Mar 14

I Bet You’ll Like It 4 by loyalsock

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I Bet You’ll Like It 4 by loyalsock”Yes! Uuuhh fuck yeaaahh! I’m your buttslut, babyyyy!” Judy mewled, trembling from the stinging smacks on her bouncy ass and the swift butt-reaming thrust that drove my cock balls-deep into her little hole again.”I’m gonna fuck this fantastic ass all the time now,” I panted, overpowered by a rush of anal lust, “I’ll just bend you over and pull your panties down and ram my cock up your ass any time I want!” “Uuuuh yeees,” Judy screamed as I flexed my pole deep in her curvy ass. She was clearly as savagely turned on as I was while she yelled out her total submission to this new, intense pleasure. “I love your cock in my ass aahhh! I’m your anal fuck toy, baby, you can use my horny little asshole as much as you like! I want your cock deep in my ass all the time! Uuuuuh… It’s yours, my ass is all youhh-uuhrs oowwhh fuuuck!”At those words, I went crazy. Unable to restrain myself anymore, past even the dirty talk and rough play, I started slamming Judy’s asshole with all I had, desperate to cum. Her yells and my growls and the clapping rapid-fire impacts of my groin against her plump rump filled my ears as I reamed her tight slippery anus with unrestrained, primal abandon. My hips were a blur for a few dazing seconds, then I forced myself as deep as possible inside Judy’s perfect ass and I came. “Aahhhh, I love your ass Judyyyy!””Uuuhh yeaahh, baby, cum in meee!” My howl of release and Judy’s choked cry fused together as a surge of long thick spurts of cum splashed deep inside her ass, plastering her rippling bowels in a deluge of creamy sperm. I could feel my seed squishing around my pulsing cock as I kept humping into Judy’s anus, trying impossibly to sink myself even deeper in her rectum while I flooded her insides with scalding spunk. Mere seconds after I started pumping her ass full of cum, Judy’s climax hit her. My balls, pressed hard against her soft hairless pussy, were suddenly drenched in her gushing nectar as she thrashed and screamed out her pleasure. Her warm climaxing rectum contracted around me with unprecedented intensity, becoming impossibly tighter as her clinging sphincter clenched and unclenched around me like a little sucking mouth. My eyes rolled back in my head as Judy’s ass tugged and squeezed my throbbing cock, empowering my orgasm and milking every single drop of cum from me. Awash in pleasure, feeling suddenly drained of all strength, I crumpled down. Leaning on Judy’s arched back, encircling her slim surrendered frame with my arms, I rolled over and crashed on the bed dragging her with me, my vision fading to white in a final orgasmic flash. I think I passed out for a little bit, because when I opened my eyes again I was lying on my side, spooning Judy’s smooth soft body. My arms were around her, our heads close, our cheeks brushing against each other. My cock was deflating but still quite plump and firmly embedded in her cum-sloppy ass, her pliant clingy butthole clamped around my root like the sexiest of cock-rings. For a while we just lay there, breathing, resting and basking in an afterglow like no other. Judy’s signature scent in my nostrils and the soothing rhythm of her breathing were lulling me away when her sweet little voice made me open my eyes.”Greg…”She was staring at me, her head turned back. Her eyes were huge, piercing and glittering and spellbinding as ever. Though her whole face radiating perfect satisfaction, for a second I was assailed by doubt.”Uhm, yeah?” I mumbled, fearing that I might have gone too far and pushed it too much with the dirty talk and the brutal rump riding. After all, this was our first buttfuck, and her first time ever taking it up the ass. I swallowed the lump in my throat and braced myself while Judy took a deep breath. “That was the best!” she said with a beaming smile. My eyes bugged out as Judy smashed her luscious lips against mine, muting my sigh of relief in a long deep soulkiss. I tightened my spooning embrace around her and caressed her perky tits while she pressed her fabulous sakarya rus escort ass back into my groin as we made out. Moaning in my mouth, reaching her hand around my neck to pull me deeper into her devouring lips, Judy started to slowly and gently contract her anal muscles around my buried half-hard cock, making me shiver in delight.”You’re amazing, Judy,” I murmured into her mouth, licking her soft wet lips. Light-headed and lovestruck, I just let the words flow, blabbering and not caring, needing to just tell this incredible creature I held in my arms how much I adored her. “I never thought a girl like you even existed… You’re so smart and fun and beautiful, you look so sexy without even trying, and now this, the two of us doing anal, and liking it, I mean… It’s not just about the sex, it’s like we match perfectly, you know, what we like and what we just did… I love you so much, Judy, would you want to… Uhm, I mean, now that… Will you be my girlfriend, Judy?”All through my clumsy yet heartfelt rant, Judy’s impish smile did nothing but grow wider, her cocked eyebrows arching higher and higher in quizzical delight. As soon as I blurted out my weirdly formulated question, Judy let out a theatrical sigh and raised her hand to her forehead in an exaggerated gesture of surprise. Giving her best rendition of a blushing damsel out of a Jane