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How It Began Ch. 02

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Note: While not necessary, the author suggests reading the original “How It Began” story prior to reading this part two. This following submittal chronicles Gene’s experiences after he has left the Summit County Home in Akron, Ohio and is living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

It was a balmy night in Fort Lauderdale with the temperatures in the comfortable seventies when Gene made one-mile walk from his aunt’s house to the center of the nearly deserted town. Pretty much all activity in that area of Fort Lauderdale ceased after sundown in 1952 with the exception of the shuffle boarders at Stranahan park located in the very center of the town and the two movie theaters situated on Las Olas boulevard. In those early fifties years the town hadn’t been discovered by very many people and only existed as a far-flung suburb of sorts of the distant city of Miami together with the other small towns that populated the Atlantic coast above Miami. The populace of Fort Lauderdale consisted of possibly no more than twenty-five thousand souls most of the year, swelling to forty thousand with the influx of the “snowbirds” during the Northern winters, so it wasn’t unusual to not find many of the usual residents of the town out and about after sundown. Not surprising, as many of the small, privately owned businesses were usually closed at night and there was little to attract residents to the downtown area.

Gene had arrived only two days earlier from Akron after his aunt and uncle had arrived at the Home and presented legal documents securing his release, claiming they had no knowledge until recently that he was ward of the State of Ohio following his parent’s death for over three years. Gene couldn’t really remember his aunt and uncle and it took the entire car ride South and countless questions and discussion before he began to feel comfortable with his rediscovered relatives. It wasn’t until the day after they had arrived at his new home when he finally he had discerned why the middle-aged couple had secured his release from the clutches of the State of Ohio. They owned a small restaurant on the Northeast edge of town and, with no children of their own, planned to use him as an unpaid employee. The knowledge didn’t bother Gene, as he was more than happy to say goodbye to the mundane existence he had known for three years. He was also happy to be reunited with relatives, despite their apparent ulterior motives. Gene did regret leaving his friend and sex partner Richie behind although he had begun to feel that Richie was only using him as well.

Gene sauntered into the shuffle board area of the park and was surprised to find a couple of the courts occupied by elderly aficionados of the sport, silently sliding the puck back and forth, quietly rejoicing when they achieved a high score on the triangular pattern etched in the smooth concrete surface of the court. More out of boredom than curiosity, Gene sat on one of the wooden benches beside the court where the elderly couples were playing and watched with amusement at the gyrations of each of the players as they used the long poles to slide the puck to the opposite end of the court, often twisting themselves in awkward positions as they worked to magically force the wooden puck into the highest scoring location on the distant triangle.

After watching the two couples play for about a half-hour Gene was surprised when a man he guessed was about middle-aged entered the court area and, after silently observing the game in progress for a couple of minutes, walked over to the bench where Gene was sitting and took a seat on the other end, smiling with recognition of Gene’s presence before turning his attention back to the game. The man sat silently for most of the match, only making casual remarks such as “Good move,” or “Oops” in accordance with the play as though he was an active part of the competition.

As the couples finished the game and began gathering their belongings, the stranger turned to Gene and inquired, “You play shuffleboard, young man?”

Gene was somewhat startled by the sound of the man’s voice in the quietness of the park and it took him a moment to recover and stumble, “Wh-what?”

“I said, do you play shuffleboard?” the stranger repeated.

“Oh! Sorry, I didn’t understand,” Gene answered with embarrassment, unused to talking with an older man. “I-I never have played it. I was just curious, that’s all.”

“That’s okay. I didn’t mean to startle you. Guess you were deep in thought. Young man like you were probably thinking of some girl friend instead of watching old people play a game like shuffleboard.”

Gene looked the man over briefly, curious as to why someone his age would be interested in talking to someone like him, who looked a lot younger than his eighteen years. He cleared his throat and decided to answer what he took as a question, mindful of his upbringing, which taught him to be respectful of adults. “No, sir. No, I wasn’t thinking of some girl. Just izmir escort bored was all.”

The stranger slid closer down the polished bench and smiled as he held out his hand, “Well, my name is Ray and I just wanted to say it’s nice to meet you.”

Gene caught a whiff of the man’s cologne, a spicy scent that Gene found to be almost intoxicating and his eyes locked onto Ray’s eyes and was immediately spellbound as he stretched his hand out to shake hands. “I’m, I’m Gene,” he managed to murmur, immediately embarrassed at the high, girl-like tone of his voice.

