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How My Deviant Life Started

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How My Deviant Life StartedI was a few years shy of my 18th birthday Life was good, I had a part-time job, grades were ok and I just started dating a girl. I was still a virgin, and so was she(she kept telling me that my cock was too big and it hurt too much), but we were fooling around quite often and she sure as hell knew how to suck and loved the taste of my cum! Standard teen age life, Until one fateful night that changed my whole outlook on sex.So there I was, after work, late one night, I was home, and just showered, and as typical, my cock was rock hard. So I laid down on my bed and took matters into my own hand. Now, understand that this was late at night, so, being around midnight, I thought everyone in the house was asleep. Being it that I had no door on my room, and the bathroom door was right next to mine, I should of known better. But, I figured if anyone got up and walked down the hall, I would hear them(since we had wooden floors that creaked and groaned with every step!), I was naked, stroking my cock while leafing thru a Penthouse, my dick throbbing and sticking straight up, glistening with my spit, fondling my balls and edging toward a magnificent explosion. I needed to cum badly! That’s when I heard the creak of a floorboard. I moved to cover myself and glanced at my door, but, it was too late. My sister was peeking around the door jam and I knew she saw. I was mortified! She darted into the bathroom. I laid there, under the sheets, scared shitless and on top of that, I figured she was going to tell! DAMN IT!! I thought that I had better talk to her, I had some info on her that would get her into trouble more than me jerking off! After, what seemed like an hour, she finally came out of the bathroom, “Kelly, come in here!” I whispered. “Are you covered?” she asked. “Of course I am dammit!” She came around the corner and sat on my desk chair next to my bed. “I’m sorry” i said. “I didn’t think anyone was up”. She said “That’s ok, I was just surprised, I didn’t think you were home and when I woke up to pee, I thought I heard a noise and that’s when I looked in your room. I didn’t mean for you to stop, er, scare you”. “WHAT?” I stammered! She said “I didn’t mean to scare you”. “No, No, what you say before that?” I quipped. She says “I, well, I , I, umm, liked watching, It looks fun”.So much for being in trouble! LOL “Really?” I asked, my mind was totally blown now. She started to tell me how horny she was all the time, and that she has been spying on me for months and has watched me jerk off before. “NO WAY!!” I yelled. “Shhhhhhh, you’ll wake up Mom and Dad!!” I flopped back onto my bed, in complete embarrassment, thinking I could never look at my sister again. My heart was pounding so hard it was giving me a headache, my stomach was turning like a dryer on speed and to top it all off, my balls were screaming! I thought I was going to throw-up!. “Hey!” Kelly said. “Relax! I ain’t going to say anything……….IF….” What a relief! Wait! What? “What do you mean “IF”?? I said. She looked at my coyly….and with her best “Daddy’s Little Girl” voice said, “If you let me watch you do it!” I was floored. My head was spinning at a million miles an hour. I said “But, your my sister, and, and, you already have watched me, and, and, your my fucking sister!!” She tells me to relax, and that it’s ok. She sits back in the chair and pouts, folding her arms across her chest. That’s when I notice, for the first time, that all she is wearing is one of my old white tee shirts. Worn and almost in tatters, I can see her two huge nipples poking up under it. It is short, so short, I can also see that it barley covers her, well, it doesn’t. I can tell she isn’t wearing any panties, and I have a clear shot of her vagina. As I laid there talking to Kelly, şişli escort I was trying so hard not to stare at her crotch. As I did, my cock would throb harder and harder. I soon realized that, at some point, our conversation turned into a negotiation! Damn dick took over! LOL I soon realized that in exchange for her silence, every time that I jerked off, I would not stop when she would sneak up to my door to watch. This was so strange to me. Talking to my sister, which, ordinarily wasn’t any big deal, but now, which a raging hard-on and an overwhelming desire to blow a load all over, was foreign to me! I was liking it, liking it very much! With negotiations done, Kelly got up, she had a huge grin on her face, turned to walk out and stopped, “I have to pee again, so don’t start until you hear me flush!” she giggled and with that, bounced out of the room, lifting her shirt up over her ass as she passed thru my door.I threw my sheets back and rolled onto my back, cock was pointing up, throbbing and twitching, I spit into my hand and wrapped it around my swollen member. I was surprised at how hot it was. I gave it a good hard squeeze in an effort to quell the impending explosion. I heard the toilet flush and waited a few seconds before I started