Austen novel, fluttering her eyelids and gazing raptly into my eyes, she said: “Yes! Yes, a thousand times yes!”I spooned her tighter as she burst out laughing. Then I burst out laughing too and we kissed, happy and in love and horny as can be. Time lost meaning while we smooched and touched and caressed each other, murmuring sweet nothings sometimes, but mostly just letting our passionate gestures do the talking. After a while my cock regained its full hardness, pulsing deep in Judy’s welcoming, seed-coated rectum.”Again, baby,” she purred, grinding her soft plump buttcheeks into my groin, stirring her bowels with my recovered pole. “I want you to fuck my ass again.””Oh, okay, but… Aren’t you sore? Not that I’m saying no, it’s just…”Judy laughed and kissed my nose, squeezing my boner hard within her creamy anal depths, making me groan. “Don’t worry baby, I’m fine. It barely hurt, I just felt stuffed to bursting, but in a good way. And even when it did hurt a bit, it hurt soooo good… Ooohhh, yeees!” Judy trailed off as I started slowly moving in her, humping my shaft gently into her abused little asshole. Kissing her smooth cheek, pinching her nipples as I spooned her tighter to me, I snickered. “You really are a horny little buttslut… In a good way, I mean.”Judy chuckled and nodded her head, her eyes glazed over as I got in a slow, lazy buttfucking rhythm. “Ooooh yeah, I am. I told you, my asshole is very sensitive, I love having stuff inside it oohhh… It makes me cum so hard… Aahhh yes, fuck my ass like that!” “So I really can bend you over any time and buttfuck you as much as I want?”Judy whimpered and reached her hand to her soaked little pussy, her fingers starting to circle her clit immediately. “Oooh yes, baby, you can take my ass any time… Oooohh all the time… Now make me cum again, Greg, make my slutty horny asshole cum on your cock uuuuhh!”We stay spooned like that for a while, my cock sawing into Judy’s ass in a slow sodomizing rhythm. The layer of frothy cum coating both my pole and her smooth rubbery bowels made it easy for me to glide in and out of her surrendered rectum, yet I still had to force my shaft with a certain determination to plunge all the way inside her warm, slippery tightness.At some point, after a couple of swift mini-climaxes had rippled over her docile body, Judy made me stop. “I want to see it, baby,” she panted in my mouth between soft nibbling kisses, “I want to watch your cock stretching my ass.” Without letting me out of her anal sheath, we shifted and readjusted until Judy was on her back and I was kneeling between her splayed open thighs. sakarya rus escort bayan Resting her back against the pillow and craning her neck to have a better view of our anal coupling, she drew her slender legs back until her knees were pressed against her lovely tits. Judy gasped as I resumed plowing her rectum, her gaze fixed on the obscenely delicious spectacle of my thick cum-glossy pole sliding in and out of her pliant dilated rosebud.Holding her legs up by the ankles, I smiled at Judy’s awestruck, pleasure-distorted expression. “Pretty hot, right?” “Holy crap, that’s so hot! Your cock looks so big, baby, so thick stretching my tiny little asshole… And it feels soooo good! Uuuuh! Kiss me, Greg, kiss me while you fuck my ass!”I leaned down, pressing her legs further back and forcing her round hips to raise slightly off the bed to gain better access to her snug oily asshole. While Judy wailed and cooed, I drove my shaft deeply into her willing anus, and we kissed. Judy locked her arms around my neck and wrapped her legs around my back, her tongue dancing with mine and her lips sucking mine into her hot wet mouth. Never breaking our lip-lock, I made love to Judy’s ass for long sweet minutes, keeping a mild tempo. Purged of my anal fever, I enjoyed her warm buttery rectum without hurry, aiming only at making our pleasure last as long as possible. It’s strange, but that gentle sodomy was the most intimate experience of my life. By all standards, it shouldn’t have been so sweet and emotional, anal being forbidden and naughty and, well, unnatural. Yet it was, weirdly enough. All that mattered was that Judy and I were taking such intense pleasure from something that shouldn’t even happen, but it did, and it meant so much for us. It brought us even closer than we were and we both loved every minute. Our mouths never unclasped from each other, except when we needed to take a deep breath or profess our reciprocal love. As I pumped her pliant hugging butthole with fluid thrusts, Judy’s pebble-hard nipples brushed against my chest, her tits squashed between our bodies. Now and then during our slow assfuck, she reached a hand to her groin and circled her fingers over her clit, bringing herself off while I relentlessly entered and re-entered her welcoming asshole. Mainly though, she just humped her plump ass up in time with my long deliberate butt-reaming strokes.Having already cum twice that night, I thought I could last for a fairly long time, but Judy’s amazing ass proved me wrong. After a while, she started panting raggedly in my mouth, her body shivering beneath me, her hand stabbing down to rub her clit with a vengeance. I knew she was about to cum hard, but I thought I could ride out her climax like I did with the sequence of small quick orgasms she had experienced so far. “Mmmhph… Mmmhpph… MMMPPHHMH!”Judy bit my lips as she hit her peak, her