Mar 26

I Got A Paint Job

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Double Penetration

I Got A Paint JobThe phone rang one Saturday morning at the ungodly hour of 7:30 A.M. It was Gloria, my next door neighbout calling to ask me if I would mind helping he friend Kathleen out with some trim painting she was unable to do herself. She gave me the details, the address, and told me her friend would pay me equitably for my work.I arrived at the address and saw what looked to be a rather big job on a two story house. Kathleen came out of the house, and very warmly introduced herself. She was an older woman, probably in her early sixties, a bit on the hevay side, but very nicely proportioned for her age. She had shoulder length dyed auburn hair, a plain but attractive face, very large breasts, full hips and thighs, and thick calves and ankles. She was wearing a light blue summer dress which buttoned up the front, and a pair of slip-on mid length heel shoes. I guessed she stood about 5′-8 or 9 inches, and she had a soft and rather sexy voice. “Well, there it is,” she said gesturing to the house. “I need you to paint the fascia trim because I am not good with heights or ladders,” she addded. She told me the materials and tools were in the garage, and suggested we have a cup of coffee before I started.We sat at her kitchen table and got acquainted. She told me she had been divorced for about ten years, had two daughters away at college, and was contemplating retirement in a few months. She told me I was highly recommended by Gloria, who told her I was very handy. I chuckled to my self wondering what that comment really meant. As we talked, I kept looking at Kathleen’s big bustline, and tried to estimate her bra size. As she spoke and talked with her hands, her breasts moved under her dress, and I got great cleavage shots. I forced myself to concentrate on the conversation and the job at had, and fought the stirring in my pants. When coffe was finished, she got up and took the cups to the sink. I noticed just how firm and sexy her ass looked as it moved under her dress, but again, thought of less pleasant things.It was late afternoon, and I had made decent progrees despite the fact the ladder was old and quite unstable. I opned a fresh gallon of paint which would finish the job for the day, and allow me to finish the following day by noon or tuzla escort so. I climbed the ladder carrying the paint, the brush, and a sc****r, when I felt it move. Before I could react, it slid sideways, and down I went, on my back, and getting soaked by a fresh gallon of yellow house paint. Kathleen rushedout of the house when she heard the noise, and gasped at what she saw. “Oh my god, Trev, are you all right?!, she screamed. I was spitting out paint as I told her I thought so, but asked if she could bring rags. She brought several bath towels, but there was so much paint on me, they didn’t do much good. “Come on, let me get you into the shower – this will never wipe off,” she said. I had paint in my eyes, so she put her arm around me and guided me inside. As was stumbled forward, I felt her firm breast push against my arm. “Better slide those clothesss off here in the foyer,” she said. I peeled off my t-shirt and jean shorts, then realized I wasn’t wearing briefs, but at that point didn’t care. I could sense Kathleen noticed and took a good look, but there was nothing I could do. I kicked off my shoes, and she led my up the stairs to the shower. I prayed the feel of her breast against my arm wouldn’t cause an erection. I stood in the bathroom while she started the tub. “You had better soak in the tub, first,” she said. I began rubbing the paint out of my eyes, and she said, “Damn – your head is covered – let me help you.” She stood up and began unbuttoning her dress. “Looks as though we are both going to get wet,” she said. She laid her dress on the vanity and turned toward the tub. She was wearing a plain white nylon full slip, and under it, a plain white bra with very large cups and wide straps. Al at once, my penis took over, and I was instantly hard. To my horror, she said, “Oh – oh – looks as though I’ve caused you some discomfort.” My erection was sticking out of the soapy water, and the head was hard and purple in colour. She ignored it and began scrubbing the paint out of my hair, which placed her big boobs inches from my face. My pensi throbbed as she worked her hands over my head, neck, shoulders, and chest. The top of her slip was wet from the splashing, and now I could see her bra clearly through it. When most of the paint was scrubbed ataşehir escort out, she rested her arms on the ege