Ray held onto Gene’s hand longer than Gene felt was necessary, but the younger man didn’t attempt to withdraw it, the man’s firm, but warm, grip soft and yet dominating. “Well, good to meet you, Gene. I have to say you are a very nice looking young man. I’m surprised you’re not with someone.”

“Th-thank you, sir. I mean, Ray. I haven’t been here in Florida very long–just a couple of days–and I haven’t met any friends.”

“Oh? Where you move from, Gene?” Ray asked, still holding Gene’s smaller hand.

“Uh, uh Ohio, sir. Came here with my aunt.”

Ray finally released Gene’s hand, but moved even closer as both of them noticed the elderly couples leave the shuffleboard area. “Ohio, huh? What part?”

“Akron,” Gene answered, nervously excited by Ray’s close proximity. Excited, but not wary, quickly beginning to like the older man’s attention.

“Oh, Akron. Been there, but didn’t like the winters around there. Too cold. Like it here much better.” Ray studied Gene’s face for a moment, admiring the youthful complexion; the full lips and the girl-like blue eyes. His hand rested on Gene’s knee almost casually as he asked, “You like it better here, Gene?”

The warmth of the man’s hand on his knee caused a stirring in Gene’s groin as he stuttered, “I-I th-think so. It’s, it’s nice.”

Ray moved his hand up and down a few inches, carefully studying Gene’s face for a reaction, and then asked, “Well, do you have a girlfriend up in Ohio, Gene? Or, or do you like girls?”

Gene blushed, “No, no, I don’t have a girlfriend. Never have. They’re okay, I guess.” He was becoming breathlessly aware of the hand caressing his knee, but did nothing to discourage the friendly stranger.

“Hmm,” Ray observed, silently arriving at a conclusion to Gene’s answer to his question before throatily questioning further, “You, you like men, then?”

Gene forced himself to look away from the stranger, painfully aware of his increased heartbeat, knowing he had to truthfully answer the telling question. “Y-yes. Yes, sir. I-I like men.”

At Gene’s confession, Ray became even bolder, his hand rapidly sliding up Gene’s leg, his fingers forming a cup to warmly capture the youth’s crotch. “Mmm, good, Gene. Good. I’m glad you do. You’re so pretty. I hope you like me.”

The hand on his crotch felt so warm, so exciting, and Gene felt his small cock begin to grow. He looked directly into Ray’s eyes and almost whispered, “I do. I like you, sir.”

Ray’s face broke into a wide grin as he used his hand to rub the younger man’s crotch. “I’m glad, Gene. Want to go to my place? It’s not far.”

“S-sure. Yes, sir. I’d love to.”

At his acquiescence, Ray rose from the bench, capturing Gene’s hand as he stood. “C-mon, then. My car is right over there,” Ray nodded towards the side street with his head as he guided Gene with a tight grip on his hand as though he was afraid he would lose possession of the youth, a conquest that had Ray almost beside himself with anticipation. He had immediately become entranced with the youthful, almost feminine appearance of the shy young man, unlike any he had met in an area known for youthful, good-looking young men. He quickly guided Gene through the concrete courts that were separated by rows of benches and shrubbery until they made it to the sidewalk of First Street and down the walk a few feet to his car. His new car, a Ford Crestline Victoria, sleek with racing styling that appealed to just about every man, a car that Ray knew would serve to attract sex bait–his main reason for selecting this model.

Ray unlocked the passenger door and went around the car to the driver’s side as he gestured, “Go ahead, Gene. Get in.”

Gene whistled his appreciation as he opened the door even as he looked over the sleek lines of the Ford. “Nice car,” he complimented as he settled into the softness of the leather passenger seat and pulled the door shut.

“Thanks,” Ray replied as he put the key in the ignition. “Just bought it last week. Thought about getting the convertible, but decided against owning a ragtop after being reminded about how much rain we get here.”

Ray pulled the car away from the curb and glanced over at Gene before boldly placing his hand on the young man’s thigh once again, silently pleased when his companion didn’t object. “So, you like men, Gene?”

With his alsancak escort eyes focused straight ahead, Gene softly, almost in a whisper, admitted, “Yes. Yes sir. I-I do.”