cries of release muffled by our hungry kiss. At the same time, her rippling rectum began spasming around my stiff meat in a powerful sequence of fantastic anal massages. Overcome by the sudden feel of her creamy warmth sucking and squeezing my cock while I was fully buried in her ass, I couldn’t hold back my own release.Furiously kissing her, I let loose another torrent of seed, spraying my cum deep inside Judy’s amazingly snug, incomparably hot, insatiable ass, filling her bowels with all the sperm I still had to give. Tightening the hold of her legs around my back, Judy kept me embedded balls-deep in her anus while we came together, moaning in the other’s mouth. With each of her anal contractions, another jet of seed splattered against her already spunk-slippery anal walls until, finally, her asshole relaxed and my ejaculation abated.Wiped out, we collapsed on the bed, facing each other, clutching at one another’s sweaty, utterly satisfied body. We stirred from our blissful absence and groaned in unison when my spent cock slipped out of Judy’s ravaged asshole with a squishy plop.”Aww rus sakarya escort no, I’m leaking out all your sweet cum!” Judy giggled as rivulets of pearly seed started oozing out of her unplugged, gaping anus. I laughed at first then stared slack-jawed as Judy’s nimble fingers started scooping up my run-off sperm and she began methodically pushing the gooey globs into her conquered sphincter, forcing my ejaculate back inside her rectum. As she did so, Judy circled her fingertips round and round her reddened stretched-out butt-ring, smearing it with my thick semen. If I hadn’t been so completely drained, I’d have sprung a massive boner at the lewd sight of my sweet Judy massaging my dripping spunk over her well-fucked, freshly deflowered asshole until it reshaped and closed tight again. “Mmmhh so much cum, baby,” she murmured dreamily, rubbing the last dribbles of seed all over her puffy tender rosebud. I stared in awe at her as she added with a sexy purr: “No way I’ll be sore with all this soothing cream squishing in my ass!”We laughed and shared a sweet soft kiss. With a smile and a contented sigh, Judy rested her head on my chest and closed her eyes, hugging me tight. I wrapped her in my embrace, one arm circling her thin shoulders so I could caress her dark hair, the other holding her to me by the hips, so that my hand could rest on the round mounds of her beautiful plump ass. “Should I be jealous, baby?” Judy murmured sleepily as I kneaded her protruding heart-shaped rump with gentle, adoring caresses. “You seem to love my ass more than you love me!” Her playful tone made me laugh. “Nope, you’re definitely my number one. Although your juicy bubble-butt is a very close second…”Too tired to lift her arms and slap me, she just giggled and nipped blindly at my chin. Her question made me think though, so I asked. “What about you, Judy,” I said, trying not to sound as suddenly worried as I was, “should I be, uhm, jealous of your virtual fuck-buddies from back home?” With an almighty effort, Judy opened her heavy-lidded eyes just enough to look at me and train her unfocused gaze on mine. “No, baby. I’m with you now,” she mumbled, smiling between yawns. “They’ll be happy to hear about us, though. I told them I had a huge crush on you since I moved in here. So don’t worry, I’ll stop masturbating while I watch them if it upsets you. Besides, I won’t need to diddle myself much from now on, I hope?…”Groggy as she was, the sexy expression she tried to conjure while she said that was absolutely hilarious. I chuckled while a warm fuzzy feel of deep, true affection washed over me. Her admission of having had a crush on me from the start made me tingle with joy. “Yeah,” I said, squeezing her in my embrace, “I’ll tend to all your orgasmic needs now, with pleasure!””Mmmh, good,” Judy purred, smooching me wetly before closing her eyes and snuggling me tighter, her warm smooth body relaxing completely, already on its way to a much needed rest. Then, as we both started drifting off, almost as an afterthought, Judy giggled. “You know,” she slurred, her voice thick and sleepy, “my friends… They’ll probably ask me to return the favor… They said so many times… ‘We let you watch us fuck all the time, when are we gonna get to watch you fuck for a change, Judster?’… Yeah, that’s what they call me… Judster… Eheheh… Silly name… Mmmh… Nighty night, Greg.””Uh,” I said, suddenly alert once again, “nighty night, Judy.”Within seconds, she was out like a light. Listening to the soft soothing rhythm of her breathing, I lay there, wondering if I had heard her correctly. Did she just suggest that we fuck while her friends watch us in videochat? Was it for real or was it just some sort of joke between Judy and her buddies? Would I be willing to do it if, after all, she was serious about it? I had never been much into voyeurism or exhibitionism, but I was feeling strangely intrigued by the prospect of having sex with my incredible new girlfriend before an audience. I brooded over this for all of two minutes. Then, irresistibly, sleep claimed me. I barely managed to reach for the bedside lamp to turn it off. As my eyes closed and I dozed off, snuggling with the most amazing girl I’d ever known, I felt a smile curl my lips when the thought popped into my head that the evening had started off with Twilight, of all things.

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