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I share my wife’s beauty

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I share my wife’s beautyFall time in Georgia is the best, the leaves change color and the temperature is very mild. Last Friday my wife Andrea said she wanted to ride up to the mountains to see the pretty colors so we got up early Saturday morning and got ready to go. She was in the shower as I loaded up our car with a cooler and our camera. Just as I finished Andrea called me to the bedroom. When I walked in I saw her standing butt naked in front of her dresser. Is it cool outside she asked. I said no it’s perfect. She told me to go wait in the den while she dressed. I love this part , I never know how sexy she will be dressed when she comes out. In the pasted she has worn skin tight denim shorts and displayed a camel toe that drew lots of attention. I absolutely love showing off her body in hopes she will see some lucky guy that she will have sex with. It wasn’t very long before I heard her turn off the bedroom light and start down the hall, I jumped up to my feet . When I saw her she was wearing her denim overall skirt with a tight pink t shirt under it. She had her hiking boots on and they made her thin tanned legs look extremely sexy. She never wears a bra but the bib of the overall skirt hid her nipples. The skirt stops just inches below her ass cheeks and shows off her best asset , her legs. I was dying to know what if any panties she had on but rather than ask I just waited to see if I could see them. Her bleached blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she looked so cute.I told her I had everything loaded so we could bahis siteleri just go.She went out first and I turned on the porch light incase it was dark when we got home. By the time I got to the car she was already in her seat so I got in and started it. I glanced down at her legs and said you look so cute. She said I’m horny today so I thought it would be fun to show off. As I backed out of the garage I asked her if she was wearing panties. She said yes , do you think I’m easy? I said sweetheart I know you are easy . She giggled and spread her legs causing the already short skirt to ride up her thigh. Sure enough I saw her pink see through panties doing nothing to hide her smooth shaved pussy. Are you going to show your pussy off I asked as we headed down the road. She said only to the right guy. I put my hand on her leg high enough that my little finger brushed her crotch of the thin nylon panties. We drove up to Brass town Bald , the highest point in Georgia. You can drive your vehicle up to a parking lot high on the mountain but you have to either walk or ride the bus to the observation deck must higher up. When we parked I found a picnic table with a beautiful view so Andrea and I ate a quick bite before going up to the top. While eating she leaned over the table and said it’s already started. I asked her what . She said the guy behind you just got off his motorcycle and he immediately started looking at my legs. I said open your legs and let him see your panties. She said I already am. Do you think he can see them canlı bahis siteleri I asked. She said yes , I can feel the breeze on my pussy lips so he’s got to be able to see. I felt nasty so I asked her if he was making her pussy wet. She slapped at my arm and said not yet. I gathered up the stuff off the table and put it in the car then I told Andrea I was going to the restroom so she could flirt more. They have little out buildings that are restrooms at the parking lot level. They are nice and clean so I took my time. When I finally came out I saw Andrea standing next to the guys motorcycle talking to him. I walked over and Andrea introduced him to me . His name was Marc and this was his first trip up the mountain. I told him we come up every fall that the scenery is beautiful. He said it sure is. I shocked Andrea when I added my wife loves to show off her body to one lucky guy each trip. That comment didn’t shock him in the least, he said yeah I’ve been admiring her pink panties. They are see through I said. He nodded his head and said wow. Andrea said if you guys are done talking about my panties let’s walk up to the observation deck. I putted her ass and said let’s go.She started walking and I followed far enough behind so I could watch her ass. Our new friend Marc stayed behind. After we were in the woods a ways I told Andrea to take off her panties and give them to me. She held onto my shoulder as she pulled them off. She handed them to me and I felt that they were damp. I said you little hussy Marc made your pussy canlı bahis wet. She said before you walked up he tried to get me to get on his motorcycle and go for a ride. Do you want to fuck him I asked her. She said yes, I noticed his big bulge in those leather pants. I said well do you want to go back and get him? She said what about you ? I said I’ll hide and watch. She said OK. I slipped my hand under her skirt and ran two fingers between her pussy lips. She was really wet . I stepped off the trail to find a hiding place. From my spot I watched my sexy little wife go to find her a thick cock to fuck. I waited for nearly an hour before I went to look for her. I went to the car and noticed Marc’s motorcycle was gone. I started to get worried about her when she came walking up from behind our car. I jumped out and asked if she was OK. She said yes why? I said let’s set at the picnic table so you can tell me what happened. She said I came back and Marc was gone so I turned around and started back to you when I saw Art. I said Art from last year? She said yes, so he asked me if I wanted to hook up. I told him why not. She said we went in the woods and I bent over and he fucked me from behind. Did he cum in you I asked. She said of course , I know you like it that way. So you are setting there with his cum leaking from your vagina I said. She answered yes then she wiggled her hips. We got up and got in the car and headed to the nearest motel. As soon as we got in the room I pushed her onto the bed and dove between her legs. I sucked her clit and tongue fucked her relaxed hole. I slid my hard dick into her and remained still enjoying the feeling of her sloppy pussy. The next morning we headed home. I didn’t get to watch her fuck but I enjoyed that afterwards.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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