“Why is that, Gene? Girls turn you off?”

Gene had to analyze Ray’s question for a moment before confessing, “I, I don’t know about that. It’s just that…I’ve only known men. Never had much to do with girls.”

“Oh? I’m surprised,” Ray expressed with genuine amazement as his hand absent-mindedly stroked the firm thigh beneath his hand. “Figured a nice looking youngster like you would have girls falling all over you.”

Ray drove slowly, wanting to prolong the drive as long as possible while he completed his seduction. After a couple of silent blocks, he let his hand move from Gene’s thigh up to his left shoulder and softly caressed it while he leaned more towards his silent passenger, his hand ultimately moving behind the youth’s neck where he began to sensually massage the tense muscles. In a husky voice, Ray asked, “You like sex with men, Gene?”

Gene’s nervousness only permitted him to murmur, “Uh-huh.” His admission to a complete stranger made his mind and body react with a hunger, a longing, that he hadn’t felt since leaving Akron and he didn’t object as the hand behind his neck began to pull his head down toward Ray’s lap. It only took a slight pressure to bring his head to rest against the older man’s belly, his left cheek resting against the cold hardness of a belt buckle while his mouth was pressing the material pressed tightly over what appeared to be a very large erection. Completely by impulse, Gene moved his lips back and forth over what he perceived to be the head of the man’s cock and was delighted when the considerable muscle twitched beneath the cloth followed by the rumble of Ray’s approval as he reacted to the caress.

Ray’s right hand moved to Gene’s ass and squeezed in appreciation. “Mmmm, Gene. Damn! You do much of that and we’ll never make it to my apartment!” He worked his hand between the cheeks of Gene’s ass and massaged the deep crack formed by the bubble-like globes, then added, “And I want this ass. I want to feel it wrapped around my cock. You want that, boy? You want it?”

Gene nuzzled the cock beneath him in answer before whispering, “Anything, sir. I’ll do anything you want.”

“Mmm,” Ray groaned with delight and anticipation before questioning, “Anything? Anything I want, you say?”

“Y-yessir. Anything you tell me to do. I want to please you.”

“Wow! I’d love that, boy. I’ll make you my little sex slave.” Ray moved his hand from Gene’s ass and brought it up to caress his right ear, his fingers arcing downward to the soft lips now resting on his crotch. He worked his middle finger into Gene’s mouth, whispering hoarsely, “Suck it, boy, my little bitch.”

Obediently, Gene nursed on the finger in his mouth, the taste of stale cigarettes assaulting his senses as his tongue cleansed the digit of nicotine stains. Despite the distasteful flavor, Gene only felt an overwhelming desire to please this stranger, to belong to him, the need to serve kindling a longing inside that Gene had never felt before and he knew that no matter what this man asked or demanded of him, he would obey.

Gene was only faintly aware of the car coming to a stop and the sound of the motor stopping as Ray used his left hand to shut off the ignition so as to not interrupt the quiet nursing of his new-found sex object on his middle finger. The total subservience of the youth sprawled across the seat and sucking his finger was a new experience to Ray. He had had sex with countless men, some even younger than Gene, but he hadn’t ever had one who appeared so eager to please him, to submit to anything he desired. The mere prospects of having a youth so good looking and so eager to please had awakened a desire in Ray that had his entire body on fire and his cock aching with an erection never before experienced.

As if with regret, Ray pulled his finger out of Gene’s mouth with a plopping sound and announced, “We’re here, Gene. Let’s go inside.”

Gene grunted as he sat up, his mind foggy as if he had been asleep although he remembered with clarity every second of the ten minute ride. “We’re, we’re at your place?”

“Yep, this is it. Just an apartment, but it’s close to downtown,” Ray shrugged as he patted Gene’s thigh possessively. “And it’s private. No one to listen or see as we enjoy ourselves. C’mon, let’s go inside.”

Ray opened the driver’s door and Gene followed suit with the door on his side of the car, standing on the sidewalk in front of a two-story building. He only had a chance to observe a sign on the plate glass window of the bottom story that read “BARBER SHOP” before Ray took his arm and guided him around to the side of the building where he saw a flight of stairs that led to the upper floor. Ray motioned Gene ahead of him with a slight push on his lower buca escort back and they mounted the stairs in single file with Ray admiring the bubble-like globes of Gene’s ass as it moved with each upper step. When they reached the landing at the top of the stairs, Ray wrapped an arm around Gene’s waist and moved him to the side as he inserted his key into the lock and then pushed the door open to reveal a darkened room with only the light gleaming through a wide window softly illuminating the sparse surroundings.

