Mar 14


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HOW I BECAME a hollywood HOMO AND ADDICTED TO BEINPART 2, ok so I’m still extremely high and I’m on the corner of samo blvd and st andrews and we are now attracting multiple cars driving past and staring and i have no idea what I’m doing i was just so nervous being dressed like a CHEAP WHITE SISSY AND my top ts momma has basically made me understand that we are gonna stay here with about 6-7 other tgirls that are older and all are mexican and black,, they were yelling at me and saying that because I’m young and white I’m basically gonna be picked up any second,, i ws nervous to leave my top ts mommy erika and she promised that she won’t leave my side all night,, it was 515 am and have been coached and instructed by the other street walkers to get ready white ass sells the fastest , lol i was barely able to stand and thats when erica said that there is a jeep that keeps circling and for me to take off my panties and just lift my skirt , i am usually average size dick 5.5, but the whole night i was just ashamed and my cock wouldn’t even get hard i am now pretty much naked with my bubblebutt being spread by erikas tranny friend Chloe,(chloe was erikas top ts friend who was obsessed with me the second she saw me on the street she was a tranny street walker and double my age ) when a mini van stopped to talk to us the 2 black guys in the van said that they have a room down the street and some molly and t they wanna share with me , erika quickly said to fuck they have to pay her 50$ each and she has to cum with they quickly left with me and erika and chloe kissed me goodbye and said she is gonna visit me when she goes home in a hour,, tonight was dead and all the traffic looking düzce rus escort for tranny hookers were only looking to fuck me:) i was the new girl and every1 smelled my weakness and wanted to try my ass n mouth , erika and i were making out in front of the 2 black thugs, they were older and immediately the passenger handed erika a 100$ bill and asked if i was her bitch and she quickly responded ,’ this 18yr old bitch boy is prime asspussy , i turned him out and made him shave and dress up to be my property, i own him now and that i will do anything they want,, the thug diving pulled out his cock and ericka started sucking him and the guy in the back flipped me on my tummy and started to lick his fingers and my asspussy and said Your gonna be mine today and always remember how i paid your pimp erika to do whatever i want to you white bitch, i was rolling and on so much t i just moaned as he played with my hole, next i heard him opening up a baggie and then i felt a feeling i have never felt before,, he was shoving something inn my ass,, then he sprayed a bottle up me and i felt an amazing rush , erika was giving the driver road head and she said to me ,’ baby, you just got a huge crystal shard shoved up my ass and to try and realize that this is my new life. we get to there sleepy motel called the snooty inn and its hotel you pay by the hour. ericka told me that they gave me 100$ and i would let them do anything they want and if i struggled or said no i would have to go back out there and make her at least 75$ more i was so high my eyes were like marbles under my cheap makeup and i wasn’t gonna be a bad sissy for her, she gently grabbed düzce rus escort bayan my head and said YOU MAKE MOMMY SO PROUD, YOUR DOING GREAT AND WHEN THEY COME BACK TO BRING US TO THE ROOM , I MUST SHOW HER HOW BAD I WANNA BE HER BITCH BOY and how if i play my cards right i might get to be fucked by all of us, they guys come back and we were off to our room, its 6am and I’m walking up the stairs to this motel that we have 5 hrs there to play , we walked inn and the guy who shoved crystal in my ass was playing music and getting out his pipe and torch and unloaded a huge bag of T, they were asking erika all about me and how long i have been working the corner and she responded today was day 1 and as a special treat for them i would let all of them use me at once, I’m naked in my pnk top and fishnets now getting touched my the 2 guys as erika just smoked and was calling me names and telling them that she owns me and can’t fuck me bareback, I’m hers and unless they pay her 300$ condoms only, the guys said that if i suck them after and swallow all of it they would tip erika 70$ extra,, I’m looking around this room with mirrors everywhere and porn on the tv clueless to what i was inn for, i then got my wig pulled off by the driver and rubbing my bad head said you ready for 4.5 hours of being our property!!!? i responded and said this is gonna be my first bbc and thankfully for me they were not as thick or big as erika,, so i was confident that i can do this ,, right away after that erika was coaching me the whole time, telling me to cawl over to the bed were they both were and hit this one more time,, without hesitation i took a rus escort düzce huge hit she fed me and played down between the guys erika was stroking her monster dick now watching the clients fondle and grab my ass, spanking me and laughing at my little useless cock , began being throat fucked to the point were i couldn’t breathe, i was sweating and loved the taste of the thick bbc and every1 was so hard but me , they kept laughing and smoking saying i can’t believe how my ass looked just like a white girls ass and my pink hole will always belong to bid dicks , i was taking turns sucking all 3 of them and smoking and then as i was being fed a hit on my belly by the guy i was blowing , erika instructed his friend to put this lube inn me and he pulled out a gold condom and began roughly pounding me, i was in heaven, i was being double-timed by random black guys who got me more high and own me till they cum. erika was making one of them suck her as i was being used she was spanking me and after only 1 hour there i was tag teamed for the first time and took a cumshaw from both the guys, erika showered me there and saitole there stash and we are gonna leave asap, i said to her i will do anything you want and i love my new life, we both lied and said i have to make a call and left with 170 plus 100$ in t she stole when they were both in the shower with me , she and i walked 2 blocks and its bright out and we look like complete hookers. we finally got to her place and right away she undressed me, dressed me in a pair of red panties and a pink pair of stocking and my slut collar and turned on porn , and began smoking more and asked if i had fun, she blew a hit I’n my mouth and said how proud she was and i can sleep in the bed with her when we crash, its gonna be a long day today, she had been taking pics of me with her and those guys and she has been posting criaglist/backpage adds for me and my first client is gonna be here in 4 hours and i happily said i will make her proud… part 3 coming soon

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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