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How my wife and I began Swinging

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How my wife and I began SwingingMy wife and I have always been a pretty average couple. She is so sexy it is unbelievable. She is 5’1” tall with natural red hair, and has 36 c breast. We are both in our early thirties, and have been together for almost sixteen years, and have always been just your normal country couple. We both are successful in our careers and are very proud of how far we have come so far in life. Together we have two beautiful c***dren that are healthy and are just wonderful k**s. However, when the k**s got old enough and to the point where they did not want to spend time with us it has left more time for us to explore our sexual fantasies. Even though our sex life is good we both have always enjoyed talking about our fantasies and how much these fantasies would spice up our sex life even more.My wife has always known that I loved to talk dirty and take pictures of her naked. She also knew that I have always enjoyed hearing her talk dirty to me during sexy, and sometimes during sex she would ask me how I would like to watch her get fucked by another man. She would even on occasion, talk to me telling me what she would do to another man, while I watched, and then go into details about how she would allow the man to fuck her while I was watching. She knew this always got me very hard and horny and would always bring a big load of cum from my cock. As we continued talking about each other’s fantasies and our fantasies would spice up our sex life, we also began to act out more of these fantasies in person.Our first experience with a fantasy we both had was while we were at my buddy’s house one summer evening. You see my wife and I used to go to my buddy’s house and visit with him and his wife, and while over there him and I would always go down to his basement and drink a few beers while working on different small wood projects. However, one night in particular my wife was looking fine as hell, and while we were drinking he was telling me that him and his wife had not had sex in a while. He then began asking me about the sexy life with my wife and how she was in bed. I immediately told him that my wife stayed horny and was ready to fuck at any time. Shortly after this conversation I heard my wife coming down the stairs to check on us. When she got down stairs she immediately got my cock hard by looking at her sexy ass, and when she walked over to me I began to rub her breast, ass, and pussy. We began to kiss and I could tell that she was getting horny as I was telling my friend that she likes to fuck. I then took her clothes of and laid her down on his table saw and began to fuck her while he watched. This was a quick fuck because my friend’s wife was up stairs and we were afraid she would come down to the basement. However, even though it was a quick fuck, later that night after we got home we began to talk about how hot it was to be watched having sex. Then we discussed how hot it would be to actually have a threesome with both another male and female.A few years later we had a few more fun times that would continue to lead us toward the world of swinging. These good times began when another friend named Shannon began stopping by our home a few times a week to play madden on Xbox 360. Every time Shannon would stop by I would always rub on my wife’s tits and ass through and under her clothes, while playing Madden. I would always call this my good luck charm and would rub her before I scored a touchdown. After beating him a few times he finally began telling my wife that she was going to have to do something to distract me when I started to win. Then to help Shannon win my wife began artemisbet yeni giriş to get in front of me topless, and even began to rub on my cock through my clothes, which always go me tore up, and took away my concentration. However, even though the rubbing and looking was good and fun I still continued to beat Shannon at Madden.Then a few days later Shannon stopped by again, and again we began playing madden and once he began losing he told my wife she was going to have to do something. Again my wife pulled her shirt and bra off as a distraction. However, she really surprised me when she walked over to me and got on her knees and reached into my shorts and pulled my cock out. This was a complete surprise as she began to jack my cock and then placed her mouth on my cock and began to push my cock in her mouth with her hand. She would slowly lick down the sides of my cock until she got to my balls where she began to suck on my balls. It felt so good and completely took away all of my concentration. I then just laid back and began to watch her suck my cock as Shannon watched. This went on a few times, and again before we knew it we were fucking in front of Shannon. We both loved this and enjoyed pleasing