took in large gulps of breath trying to direct as much oxygen to her air starved sore breast.

She slowly looked through her moist eyes at her riding friend, who whispered, ‘Vicky.”

Vicky was so close to Charlotte she could feel her heavy breath on her own boobs. An instant bond of understanding grew between them as she didn’t admonish her for the slight pain her heaving gasps were causing her breasts to take.

Master Simon quickly returned with a crop. He proceeded to stab at Charlotte’s boobs with it.

“Right suck Vicky’s tits,” he decreed, making sure to prod Charlotte’s boobs in differing areas for effect.

Charlotte grimaced with very poke, She had never touched another girl let alone sucked her boobs, and she was determined to keep it that way. She took the prods on her sensitive mounds wincing at every prod and then wincing again at the involuntary movement of her pussy on the Horse. Suddenly Vicky let out an enormous scream.

“Do as he says,” pleaded an urgent Vicky before crying out loudly again. Charlotte looked at her through her watery eyes. She didn’t have the slightest inclination to put her lips to her breast.

“But if I suck your tits you’ll go through the roof,” she pleaded.

“Suck my tits, was all that Vicky could cry out in despair as yet again she screamed. Charlotte began to panic as Vicky rocked on the Horse.

“Please!” She cried as she writhed.


“He’s shocking my cunt!” A dismayed Screwed Vicky shouted.


“Please, please, please!” Begged Vicky, trying to move her breasts nearer to Charlotte’s wet dribbling mouth.

“I don’t understand”? Charlotte cried in a panic as Vicky cried out again!

“He’s shocking my cunt! Just do it.”

Charlotte noticed Master Simon had a green box with switches on and saw him flip a switch.

“Charlotte yelped as a cruet burst of electric hit her vagina, seemingly dancing around her clit before exploding out over her sore breast!

“Now, do you see?” Cried Vicky thankful that Charlotte had some idea of what she was going through.

Charlotte mentally scrapped herself off the ceiling but still felt uncomfortable at suckling Vicky’s pendulous boobs.

Charlotte yelped again as a double cruet burst on her vagina made her feels as if her clit would explode as it seemed to expand with each shock!

Charlotte quickly lent forward to gobble Vicky’s sore tits.

“Oh!!” Vicky cried.

“Are you okay? “daringly asked Charlotte as another shock was administer to Vicky’s spiked cunt.

Vicky screamed, and when she came down, she said through gasping breathing.

“Don’t fucking talk just suck my tits!” Thrusting her breast forward longing for Charlotte’s mouth on her sore nipples.

Charlotte quickly saw the folly of her ways and dived in and took Vicky’s nipple in her mouth. Vicky grimaced as Charlotte tried to suck her teats as carefully as possible. Unfortunately, the Master saw this as going through the motions and gave her more current. Vicky screamed with her tit in charlottes mouth.

“Suck them harder! Suck my bloody tits harder! He’s shocking my cunt!”

Charlotte jumped as her pussy was shocked to urge her on. It felt like a snake of current coursing through her pussy lips to the very depths of her cervix. She found the energy from nowhere to grip the Horse and push upwards, all the time sucking heavily on Vicky’s breast.

Charlotte worked hard suckling Vicky’s tits making sure to alternate to give the look of urgency and prevent the Master from shocking her again. Large drops of saliva covered Vicky’s boobs as Charlotte quickly worked away at them. Her tongue tired at her vigorous breast smearing. Both girls suddenly screamed as they were both pussy shocked escort maltepe with a long zap.

They came down from their genital torture and lent forehead to forehead.

“I’ll be back for more fun later,” smirked Simon.

The heavy door closed behind him, and Charlotte and Vicky heaved heavily, slowly pushing back on their ever sore pussies to talk.

“Nice to meet you,” gasped Charlotte, “I can’t say I’ve met anyone at such a strange time.”

Vicky laughed, “Oh don’t, it hurts too much when I laugh,” she admitted.

“That will soon go, how far along are you?”

Vicky laughed again, “What do you mean along?”

“How long have you been on the horse?” Charlotte giggled.

