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Housewife Entertained Unwanted GuestdeleteddeletedI am married woman with no c***d, I am fair looking with 32D-25-35 Thanks a lot for your feedback for my earlier story. My inbox got flooded with mails. I am thankful for all those love shown by readers. Due to lot of mails I may have missed some to reply, extremely sorry for that. I kindly request readers to read my earlier story to understand the back ground.At morning when I woke up, found myself nude alone on bed. I wondered where the watchman has gone?, I then went to bathroom after coming back I stood in front of mirror recalling all the escapades of last night. Various thought coming in my mind that I have cheated my beloved husband, later I thought he must be satisfying himself there so I should not feel guilty for it and let enjoy the moment. I wore yesterday’s nighty and went to kitchen to make some tea. I took the cup was sipping the tea; had a look at watch it was 10.15 in morning. OMG I slept so much? I was lost in some thoughts then I got call from unknown number. I received it.I: HelloHe: Aur janeman kaisi ho? Nind puri ho gayi. (I understood its watchman)I: Ha ho gayi and tum kab nikal gaye?He: Are subh 5 baje gaya taki kisi ko shak na ho and koi dekhe na, piche compound se kud k bhag gaya.I: acha hua.He: to meri yaad nahi aa rahi janeman?I: tum kya mere husband ho jo yaad aayegi.He: acha raat ko to jor jor se chudwa rahi thi tab nahi husband yaad aaya abhi bol rahi ho. Acha suno thoda kaam hai baad me call karta hu.I: okHe disconnected. After long time I was enjoying lazy morning, I just lay down on sofa watching songs on tv. After sometime I took bath, prepared some lunch and was thinking of having nap so went to bedroom. While lying on bed was just thinking how unexpectedly things have changed.Few months back if somebody had said me that I will getting fucked by such low class nerd, I would have slapped them. But today things were completely different, I myself have called him yesterday and spent night fucking with a low class watchman on the same bed where my husband used to fuck me. But somewhere in my mind I was enjoying this rough pleasure. Generally educated upper class people are quite delicate in bed; they generally don’t get much rough, whereas this low class uneducated people are like a****ls in bed, rough speaking most cheap language this was turning me on. (This is what I experienced with my hubby now and bf in college). While thinking this I slept and after sometime wake up by his call.He: aur janeman kya kar rahi ho?Me: so rahi thiHe: kis k sath?Me: akele hi so rahi thi, mera pati nahi hai and tum bhi to nahi ho.He: to tayar ho jao mai aata hu abhiMe: nahi nahi abhi mat aao koi dekh lega. Raat ko hi aao.He: are abhi to 4 baje hai raat hone ko bahut time hai, muzse aur bardast nahi hota tum chinta mat karo ma aata hu 15-20 min me bas darwaza khula rakho.And he disconnected, I woke up and freshened up. I was wearing loose top and night pant without any inners. I went to door, checked outside nobody was there, just pushed the door without locking it, after 5 min he came inside and bolted the door.Me: kisi ne dekha to nahiHe: are nahi bahar koi nahi hai.He came lifted me in his arms and started kissing me wildly. I pushed him aside.Me: hey ruk jao itni kya jaldi haiHe: are tumhe to din raat chodne ka mann karta hai meri rani.N again without waiting for any response he again started kissing me, heat started to build up in me and I too responded him with extending my tongue. We had steamy sex session there on sofa itself after finishing we were lying there in each other arms.He: tum bahut khobsurat ho Yogita, maine itni aj tak chudai ki hai par tumhare jitna maja aj tak kisi k sath nahi aaya. Sach batau to randi bhi itna maja nahi deti hai.Me: rehne do pendik escort muze pata hai itni bhi khobsurat nahi hu mai.He: are tum jaha se gujarti ho waha lund khade karva deti ho meri rani.Me: jyada bol rahe ho waise bhi aj hi raat hai tumhare pass, kal mere saas sasur aayege to ye sab band.He became too sad after listening this. then I kissed his lips and said “Are wo to kal aane wale tum abhi se kyu udas ho rahe ho, aj raat to tumhari hai jo chahe kar lo mere sath” He seems happy and kissed me back and said “aaj raat to teri chut hi phad duga Sali, randi banake choduga”Me: karlo jo karna hai aj ki raat mai tumhari rakhel, randi bando aur meri pyas bujha do.We kissed passionately for another 5 min and then separated from each other, I was feeling hungry so went to kitchen took out some snacks and came out in hall with it. He pulled me to him and made me sit on his lap; he was fondling my boobs while eating snacks. We kissed each other in between, we were behaving like lovers. He then started kissing me and sucking my boobs, I pushed him away and say wait for some time then we shall proceed. Though he was not listening I pushed him and went to kitchen and completed my core. I was roaming all naked in house. When I came back he asked me “do you have any blue film? I would like to watch the same with you?” I thought it’s a good idea to get little kinky