Mar 23

How to save a mariage part 2.

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Anal Porn

How to save a mariage part 2.In part one I told you how Debbie and I had our first sex with another person, Mike her driving instructor. Now to continue.Debbie got herself ready for work and when she came down she did look really lovely. In the past she always looked a little down unhappy as such, this evening she looked happy and bright. The new look at sex certainly seemed to have brightened her up. She had a shortish skirt and plain white blouse, nothing over sexy looking, but she flipped up her skirt to reveal a nice pair of black lave panties and sheer black hold-ups, giving a wink she said, come on ray darling, or I’ll be late.It was Sunday evening so she was starting a little later than normal, and would be home earlier. I always drove her to work and she was provided with a taxi home. On the journey to the holiday camp she leaned over and squeezed the bulge in my trousers and said.’What did you think of this afternoon?”I have to say it was quite amazing’. I replied, ‘I really did enjoy it. You?’She gave a beaming smile, ‘Do you know I have dreamed about that for a few months. It is amazing that it actually happened and I think we will both thrive on it for the future” Mike is coming round to see me this evening.’ I said.’I know,’ she replied. ‘He told me and, I believe, he likes to suck cock, what do you think about that?”More to the point’, I said, ‘What do you think?”It makes me excited, I would love to see two men having sex together and more so if you were one of them’.We arrived at her work and I drove through the gate, waved on by the security guy, dropped her off at the clubhouse, kissed her and left for home.Normally, in the past, I would have stopped off at the pub, had a pint or two and then bought some take-homes and drank to near oblivion at home. Tonight though I drove past the pub and drove straight home to await Mike.It was 8pm when the doorbell went and I was surprised to find Mike and a woman at the door when I opened it.’This is Heather, my wife.’ Said Mike as I looked at them both’Hello Ray, so nice to meet you’. Heather said, holding out her hand and smiling broadly.I ushered them in, still a little taken aback at the pair of them turning up.Heather was a very nice looking woman, about 31 yrs old, slim, lovely shape and larger looking tits than Debbie. She was a redhead, türbanlı sivas escort with long deep ginger hair, a very pretty face, quite pale really with piercing green eyes. She was only about 5ft 2in tall, and the small heels still didn’t rise her much more. She wore a short mini-dress, well above the knees, and with a low cut top, which, when she removed her light jacket, revealed a beautiful view of the top of her rounded tits. The firm nipples poking through the dress material made it obvious she was bra-less.Once in the lounge, she dropped the jacket onto an armchair and walked straight to me planting a nice sloppy kiss on my lips. Needless to say I responded and soon our tongues mingled, before her hand dropped down and squeezed my firming rod through my summer lightweight trousers.It was very quick from then on. I glanced at Mike and he was already down to his underpants, the rest of his clothes discarded. on the floor. Heather left me, dropped to her knees in front of her husband and slipped his pants to the floor to show his lovely firm cock, reminding me of how good it looked earlier in the day. She took it into her mouth and I just stripped off, getting naked in no time at all. Heather pulled away from him and stood up, Mike then dropped to his knees, edged over to me and took my solid cock in his hands, wanking it a few times before wrapping his lips around it and working the tip with his tongue.’Oh yes!’ Said Heather. ‘I love to see that, is it good ray?’All I could do was nod as I was in ecstasy with his expert sucking.heather quickly stripped, I was correct, she was bra-less and her ‘C’ cups were firm and gorgeous. Her knickers came off and revealed a shaved bald pubic area, standing now naked for my delight.It now went on in a flash, the three of us were on the carpet, my cock now between Heathers lips, Mikes cock in my mouth and his tongue lapping at her wide open cunt. The whole thing was ‘urgent’ and we all went at each other in a frenzy. My first ever cock was driving me mad and Heathers well groomed tongue and lips driving me higher. In one almighty blast all three of us climaxed in harmony and as I released my ball contents down Heathers throat, Mike rewarded me with my first ever throat-full of spunk, and by God it was türbanlı sivas escort bayan fantastic.We three laid there calming down, Mikes cock slowly easing down still in my throat