Vicky gasped her answer out, “a bit longer than you, he warmed me up in another room and then said he had someone he wanted me to meet,” she puffed and gasped loudly struggling to complete her sentence. “Oh, my tits!” She cried, “Is this your first time?”

“No, my second, hang on, you’ll soon be in heaven,” groaned Charlotte.


John lay naked face down on his sofa. He sighed to himself in frustration as he knew he was never going to be able to produce enough semen for Jane’s painting. He knew if he even tried, he would lose Sarah if he hadn’t already. There was a week to go before he could get his money from Jane, and his spunk collection was way short. His Landlord Simon was already asking for the rent, and John knew the only way of staying in his house was to offer up his ass.

This was nothing new to John, he had done it before and knew Simon liked to take him face down on the sofa. He knew Simon wanted to lube and open up his ass by himself as there was a sadistic side to Simon that liked to have him grimacing with every thrust of his cock.

Simon was soon on top of him humping his ass, and he exaggerated his cries every time Simon slammed into him. Simon was fucking him quicker than usual.

“Sorry love I’ve got some hot bitches on the horse tonight,” Simon grimaced as John bit a pillow.

Simon was soon shooting into his ass and withdrew before he had finished ejaculating. He jumped off John while still pumping into his condom and putting on his robe.

“Another hot bitch to see too?” John confusingly said as he watched Simon rip off his condom and fling it at him.

“Take care of that will you darling?” He asked as he made his way to the door. John held the condom up to his eyes and got an idea.

“Are you going so quickly?”

Simon stopped in his tracks surprised by Johns inquiry.

“Yes, I’ve got two girls simmering in my studio,” he smirked.

“It’s just that I was enjoying that,” John complimented.


“Yeah, you have me again for free if you want.”

Simon stop still confused over the offer. He was always aware John was putting up his ass for money reasons, and Simon enjoyed giving him a punishing fuck for fun. This concession to be had again made Simon think John was beginning to enjoy his cock and maybe him as a person.

“Wait there and keep that cute ass of yours warm,” he smiled as he closed his robe and made for the basement.

As soon as the door closed and he could hear Simon’s light steps creaking down the stairway. He quickly got up as soon as he was sure Simon was gone.

He went to the fridge with Simons spent condom and emptied his sperm in with his. John smiled to himself as there was only a little difference between his sperm and Simons. In a short time and a mix, Jane wouldn’t know the difference, especially when Simon had fucked him and added a few more samples of his sperm.


The door opened flooding the studio with light for a second causing Charlotte to look up. A shriek of “No!” Was heard as a tied female body fell into the studio onto the wooden floor.

“Simon!” She yelled, from her prone position, “Simon!!” She screamed as the door slammed shut behind her.

Charlotte tried to straighten up, gritting her teeth against the cramp in her arms out behind her. She could see the girl struggling on the floor. Her long blond hair was catching what little light there was in the studio.

“Are you okay?” Grunted Charlotte.

“I’ve got to get out,” the blonde girl cried hysterically.

“Calm down, have you broken anything?”

“Help!” Screamed the blonde urgently.

“Look Calm down, screaming isn’t going to help,” rebuked Charlotte, “Have you broken anything?”

“You don’t understand, Simons collapsed!”

“What?” Groaned Vicky suddenly coming to life.

“I’m sure he collapsed as he pushed me into here,” the blonde girl cried in a frenzy.

“Are you sure?” Bellowed Vicky straining to turn her head as the apex was now dividing her pussy.

“Of course I’m sure,” she screamed, “I think he’s had a heart attack.”


Jo sat on her bed in just her panties and robe. She wondered if the hedonistic life was for her, fearing she was out of her depth. There was a knock on the door, which opened without permission. It maltepe escort bayan was Jane looking immaculate and sexy in her red silk robe and white silk chemise beneath.

“I’ve bought you a cup of tea darling, you looked a little worried,” Jane explained carefully handing her tea to Jo while taking a seat beside her on the bed.

“Thank you,” said Jo, holding the hot beverage in two hands.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” Jane purred leaning over Jo placing a hand on her knee.

Jo nervously looked down at Janes’s impeding hand, sceptical of Jane’s intentions as it lightly caressed her.

“What’s the matter?” Sensitively asked Jane now stroking her Jo’s leg. Jo looked close to tears making it very evident there was something wrong.