of the tub and asked, “So do you find a woman wearing a bra and slip attactive?” I replied that I did, and apologized. She laughed and said, “Well don’t worry – I take that as a compliment.” She stood up and told me to take a good shower. My erection was rock-hard, and as I stood up and adjusted the water, she remained squatting next to the tub, but taking a long look at my privates. I was about to turn on the shower when she said, “By the way, I finds a handsome young man with a penis that looks like that very attractive, too.” Just as the shower started, she said, “Gues I got some paint on me, too – let me in.” She stepped into the shower with me and began soaping my body. The slip was drenched, and her bra and full white panty clearly showed beneath it. I placed both hands on her boobs, and thumbed her nipples, and she reached down to stroke my erection with her right hand. “Yes”, she said, “I think you very much like bras, slips, and boobs.” She puilled off her slip and panty, and I saw her nipples poking against the fabric of her cotton bra. “You take it off,” she said. I undid the four clasps in the back, and she slipped the straps off her shoulders. She put her arms around my neck and gave me a deep kiss on the mouth. My penis was vertical against her soft belly, and she was rubbing her thighs against mine. “Are you going to fuck me in my own shower?, she asked. She truned around, placed her hands against the end wall of the shower, and spread her legs. “Put it in me from behind,” she said. I entered her in one thrust, and she squealed with delight. As I slowly and deeply pumped her, she turned to me and said, “I saw how you stared at my boobs during coffee this morning, and it made me wet.” I was content to explode inside her in this position, but she pulled away saying, “I’m getting out – you finish your shower, dry off, and meet me in my bedroom across the hall.”I dried off – never losing the erection she caused – and walked into her bedroom. She was dried off, sitting on the edge of her bed wearing a pair of black high heels. On the bed, she had an assortment of half and full slips in different colours. “Why don’t pendik escort you choose which one you would like me to wear for you?”, she said. I picked a very shiny and soft looking black one with a wide row of lace at the bottom. “Ah yes,” she said, “That one is a favourite of mine, too.” She stepped into it, adjusted it on herself, then modeled it for me. “How does it look?”, she asked. I told her it was beautiful, and she said, “Well, what are you waiting for – come play with me and it.” I was running my hands all over her breast, belly, thighs and ass as she said. “Oh yes dear, play with mommie’s body and slip.” I turned her around so I could rub myself against her ass, and play with her breasts from behind. She purred with delight and said, “Gloria was right – you are very handy. She told me you and she do this all the time.” Her comment made me even hotter and I was ready to explode all over her slip-covered ass. She turned around and said, “After you finish your work, you can come back here as often as you wish – I have plenty of the things which excite you.” She stepped back a few inches and asked, “Do you want to cum all over mommie’s slip?” I nodded, and she said, “Good, I want to watch you do it, but then you must cum inside of me.” She sat on the edge of the bed with her legs slightly spread and said, “Okay dear, show mommie how much you like her slip and her body.” I began to slowly stroke my erection as she watched, and asked, “Which one of Gloria’s slips is your favourite?” I told her it was a beige half slip, and she said, “Wonderful – I have two or three of them for you to try.”I was noticeably leaking pre-cum and she began to pinch her nipples with both hands. “Hurry dear, give mommie what she needs.” The first two ribbons fell onto her lap on the slip, and she immediately began to climax. The third sprayed onto her bouncing breasts, and as the fourth was about to erupt, I put my hand behind her head and sprayed it all over her face. “Oh fuck yessssss !!!”, she screamed. I fell onto the bed next to her and watched her pick up the cum from her face, breasts, and slip, and lick her fingers clean.She turned to me saying, “I’m going to take a quick shower, then I’ll be back. I will wear my beige slips for you, and you will fill me with more of cum.” She took off the cum-soaked slip and laid it over my penis saying, “So you don’t forget me while I’m gone.”As erotic and uninhibited as Gloria was, Kathleen took it to a new level – as I was about to learn.

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