and mine still being lapped at by his wife as it, to, dwindled.We sat up, heather leaning over and kissing me, then Mike joining in and the three of us kissed each other cum swapping as we did. Another first for me, actually snogging a man. Heather leaned back. ‘Mmmmmmmmmmmmm’ She moaned, ‘That was fantastic, fucking fantastic.’The use of the ‘F’ word shocked me a little, not being used to hearing a woman use it.’Your spunk tasted amazing.’Mike added, ‘It sure did, very tasty. What did you think of mine?”I have to admit that I have tasted it on Debbie’s mouth earlier, but that was nothing compared with the taste of so much straight from source’.The next 15 or so minutes was spent fondling each other, I was cupping and kissing Heathers tits, stroking her slit and rubbing Mikes cock and balls. Although I had already had two cums that day, my cock was standing to attention again and Heather, looking longingly at it, said.’Ray, I want that deep in my cunt, and I want it now.’Again I was shocked at her language but what a turn on it was and I was ready to take her. This was also new to me as she got herself on all fours, presented her arse cheeks to me and made sure that her wet, well licked cunt was open for my use. I crawled to her, got on my knees and slipped my 8.5 inches straight into her honeypot which as moist and tight and ready for me..as I started to move back and forth she let out loud moans and started to urge me on, but that was soon stopped when Mike slipped his 7 inches into her mouth, silencing her as the pair of us fucked her from each end, me her cunt, her husband the throat. we lasted a good deal longer this time but the climaxes were just as intense and I filled her sweet cunt as Mike fed her mouth with our seed, she was shaking in climax as we filled her, shuddering with the intensity of it and then she collapsed on her face on the carpet.Mike came over to me and, bending down, lapped the surplus cum and Heathers juices from my cock, before turning her on her back and diving in face first to clean my sperm from her pussy. I went to her face and snogged türbanlı escort sivas her, taking Mikes cum from her mouth as she passed it to me.I made us a coffee and we sat, still all naked on the sofa, Heather in the middle, her sweet flesh glistening with sweat and odors of sex coming from her. She turned and said. ‘Debbie works at the holiday camp doesn’t she?”Yes that’s right’, I said, ‘In the lounge bar’.’Has she mentioned the two girls who work there?”Yes she has sort of in passing’. I replied.Heather went on, ‘They are both in our circle with their husbands and I hope you are ok with this, but I phoned Alice before we came out this evening and told her what you three did this afternoon. Both of the girls have a taste for cunt as well, like me, so they may well mention it this evening and, maybe even try it on with her.”Oh my’, I said, ‘That could be interesting, I wonder what she would make of that. but she did say that she would like to see me with another man, so maybe she may like to try another woman.’I kissed Heather and added, ‘I do hope she does.’It was now 10pm and we all went upstairs and showered. It was a good thing that we had a large wet room in the house, although this was the first time it had been put to really good use. another surprise came when heather went to the toilet bowl, and just stood astride it and pissed, openly in front of us, Mike didn’t flinch so it was obvious that she was not worried about this. she wiped herself and then we dried each other off, playing with each other as we did. Downstairs again we all dressed and just before they left Heather said. ‘So we look forward to you coming to the circle next Friday, yes?”Yes I do hope so, Debbie has Friday off so we can come along and I am looking forward to it, so I believe is Debbie. Will there be other couples?’Mike now said, ‘Oh yes, about 5 other couples at least, so with us and you, 14 minimum including Alice and Linda who work with Debbie. And you never know, you may even know some of the men’. He winked as he said that but would not go further.We all kissed, including Mike and I, tongues too, and they left, Heather turning and blowing me a kiss as she walked down the drive to the car.I shut the door and sat back on the sofa, still warm from the naked butts of Mike and Heather and on the floor was the discarded pair of heathers Knickers. I bent down, picked them up and inhaled deeply from the gusset, taking in her womanly aroma, then placed the gusset into my mouth to savour her cunt flavour, then, still with the knickers in my mouth, eased back to wait for my lovely wife to return and see what, if anything, had occurred with Alice.To be continued.

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