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I fucked my mother in law…

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I fucked my mother in law…I had a great life. A beautiful doting wife . 2 amazing k**s, and I made a decent living as a track worker for the rail system. My wife was a beauty, she was 5’5 nice firm dd’s slim waist and a nice round ass. We had been married for 10 years and had a great sex life. Even after pushing out 2 k**s she still had the body of a woman in her 20’s. My wife was an only c***d, so when her Dad died last year she started spending more time visiting her Mom. My mother in law lived a few miles from us, and we started having dinner with her on Sunday afternoons. Mrs. Mary as I called her was still sexy at 55. My wife was a miniature version of her mom. Mrs. Mary still had a banging body. She worked in the Fashion industry so she was always impeccably dressed. Wearing clothes that were tailored for her body. She was about 5’7 with full melon sized tits. She was about 30 lbs heavier than my wife, but the lbs were distributed beautifully to the best parts of her body. She had a big round ass that caught your attention and mesmerized you. She was a stunner indeed. Her skin was still tight and wasn’t sagging. I have jerked off many nights thinking about Mrs Mary. As a Teacher my wife was off work all Summer and she and the k**s went to Cali to visit her best friend from school for a week. As I drove my family to the Airport, that Friday evening I relished in the thought of being home alone and just being free from the wife and k**s. I saw them off and headed home. I made a drink sat in my recliner and watched television. That night I watched some porn and masturbated all night. Something I hadn’t done in ages. That Saturday I spent, doing things around the house. I mowed the lawn. Cleaned the gutters and washed both of our cars. As I headed back into the house to relax, my mother in law called on the phone. She told me she still expected me tomorrow for bahis firmaları dinner, and that she had made a banana pudding because she knew it was my favorite. The next day when I arrived at her house she opened the door and my eyes almost bulged out of my head. She was wearing a one piece red terry cloth halter dress, that clung to every curve of her body and her tits were barely contained and I could almost swear I saw her nipples peeking through. The dress came to her mid thigh and I could see her long brown legs and her luscious looking thighs. “Hey Mrs Mary” I say as she ushers me into the house. She hugs me and kisses me on the cheek as she normally does, but I can feel my dick as it’s growing in my pants. “Dinners ready, are you hungry” she asks. “I’m starved” I say and she leads me into the dining room and she fixes our plates. I had to keep adjusting my dick under the table as I looked at my mother in law across from me. We ate and made small talk about much of nothing and after dinner I insisted upon doing the dishes. We both worked in the kitchen as she cleared the dishes and I washed them. Watching her move around in that short clingy dress made me horny as hell.I no longer tried to hide my hard on as it sat boldly in my pants. I figured if she could flaunt her body I could flaunt my dick. I was blessed with a fat 10′ thick dick. I used it well on my wife who took it lovingly. I was a faithful husband and my wife satisfied me in many ways. We fucked like rabbits, my wife loved for me to fuck her and was always ready whenever I touched her.Yet, I found myself drawn to my mother in law. I couldn’t help it, I had to fuck her. After we finished cleaning, we went into the family room to watch tv, and she poured us a glass of wine. I sat on the sofa and she sat beside me. I took a large gulp of wine and leaned over and kissed her full on the lips. She canlı bahis tried to back away and I put my arm around her back and nudged her closer to me. She stood up, “Don’t, no this isn’t right” she says. I stand up and pull her into my arms. “Shh dont think about it just let it happen ” I say as I pull one of her tits out of her dress. I kissed her nipple and blew on it , made sure it was wet and just kept licking the nipple and sucking it gently. “Oh God , that feels good ” she moans. ” No” she half attempts to pull away from me. I push her back onto the couch and her dress is up exposing some black lace panties. I could see the fatness of her pussy pushing against the panties. I slip them off and what a sight before me. The fattest lips with a nice clit and pure pinkness. I dove in. I lapped that pussy up good. I took time to eat it right, licking n sucking on the sweet pussy. ” Oh Jeff, its so good, you gonna drive me crazy. I cant take it. ” she cries , as I eat that pussy. “I’m gonna cum baby. Oh God I’m gonna cum” She starts cumming and her body starts shaking . I grab her thighs and catch all that she gives me. I could taste all that sweet juice. I gladly swallowed every drop. I stood up, “Lets take this to your bed baby” I say. I pick her up and carry her to her bedroom. “I cant believe we are doing this” she says. “Believe it Mama. I lay her on the bed her pussy is good and wet. I pull off my clothes and she lays on the bed looking over at me. When I step out of my boxers and she sees my dick I see her eyes get big. “Come over here and suck my dick baby. She gets down on her knees and starts sucking me and licking the head of my dick. I gently grab hold of her head and plunge my dick half down her throat . She handles it like a pro. As she is sucking my dick I cant take it anymore and have to put my dick inside of her. I walk her to the bed and lie her bahis siteleri on her back. I pull her to the end of the bed, and throw her legs across my shoulders and I slide deep inside of my mother in law. “Oh God this is some good pussy. S o wet. So tight. So sweet” I moan as I stroke the pussy good.” Please dont stop. It feels so good. Oh Lord, forgive me” she says. Her pussy is so hot and sweet I have to pull out so I wouldn’t cum. She grabs her legs and opens them wide by holding her legs behind her head. “Please fuck me. Put that big dick in me please” she begs. “You want this big dick baby” I ask. “Yes ” she whimpers like a sexy kitten. ” Tell Daddy you want this big dick. Tell me you want it” I say , as I slap her hot pussy with my dick. I take care to keep sliding the head of my dick across her swollen clit. “Oh God daddy, please can I have that big dick. I want it badly’ she cries. ” Grab that dick ma, and put it in that pussy” I say. She grabs my dick and guides it to her hot wet pussy. I go in deep. “Yes, yes, I needed this. Oh yes,” she cries. I give her slow steady strokes, hitting all the walls of her pussy. I wind my dick inside of her as if I’m stirring a cake. Up, down, side to side, just beating the pussy good. Pussy was so good, I fucked her a good hour before I decided to cum. “Baby, I’m about to buss . I cant hold it anymore” I say as I prepare to cum deep in her pussy. “This is my pussy now. Do you hear me” I state. “Yes Daddy” she says. Tell me it’s my pussy” I say. as I pound my dick deeper inside her guts . My balls are slapping her ass as I hit her good. “Oh God , yes this is your pussy” she screams. “I’m gonna cummmm daddy. I cant take it baby” she screams and cums all over my dick. At the moment she came, that feeling erupted in my balls and I came all up in her pussy. I could feel my dick as it emptied out. “Damn, that was good ” I say. “Lord, what have I done ” says my mother in law, as she gets out of the bed. I grab her and pull her back on the bed and kiss her and she submits all over again. I smile to myself as I think, this is gonna be a long night….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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