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How I Became A Cocksucking Cuckold

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How I Became A Cocksucking CuckoldI have always been able to go down on my wife after cumming in her but I admit that for many it can be difficult to do having to eat your own cum from your partner immediately after you orgasm. It’s something I learned to do when I was with my first female sex partner at the tender age of 15, she was much older and it made up for my premature ejaculation I experienced in my early years of sexual activity. I would cum so fast it left my partner hot and bothered so at her urging and near demanding insistence, I learned to overcome the difficult feeling, and actually looked forward to it and for more than a decade I just automatically did it with all my sex partners including my wife because I just believed “that’s what you do” to ensure your partner also achieved sexual gratification. I was constantly encouraged and my partners all, without exception absolutely loved it, despite their first reaction often being one of surprise they always pushed me down between their legs to “clean up my mess” as I recall one of them used to phrase it. So I do it because I love her and want to please my wife and I know she truly enjoys it as much as I do. After several partners have the exact same positive reaction you no longer question it (especially when you are still an inexperienced teenager with raging sex drive) you just get into it try your best to improve, and that’s exactly what I have been doing. My wife, on the other hand, has recently told me she “totally gets off on the sensation and just loves it when I do it” and it is “her favorite part of our sex life”. That made me feel good after all who doesn’t want to please their partner. Now although originally unrelated (for me at least) we have begun chastity play. I have always been aroused by the real denial of orgasm during sex and the best way to get me worked up is with a bit of tease and denial. It was this and my wife’s expert ability to edge me that led us to try chastity because on those occasions when I was denied I usually jacked off sometime afterwards when the opportunity presented itself, but invariably I would regret it knowing I had not only let down myself but my wife as well. So we came to the mutual decision to give male chastity a try. We did research on types and tried a few but eventually settled on a very small but comfortable steel open wire design that has really worked out well. During just over 3 months of experimental play (fitting and comfort issues being worked out) my wife seemed to have discovered something very important. During this “trial period” my wife quickly came to realize the benefits she could derive by keeping me teased, edged and denied. Despite the longest period of my lock up at that time only being 23 days, unfortunately for me, my wife observed a stark difference in my attitude and compliance before cumming and after especially after the “longer” denial periods. Apparently she quickly realized that while being denied and during our edging sessions there wasn’t anything I wouldn’t agree to while in that ecstatic heightened pre-orgasmic state she is so skillful at enabling me to reach. Once she sees my precum oozing from the tip of my “little toy” as she calls it she knows it’s the perfect time to bring up topics and outright demands which inevitably require my reluctant agreement with, that under normal circumstances she knows I would resist if not out-rightly totally disagree with. It was during one of these edging sessions that she “suggested” we try a long term chastity stint. Obviously in my “state” at the time I eagerly agreed to give her “long term chastity” idea a try. Well she locked me up last April 1st, 2017 (I know how fitting right, April Fools day). Since I am unable and not allowed out of chastity except for routine teasing and edging I am never allowed to penetrate much less allowed to cum inside her and eat out my own creampie. This is simply no longer possible under our current arrangements, because of this she just recently informed me while edging me that she wants me to eat her “creampie” again and that she “must have it” and because I’m not allowed to cum in her myself I reminded her that in order for that to happen I would have to be allowed once again to have intercourse with her, a very appealing thought to me! She replied “no-no-no honey, that isn’t quite what I mean”. She said she knows a guy at work who she wants to “hookup” with and that by next weekend I need to be ready for her to give me a creampie to eat out of her after she has sex with him! Apparently they’ve been out for drinks several times since April 1st and she’s told me that Mike has groped her and been strongly pushing her to have sex with him. Her co-worker, Mike, knows she’s married, in fact he and I have met on a few occasions during company gatherings in the past and she says she’s pretty sure that she wants to take it to the next level and I have no doubt he would be more than willing to oblige her. She told me that during an opportunity when they were being a bit naughty and groping each other she noticed he was very well hung! So I find myself in a very precarious position; on one hand in no small part brought on by the repeated edging and denial over the past 6 months I find her proposal exciting and erotic, but on the other hand I fear that this could mean an indefinite hiatus to any chance her desire for intercourse would eventually allow her to give in and allow me sex with her since that desire would now be satisfied by others! For the first time during her expert edging session I didn’t immediately give in though I did promise to “think about it”. Should I protest or do you think