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I Thought She was Just A Tease

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Big Tits

“There she is again, looking at me from across the courtyard. She’s gonna be the death of me!” I thought, unable to not look at her either. She is so pretty and so young with a lithe body that is just a killer.I don’t even know her name, but every time I run into her, I feel like she’s looking right through me. Stunning is the only word for her. Hell, even my wife commented on how pretty she was and also how young she looked. She didn’t look old enough to be living on her own.My name’s Mud — well actually, it’s Sebastian — Bastian for short. I’m twenty-four and married three years. My wife and I live in a condo, up on the second floor. It’s a nice place, but we are looking to buy our own house in a couple of years, but that’s neither here nor there. Our small balcony overlooks a courtyard that also has the condo association’s clubhouse and pool. It’s actually a nice place to live. I sure don’t complain about overlooking the pool in the warm weather.  Some of the women who live there are gorgeous.Just none as gorgeous as the incredibly young girl, with bright white hair, who moved in a couple of months ago. She’s on the first floor across from us with a small patio instead of a balcony. I first caught sight of her white hair. I thought an older person had moved in, but then I saw her leaving one day. She smiled at me from several cars away and I couldn’t help smiling back. That was pretty much all the interaction we had.As I said, one day, she was coming in as my wife and I were heading out and my wife reflected my thoughts on how gorgeous she was. Only, my wife’s words were bahis siteleri considerably less graphic than my own thoughts.It was still a little on the cool side, but she had on a tight-fitting dress that showed off every advantage she had. I didn’t think you could wear clothing that skin-tight, but she pulled it off. Her face was just as perfect and that long, white hair seemed to fit. She also looked about sixteen-years-old, but I knew she had to be at least twenty-one to live in this part of the condo complex.It wasn’t that we were some adults-only facility and partied all the time. It’s just that the association put single folks or married with no kids in one area and all the families in another. The other half also had their own clubhouse, complete with a playground and a pool as well. I don’t know who made those decisions, but it seemed to work well. The kids always had other kids to play with and the parents had other parents to chat with.Okay, back to her. I didn’t notice it right away, but after a while, I realized that if I was out on my balcony or around the outside of the condo, she would look at me. It didn’t bother me, I mean, who doesn’t like the attention of such an attractive girl.  But if it had only stayed at looking!Our condo had a semi-attached garage, which included our washer/dryer hook-ups. Which meant nothing more than we dropped down a short set of stairs instead of having to go outside to get to our washer/dryer. Many of the other condos didn’t have direct access and had to at least carry their laundry basket for a short distance outside.I was told canlı bahis siteleri that originally the condos had hook-ups for those tiny one-unit washer/dryers in the condo, but there were so many maintenance issues that during a remodel, they went in this direction. It did mean you would have to buy your own, but at least, it was larger than one that could barely do two pairs of jeans at a time. I’m sorry, I keep letting myself get distracted with silly things. The point of this story is my neighbor.But there was a point about telling you about the laundry. Even though the weather was still a tiny bit on the cool side, the garage gets really hot when you are doing laundry. So most of us leave the garage door open and sit in there and read or use a laptop while getting through that particular chore. My wife and I work odd shifts, so it’s more whoever is home when we need to do laundry. Which really means I did it more often simply because of our schedules. That’s when the trouble started. One day, as I was sitting there on a lawn chair near the front of the garage, waiting for the washer to finish, guess who came walking by with her laundry basket on one hip. She didn’t say anything, she just looked at me as she walked past. I couldn’t not look back. She really wasn’t close enough for conversation, but her eyes just kept tracking on me, and I am pretty sure mine were following her, even after she went past.Do you remember the line from that A-hh-nold/Jaimie Lee Curtis spy comedy about “an ass like a twelve-year-old boy?” Well, that was the perfect description. She canlı bahis was in shorts and a tee-shirt. Like the dress from the other day, these shorts looked painted on and her butt was a picture of perfection. She ended up several garages down and across the narrow lot. Like me, she set up a chair and was babysitting her laundry.  Most of the folks did laundry on the weekends or evenings, so I wondered at her schedule for a moment when I noticed she shifted her chair and pointed it right at me.Then she took off her tee-shirt and it looked like she was catching some sun, although she wasn’t at the right angle for that. However, she was at the correct angle to point right at me. She was also wearing sunglasses so I couldn’t tell if she was actually looking at me. As hard as I tried not to, I kept glancing at her. At one point, she smiled like she knew exactly the impact she was having on me.Ninety minutes later, her one load was done and she walked back, only I think she upped the ante a bit. She had also taken off her shorts and the matching bikini bottoms were barely covering necessities. She passed me and just before turning the corner to her condo, she busted me watching her tight little ass, but the grin she flashed me told me she didn’t mind. I shook my head and tried to clear that ass from my head, but it wasn’t going away.After that, it was like I just kept running into her. I’m sure it wasn’t that often, but it sure felt that way. It was like every time I raised my head, there was a flash of bright, white hair on top of the sexiest little body. It wasn’t just around the condo. There was a mall not too far away, with a couple of grocery and hardware stores in the area. I know I would run into folks from the condos there all the time, but maybe I was just especially tuned to a certain sexy girl!

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