each other while being watched. However, after a few weeks of doing this we both knew that we wanted to go further.So the next time Shannon stopped by the house instead of playing the game the three of us decided to watch a porn movie together. We picked the perfect porn, it had a lot of MFM sex, and FMF sex and we all enjoyed it. Then my wife decided that she wanted to go take a shower knowing that both of our cocks were hard and throbbing, and left us to finish the movie. Once my wife began to take a shower I began talking to Shannon about my wife having a fantasy about being fucked by two men at the same time. My wife then came out of the shower and walked into the living room with her towel wrapped around her body as left over water was gleaming off her skin. Shannon then looked over at me and said that he would love help me fulfill her fantasy if she wanted. My wife then said “what are you to sneaky people up to. I then told my wife that I wanted to make her fantasy come true tonight. I said me and Shannon will take you right now and fuck the shit out of you if you would like to. My wife first said no, but then I asked her again and told her that it was up to her and I was good with it if she wanted to do it, and again told her that we would both take her to the bed room and make her cum. My wife then looked over at us and said that it sounded like we have this planned out.I then said to my wife I had nothing planned and then said let’s just see what happens, as I got up from the couch and took her by the hand leading her into our bed room. Once we were all three in the bedroom I knew my wife was nervous, so I began the fun by giving her a long deep kiss, as I began to rub on her nice firm 36c breasts while Shannon was watching and getting undressed. Once Shannon was undressed and I saw him beginning to walk toward I turned my wife around and placed her ass against paints so she could fell my cock against her as, and so Shannon could see her beautiful breast and nipples toward him. As Shannon continued to walk over I then began to kiss on her neck and lick her ears and then as Shannon began to rub and lick her breast. It did not take her long to beginning showing by her actions that she was getting very horny and as she began to fall more into the slut role.After kissing and rubbing her breast, and ass my wife got down on her knees and said “let’s get these two artemisbet giriş cocks hard.” She then placed Shannon’s cock in her mouth and once she place his cock in her mouth it did not take me long to begin hearing the pace change in his breathing. She then pulled my cock out with her free hand and began stroking my cock while using her right hand to hold Shannon’s cock in her mouth. It did not take me long by looking at Shannon’s face and hearing the increased breathing pace to tell that he was enjoying my wife’s mouth on his cock, as we were both rubbing her breast. I also was enjoying watching my wife stroking my cock, while she was slowly licking the stem of Shannon’s cock down to his balls, where she would lick on his balls. As I continued to watch I felt my heart racing, and my cock was throbbing from the enjoyment of watching my sexy wife taking care of both Shannon and I. My wife then removed her mouth from Shannon’s cock and began to place her mouth onto my cock to show it some love. I was so sexy watching her stroking Shannon’s cock with her free hand as she began to slowly lick down the stem of my cock, making her way down to lick and suck on my balls. I then began thinking about how sexy my wife looked and how she was acting like a true porn star, and dam it was amazing how she was showing her talent to do it LOL…. She would then continue this cycle on both of us until we could not take it no more and we had to make her stop, and as my wife stopped I grabbed her by the arm and told her it was our turn to begin making her feel good. I then told my wife to lay down in our bed where I laid on her left side as Shannon began to make his way over to her right side.Once we got into position one each side over her we both began to rub on her firm breast. I then heard Shannon say “dam what some nice tit’s, where I replied they are one of the best natural pairs I have seen.” Shannon quickly agreed, and I began to kiss my wife while Shannon began to lick and suck on her right breast and nipple. After the wife and I kissed for a few seconds, I could tell she was getting horny from her kiss. I then began to make my way down from her full sexy lips to her left breast, where I also began to lick and suck on her breast. I knew this would get her horny, because she loves to have them licked and is very sensitive on her nipples. My wife immediately began to squirm, and you could tell that she was enjoying every second of it by looking at her facial expression and listening to her moans of pleasure. Then after Shannon and I both sucked on her ¾ inch nipples for a few minutes, I