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I let my brother take my virginity

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My brother was always the mean one in the family. He was a bully, standing 6ft with well toned muscles. He never worked out, yet he had huge muscles. He always just sat home watching TV and football whenever he felt like it. He was 20 years old, with no job and had refused to go to college till he was 21. He had promised ma and pa, that he would definitely go to college, put them out of their jobs and help with the house when time came. And now as he sat there, eating pizza and rubbing his dick to the porn he was watching, I wasn’t sure at all. My mom and dad were out of the house today. My brother, Billy, always watched porn when they were out. He hid them somewhere safe so no one would look at them. I know where he hides them, but I’d never tell my parents. Billy had made sure of that. I was in my room listening to the loud moaning coming from our living room. I was reading my Twilight book and I had a hard time concentrating on it, the loud moaning was really annoying me. I shut my book and kept it down, I stood up from my bed and headed downstairs to the living room. As I stepped down, I saw my brother had his 8 in long dick out, it was thick and looked rough. My brother had brought many girls to the house and pounded them with that same dick he was rubbing so ferociously. The girls would always moan and plead to that dick. I always rolled my eyes whenever I heard one of the girls crying and begging to be fucked by that dick. It made me angry and aroused at the same time. I stepped down and went straight to the remote that was on the side of my brothers sofa that he was sitting on. He didn’t notice me, the blonde naked lady from the TV had him busy. There was a cummed pussy shot of hers on TV and my brother was in awe of it. I picked up the remote and pressed the mute button, this got Billy’s attention very quickly. He looked up at me surprised. I put both my hands on my hips with the remote and looked at him sternly. “Some of us are trying to read you know”, I scolded him. I was so annoyed at him. Billy got angry and took the remote from me very harshly. “Some of us are watching a woman get fucked by three men”, he said. He turned on the volume again. I just stood there and looked at him. “Why don’t you bring a real girl and fuck her in your room, why are you disturbing me?”. “It’s too late, are you blind? Can’t you see the time?”, I looked up at the grandfather clock and realized it was 11:45, the time had istanbul travesti passed so quickly today. “Oh yeah, because a girl won’t want to spend the night with you. She wouldn’t be safe from a prick like you”, I retorted. My brother just smirked, I heard the loud moaning begin again, “Nah, she won’t be safe from the pounding I’ll be giving to her”, he laughed and I rolled my eyes. I got angry and stood in front of him, blocking him from the TV, “Why is it always like this with you?”, I asked, “Why are you such a jerk?” Billy looked at my face and then down at my breasts for a while and he laughed. I got immediately self conscious, why did he look at my breasts and laugh? I had beautiful breasts, they were size C and most boys at school drooled over them, even the teachers would ‘accidentally’ touch them and apologize. I was wearing a black bra under my white see through tank top. I was pretty sure my brother knew I had good size C breasts but laughed to make me angry. “What’s so funny?”, I asked. He looked up at my breasts again and not my face, then his eyes traveled slowly south to wear my privates were. I was wearing short shorts. And my privates were very protected, my brother just stared at that area. He even spread his legs and his dick was there in the middle for me to see. He had no shame, his dick was standing up and he spread his arms over the sofa. “There’s enough room for you to sit and enjoy the show”, he said. I rolled my eyes, “you are such a pervert”, I said. I longed at his dick, so big and rough, throbbing, there was thick pubic hair on them too. Was it throbbing for me? At age 17, no boy had fucked me. I was still a virgin, I longed for someone to pound me and impregnate me. Every time there was a girl at the house being fucked, I wished I was in her place. But I would get disgusted at the fact that I wanted my brother to roughen me up. I swallowed hard and shred my eyes away from my brothers dick and balls. “Ever been with a real man, Emily?”, he asked me. I blushed, he smirked and then curious, “Ever been with a man at all?” He asked again. “No”, I said, my voice hushed. My brother stood up and I watched him stand tall, I was around 5’7 and my brother 6’0. He stood close to me and eyed me. I looked down, ashamed, I was looking at my feet but my eyes wondered of to his dick instead. Billy came closer, and closer. Right now, Billy was a few inches away from istanbul travestileri me, he patted my face and kissed my forehead. “It’s alright Emily”, he