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How I met her

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How I met herOn my 35th birthday I was going to a buddies wedding at niagara falls. While there we had a few things scheduled. I was part of the wedding party we went to a club had a VIP section, hookah set up and bottles at our table. I met a beautiful female who was not skinny but chubby and voluptuous as she approached me with a drink saying “you are very handsome man, enjoy” “Thank you, how do I know you didn’t slip a mickey in my drink and want to take me to your room” I laughed as I said that. “Well… when you get to know me youll know I dont need to slip you a mickey” she smile as she said that and slipped me a napkin as she walked away. I placed the napkin in my pocket. My buddies were teasing me saying old guy still got it. It was the day of my birthday and a small bachelor party, I had so much to drink my buddies kept it coming. We had a suite and the guys had strippers come by among these strippers there was a midget stripper. We had a blast and they were fun. A few of the guys had a little more fun. I was hot and the water in the room wasnt in the fridge I looked for a key card and headed to the hallway and searched for an ice machine and finally found one. I hear a female voice “are you gonna leave some ice for the rest of us” as she chuckles. I turn around and see her in a white tank top visually seeing the silhouette of her areoles thru her shirt and some really short shorts. She looked absolutely sexy to me. “Its you” I said “Nice boxers” she said, I looked down and forgot I didnt have pants. “I was hot, why are you out so late”I asked.”You mean so early” she replied.”I guess, I have a wicked headache” I shared”I have something for that” she shared as she got on her knees pulled my cock out of my boxers and sucked my balls dry, I thought someone would come out their room and catch her sucking my dick, but they didnt. “Wow, whats your name” I asked”Ill tell you after we’ve fucked, your room or mine?” She asked.”I have privacy in a room” I shared”Thats cute, your one of those” she replied”Im not, just thought maybe you wanted privacy” I replied”Show me the way” she replied. We walked into the room and passed the kitchenette and headed into the the bed room. She undressed herself completely exposing her sexy bbw body and her amazing 38 double ds with large nipples and her completely waxed pussy. I undressed also and she wanted to lie down. She climbed on the bed placed her pussy right before my face all the while I felt her breath on my cock. She grabbed it with her soft hands and placed my cocked gentle in her warm wet mouth. I gently licked from her vulva to her opening and licked on the surface again and licked again until I sucked her pussy lips in my mouth, I then tongue fucked her pussy while she applied more pressure toward my face.”Oh my”she said as she moaned and came in my mouth. She turned around finally kissed me tasting her sweet pussy on my tongue. She hopped on top I grabbed her breasts and rubbed them, I slightly moved up and sucked on one boobs as she aligned my swollen head in her moist opening. She tried applying pressure for penetrations, she was wet but really tight. I held on to her hips and lifted my ass toward her and felt my cock squeeze into her pussy and she lightly squealed and stopped me “Dont move” she reauested”Are you ok” I asked”I feel karşıyaka escort like your ripping me” she replied”Youre huge, we have to take our time I want all of you inside me” she shared. “Lie down”I suggested. She hopped off my cock, I soread her legs and ate her pussy, I can taste where I mustve ripped her a little bit. I’m supper hard I help my cock with my right hand he left leg on my shoulder and I gradually inserted the tip of my cock inside her and I pulled out and re inserted and pulled out but stayed a little bit in and reinserted a little but more and pulled out completely tapped my cock on her lips and slipped in again and pushed all the way in and she gasped and moaned so loud almost in pain.” are you ok” I asked”Yes, can I ride you” she asked, she hopped on fast and I slipped inside of he and she rode my hard cock. She smothered my face with her boobs and she was grinding my lap and I released inside her without telling her and she collapsed on top of me she came also. We remained silent in the same position while breathing heavily for a few minutes. Then she laid beside me on my chest.”Sydney”She whispered “Finally” I replied and laughed. “Stop it, whats your name” she asked.”Sam” I replied”What are you doing in Canada” she asked”I am in a wedding on Sunday” I shared”Is it yours” she aksed”Oh god… No Im the best man. What are you doing here” I asked”Spring break trip” she replied”When do you go back” I asked” I am here for a few more day” she replied”What are you doing tomorrow” I asked”Sam, are you asking me to be your date” she mocked”Well if youve got better things to do then… nevermind” I replied”Handsome date, free food, dancing and sex, i am in” she replied laughing”Its a date, I can pick you up” I said”I’ll meet you down stairs ” she said laughingI kissed her plump lips and climbed on her again I spread her legs open and spread her lips apart spit on my fingers and rubbed her pussy and guided my swollen head inside her. She felt better this time around and she initially squealed softly. I was fucking her fast and when I felt the urge to explode she stopped. “Slowly” she whispered.”I want to feel the vains of your cock as you pull out slowly and thrust back in deeply” she whispered again, I followed her instructions and she came hard And moaned louder I felt her pussy contracting on my cock and it felt like it was squeezing it which made me grunt harder as I was releasing myself inside her. We fell asleep into eachothers arms. I woke up took a shower left her on the bed sleeping with a note saying:Dearest Syd,Had an amazing night. Looking forward to many many more. You are delicious. I have a busy day but I will meet you in the lobby at 5pm. Call me if you need me ###~###~#### please, Help yourself to anything we have if you are hungry.See you tonight gorgeous-SammyShe woke up an hour later and found the letter beside her and read it. She jumped in the shower and put her shorts and white tank top. She heads to her room and her room mate was worried sick about her and she let her know she spent it with the guy at the club.”The middle aged guy?” Her roommate Betty asked.”Hes not that old girl” she replied”How was sex” Betty asked”It was amazing, his equipment is huge” she replied”Is he married”Betty asked”No” I replied”Are escort karşıyaka you seeing him again”betty asked”Yes, he invited me to a wedding which reminds me do you have