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I let her touch it!

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I let her touch it!Growing up there is always that one guy who has an unusually big one, right? Well with my friends that was the case with Jim. Although we didn’t really have the typical locker room stories where we had seen his monster, and could tell the tales, it was certainly well known. I think it first came about when a high school girlfriend told people how large he was. This went to his head, and he would occasionally flash people when he had a few too many. When that happened, they would always gasp and be shocked at his size, which only made him show off more. Flash forward to 15 years later, and we are all now full grown adults. I hadn’t seen Jim in a few months, and was happy he was coming to the party we where throwing. My wife didn’t really know him much. She didn’t grow up with us, and since we had been together, she had maybe met him 3-4 times. As we got showered and cleaned up for the party, I told my wife I was happy he was coming, and looked forward to catching up. Then I made a passing comment, forgetting she had no idea what I was talking about. I simply said, “I just hope he doesn’t get too drunk and take that monster out of his pants tonight.” Her she poked her head out of the shower…..”What?” “Oh yeah, guess you don’t know that. He has a massive cock, I mean really something crazy big. And when we were all younger, people used to make him pull it out during parties.” “Kinda like a freak show,” she joked. “Well, not really, I think the ladies liked seeing, it and most of the guys just felt tiny after we saw it.” But that was a long time ago and nothing like that happens now that we are old. At least that is what I assumed. As the party went on and we had a great time with all our guests, i noticed my wife talking to Jim a whole lot. I assumed maybe my story had peaked her interest, and I could swear I could see her glancing at his crotch to see if a huge güvenilir bahis bulge was present in his jeans. I was right because one point she even whispered to me, “I just don’t see it. How big can it really be if it isn’t visible in his pants.” I told her maybe you are looking in the wrong place, check out down his leg. We both laughed it off and didn’t say much more about it. As the evening rolled on and most people left, we found ourselves sitting at the bar with just us and Jim. My wife was now good and drunk, as were both of us. One story led to another and then someone must have alluded to a story where he took his cock out. And my wife, being drunk, said “Oh yeah, I heard you have something huge in your pants. let’s see”. I about spit my drink our of my mouth. She was half joking but it didn’t really come across that way. And hell we were teenagers anymore. It I said something like that to one of her friends, shit would hit the fan. But he just smiled, and politely said, “oh I don’t do that anymore.””So it’s true,” she prodded, “I thought maybe my husband was messing with me. Well now I am intrigued, and I feel a bit left out. Sounds like everyone else has seen this monster except me.” Holy shit, she was serious and she was asking him to show her his cock. I took another sip of my drink, and then said, “Come on Jim, go ahead and show my wife your big dong, so she shuts up about it.” “You sure,” he asked. And I nodded. Just like that, he unzipped his pants, and pulled out what had to be a good 9-10 inches soft. As a man I could certainly appreciate his flaccid size. I looked at my wife to see her reaction. “That’s not so big,” she drunkly stammered. “I heard this thing was insane, like a woman couldn’t even fit it inside her. That’s decent sized, but you aren’t breaking any records.” I couldn’t believe my ears, she was like taunting our big dicked friend. And I could türkçe bahis tell she was getting off on it. “Well you have never seen it hard,” he quickly replied. I have to give it to him, that was a good comeback. I mean what could she say, she hadn’t. But what she said next, I will never forget. “Well if you so certain it’s that big, why don’t you get it hard and then show me.” I couldn’t believe what was going on. Where they flirting? Or was this some weird game of chicken to see who would flinch first? I just sat back not saying a word. “Why don’t you get it hard for me?” he answered back, and gave me a wink. I know he figured this would shut her up. But rather than back down, she looked at me and asked, “Should I get him hard so we can really see if he is big?” I had no idea what to say. Neither did he. “Well, should I?” she asked again. All I could muster was, “I guess you can touch it to make it hard, but that’s it.” So she did. She reached over and took it in both her hands. She started to pull on it like it was a toy. I could see his head lean back and knew he was enjoying this. Then she knelt down close to it and really started to jerk him up and down. By the time she stopped, he had to be a good 12 inches hard. “Wow!” we both said to him. “I stand corrected,” she admitted to him, “that is a huge cock.” “I told you,” I said. Now can we get back to drinking and catching up. “What?” Jim said, “What about this cock? You can’t leave me like this. I can’t even get it back into my pants.” “Well Jim, my wife said, You better take care of that problem then huh?” “Why don’t you help me with it since you made it hard?” he quipped. “No chance, ” she said. And took a big sip of her drink. I guess their game of chicken had come to an end and she won. Or so I thought. “Well,” Jim continued,”I guess I could jerk it off myself. I’ll just need something hot to look at. I guess you will güvenilir bahis siteleri do, show me a bit of skin, will ya” What the actual fuck was going on? Was he really about to jerk off in front of us? Was she really going to show him her body? I guess once again he had called her bluff, and she didn’t appear to want to back down. So she down the rest of her beer, turned her back and him, and pulled down her jeans to show her panty covered ass. “Enough skin” she asked him. He began to stroke that fucking monster right there in front of us. “A little more skin, I need to see that ass to cum.”I suddenly noticed I was hard as hell myself. So as she is there in front of him flashing her ass, and him stroking, I pulled out my cock. Now I am no slouch myself, at a decent 7 inches. But next to him I looked tiny. At that minute< i didn't care though. "Joining in the fun," my wife said as she noticed I was stroking. "I used to think you were big," she laughed, and for some reason that really turned me on. Now totally aroused and seeing where this was headed, I wanted to take a bit of control back. So I walked over to my wife, and pulled her panties down. "There much better, " I said, and me and Jim pulled on our cocks while looking at her. Then I bent her over her bar stool, and spread her cheeks for us to look at. She didn't say anything, she just stayed that way while we pumped our cocks. Looking back i wonder if she thought one of us might fuck her. But that wasn't happening. Instead, I held her pussy open and we both jerked out our loads onto her ass cheeks. She went to the bathroom and cleaned herself off, then came back to see us. By then we had poured another drink and were halfway through an old story from when we were younger. We kind of ignored her I guess, and I eventually she excused herself and went to bed. I am not sure if she was really prepared for a threesome that night, or was truly just not expecting him to even pull it out, let alone jerk it in front of her. And maybe I never should have let her touch it in the first place. But it was done now, and we never really talked about it after that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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