then said to Shannon if he thought her tits were nice he should check her pussy out.Shannon then began to take his hand done the right side of her body making his way down to her pussy. I then watched as Shannon began to rub on my wife’s clit, and began to figure her pussy. My wife began to squirm even more as her moans began to get louder and louder from her excitement. Then as I saw Shannon’s hand beginning to make its way back up the right side of her body I immediately took my hand down to her pussy were I began to finger her pussy. I then ask my wife if it felt good where she replied “Oh fuck it feels so good, having my pussy finger, and both Nipples licked and sucked at the same time by two guys.” Then shortly after we took turns at fingering my wife’s pussy we both decided that we wanted to taste her pussy. So as I continued to lick and suck on my wife’s breast, Shannon made his way down to her pussy were he began to lick her pussy and clit with his tongue. My wife continued to show her excitement artemisbet güvenilirmi with the deep kisses, moans and heavy breathing as she began to Archie up from the bed.Watching her being pleasured and knowing that she was loving every second of experience I got up out of the bed and finished taking my clothes off as I continued to watch Shannon making her pussy feel good with his fingers and tongue. Once I completed removing my clothes I immediately made my way back onto the bed and brought my hard throbbing cock to my wife’s face, and rubbed my cock against her lips, so she would know it was there and so she could keep her eyes closed as she continued to enjoy her fantasy. As soon as my cock touched my wife’s lips she immediately opened her mouth and swallowed my 71/2 inch cock almost all the way down to my balls. My cock continued to reach its maximum hardness as I watched Shannon still licking and fingering my wife’s pussy as I watched my cock sliding in and out of my wife’s mouth. My wife’s wet mouth on my cock continued to feel so good and I began to feel cum feeling up my cock. I then told Shannon to trade places with me so I could lick on her pussy. Then as I was licking and fingering her pussy I could look up and see my wife’s beautiful firm breast as I watched Shannon’s cock going in and out of my wife’s throat. This view was very hot and sexy, and it also kept my cock from going limp as I enjoyed the taste of her pussy. I then began to enjoy watching my wife squirm and muscles contract as she began to cum. Once my wife cum, we knew it was time for both of use to come.I then made my way up from my wife’s pussy and began lick my wife’s firm breasts again as she rubbed the back of my head and continued to suck Shannon’s cock. I then slide my cock deep inside of my wife’s pussy and began the feel of her wet hot pussy swallowing every inch of my cock. I began to pound her pussy as hard as I could, and I could hear and feel my balls smacking against her pussy, as she continued to moan in excitement. Pounding on her nice hot and wet pussy, it did not take me very long until I could feel hard throbbing cock feeling up as it began to get ready to explode with cum. So, I then asked Shannon if he wanted to fuck her sweet pussy, and we immediately changed places. As Shannon began to pound on my wife’s pussy I also again made my way up to her face where she began to lick her pussy juice from my cock. I could see Shannon slowing down with every pump, to where he almost completely stopped pumping. I then knew that he had just empty load all in my wife’s pussy, and to my surprise this fucking turned me on even more. Then as I continued to watch Shannon emptying his load into her pussy it felt like my load was reaching the end of my hard throbbing cock, and I then began to cum all in my wife’s mouth as she continued to suck my cock. I then told my wife “there you fucking slut, eat all of my hot cum, and don’t waste a drop.” Once we were finished Shannon got up put his clothes on and left to go home. I then went back into the bedroom where my wife was still cleaning up and I asked her how she liked it, and she replied “God, that was very good. You too really made me feel very good.” I then asked her if there was anything else she liked about it and she replied “that she enjoyed please both of us at the same time because it was hot and made her very horny that two men was wanting her as she felt both our hands, mouths, and cock all over her body and in her pussy.” I then ask her if it was good enough to make her want to continue, and she replied “hell yeah.” I then immediately told her that one of my fantasies was to see her with at least three other men and me, and that I also wanted to fuck another woman, while that woman was licking and fingering her pussy and this is how we began to have fun together, and why we still today continue to experiment with swinging. The end………………….

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