a dress I can borrow” I asked”Oh no, but Im sure we can find something, does he know your age” betty replied”He never asked but I’ll stick to 21″ i shared”Youre prolly never seeing him again so it wont matter” Betty shared “I know youre right but hes sweet” I sharedBetty and Sydney went shopping and she found a pretty pink dress. The collar was a gold chain holding the dress up. The dress has a v style length on the front and back with a tube type dress underneath and open toes white sandals. Sydney waited in the lobby for a few minutes and Sam walked in and grabbed her.”You look gorgeous”i shared”Thank you, you clean up nicely” she replied while she was blushing”Thank you, cant wait to get you in my arms tonight. I replied”Im not wearing any underwear”she shared.”Youre such a tease”I replied while trying to calm my cock.We get into the limo and I introduce her to everyone and everyone seemed nice to her, all the spouse and guests of wedding party sat on the two wedding party table. We danced so much we took a few photos we had a really good time she had me excited all evening and her dress was perfect. We ended up in her room and she looked so beautiful, she unbuttoned my shirt, belt, pants and I pulled her dress off her head and she was not lying she had no Under clothes on. I kissed her neck and held her close and she hopped on my lap standing up wrapped Her long legs around me and I walked to the bed placed her on the bed and climbed softly on her beautiful body. “God your gorgeous” i said”Your only saying that cuz…” she started saying But I cut her off”Cuz I mean it” I said and kissed her and careessed her body. I made love to her slowly it was so delicious. We both fell asleep early and she woke me up super early by sucking my big cock”Sit on me”I asked, she climbed on my cock slipped in easy. It could be I filled her up with my cum the previous night. I didnt want it to end she absolutely felt amazing. “Will I see you again” she asked”Would that even be possible”I asked”Where do you live” she asked”New Jersey” I replied”We are a few hours away I live in Maryland” she shared”Perfect, then maybe we can meet 1/2 way or stay over eachothers on the weekend” i shared. “Do you have someone at home you fuck” she asked”Yes” i replied” But I was single” I replied”Oh, so will you stop fucking her” she asked”Syd what are you worried about?”I replied”I want to be the only women youre fucking” she claimed”Well we would have to be dating for a commitment like that” I replied”Would it be crazy to start right now” she asked”Long distance relationships dont really work”I added”Its a few hours not 8, do you not want to” she asked”I like you! boy, do I like you”I replied”Then lets do this Sam be my boyfriend”she askedAs I laughed I said “I havent been with anyone in 4 years Syd, I dont sleep around. If you want to try dating then Im all for it.”Yes”she said excitedly and kissed me. we exchanged addresses and phone numbers. She took me to the airport and cried when we said our good byes. The flight home was swift and I took a taxi home. I put my clothes in the laundry and went to take a shower, karşıyaka escort bayan I placed my hand on my cock and her essence is still on me and it made me hard again. I jerked off in the shower came out the shower and started cooking some breakfast for myself. I sat and watched some television and doze off. The doorbell rang and it woke me. i got up to open the door and tgere she was before me. “Hello” she said in her sweet voice.”Come in”I said”I have an extra week and would much rather spend it with you, hope this was ok”she replied a bit nervous.”I thought you was my girl, of course its alright” I replied. When she wrapped her arms around me we kissed and I dropped the towel and had sex on my couch. I gave her a tour of my house. She made herself comfortable. This week flew by, while I worked she cooked for me and we enjoyed the pool together, I took her sight seeing in Jersey and the board walks, we had a great time. i insisted driving her home and she agreed. It was 3 hours and not a bad drive. I pull up at her home and she said “this is my parents house did you want to come in””No, its ok. I want to drive back while theres daylight” I replied”No ones home” she replies”Its ok”I reply “thank you Sammy for bringing me” she replies I kiss her and hug her “its my pleassure” I sayI drive back home and we talk on the phone for a few. Before we know it its been a few months and she shares shes late on her period at first I was upset but I busted inside her without asking her if she was on a pill but after the first time she coulve stopped me. We are both grown adults. We make an appointment at a random walk in and it was confirmed she is pregnant bout 10 weeks. She and I talked about it and she said she wants to keep the baby but the right way. I have to want to want the baby too. I knew what she meant. I told her how I felt. This is supposed her last year of school and she confessed she lied. She isnt 21 nor a senior, shes 19 and a sophomore. At first I was like yikes but shes pregnant by me and I do love her. I told her I went to jail once and she said that was in the past.I asked her to marry me, move in with me and she said yes to marrying me and give her a bit to move in she is expected to live on campus. She wants to marry before baby comes they have 2 months of summer and she stayed with him she planned her wedding about 40 people with a justice at butterfly park. Her parents were mad at her and disassociated themselves with her. It was beautiful, she was beautiful maybe more beautiful because she had a life inside of her that was mine. The after party was at a hall and we went home for our hunny moon and we were still very sexually active. We planned to travel after the baby is born. She is now four months pregnant and school is starting. I drove her to her campus apartment and dropped her off. The next few months were tough I saw her only on weekends and on scheduled appointments. She wanted thanksgivings at my house just friends and our friends gave her a baby shower that day and we were able to start a nursery room. Christmas time she had two weeks off and I was happy to Have her be home. She was sexier than ever to me. We spend Christmas and new years together and the entire month of January because it was her due date and I didnt want to miss out. She made arrangements with her professors. We had our baby girl on the 26th. And it was an amazing experience. I was obsessed with Sydney and our daughter Samantha. We lived a normal healthy life and a very active sex life she is on the pill. She is still going to school she moved in full time. It was perfect.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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