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How I Cheated My Loser Husband

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How I Cheated My Loser HusbanddeleteddeleteddeletedMy husband was a loser. He maintained a good appearance with a good body but to me, he was a loser. For 5 years I have been trying to cope up with him. He never paid attention to me. I am an okay-looking woman. For a 35-year-old, I maintain a fit body. I would get looks of lust from strangers all the time and this would turn me on. But I never had the courage to cheat.Our sex life was terrible. He fucks me for barely a minute and then he cums. The only resort for me was the site IndianSexStories. I would read stories about married people having affairs and would masturbate.This continued for a long time until I read a story that I really loved. I saw characters that I can relate to. When I saw the author’s email address, I couldn’t help but message him.We talked for a while and he seemed like a genuine guy. He was completely understanding of my situation and remained a good friend. After a few days of chatting, we finally decided to meet.When we met, I was surprised. The man who understood me was just 20 years old. He was handsome. But he was 15 years younger than me.We bought coffee and began to talk. I sensed a maturity in him, a maturity that I craved. After a normal small talk, he immediately turned the topic to my marriage. He easily broke my defenses and made me confide in him. When I told him about my sexual life, he put his hand on my hand and said, “Don’t worry. I am here for you.”Immediately, I withdrew my hand and told him that I don’t want to cheat on my husband. To that he said –“Anjali, I don’t want to make you do anything that you want to do. I just thought you wanted to save your marriage by being with someone.”“What? How can I save my marriage by cheating? When I married my husband, I made a promise to him – that I will be faithful. I must keep that.”“Anjali, people cheat to save relationships. Tell me, when you made that promise to your husband, didn’t he promise you to love you and satisfy your every need? Has he kept that promise? Anjali, you are a vivacious woman. You have needs. When your husband can’t fulfill them, there is nothing wrong with satisfying them with someone else. Still, it’s your life. You should make the choice.”After saying this, he stood up, hugged me and gave his phone number. He casino oyna told me to call him if I ever change my mind.That night, I decided to try it again with my husband. I put on a sexy robe and waited for him to come to the bed. When he finally did, he didn’t even mind me. This broke my heart. Still, I approached him in a sexy manner and seduced him. Just like always, he finished within seconds. But that night, I asked him to give an oral, to make me orgasm. To that, he said, “No.. Women’s orgasm isn’t important in making a baby.”I asked him, “Is that all what sex is for you? For making babies?”“No, of course not. Stop talking about such topics. You should not be addicted to sex like this.”I was stunned. After all these years, finally, I was fed up. I waited until my husband went to sleep and called Ajay.My heart was beating so fast and my hands were trembling. But all of that stopped the moment I heard his voice. We talked for a long time and finally decided to meet at his house.The next day, I went to his house in a red saree. He welcomed me with a smile and told me how beautiful I look. I finally entered his room and sat on his bed.“I am really nervous, Ajay…”“That’s okay, Anjali. It’s okay to be nervous. Let me calm you..” and he hugged me. The warmth of his body and his musky smell intoxicated me. Ajay slowly lifted my face up with his hand. He looked into my eyes and slowly parted a bit of my hair lying on my face.He said, “You are beautiful” and kissed me.I melted on to him. We kissed deeply like lovers. His hands slowly moved over my body and removed my pallu. I was in my blouse.Then slowly made me lay on his bed. He kissed my navel and I moaned with pleasure. He slowly removed the rest of my clothes. I lied naked on the bed. Until then, only my husband had seen me naked. So I was shy. I covered myself with my hand.“No need to hide in front of me, Anjali..” he said as he slowly parted my arms. He kissed my breasts and bit on my nipples playfully. It felt amazing.I just lay there watching him doing everything to me, moaning. He kissed down through my navel and reached my pussy. Then he did something amazing. He started licking my pussy. I know it sounds normal but my husband never did that to me. I loved his tongue moving on my clit. He slowly licked slot oyna my pussy, then put his tongue in. I felt it slither inside me like a snake and also felt a rise of pleasure in me.Instinctively, I grabbed his hair and pushed it onto my cunt. He increased the pace of his licking and finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I exploded. I literally exploded onto his face.