Gene stood still just inside the door as Ray turned on a lamp situated by the door. He could see that the furnishings were a contradiction when compared to the cost of Ray’s new car. There was a sofa with worn covering that appeared to be sagging a little in the middle facing an easy chair with the same fabic, although a little more worn. Under the window at the front of the room was a full-size bed with wrought iron head and footboards, the covering twisted and wrinkled from the previous night’s sleep. On the backside of the room were a small table and a refrigerator, each framing a wooden door where Gene could see a bathtub beyond.

Gene’s observations were interrupted as Ray stepped in front of him and placed a hand on each side of Gene’s waist. They stood there silently for a moment as Ray searched Gene’s face and then pulled him closer so that their bodies touched. Unexpectedly for Gene, Ray bent his head and brought his lips to Gene’s, immediately opening his mouth slightly and stroking Gene’s lips with his tongue. Gene was a little startled by the kiss, as he hadn’t ever kissed a man before and only two girls years earlier. And those were just pecks! But this was a full-blown kiss, complete with saliva and tongue–more than Gene could have expected. But he found that he liked it and, without hesitation, he opened his mouth slightly to Ray’s persistently searching tongue. He could hear the older man’s breath quicken and felt the arms encircle his waist, pulling him even closer to where he could feel the protruding erection pressing against his lower stomach. As the kiss continue for several minutes, Gene found himself giving into the passion of the older man and he wrapped his arms around Ray’s neck as he let his own tongue join in battle with the experienced tongue invading his mouth. He felt strong hands cup his ass cheeks and squeeze even as they pulled his stomach hard against the huge throbbing, but clothed, cock of his new lover.

Gene couldn’t help but feel some disappointment when Ray finally broke the kiss and stepped back, his chest rising and falling with deep passion. “Whew!” Ray breathed. “That was hot!” He backed up to where he stood in front of the easy chair and suggested in a commanding tone as he sat down, “Strip for me, baby. Stand there and take off all of your clothes—slowly.”

As though he was mesmerized, Gene obediently began to remove his clothes. Not the hurried way he had when he was preparing for sex with his former master, but in a manner he hoped was pleasing to this new lover, this stranger. He began with his polo shirt, easing it up his chiseled stomach and over his broad shoulders and then finally tugging it over his curly and lengthy blonde hair that became tousled from the removal of the shirt. Not knowing where it was permissible to discard the shirt, Gene just let it drop to the floor and kicked the aging loafers off his feet, leaving him standing in his stockinet feet as he looked searchingly at the keenly observing stranger sitting across the room, the man’s eyes appearing to glow with satisfaction and lust, his mouth hanging slightly open as he stroked the front of his pants with one hand.

Not receiving any direction from Ray, Gene slowly unbuckled his belt and then unzipped his trousers. He stood like that for just seconds, again waiting for either encouragement or instructions without receiving either, before unbuttoning the top button and pushing the pants over his almost-girlish hips, releasing them to where they fell to the floor around his ankles. Looking expectantly at Ray before stepping out of the fallen garment with first one foot and then the other, Gene kicked the pants aside. He stood almost nude save for the pair of his “tidy-whities” briefs and looked questioningly at the man vigorously stroking his cock through his pants.

This time he received a response from Ray as the man motioned with his finger downward. “Off. Take ’em off,” came the impatient command.

Gene hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his briefs and pushed them down halfway, the elastic stretched across his flat belly, devoid of hair. Trying his best to strip sexually for his observer, Gene pushed the briefs a little further until the elastic was stretched across his pubic mound, lightly covered with curly hair matching the hair on his head. He felt good when he saw Ray grin with appreciation and began to push the briefs down a little further.

Ray cleared his parched throat, “Umm-humm,” and made a circling motion with his forefinger.

Gene quickly understood and made a one-eighty turn on the tips of his toes, knowing full well the effect that being on his toes would have on the cheeks of his ass as he looked back over his shoulder at the leering Ray, trying his best to exhibit a sexy look.

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