I should be gracious and play the part of the submissive obedient cuckold husband and dutifully eat this man’s cum from my wife’s pussy? What if she enjoys sex with this guy and no longer feels the “need” for my own dick? How long can I safely stay locked, we had discussed a rough time frame of “around 5 or 6 months”. During this conversation in the back of my mind I was thinking there was no way she could go that long so while outwardly agreeing I was certain it would be shorter than the approximate time we agreed too. But my wife can be very extreme at times and now I’m thinking that I may be locked for a really really long time as she has hinted around about this very thing when telling me that she needs me to be even more attentive to her needs and one big reason for her is freedom to enjoy sex outside of marriage and my continued devotion to eating her creampie no matter who she is with. So now it seems clear that my wife wants to go have other sex partners to experience with (we married very young and both have had only 2 or 3 other sex partners). Lastly I have a small penis (3-4 inches) and now I’m worried she will experience larger cocks and again my future looks bleak, especially when I’m only equipped with a tiny by most standards under 4 inch dicklet, tell me how long can I go without cumming? We’ve seen charts on the internet that relate penis size to ejaculation intervals and on one such chart my 3 and a half inch dick never requires release. Now I’m not sure how scientific it is but if it holds any merit it balçova escort would seem that I really don’t have a time limit. I’m only 30 years old and still have a strong sexual urge but throughout this long period of denial I have yet to experience a wet dream, something we also read was nature’s way of releasing pent up sexual desire. This along with the chart would seem to indicate I could go without indefinitely! Am I over reacting? I admit that the thought of eating another man’s cum out of my wife’s pussy is exciting but everything is exciting after 6 months of complete denial combined with regular edging while continuing to orally serve her almost daily during my denial period. I will also say that when she told me her plans (I was between her legs very busy at the time and she had just finished edging me!) I stopped long enough to very cutely dare her to do it (On hindsight I didn’t think that through completely!) Since that brief conversation several days ago it has been brought to my attention numerous times with her saying she’s now doing it because “I dared her too” and she ends it with “and when I do, you WILL eat it! I am hoping that I can somehow find a way to get her to finally allow me to cum again as a compensation for agreeing to her desire for extramarital sex but am also concerned that this could further turn her against my need for relief. After 6 months of denial with regular teasing by her, it has fundamentally altered my attitude while sky rocketing my desire for a full orgasm! My ever present fear remains that my introduction of this topic might very well push her to further delay any chance of an orgasm just so that she can prove a point and provide me with absolute proof of her control over me. When I originally agreed to the long term chastity I never imagined she would deny me as long as she has and now with her desire to have sex with other men I feel like this denial could go on indefinitely! When we discussed my notional timeframe we did do some research and this was when she found that ejaculation interval chart I spoke of above, so she is fully aware of what that chart says and she seemed quickly convinced of the merits of it. It was with knowledge of that chart and an understanding that nature would take its course through discharge via wet dreams if I got to “backed up” that we agreed on a rough duration of about 5 or 6 months. My wife has always had a strong libido and seems to always be horny. Now if my wife’s strong sexual desire for intercourse is being fulfilled by other men as she has said she is going to do, I’m fearful she will have no need and little remaining urge or willingness to offer any sort of relief to me including my now greatly anticipated edging sessions. After all she would now continue to have her obedient husband to satisfy her orally and continue to do the chores she assigns to me and the ability to freely and regularly engage in intercourse with men who will undoubtedly be more well-endowed, including the addition of satisfying her desire for me to eat her creampies I see no way I will be able to convince her of my need to gain sexual gratification in the future. Add to that her personal satisfaction that men with penises as small as mine never actually “need” physical relief even health concerns seem settled in her mind making her believe that I never really need to cum, I just “want” to. My wife has become quite enchanted with the regular edging and repeated denial she imposes on me and I find her more and more eager to push my denial to longer and longer periods. Lately she has been commenting to me while keeping me on the very edge how “fun” it would be to deny me for a significant period of time, she uses the term “years” and will only stop her irresistible edge session when I am so desperate and worked up that I agree with her that my urging is only my desire and not a physical necessity all the while knowing it could be a reality that she is already putting into action. When we were still in the trial period we came to the mutual conclusion that it is much more fun for us when I don’t know when or how long it will be until she allows me to cum again so it’s just something that we mutually decided only cheapens the experience and would probably cause us both frustration if it was a regular part of our conversations. It’s