tonight. So I winked him and said “just wait for some time you will get many things.” I went to bed to check some CDs as few times I have seen some erotic movies with my hubby.So took out one from them, then put bra panty and came back to hall, put CD in player and started it. He was seating naked on sofa I went and sat near him. He took out liquor bottle from his pant, started enjoying sips with bottle in one hand and one hand around me. There on screen girl was getting fucked hard in doggie position by a huge black cock. Here my pussy started dripping juices and his cock started to rise.He was pressing my mounds roughly looking at screen, I was moaning aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh finally the girl on screen took his cum in here mouth and drank it all. I was lot aroused turned his face and started kissing him with one hand playing with his dick. He too put the bottle down and responded me back. There on screen second scene started so he pushed me back, in that scene a milf was getting fucked by two guys in pussy and ass.I was too aroused looking that and leaving the movie I went down and started sucking his cock. He pulled me up and said wait and told me to bring two glasses. I was in no mood to do that I need hard fuck now.Hurriedly I went to kitchen and brought two glasses and was about to sit, he again told me to get water, I was pissed off but went again in kitchen, I saw while coming he poured some powder in one glass he then poured liquor in both glass and told me to have one. I was so aroused that without thinking anything I drink entire glass and began sucking his cock again. He again pulled me and said “wait you bitch, why you in are so hurry? The entire night is ours.” While watching hot threesome, he started rubbing my pussy. There was actually river flowing from my pussy, I was aroused like hell. I think he mixed some aphrodisiac in liquor as I never felt so much of urge to get fucked, I was burning in heat. I throw away his glass and kissed him madly, he too tore of my bra and started kneading my boobs very hard.Suddenly he got call on his cell and he pushed me and received it, I was mad at him but still I took his mouth and started sucking it hard he spoke something and pushed me aside I pulled him but still pushed me and said “I want to go out, my friend is waiting and he wanted to see me urgently” I slapped him and çekmeköy escort say “you bastard you are going anywhere. I want you inside me right now and hold his cock” but he became mad and slapped me I fell down with that hard stroke “you fucking whore didn’t you listen I have some urgent work” tears came down my eyes saying please fuck me then go anywhere, I will die if I didn’t get your dick. I was literally begging to suck fucking watchman. His aphrodisiac was worked so much that I wanted a fuck now else I will die. I again begged him.Me: please fuck me, I need hard fuck now. (I hugged him tightly from back while he was walking toward the door).He: hey you want a fuck na bitchMe: yes, please fuck me, I will do anything you say.He: ok then I have one condition.Me: I will do anything you say, but first fuck me hard and then do anything.He: No first listen to me, I will fuck only when you will also allow my friend to fuck you.Me: No way, I will not anybody else to do anything to me. You can do whatever you want but I will not allow anyone else. I am not whore.He: hey you are big whore, already you are fucking me so if you want fuck now then you have to allow my friend.N he pushed me hard. I felt down. I again wake up and ran toward the door and hold him begged for fuck but he was too adamant. I was trapped as the aphrodisiac had made its effect, this moment I forgot everything and wanted hard fuck. So finally I agreed but said that only this time I will allow, and onward he will not trouble me. He assured that he will not even look you me afterward. He then called him and asked to come at my house.He then throw the phone and pushed me roughly against wall, took down his pant took my both hand and pinned them at my back and inserted his cock in my pussy all in one stroke, I moaned hard aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh please fuck me hard, please fuck me” he was stroking me hard. My face was brushing against wall but the pleasure was more important to me than anything with his one hand he spanked my ass so hard that it became red. His cock was bulging inside I understood that he going to cum, within couple of min he came heavily inside me. He seems exhausted but I was not at all satisfied, I went down and started licking his limp cock mixed with our juices and took it in mouth and started sucking it.Then door was knocked, he then went and opened door and rushed him inside. OMG his friend was fucking ugly, a dark colored fat guy with pot belly, he was blad and was looking 50+ age. He went mad when he saw me, stark naked.He just ran to me and started kissing me madly. I was feeling disgusted, I pushed him and said “please go to bathroom, clean yourself and then come.” But he again hold and started kissing, I pushed him and went to watchman (Ramesh) and