my strokes. Knowing she was watching was tremendously exciting. I started my hand up and down the shaft, squeezing the base hard so my cock would swell even more. I looked at the doorway and could see my sister looking in, fixated on my cock, glazed eyes wide open, mouth open in a heavy pant. I started to stroke faster, making my balls slap against me. I lifted my ass up a bit and spread my legs wide. Staring at Kelly, I could see she was rubbing her pussy feverishly. I could hear how wet she was. That was all it took, a huge rope of cum shot out the tip of my dick, it had to shoot a few feet in the air, I groaned and another stream of thick, white goo shot out. I heard a whimper, and saw the pleasure on Kelly’s face. She was cumming too. I shot out a few more times, all of it landing on my belly and chest. My cock still hard. Still throbbing. I hear Kelly breathing deeply. I take a deep breath and mutter “Holy shit!” I look up at the door and Kelly is standing there. I can see her thighs glistening with her juice, she is holding the tee shirt up under her tits, exposing everything to me. Her pussy is bare, smooth, but swollen and red. She walks up to my beside and whispers “Thanks”….I say “Yea, that was awesome!” She reaches down and fingers my cum on my belly. “It’s so warm and thick!” and proceeds to put her finger in her mouth. “Ummm….tastes salty….but it not bad!” and bends over and licks my belly and chest clean. “I can get used to THAT” she says. I said “Me too!” and with a smile, she turned…lifted her tee shirt and slowly walked out of my room, “Maybe next time you could shoot all over this.” I looked at my half hard cock and said “Boy, were going to have fun!”For the next couple of days, I walked around with a perpetual hard-on. Even tho I was jerking off every night, sometimes twice a night, (Kelly was watching every time too). My cock was rock hard almost every minute of the day. She never entered my room tho. Always from the hall….when I would cum, only then would she come in and clean me. We wouldn’t talk about it, every now and then I would make it clear I was going to shower and go to bed, as sort of a signal to her that I was going to jerk off. Then summer came, School was out and Kelly went to a camp for a few weeks. I missed her. Jerking off was not the same. I found it boring. Almost mechanical. So I stopped. Thinking that I would just save it up for when Kelly got home. A few days later, Kelly’s best friend, Rose stopped by. Rose was a pain in the ass. I didn’t mecidiyeköy escort care for her. She was a plain Jane, skinny little girl with big glasses. She was the same age as Kelly, 2 years younger then me, so it was surprising how under developed she was. Not like Kelly. She blossomed quite well. Nice round perky breasts, supple ass with all the curves to compliment it well. Rose wasn’t. Flat chested, no ass, she looked 5 or 6 years younger then she actually was. After the usual pleasantries, I was once again shocked and embarrassed beyond boundaries. After a little pause in conversation, Rose turned to me and said “Kelly told me whats been going on with you” I tried to play it off, saying nothing was going on and that she maybe misunderstood what Kelly said to her. She said “Uh HUH…she told me your jerk your cock off in front of her.” Oh God! I couldn’t believe it! Rose said to calm down, she thought it was cool that we were close enough to do something like that. Not looking at her, I couldn’t, I asked her what she wanted. Why would she tell me? I knew it was for a reason. After a long pause, Rose said “I want to watch too.” Well, at least she didn’t want money. LOL Thinking it could never happen, since we lived in different houses and all, I explained to her that I would be willing, if and when such an opportunity should arise. Confidant that I played it off, She then explained how it will happen, no one was home at her house for the day, (parents working and her brothers and sisters were out at the community pool for the day, that where she was when she snuck out to come see me!) so we would go there. I looked at her with that “REALLY!!” look, and she says “Or I could say something to my friends about what you do……” DAMN!! Stuck in a tight spot. She got up and walked off the porch, turning her head..”COME ON!” and walked thru the yard. Living right behind us, I was in her bedroom in less then 3 minutes….by the time I got there tho, Rose was lying naked on her bed, WOW, that was fast. My cock got hard almost instantaneously. Bulging beneath my shorts, stretching them to bursting point. “Whoa! Kelly was right, you do have a big cock!” I asked in a mocking voice how many see has seen, “Well, I do have three brothers, I have seen theirs, and yours is much bigger, but Billy’s is thicker”. “OK…moving along” I said, “Where do I sit?” looking around the room, not seeing any chairs, Rose says to me, “Lay down on my bed next to me.” The look on my face must of said it all, because Rose moved over and patted the bed next to her “Right here, I want you next to me!” I pulled my shirt off, and bent over to slip my shorts off and when