said smirking, and my eyes immediately watered. I was so ashamed and embarrassed. “You’ll find someone soon”, he said. “No I won’t”, I started sobbing. I brought my hands up to cover my face, “No man wants me, no one wants to fuck me”, I started crying now. Billy removed my hands from my face and leveled with me. “Look, Emily”, he was surprisingly sincere, “you are one hot chick”, he said, “you just need confident, you don’t need to ask a man to fuck you, you just tell him you want to be fucked and they’ll fuck you on the spot”, my crying stopped a little as I looked into my brothers eyes. I sniffed, “you think I’m hot?”, I asked. He nodded, “I would definitely fuck you”, he said, my heart jumped, “but you are my little sister”, he added, and my heart broke and I started crying again, a little louder. I tore my hands apart from my brothers grip and sat on the sofa he was previously sitting on. My brother followed me to the sofa, he picked up the remote and shut of the porn he was watching. “What’s wrong?”, he said. “I want to be fucked”, I said. My brother sighed, “NOW”, I screamed. “What?”, Billy asked confused, “there’s no one here to do you?”. “There’s you”, I told him, “I don’t care if you are my brother, I want to be fucked by you”, I was blushing now, my crying had stopped again as I looked up at my brother with serious eyes. I’ve known Billy for a long time, I knew Billy wouldn’t care If I was his sister or not, he would fuck be mercilessly if I allowed him. Billy didn’t think twice and he agreed. “Okay, I’ll fuck you”. He said and I jumped with joy. “But first, clean up”. He added. I was so happy at that moment, I was about to lose my virginity, “Are you serious?”, I asked and he nodded. I was about to hug him but I didn’t want to touch his huge dick, not yet anyway. He had told me to clean up and that’s what I was going to do. “Right now?”. “Yes. Go to your room, clean up, specially down there”, he said, pointing to my vagina, “I want it to be clean when I eat it”. I stood up and turned around to leave, Billy smacked my ass and told me to hurry up. “I’ll be up in your room in a minute. I need to hide these porn videos”. I ran to my room and entered the shower, I took a towel robe inside with me with fresh bra and travesti underwear, I wanted to experience a man taking of me under wear and bra. As I rubbed myself, I wondered what Billy would do to me, would he be gentle with me or rough, would he cum inside me or outside. My brother was a mystery as of now and my excitement grew with every second. I pulled on my underwear and bra, and put on a short rob that covered me up to my knees. I dried my hair quickly, I didn’t want that getting in the way. As I came out of the shower, my brother was already in my bed, the Twilight book open in his face and by the look of it he didn’t like it. My brother quickly noticed me and threw the book away. I stood there really nervous, I didn’t know what to do. My brother was naked and had his legs apart and I could see all his wonders. His hands were behind his head and popped up on all the pillows. He looked smug with me. “Are you ready little sister?” he asked me excitedly. I walked around the bed and sat down south nervously, “yes”, I said shyly. “Okay then”, he said as he pulled me up to him and laid me down. “Let’s see what we have here”, my brother arranged me to his liking. I was laying face up and I could see his excitement, mine had shied down. He untied my robe and spread it. He didn’t take it off, he pulled them from side to side and my red bra and underwear were exposed now. I watched him with discomfort, did he like it? “Okay, that looks great”, He rubbed my stomach and kissed it. I gasped. Then he completely took off my rob, moving me around to take it off. He touched my right breast and squeezed it, I gasped again, then he squeezed both my breasts and started moving them round and round, squeezing them painfully and drooling. He then ripped of my good bra and I cried, “Hey”, I said. “Those are my favorite”. I quickly realized my breasts were naked and covered them up with both my arms. He just stared at them for a while and slowly and gently moved my arms away. He straddled my arms and bit my left nipple, “ouch”, I said, he started licking it and pleasure ran down my spine. He moved to my other nipple and started tugging, biting and licking them. It got me so excited and wet. He started kissing me up and down my stomach, chest and neck and I was getting really impatient. Doesn’t he want to take my underwear off?, I started pulling away from Billy and it took a while for him to notice. He was so hungry for my size C breast, something I had known for a long time. He was ignoring my pleas as I told him to stop. Billy bent up and asked what and I bit my lip. “I have more places to be licked”, I told him and I folded my arms across my chest, making my breasts pop up. Billy licked his lips. “Right”, he said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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