told that I will do with him only if he clean himself. So watchman forced him to go bathroom. That guy was very angry by my attitude, but with no option left he went to bathroom. Here I took watchman cock inside my mouth and started sucking it within minute it became rock hard. He then put me of sofa and inserted his dick from back.Till time his friend (Sanjay) came back and Sanjay took my face up and kissed me. I hated him so didn’t want to kiss but he kissed me for sometime and then inserted his dick in my mouth, it was around 6.5” long and 1.5-2” in girth so not at all had any problem to take it. though he was pushing it inside, I wasn’t sucking I suddenly got hard slap on my thighs.Ramesh: Suck it bitch else I will not fuck you. You have to fuck him like you fuck me.I unwantedly started sucking his cock. He was moaning aaaaahhhhhhh aaaahhhhh kya baat hai Ramesh kya mast maal diya yaar tune aj, mast chos rahi hai mera lund ye. AaaaahhhhhhhhRamesh: maltepe escort sale bola tha na ki jaldi hi ek mast gharelu maal duga tuze. Kab tak randiya chodega.Sanjay: ha yar. Wo sasti randiya to kahi bhi nahi lagti iske. Kya badhiya raand hai Sali.They exchanged their positions Ramesh came to my mouth I happily took in my mouth and started sucking it. Sanjay pushed his dick in my pussy and was fucking me, but I wasn’t feeling much pleasure as iwas used to Ramesh’s big cock. I think he understood that and started abusing me and stoking hard.Sanjay: Sali chinal I bachi, shadi shuda hoke ki bahar k mardo ka kund keti hai. Teri maa kya randi bazar me rehti thi kya. As I was having other cock in mouth so couldn’t reply him. But I wanted to abuse him too. Suddenly Ramesh lifted me in arms and took to bed. He slept down pulled me on him, I inserted his cock in my cunt and started jumping on it.He was pressing my boobs, Sanjay came near me and sucked my boobs, I pressed his head on boobs, he was sucking it madly. He then came up kissing me and asked where is vasline, I was lost in pleasure so without speaking anything I just pointed toward the dressing table.Before I could come to know anything Ramesh pulled me down and kissed my lips, our tongue was playing with each other and he was stroking me hardly from down. He hugged me tight and stooped his stroke, and I felt Sanjay’s cock near my ass I started to resist but Ramesh has hugged me so hard and some time my lips was locked so just uuuuuuummmmmmm came out of my mouth, Sanjay slowly was inserting it in my ass, his cock was thin but still it was causing me pain, so when it went completely in Ramesh left me. I shouted “you bastard you have torn up my holes”Sanjay: Sali chinal bahut chudna chahti thin a ab kya ho raha hai.Me: sale madarchod itna chod ne ka shauk hai to ja na teri maa ko chod le.Sanjay: Sali do kaudi ki rand muze bolti hai.Saying this stroked me harder. Both of dicks fucking me harder in my holes, Ramesh then stooped and asked me to turn as he want to fuck ass. So I turned and took his dick in my ass and sat down completely, Sanjay pushed me little back and positioned himself in my pussy. He bent down to kiss my lips but I turned my face, he became angry so he pinched my nipple very hard. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh moan came out of mouth, he stroked me very hard. He bent down and bit my boobs and was pressing them hard. He was feeling insulted as I was enjoying with watchman but not him.Suddenly I felt Ramesh is about to come as he increased his strokes and he came in my ass. For minute we stay motion less, then Sanjay pulled me up and placed on bed and started stroking me in missionary style. I too respond to his stroke from down, though I hated him but the slut in me was enjoying his rough fuck. He smiled for my response and bent and tried to kiss my lips but I moved this annoyed him but instead he sucked my boobs.He then increased his strokes, he pressed my boobs, tried kissing me, pressing my ass all at once and came inside me. He felt on me, I pushed him away went to bathroom, cleaned myself and returned to bed.It was almost 11.30 in night, Ramesh said he is feeling hungry so asked me if something is there to eat, so we all went to kitchen I asked them to sit at dining table, I had some food of afternoon gave it to them as I wasn’t feeling hungry, the only feeling I was having that was horny. Ramesh pulled me on his lap and feed me some bites, I took it and kissed him. they finished the food, I went to bring water I felt somebody back, it was Ramesh he kissed me from back and pressed my mounds from back. I turned and kissed passionately, then Sanjay joined us he too kissed my body but I didn’t allow him to kiss my lips. They both then took me to dining table, fucked me there as well. We had two more session at night, at its end I was totally exhausted by the enormous fucking. Around 4 am in morning those guys left, I slept.End of third part. Next part will tell how I got in trouble because of my lust and how I spent the worst 20 days of my life. Till that please give me feedback

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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