I stood back up, my cock was at full mast, Rose whimpered “It’s beautiful!” and reached out and grabbed it, pulling it and me towards her. I laid down next to her, and she twisted onto her side, spreading her legs wide, her hand started to rub her clit. “Do you like me?” I looked at every square inch of her, her boobs were small with tiny but hard pink nipples, barely there, but there, flat, tight, toned, stomach, almost a six pack going, thin hips, but she had a gorgeous pussy, little patch of brown hair that swept down to a slit that was moist, and for her being “under-developed” very full and pouty pussy lips, and although thin, her legs were long and well proportioned for the rest of her…..looking at her like this, I was surprised how attractive she was. This just made my cock grow harder, and I grabbed it. Stroking it slow, with a loose hand, “Yes” I said, you are hot!” Rose was staring at my cock intently, her hand rubbing her clit hard. I dropped a leg off the side of the bed and grabbed my balls to give them a squeeze. I was hot, Rose was moaning and groaning, rubbing her esenyurt escort hard nipples against me, bucking her hips, riding her hand…when she suddenly got up, turned around and placed her mouth on the tip of my cock, I let my hand go and she proceeded to slide down my head, then my shaft, taking half on my cock into her mouth, I felt her take a deep breath, watched her squint her eyes, then she shoved her head farther down my shaft till it was almost completely in her throat! Gagging, she retracted back up and off me, “Oh my God! I did it!” she screamed. “I didn’t think I would be able too….but I did!” I was like, “Uhh, yea….that was fucking awwesome!” A glint came to her eye, she turned her head and said while see stared at my dick “Fuck my mouth baby!” She opened wide and basically slammed her head onto my cock….shoving it down her throat….gagging…she bobbed her head on it fast and without abandon. “Oh my fucking god!” I exclaimed. I could feel the cum boil up in my balls. Rose was sucking and slurping, saliva pouring out of her mouth and nose, covering my cock and balls with this thick super slippery film…..the wetter it got, the deeper she would hold me in her throat. At the point where my balls would bury her nose, i would thrust into her face….she gagged hard and released me, grabbing it with her hand she straddled me, looking into my eyes she yelled “Fuck me!” an impaled herself onto my dick. Right down to the base…her pussy was so tight and hot. She squealed and bucked. Rolling her hips back and forth, she grabbed my chest and murmured “I’m cummin….I cummin….oh my god I’m cummin!!” I could feel her cunt pulsating and that drove me over the edge, I said I was going to blow and she hopped off “NOOooo….not in me!” and placed her mouth over my cock, stroking it with her hand, licking and spitting on the tip, I blew a huge steram of goo right into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat,,,gagged, she wretched back wards, but kept her face in the line of fire, I continued to erupt streams of cum onto her face. Rose squealed with delight, exclaiming “Oh yea baby….shoot your cum….shoot it all over my face!”, stroking every last drop of goo out of me, she once again placed her mouth over my head and sucked hard,,,,sucking every drop of semen out of my balls.I was spent…..it only lasted fifteen or twenty minutes, but I felt like I ran a marathon. We both were covered in sweat. “Holy fuck, that was better then I dreamed, and I been dreaming about this for months!” Rose bent down and kissed me….shoving her tounge deep into my mouth….at first I gagged….Jesus, I was tasting my own cum! But she started to stroke my cock again….it was so sensitive and I jerked….”Ooohh….a little touchy now? Good….I did my job then!” She said with a laugh. “Yea….yea you did! I breathed. “VERY good!” I reiterated. Rose looked at me with a quizzical look and asked “Would you come back? Please?” I said something along the lines of thinking I could at some point when she got on all fours in doggy style and said “Good, I want you to fuck this next.” and she spread her asscheeks wide to show me her pink, tight asshole. “I’m dyin to try that too!” “Really?” I asked “You WANT to get butt fucked?” “Oh yea! In the worse way! I wanted you to buttfuck me today, but I think we got too carried away this time. Next time, you will put that thing deep in my ass!” Rose got out of bed, saying she needed to shower, and that she would see me very soon. I got dressed and went home, into the shower, thinking about what just happened, when I heard a commotion from downstairs. Getting dressed, I walked down the steps to see my sister returning from camp! She ran up to me, wrapped her arms around me yelling “I missed you soooo much!! Mom and Dad looked at each other for a moment, shrugged their shoulders and walked into the kitchen. “Maybe camp did her some good?” my Dad said. Mom replied “Maybe.” Kelly winked at me. I looked down at my crotch and thought, Oh yea, were gunna have fun boyNext up……It Gets Wilder!!

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