“Come on, you can tell me, you’re amongst friends,” Jane encouraged as tears surprisingly started to roll down Jo’s cheeks. Jane had hit a nerve and cared for her state of mind.

“What’s the matter?” Softly asked Jane.

“I’m a virgin!” Jo cried out, releasing a torrent of tears and reached out to hug Jane. Jane held her tightly.

“Oh, darling is that all, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

“But you’re all so experienced.”

Jane lent back, smiled and gently brushed away Jo’s tears.

“There’s not as much of it going on as you think,” Jane soothed.

“Are you joking, this place is awash with sex.”

Jane sighed, “It has been a bit ‘Sodom and Gomorrah,” lately I’d admit,” smiled Jane, but it’ll soon calm down.

Jo forced a smile through her tears. “That’s just it, I want to be like you,” she confessed realising she was inviting trouble.

Jane lent back and looked her in the eye.


Jo nervously nodded. Jane took her cup of tea away from her and placed it to one side. She then stood before Jo and slowly slipped her hands up Jo’s robe. She clasped her white panties at the waistband and slowly pulled them clear down her legs.

“White virgin panties,” smiled Jane, “how appropriate.”

“Please don’t mock me?” Pleaded Jo as Jane pulled her robe around her exposed body.

“Sorry, darling, don’t take it too seriously,” she sighed, licking her lips and lightly caressing Jo’s quivering breast.

Jane smiled, straddled her and threw Jo’s panties to one side, “let’s get you experienced.”


Charlotte cried out as she became increasingly uncomfortable on top of the Wooden Horse. All the attempts to scream for help had ebbed away, and now the three naked tied girls were wondering what to do next.

“Please try and keep still,” sighed Vicky, her long black hair making a veil over her face and breasts.

“Sorry,” croaked Charlotte, “It’s the not knowing,” was all she could say. The girl who had unceremoniously been dumped into the studio had crawled and rolled towards the trapped girls. She was now busy trying to get her body up-right to talk to the two girls stride the Horse.

She straightened up and tossed back her long blonde hair from her milky white hefty breasts.

“Hello, pleased to meet you, my names Eve,” she blackly joked her breasts rocking slightly as she struggled to keep her balance. Vicky lifted her head and groaned out a laugh,

“Very happy to make your acquaintance,” joked Vicky.

Charlotte chuckled at the absurdity of it all.

“Come here often?” She joined in.

“Not when it’s this crowded,” laughed Eve.

“Awful weather we’re having lately,” Charlotte played along.

‘”Dreadful, they do say it could rain later,” added Vicky.

“We must get out of here before that happens, I only washed my hair this morning,” joked Charlotte before a zapping fissure stung her within the depths of her pussy.

“Sorry, I’ve more pressing matters, like this pointed thing in my cunt!”

“Hey, I know you?” Cried Eve, “Your names Charlotte.”

“That’s right, how do you know me?”

“We go to the same Uni. I’ve always admired you from afar,” gushed Eve.

Charlotte bowed her head; this was the last thing she needed regardless of the compliment. She looked at Eve’s pretty face in the dim light and gave a courteous flash of a smile through her grimace.

“Thank you, I have looked better,” blackly joked Charlotte.

“You still look gorgeous,” Eve gushed.

Charlotte laughed,” you do pick your moments.”

“Oh yes the night’s I’ve dreamt of having your tits in my mouth,” laughed Eve,” here they are right in front of me and my bloody hands are tied!”

“Hey!” Interrupted Vicky,” when you two love birds have finished!”

“Sorry, what do you want me to do?”

“Loosen our leg buckles with your teeth, and maybe we’ll be able to get off this thing,” suggested Charlotte.

Eve went to the buckle holding Charlotte’s leg to the top of the Wooden Horse. She bent over and started to undo the buckles.

“This is going to take time, they’re tight,” explained Eve before going back to her task.

Having Eve beavering away took Charlotte’s mind off of her glowing vagina but not the cramps in her arms strutting out behind her.

Eve tugged with all her might, and eventually, the buckle came free.

Charlotte immediately straightened her leg and let out a big cry as all the aches in her limbs momentarily returned.

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