kind of something we agreed to never discuss and that we would let it arrive naturally and completely by (my) surprise. Don’t get me wrong she asks me all the time if I want to cum which the answer to that is obvious she just says “not today” at the end of my edging session which is my que that she’s done and I need to wash up and put my “little toy” back in its cage and return to present it to her so she can install the lock. Our general discussion which set the notional timeframe to “about 5 or 6 months” has been reached and exceeded, in fact I’m less than 10 days away from 11 months yet I have seen absolutely no indication that my denial is anywhere near at an end. It’s now late March and she has been recently hinting to me that I may be waiting “at least” into the new year before I might gain my next orgasm, though she’s careful to not be to specific I am getting her message loud and clear. In my mind I ponder the statement since “next year” could mean cumming in January which would mean I will have been denied for 22 months or even all the way out to next December which by then I would be approaching 34 months at which time I could see her saying “next year” again! Thus far, nearly 12 months in I must admit I haven’t experienced any adverse effects, I still get erect at the slightest touch and can remain hard for hours if she chooses to extend my edging session that long. I do have an aching feeling shortly after my edging which by all accounts is the phenomenon known as “blue balls” but it subsides after an hour or so. In my current denied state and especially when being edged I find myself eager to do her bidding including her intent to continue to extend my release date. Yesterday she edged me again and her conversation surrounded her “plan” to have sex with her co-worker Mike. Now she insists that I go out with them and am present to see them kissing and groping, because she says it will send the right “message” to him, which is that she is in an open marriage and free to engage in sex with him at whatever level she chooses as evidenced by my very presence and agreement by being present during their activities which for a regular couple would be hands off! She is further suggesting that they come home with me and that they will “do it” in our home! When I asked her how that was supposed to work she said “duh, isn’t it obvious? You can’t fuck me because you’re locked so he would have to do that part.” I asked her what she meant by that and she said that I would need to suggest or even ask him to “fill in” for me since I couldn’t perform my marital duties in my “current chaste state”. I was shocked really my head was spinning, because here’s my wife slowly stroking my “little toy” while telling me how she wants me to invite a third person to fuck my wife and reveal to him my status as a chaste husband, karabağlar escort something that up to now is the private knowledge of the two of us only! Well I took my chance and asked her if I might gain favor from her if I did what she asked and that although we agreed not to discuss it might this actually allow me a chance to achieve orgasm if I graciously “played along”? She hesitated then said that it “might” but I would have to do this first and then she would “decide my fate” after we went through with it simply because she knows if i did cum, my orgasm will likely change my attitude toward all of this and she wouldn’t want me to be disappointed and let down just because she “gave in” and let me masturbate. After all she had invested so much time and effort to get me to this point it could ruin all her hard work! “Masturbate!? That word she spoke resonated in my head, and I responded to her saying “No honey I’m hoping you will let me fuck you and eat my own creampie ” I said. She giggled and responded by saying “ooh darling you know what I mean that’s just a figure of speech, you really can’t put that specific of a request on me, it’s gotta come naturally like we talked about.” “It’s such a big step to go from more than a year of denial straight to fucking, I can’t imagine how far you might regress after I let you fuck me just like that! No I’ll agree that after you get Mike in bed with me so that he is “comfortable” knowing that you want him to be my sex partner and you show me that you are “all for it”, then I suppose I will have to come up with “some way” to allow you to cum again but we will have to take baby steps, small baby steps at first I think that is the best approach”. I responded “so what do you mean baby steps, that sounds like you don’t want me to fuck you is that what you want?” “No baby that’s not at all the case, I love you and always will that’s why we need to allow you some time to get used to the idea of me having sex with other men while you still have that willingness to let me, you see I don’t want this to be a onetime thing I need this to be a regular thing, why do you think I suggested the long term chastity thing in the first place!” “And besides we both know you don’t “need” to cum, its just that you “want too” its really a big difference”. When I heard my wife say those words I was floored, so she had planned this all along! All those fantasies she brought up over the past 6 months while edging me were leading to this! Now that I reflect on her words it has become quite clear to me that “comfortable” likely means several episodes (months perhaps) for her and Mike fucking so that I can somehow become accustomed to the situation and then maybe, just maybe she will give me a ruined orgasm. I’m told that while you experience climax it is not as intense and most often keeps your desire at a high level. I haven’t experienced one so I don’t know how I would react but I am already finding myself eager for even one of these “ruined” orgasms. It’s very clear to me now