“Wow, I didn’t know you were a squirter, Anjali..”“Me neither,” I said shyly.He then unzipped his pants and took out his dick. It was a bit smaller than my husbands. Ajay leaned into me, kissed me, pulled me up and made me stand. He got naked and lay on the bed. He actioned me to suck his dick.“I have never sucked it before..”“That’s okay, baby. Just go with your instincts.”I slowly put it in my mouth and started to suck it like a lollipop. It tasted good and I liked it very much. I started sucking faster, licking his penis head and slobbering all over his cock. He was moaning.I licked down his penis, moving my tongue through his shaft. Then I slowly lifted his penis with my hand and licked his balls. He liked that very much and started moaning. I sucked on his balls and cock for a few minutes and suddenly he came. He just sprayed onto my face.“Oh my god. I am so sorry, Anjali” he said laughing.“That’s all right,” I said as I wiped off the semen from my face. “But I was expecting for a fuck.”“We will get to fucking, Anju.”“What? I thought guys were done after an orgasm?” I exclaimed.“Haha nope.. Well, I am not. I will be ready for round 2 within a few minutes. Till then, let’s do you again” And he pushed me onto the bed and kissed me vigorously. He kept his hand slowly on my pussy and put a finger in.He slowly started fingering me as we kissed. Soon I couldn’t kiss anymore as I was moaning loudly. His pace started to increase. He then stood up and started using both hands for the job. With his right hand, he fingered me and with his left hand, he rubbed my clit. I had just orgasmed but I felt it build up in me again. Unknowingly, I bit my lip and squeezed the bedsheets.I started moaning loudly and uncontrollably.“Are you gonna cum soon?”“Yeah” I screamed.“Good,” he said and suddenly stopped as I was on the verge of heaven.“What? Why…why did you stop?” I was puzzled.“Well, you are not gonna finish canlı casino siteleri without me, are you, baby?” he said pointing to his hard dick.He then crawled on top of me and put his cock in. I felt it penetrating me. I felt his balls slap on my pussy and his nipples pressed against mine. His body moved on top of mine. Our sweaty bodies were intertwined like snakes. I scratched his back with my nails. He started fucking me more vigorously. The bed was squeaking loudly. I also started moving my ass according to his pace. I was on the verge of an orgasm again.“Ajay, I am gonna cum.”“Okay” and he stopped.“What the fuck, Ajay” I said in a weak complaining voice. “Stop teasing me.”He laughed at that. “Trust me. When you do cum, it will be amazing” and he made stand on my knees.He stood behind me and thrust his cock in. He started fucking me slowly at first. Then his speed and force increased. I started moaning and Ajay was grunting. He grabbed my ass and started fucking faster. After a few thrusts, I lost my grip and fell face onto the bed. Ajay stopped and stood up to see I was okay.“Are you okay?”(Now people, to me there is nothing sexier than a man caring about my well being even when he was in a sex-crazed mood like that. He could have kept fucking me, but he stopped for me. I loved that. That needed to be appreciated).I suddenly jolted up and took my man by surprise. Then I pushed him onto the bed and climbed on top. I sat on his cock and started bouncing up and down.Having control was fun. I started jumping up and down according to my own pace. Ajay put his hand on my jiggling breasts. Both of us were moaning uncontrollably. My ass kept slapping on his thighs and I felt my juices flowing through my thighs. I was close to an orgasm.“Ajay..” I moaned. He understood and immediately grabbed my waist and rolled me over and he got on top. He started fucking me fast.Ajay was grunting and screaming, going more faster with the second. I was screaming with pleasure.“Aah…jjj…aa..yyy..” I moaned my lover’s name.“Yesss ..” he screamed.” I am gonna cum, Anjali.”“Cum inside me” I screamed and I wrapped my leg around him.I orgasmed first and then him. I felt my own pussy tightening around his cock and his cock exploding. Soon I felt his semen inside me. I kept my legs wrapped around him and he was still on top of me.I felt as if our sweaty bodies had become one. We were exhausted and were breathing heavily. “Never leave me, Ajay..” I said in a weak voice.“Never Anjali.. Never” he said as he put his arms around me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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