that my wife has been plotting against me this entire time patiently waiting for the right moment to progress her plan. In fact I’ve begun to wonder what set her on this path, maybe she has already cheated on me and now that she has experienced another man she wants more but without the guilt of having to sneak around? I don’t know for sure but my head is spinning with possibilities now that I have learned that this was her plan from the very beginning. I have always admired my wife for her thoughtfulness and purpose I just never realized until now that these characteristics were being put to use to such a devastating effect on my ability to achieve sexual satisfaction for the intent to grant her willing permission to cuckold me from none other than me, the one person who under normal circumstances would never have agreed to such an arrangement! I am on the precipice and I don’t see myself putting up much of a defense, in fact I will probably be a willing cuckold before the month is over. With her suggestion that I could earn relief as a “reward” for supporting her choice to engage in extramarital sex intrigues me, I can’t deny even to myself the deep longing I have to once again experience cumming, its constantly on my mind and gets aggravated with each agonizing edging session I eagerly and willingly endure. I can’t help but feel like I’ve taken for granted that wonderful feeling you experience when you orgasm and despite regular and often intense edging over the past 6 plus months I am struggling to remember that awesome sensation and recognize now that my pathway to the sensation runs through my wife. I am quickly realizing she owns my orgasms and she never even mentioned it. So I am clearly ready to accept my wife’s plan to support her in her endeavor to cuckold me and I see myself putting forth my best effort in order to encourage her to have sympathy on my condition and provide me what I desperately desire, albeit only a ruined orgasm in which my little toy jerks freely untouched through a less than satisfying ruined orgasm, only to thank her and beg her for more. My future is still unfolding but I feel like the longer I resist the longer I will remain in denial, her patience seems unwavering and in a battle of wills I don’t think I can win when I am the only one with anything to gain and everything to lose. I can’t help but think that my lovely wife has and probably may still be engaging in extramarital sex throughout the past 11 plus months I’ve been locked up, it is the only scenario that makes sense to me. My generally submissive character, coupled with her incessant urge for sex has probably led her to cheat on me and she has brilliantly devised a plan to gain my support for it through her systematic orgasm denial and repeated edging sessions where she has constantly encouraged a fantasy that includes a third person, she continues to propose these ideas to which I eagerly agree not realizing the true intent was to familiarize me with the reality of her secret plan to have sex with other men. When I look back over the past year I recognize many times when she has had plenty of opportunities to “hook up”, she has made 4 business trips with co-workers (including Mike) each a week in length several more two night quick trips always traveling with her colleagues and lots of late nights (8-9pm) at the office not to mention the 10 or 12 nights I knew she was “out for drinks” supposedly “building relationships” with co-workers. In my best estimation my wife has had opportunity for the possibility of a sexual encounter at least 9 times a month over the past year with her recent schedule offering her closer to 15 or 16 days in each of the last 2 months where I can’t be sure she was where she claimed she was but certainly had the chance to cheat on me if it was her decision to do so. I’m fearful that I’m over thinking all of this and creating a false belief that is being shaped in no small part due to my own complete and prolonged denial. For now at least I have decided not to discuss it with her for fear it will anger her and make matters even worse for me and any chance I have for her to give in izmir escort to my needs and allow me the orgasm that now consumes my every waking hour. If I am wrong it could anger her to the point it could put into action a plan that could very well even deny me even my much anticipated edging and teasing time and cause her to proclaim my denial for an enormous amount of time, years perhaps in a fit of anger, something that even when her anger subsides she would be very unwilling and unlikely to undo simply out of principle. I can imagine her saying “I meant what I said and I’m not changing my mind and I don’t want to speak of it again! Chapter Two: I Am A Cuckold Well time has moved on and as I had predicted I willingly submitted to my wife’s wishes and actively encouraged Mike to fuck my wife, in fact in the past few months Mike has regularly deposited his load in my wife’s pussy and being the desperate submissive cuckold husband I am I have eaten every creampie he so eagerly left for me, my wife even has me thank him after each occasion and likes me to provide positive encouragement to him about the amount he leaves for me, and I do it, without hesitation. During one of my much more infrequent tease and denial sessions my wife now occasionally gives me she said that she was very happy with how I am doing and if I keep it up she has a very special surprise in store for me, those words, I must tell you brought tears to my eyes, literally. Finally some 14 months of complete denial seem to be near an end at last! I responded to her saying that I promise to remain all in with regards to her wish to remain sexually free to partner with men outside of our marriage and that I was so happy to see her so satisfied with the new arrangement. My wife (still rubbing my dicklet) said “good because I don’t ever want to stop”. Well she ended my tease session there and over the next few weeks continued to remind me that my big, long awaited surprise was almost here, then 6 days later she gave my “surprise”. It was indeed a surprise just not the one I was hoping for. Her “big long” surprise for me was the “opportunity” as she put it to receive Mike’s load straight from the source, yes I was told that I will be the their cock sucker! More specifically “Mike’s personal on-demand blowjob boy” we’re her exact words. Wow, I have to admit that I was so disappointed, I had foolishly convinced myself that her big surprise was going to be a special moment of orgasmic ecstasy for me after enduring nearly 15 months of tease and complete denial, while somewhat enthusiastically embracing my new role as her cuckold I had convinced myself my day had finally arrived. Of course it hasn’t and she knew exactly what she was doing by leading me on and I fell for it completely. I managed to meekly protest but to little avail, I was reminded that any chance of achieving my very own orgasms depended on my willingness, skill and complete devotion to the completion of this new “surprise requirement”. My wife was so matter of fact about the whole thing saying that it was essentially no different than performing any of the other “chores” I do for her. I had already swallowed Mike’s cum numerous times now I would simply be getting it direct from the source, it all seemed quite reasonable to her and I really couldn’t dispute her reasoning since it was in fact based on facts! Well as I mentioned that was six days ago and I can now confirm that I am not only a cuckold but a cock sucking one! Yes in the past six days I have sucked Mike off to completion twice, thankfully both times he was very near the point of no return requiring very little effort to “finish” him off. I was told by them both that this was just the beginning and that I was going to have work up to giving him the “full service” start to finish blowjob that they envision so as the days pass I find myself sucking off over longer and longer periods. So far Mike has been verbal about my lack of skill and how my wife is so much more proficient at it than I am. My wife just replies that I will learn and that I know that if I ever want to cum again I need to become even more talented than her in my blowjob skills! Recently I was required for the first time to suck Mike from flaccid to hard, suck and swallow then continue sucking and licking until flaccid again. It was my first complete servicing and they both made a big deal out of it, I worked very hard for nearly a hour to do him and I was quite tired and spent by the end of it all, that was a lot of work, I have no doubt that my poor cock sucking skills contributed to the time it took for him to get off, something they both remarked about. They were discussing amongst themselves (while I was on my knees doing my best effort to finish him off) that with enough practice and improvement I should be able to give Mike a complete blowjob start to finish in under 15 minutes which apparently how long it takes my wife to get him off. I am not sure I could ever improve that much. During their conversation about my poor performance is when Mike suggested that the best way to get me motivated to achieve this lofty goal was to create an incentive by tying my next chance to orgasm to my ability to expertly give others their well-deserved and frequent orgasms. And yes he knows I’ve been completely denied for 15 months. My wife countered his idea about my orgasm being tied to my skill at administering a blowjob to just allowing me to achieve my orgasm naturally completely unstimulated and only while sucking his cock! My wife thought that would be the ultimate proof of my complete desire to please them both and put the timetable of my next orgasm completely on me. I have no idea if I could ever orgasm while sucking another man’s cock but I do know I do get and stay hard (as hard as one can be while still locked in chastity) while giving Mike his blowjob so at least some part of me finds it erotic. I was a bit shocked to find that I don’t mind at all sucking his cock, strangely I was not at all repulsed by the thought or act. I am not very good and gag very easy I have yet to manage to take his cum shot in my mouth without gagging and spitting some up though I can tell I’ve made progress. As I suspected it doesn’t appear my wife or Mike have any real interest in allowing me my long awaited deeply desired orgasmic gratification and my hope fades as is hear them create goals for me that seem unobtainable.I Learn to Suck CockSeven months of practice has really helped, and a full 22 months of complete denial has motivated me. Between sucking Mike’s cock and practicing on a real life like 8 and 1/2 inch dildo, I can say with absolute certainty that I am a much better cocksucker. I have overcome most of my gagging reflex issues and have also been able to swallow without spilling one drop of Mikes precious cum almost all the time, I rarely allow just a bit to dribble out the corners of my mouth when he dumps a particularly large load into my mouth and my record for giving Mike “the full service” as my wife likes to call it is down to 23 minutes, half of the time from when I started. I still remain rock hard while servicing him or eating my wife’s creampie but I can’t believe I could ever cum without some minimal stimulation at least. My hope is when I achieve the magic 15 minute blowjob benchmark they set for me I will be given some sort of relief and from the vague comments I hear this could be the case, and I am no doubt very hopeful that is their plan.

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